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• Faction: Green snakes
• Appearance:

• Name: Shotaro Kurenai
• Callsign: Tenkasei
• Age: 16

• Background: Shotaro had always idolized the Gearfame pilots and wanted to be one for as long as he could remember. Building models of them as a boy he eventually got to go to his dream school and has done everything he can to exceed the expectations set for him given his background as an orphan. He had managed to land a scholarship through a simulation program and good test scores. Now he is driven to be the best he can be in his second year wanting nothing more than to change the landscape of the school and make a splash.
• Other:
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tn5g2pF5PU
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• Faction: Green snakes
• Appearance:

• Name: Kaizen Karasawa
• Callsign: Black Glint
• Age: 17

• Background: Kaizen was a delinquent who secretly ran underground battleframe fight clubs. At first, the only motivation he had for fighting was for the money as he came from a financially challenged background but pretty soon he grew a passion for this gladiatorial sport. He eventually left that life due to the lackluster opponents and absence of standards to pursue more legally safe options. Despite his questionable past activities, his skill in battleframe combat is undeniable. Seeing as it was one of the few things he was actually talented at, Kaizen decided to enroll in a school where he can pursue his passion to his heart’s content, the GSR. His old self would have joined the Purple Ravens without hesitation, however he seems to think that joining the underdog faction of the Green Snakes will prove to be a much more interesting experience.
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