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I actually signed up 3 years ago and completely forgot I made an account. I started to venture from other sites that I normally write on and found myself back here. So Hi, I don't think I even got past the introduction part. My bad, but I'm here now, so better late then ever right?

I suffer with a neurological handicap, which is hugely interrupted my way of writing. But after 10+ years of sticking with it I finally worked around it. I'm not the type to give up and now I'm actually considered to be an advanced writer now, from not being able to form simple sentences but I can even through appropriately used big words in the mix.

Hoping to make some friends here!
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@Dark demon
Hey, welcome to the asylum 🤘
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welcome. :)
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Welcome back! Nice to see you are pushing through your neurological handicap, stay strong!
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