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Welcome to the Voting and Feedback round for MFP#6!

Voting and Feedback guidelines
  • Please take your time to read through all the entries before voting for your favourite work. The reasons you base your vote on are up to you, as long the vote isn’t based on whether or not you like the author.
    It would be nice if you could share why you voted for a specific work.
  • Giving feedback is optional but highly encouraged. When giving feedback you should be respectful and constructive. It’s good to point out any flaws or the things you feel could be improved or why you didn't like something, but don’t be mean.
    Make sure to point out what you liked or what appreciated in the entry too.
  • Contestants may (and are encouraged to) vote and/or give feedback for the other entries but shouldn’t vote for their own entry. If contestants wish to withhold a vote and only give feedback, that is good too.
  • The entries are anonymous unless the writer asked for having their name added. That being said, writers may claim their work at any time during or after the voting period.
  • The entry with the most votes will win, but in case of a tie a Contest Mod will cast the tie-breaker vote.
  • You can vote for entries and post your feedback in this thread, but if you rather have your vote and/or feedback be anonymous you can PM it to @Calle.
  • The voting period deadline is July 29th, 9:00 CET, which is 7:00 server time (both times are in a.m.).

The Entries

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My vote goes to Despair.

Of all the entries I think this one most drills down into the emotive associations we have with colour, and chose a single colour to explore in depth rather than exploring the subject in breadth. There's also an element of narrative and intrigue in this piece, where it invites multiple readings of its potential meaning, something that I think is quite difficult to do in the micro-fiction format where your word count is so severely limited.

So yeah, good job everyone, but Despair is definitely my favourite for this round.
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My vote goes to Despair.
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I vote for: a world of colour

I love the lighthearted nature of the poem, simple but managed to paint a pretty picture with words. It made me smile when reading it.

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That concluded our voting period.

The winner is: Despair.

I will add that entry to our Hall of Fame later today and a new contest will launch on August 1st.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry and took the time to vote!
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