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The Reserve is a 1x1 set in the universe of the Amazon series (and maybe some Garth Ennis trash) The Boys.

Given the recent chaos surrounding The Seven and the losses at Vought International several contingency plans have been enacted. Among the most ambitious of these is the creation of a new team of Supers called The Reserve. Each member is both young adults, and thus impressionable, and score very high on the Vought Power Scale. While they were originally planned as "the next phase of The Seven" recent events have led to a new directive for The Reserve: to join a joint task force comprising of operators for the American CIA and the British MI6.

The team's exact purpose has yet to be revealed to them, however their training has already taken longer than most Supers ever receive and has focused on more than training on abilities and Vought International policy. Soon the team will "graduate" and go on their first official mission, even as the team begins to fracture from within and find themselves pawns in a much larger geopolitical game that will threaten much, much, more than team unity.

    Members of The Reserve:
  • Armory: The Vought designated leader of the team. Abrasive, narcissistic, and very aggressive male. The metallic bodied "tank" of the team with endurance, strength, and the ability to morph his metallic arms into various bladed weapons.
  • Nocturn: Manipulative, petty, and ruthlessly ambitious female. Nocturn has the ability to influence darkness and shadow, enhanced senses, and enhanced agility. Armory's girlfriend.
  • Thermite: A hot-headed, impulsive, and immature male. Thermite is a clear successor to the Lamplighter of the Seven as he shares the same abilities, his outfit is similar and he wields a similar staff as Lamplighter.
  • Cortex.
  • Flux.
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