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UPW Showdown | September 4th 2019
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From Underground to Undisputed...

Originally known as Underground Pro Wrestling, UPW began as a showcase for some of the top independent wrestling promotions in North America. Under the UPW banner, an annual event called Rise Up was launched, offering a unique amalgam of wrestling styles and featuring matches from a variety of different regional promotions. It was an opportunity for die-hard wrestling fans across the country to gather together in one place, and see live wrestling that was not available in their local area. What was initially a one night show grew into a three day event, with a fan convention and multiple nights of pro wrestling action. Rise Up became a phenomenon. Major sponsors and television executives started to take notice.

Unfortunately, greater money being at stake led to greater friction between promoters. Everyone wanted a bigger slice of the pie. It was a story as old as wrestling itself, a story dating back to the carnival days: dishonest promoters stabbing each other in the back and lining their own pockets at the expense of the talent. Veteran wrestlers had seen this story play out time and time again, wrestlers like "The Real Deal" Randy Steel. However, unlike the others, "The Real Deal" was actually in a position to do something about it.

Having retired from the big leagues several years earlier, "The Real Deal" was now known as "The Dealmaker," boasting a rather impressive investment portfolio. Randy Steel purchased the UPW brand, and contacted many of the top wrestlers on the independent scene. Almost overnight, UPW was reorganized into Undisputed Pro Wrestling, a singular promotion featuring the absolute best of the best. Randy vowed to treat the wrestlers differently, offering superior contracts with comprehensive benefits. His business acumen combined with his history as a respected in-ring worker made "The Dealmaker" the perfect man for the job. Based on the past success of Rise Up, Randy was able to negotiate a lucrative television deal for UPW. On Wednesday September 4th, 2019, Undisputed Pro Wrestling will launch the very first episode of it's weekly television program, UPW Showdown, live in prime time. UPW is now a beacon for elite wrestling talent seeking international television exposure. Wrestlers from around the world have flocked to the promotion to compete for honour and glory against the very best in the business.

The pro wrestling landscape will never be the same.

Structure of the RP

Welcome to Undisputed Pro Wrestling! This RP will be structured like an "efederation." Rather than being a GM, I will take on the role of "booker" or matchmaker. My job is to outline the matches and segments for each wrestling show, collaborating with players as to the overall direction of the promotion. The players are the real stars, taking on the roles of the actual wrestlers, and RPing their individual matches and segments. The game will follow a basic THREE-STEP CYCLE for each show.
1. Booker Announces the Card (OOC)

As the booker, I will post a list of segments for our next show here in the OCC thread. It will be pinned at the top. This will be rather bare bones, who beats who, maybe a couple bullet points for each with some ideas. Our promotion features a one hour weekly television show, UPW Showdown, which will feature about 5-6 segments. Some will be matches, some will be non-wrestling segments like promos or backstage angles.
2. Players Post Their Segment RPs (IC)

The players look over the card, and write up their RPs for the segment in which their wrestler is booked. These are posted in the IC thread when finished. They don't have to be posted in order, so for example if the player in segment #2 finishes their RP first, they can just go ahead and post it. Of course, our roster will not just include PCs, there will be a bunch of NPCs needed to pad it out as well. These NPCs will be based on classic, easy-to-recognize wrestling archetypes and I'll be sure to have character sheets for them. With a mix of PCs and NPCs on the show, there are a few different possibilities for matches:

PC vs. NPC Match: The player writes up the match, simple enough.

NPC vs. NPC Match: These will happen rarely. But if they do, then I'll take care of the RP for the match unless a PC is involved by interfering or something like that. In that case, the player will be responsible.

PC vs. PC Match: The loser of the match will write up the first half, the winner of the match writes the second half and finish. Requires a bit of give-and-take, just like actual wrestling. Since the PCs are the main stars, these will be the "bigger" matches.

Non-Wrestling Segment: The player being interviewed, cutting the promo, or otherwise starring in the segment will writes the RP for it. Again, pretty straightforward.
3. Booker Posts the Final Show (IC)

Once all of the RPs have been posted I will gather them and put them into one large post, in the proper order. I may also add some bits of "commentary" between segments to help with flow. This is the finished product. I will post the completed show in the IC thread, and pin it to the top of the IC thread as well so it's easy to find and follow.

