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Current I've mastered my bio, so it's time for this last status! I [u]do[/u] got a favorite animal. I'm the Monsignifer Lancehead Viper of South America! Yes, yes I do challenge you.
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Kingdom of Poland
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At my wedding I need to prove virtue is not only a regal word by chopping through a lit black candle with a knightly\rangerly longsword.
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Anyone remember "The Game" from school? Where you lost by winning when you just thought of the word "Game" or saw it. I believe it's because of Nick GaS' "Heroes of the Game". Rejoice, freedom, <3!


Poland; Still has Princes, Barons, and Counts. I won't represent anything more than the Prince families, as I think it is a Kawaler duty. The Kingdom of Poland: It does have Lithuania in the url, but Poland ended that commonwealth themself, and Poland does not also maintain English on the World Wide Web arbitrarily, so it's so. The Officials of Poland: But I studied what I could in English, being in the U.S.A... Since playing RuneScape I had to know why I wouldn't quit the game (as it is no simple "hack-and-slash" type), to keep myself from getting banned I accustomed myself to being a Ranger (and later felt comfortable with my Role-Playing to validate my virtue as a Black Knight in OldSchool RuneScape), to cleanse myself in the U.S. I took my Ranger dexterity and study just my country Poland itself to purge the secular taints I may have been corrupted with English to noble my Polish; And Poland began around 500 A.D. and around 800 A.D. had the barbarian legendary reputation, at 990 A.D. Poland was respected by other countries and so Poland ourselves accepted Christianity. From there to about 1800 we had kings, then lazily allowed other peoples imperials to forthcome for reasons I'm oblivious (as I've yet to read about all my kings in chronicle order) to but I think it's because we're the most liked country, forthcome to try and be the virtue that they saught as our king; As Poland unanimously will never be defeated, it must of been to ease our magnates and officials into a more natural acceptance, since I guess a Polish king just doesn't make a monarchy(as from what I have read my Polish Kings have always been warriors- and I'm guessing here, but as the legacy goes for me the rest of the warring Countries to the West used armies by chivalry, and as for the ones near Poland these Countries had Princes that warred each other for respect- Whether the sovereignty are these I don't know, but Poland ended the Northern Crusaders, and France ended the Souther Crusaders as Kingdoms). So instead of saying "polska" which is like a deserters way of thinking of Poland when I say "Poland" I instead say the Kingdom of Poland.

Our "Bachelors" are called Kawalers, too. Which is a fighting-bachelor|essentially "Cavalier", while "Bachelor" is just a gentleman (like Peon or Vassal or something.) We have Magisters not Masters, too. And from studying heraldry, as well as my family- Dabrowski, I found a url on the WWW that has said that there was before a Poland Royal Court Marshall, and a Poland Office of Herald. I presume they're very much similar to how the United Kingdom|Canada has Herald Offices;

I have a black spade symbol tattooed on my left arms bicep area. I got it as my 2nd tattoo (the first being "DEATH" in black letters on my right inner forearm, proper, because of skateboarding into parties- parties where being an "avenger" was the only way for Ladies (like cheerleaders) to appreciate themselves- I was one of the original birthday boys of kindergarten; I don't care about these "avenger" rules. I rather fight "scamps" and their "scoundrels", master the art of "misfit" to a player level, just so the girl muses and ravers keep styling. But I didn't start with a group of skateboarders I gradually accepted a group of skateboarders as my own skateboarder; So with not wanting to "sellout" I joined their parties, got crunk, and when I started working I didnt become "scene" as a prep instead of a "sellout" like them- I, especially so to vs them, kept to the badlands of my origins and did camoflauge pants (in the color of my High Schools 2ndary color) and my High Schools primary color as sweaters with the coat-of-arms it has printed on the backs of them.) While partying I lead parties of my own, and ended up in a "safehouse"... They were nearing moving out from their parents house though, so I betrayed them instead- but one brother had a book by Robert Lee Camp called "Love Cards" and it's where I read about the 7 of Spades. So, since I can be a real man I did allow it to be a fated chance for me and got it tattooed on my arm (just the spade though.) Later whilst searching shield-of-arms I found this website that had the cards recognised as well: "Cards" is the search I mean for you to find, as Poland has playing cards; With so I respect myself further for being at least capable of being a Lancer, a Meleer, or even an Archer for a tournament of kingdom virtues of Poland.

A lot of titles up above in my keep with the dashbar are strictly like that because I myself believe in them that way, not because I heard someone say that they were, since the practice of Shadow Ranger got me through the emo/muses/ravers reaping.

My father never proved his metal CD collection during any family vacations; We listened to Europop, Eiffel 65, and similar types of dance music. Even when my parents would host parties the music was very much the same, but one day after having moved to the elementary school neighborhood my father bestowed his metal CD collection to me as I was preparing to play on the PC (sometime after Myspace/Facebook began to "hide" my sister from herself, too).

When I began to work I did abandon every party-thing but the most powerful of virtues, to see myself succeed into the popularity-virtue I was meriting, and I only can say that as it's because I went to the rival High School where I lost my ability to be a jock and instead stayed a skateboarder throughout all of High School. With the parties I got without invitations I had to refrain from proving I was a roleplayer, as I was hoping I could have roleplayed into sports and become a swordsman/archer promptly; it still happened, but I had to encounter American-English girls instead of Polish.

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A few seconds before Space Ghost tried to eradicate Sebastian Sebastian had a new psychological endeavor with the dark side of the force again, this time with an imminent death approaching Sebastian unleashed his force potential and through the colonic blast of his TIE Interceptors peril managed a vector-time-dispersal-teleport to a nearby Turok planet whence the evelop of his powers tried to sustain life around him to prove it.

Space Ghost saw that happen and flew down to the planet never having his eyes unfixiate from Sebastian.
I tried myself, but I saved it wrong... I want this image without any sort of backround. Please person do this for me.
A very nice jellyfish, impressive.
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Thanks @Vatonage!
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I want this image smaller: . I'm going to make it my signature, but I don't know how to size images myself. I don't want a scroll bar, and I do want at least one sentence space available for at least 40-50 characters.
After keeping to the faith of creating a treasury of my memories, as a recession however it pleases me, I have come here to reinstate the idea; but not until I am ready will the Mercenary Academy get begun.

Reasons being why I have decided to reinstate the Mercenary Academy: For the Cavaliers of the word "King". For the Princesses of the word "Lady".
*I laughed at @PPQ Purple*
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