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Digimon Adventure-inspired ♦ 4-6 Characters ♦ American Digidestined

You might not realize it, but you have been chosen for something great. You and five others experienced something incredible six years ago. That day you might’ve been too tired to understand what was happening -- the day you saw two monsters fighting in the forest in the distance. You might’ve been scared. Your minds then hadn’t fully developed what might be real and what wasn’t. But I can tell you it was real. As real as the fact you are one of lucky ones.

I can tell you that you are chosen to help save our world. You and those five others, who not--so-coincidentally, will find yourselves serving as camp counselors nearly five hundred miles away from The Incident. You all are nearly out of junior high school -- actually, you all should be around fourteen now, right? Yeah, that lines up perfectly.

Oh? My name? I’m sorry, I had completely forgot. I’m Jericho. Jericho Watson.

But who I am isn’t as important as what I can do for you.

In reading this Email, I hope you believe me or else I imagine your surprise will be most unpleasant. Just know ...you are the only hope. For your world and mine…

Yeah, six years ago there was a sighting of two giant monsters that attacked the small town of Ridgewood, Utah. A town, which hosts less than 1500 residents, made waves. Or it should have. Truth be told, the sighting was only popular on conspiracy sites. The same sights that claim bigfoot is a Bollywood sensation and the Loch Ness invented Toaster Strudel.

Nobody believed the six kids who swore they saw a red dinosaur with green scales going down back and tail fight a flying praying mantis-esque monster with long sickle-like blades for arms
Some might’ve shrugged it off while others stood firm on the belief that they saw two monsters fight for nearly seven minutes, with each getting their own licks in until a hole in the sky opened up and that was when the weirdness began.

Instead of what you might expect -- which, really, who could prepare for that -- a beam of “light” (instead of it being actual light, it was barcode and ones and zeroes) shot down from the center of the tear, latching onto both monsters. Their limbs were slowly absorbed into the light and their bodies disappeared into it. And about a minute later, the tower of “light” was gone, the rip had faded, and everything went back to normal.

But it wasn’t normal. It was never going to be normal. The six kids who didn’t know each other, who all watched it from their own neighborhoods -- they weren’t normal. They were special and, they didn’t know it at the time, but they were chosen to save two worlds. They were the Digidestined.

But as life would have it, seeing those monsters when they did -- especially for those young minds so impressionable -- didn’t do much to develop their psyche in a healthy way. They claimed to adults they saw monsters and these adults, of course, didn’t believe them. They thought they had overactive imaginations. And when they didn’t stop, the same adults who promised to believe them and love them, thought they were sick. So they went to therapy. And when that didn’t work, six years to this day, these six find themselves at a “resort” for the mentally ill. It’s a youth resort for troubled teens.

Among several others, through circumstances unknown to them, the six who were at the same camp. They don’t know each other nor made aware that they all lived in the same area when they saw those monsters appear. But during the Independence Day celebrations, when everyone will be focused on the explosions and festivities, these six will have their lives changed forever.

Was it part of some grand plan? Well let’s find out, shall we?
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