Character Creation

Due to the nature of this RP, a committed player base is required. In order to create a more expansive roster, players will be allow to create two characters each. Players may also create a dedicated tag team, which counts as one character. Please have a look at the roster before creating your character to ensure that they stand out from the others. Pro wrestling works best with a colourful cast of unique characters, when everybody looks and acts the same it sucks. Also keep in mind the balance between babyfaces and heels on the roster, we don't want things to be lopsided. If you would like to apply, fill out a character sheet and post in in the OOC thread. Please try to stick to the template. For images, I recommend that you just use a picture of an actual pro wrestler. When your wrestler is approved, you can go ahead on post the sheet in the official Characters thread and I will update the roster list. I will also be posting some NPC sheets in the Characters section.

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I need to go back and edit this to change the name of the Fed and the business about "very powerful beings" as this was for an Arena thread that never started. I'll also play around with it to better fit the format you posted but...

Name: Danger, Danger Fontaine
Hometown: Shitsville, South Dakota
Alignment: Heel who believes he is a Babyface

Gimmick: Danger, Danger Fontaine is a thickly muscled well tanned man and is never seen without an indulgent quantity of baby oil ensuring each and ever muscle fiber glistens under the stadium lights as does his perfectly manicured mustache. His build is best described as mercilessly powerful and massively sexual.

Entrance Music: youtube.com/watch?v=RnU_n5dzYRA or youtube.com/watch?v=U1mlCPMYtPk

Wrestling Style: Powerhouse

Finishing Move:
Danger Drop : This is an Elbow Drop with a lot of unnecessary theatrics tacked on.
Fontaine of Youth : This is a Military Press and Slam with a lot of unnecessary theatrics tacked on.

Signature Moves:
- Epileptic Elbow Drop : This is a Running Elbow Drop with a lot of unnecessary theatrics tacked on.
- Main Attraction Combo : This is either a Chop Combo or a Punch Combo with a lot of unnecessary theatrics tacked on.
- Bear Hug : This is a basic Bear Hug with a lot of unnecessary theatrics during the move.
- Belly to Belly : A Belly to Belly with a lot of unnecessary theatrics after release.
- Pump Up German Suplex : A German Suplex with a lot of unnecessary theatrics prior to the move.
- Unnecessary Theatrics Axe Handle : An Axe Handle (Clothesline) with a lot of unnecessary theatrics.
- Funny Bone Suplex : A T-Bone Suplex followed by him stomping around like a buffoon.

Sample RP:
Danger, Danger Fontaine has inarguably perfected his craft. He is truly the picture of perfection. He is the image of intensity. The epitome of excellence. The physical manifestation of manliness. And also a generous lover, if you know what I mean. His grip is unbreakable, his strikes impeccable, his aerial game im...un...it's also pretty good.

Danger, Danger Fontaine can ignore injuries that would incapacitate neigh any other man. Due to a combination of repeated traumatic concussions, pain killer use and abuse, and his massively inflated ego he can suffer great harm and continue on despite it. He is either numb to the pain due to a combination of nerve damage and pain killer use or simply able to power through it due to his own overpowering sense of self confidence. In short, while he is not actually in any way shape or form invulnerable to injury or damage he is fully capable of ignoring such damage until it becomes fundamentally physically incapacitating.

Danger, Danger Fontaine's massively inflated ego and additive brain damage due to regular traumatic head injury allows him to face adversaries that are clearly exponentially more powerful than he and believe he still has a very real chance of victory.

Arguably all of Danger, Danger Fontaine's power is a result of this aspect of his mind. Despite what absurd circumstance he may find himself in and what inconceivable threat he may face, he will stalwartly believe that he is the Fan Favorite Face of World Wide Wrestling and that this is his shot at the big time. He can hear the roaring crowd. He can hear the commentators expounding over his miraculous musculature and marvelous mustache.

Danger, Danger Fontaine's patina of professional wrestling professionalism fades into oblivion if his mask is removed or his mustache is mussed up. Though he generally plays up for the adoring arena carefully watching his each and every match, when an opponent dares to remove his mask he loses his restraint entirely. As a great man once said, he loses his smile. Much of the posing and smiling fades away and he is left a raving animal,

Danger...Danger Fontaine. A self obsessed obnoxiously narcissistic professional wrestler, his greatest strength is also his greatest weakness. He is loud, because it is important that the millions and millions of fans, all slavering at the bit for just a little more Danger, hear each and every syllable of each and every word. He is self aggrandizing because who knows Danger better than Danger himself? He is light hearted and often cracks terrible terrible jokes, because he is THE MAN. He is the top, the pinnacle, the apex, the peak, the asymptote, the azimuth, the hyperbole, he is the the man and the only way to be THE MAN is to beat THE MAN and the only man who can beat THE MAN is THE MAN, which is him, thus he is unbeatable. Ask anyone, they'll tell you. In the unlikely event he is one day beaten he is magnanimous in defeat because he knows, HE KNOWS, that belt is meant for one man and one man alone. THE MAN, which is him, Danger, Danger Fontaine, aka THE MAN. The Macho...Guy.

Danger, Danger Fontaine dreamed through all of his childhood of becoming a professional wrestler and eventually managed to make his dream come true. Growing up in South Dakota he knew from a young age that he was destined for greatness and the greatest greatness he could envision was becoming a massive slab of tanned and oiled muscle body slamming other, lesser, tanned and oiled massive muscle slabs for the entertainment and adoration of the million and millions watching at home. Happily fueled on by the antics of his wrestling idols, action movies, and neigh every book and training program advertised in the back of comic books, he grew muscleyier and muscleyier as his dream became an inevitable future.

He worked his way up through the indies gaining a reputation as an enormous ass, but an ass who put asses in seats. Which is the best kind of ass. Taking inspiration from his idols from America and the world abroad he fashioned for himself a number of easily recognized moves and a very recognizable physique. Muscles, Muscles, Mask and Mustache. In time he made his way to the premier federation of the United States, World Wide Wrestling, and found great success. As well as he did he faced many injuries and eventually ended up as too big of a liability to the company to remain. This was likely a wise move as his massive ego led to him suffering many injuries that would have sidelined him if he weren't just such an egomaniac. Finally one day his ceaseless, impossibly hyperbolic bragging, and need to pay some bills brought him to Undisputed Pro Wrestling.
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(Working on two potential characters, but I may not get them in until Monday)
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@BangoSkank Fine idea for a character but yeah, make sure it's formatted to match the character sheet and the general flavor of the RP. Things like race, weapons, and equipment don't really fit the vibe at all. Also, a take-it-or-leave-it suggestion: what if he had a normal first name to go with his normal last name... that way "Danger" could literally be his middle name...

Would make a great catchphrase too. And we know how much wrestling fans love catchphrases.
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good luck with this RP Bonesaw, good luck with your three minutes of paaaaiiin. unfortunately i won't be joining this RP but i wish you the best
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"Hawkeye" John Tatum

Height: 6'1" | Weight: 234lbs | Age: 29

Name: "Hawkeye" John Tatum; "The Man from Green River"

Hometown: Green River, KY

Alignment: Babyface

Gimmick: Tatum is a stern, take-no-shit MMA/submission wrestler with a strong sense of right and wrong.

Entrance Music: "Touch, Peel, and Stand" - Days Of The New

Wrestling Style: MMA/technical/submission

Finishing Move: 1. Green River Killer (cobra clutch clawhold with body scissors takedown) 2. Blood Eagle (front lung blower)

Signature Moves:
  • Monkey Wrench (vertical suplex into backbreaker)
  • Spinning elbow/crescent kick combo
  • Anaconda Vice
  • Bridging Indian Deathlock
  • Lower arm/leg DDT
  • Leg trap chinlock
  • Koji Clutch
  • Fujiwara armbar
  • Running forearm uppercut

Sample RP: You know, a lot of guys walk into a wrestling ring with fancy robes, fancy boots, and fancy music. They run their mouths and they pose a lot. And then the bell rings, and they find themselves in the ring with a guy like me. I don't go for fancy. I'm too busy thinking three moves ahead of you, figuring out how I'm going to take you down and start bending that arm or leg or neck in a direction it don't want to bend. So keep talking, and keep posing: after you face me in the ring, and you show up at physical therapy and they ask you what the hell happened, you tell 'em: The Man from Green River sent you.
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Looks good @Clever Hans, you can go ahead and add John Tatum to the Char section whenever you get a chance. Welcome to the godforsaken (internet) rasslin' business.
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