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Current I've mastered my bio, so it's time for this last status! I [u]do[/u] got a favorite animal. I'm the Western Hog-Nosed Pit Viper of South America! Yes, yes I do challenge you.
5 mos ago
Kingdom of Poland
5 mos ago
At my wedding I need to prove virtue is not only a regal word by chopping through a lit black candle with a knightly\rangerly longsword.
10 mos ago
Anyone remember "The Game" from school? Where you lost by winning when you just thought of the word "Game" or saw it. I believe it's because of Nick GaS' "Heroes of the Game". Rejoice, freedom, <3!


I was born February 5th 1992 in Wroclaw, Poland. My birthstone is amethyst, and my birthcard is the 7 of Spades. Been in Illinois, U.S.A. since 2-4 years old.

I was a Bystander, mostly. Bandages became apparent and listening along with it. When the Cooties began to be segregated by Girls, the Gals tried to be Damsels. When they too began cooty development they risked trying to create brigands. As time went that happened to free itself with animal prospect, and I mean that someone particularly resembled an animal; but there were ruffians that aspiredly called out an animal to terrorize the brigand itself, as most were bystanders too, and boasted about being so.

It's quite the topic to luck for. I've heard of mauraders, to tropical ladies-in-waiting. Then it generally was either about champion prisoners, to Princes, then soldiers\Rangers- I only got to say I was a viper late into my 20's as skateboarding was changed with billiards pool. While it's not as righteous as the challengers that made their animal-soul into Bounty Hunter, Cavalier, Prince, or elsewise, I'm still proud to have made it to the titles pass the Ruffians, Buccaneers, and Rangers.

As infighting escalated, and I forgot who, an understanding was established. That regardless or not the Cooty aimed\or sharpened herself for the wonderlust to be better than a fair maiden, but a fairy-Princess.

I had to prepare to fend off or thwart miscellanious Boppers, Floozies, Thugs, Cohorts, Minions, Twerps, Dummies, Lames, Losers, Monstrocities+Freaks (Failed challengers that grimaced together and created "carnival rules" to get protolosers to join them) -Enforcers(Cads)*("assailants" instead of "guardians")*"apparition", "ghast", "revenant", "spirit", "fiend", ""slime", "goblin", "wizard{ess}"* I'm sure I can drawl on... And Rejects from having me looked recruited so I could find my sole girl, soulmate, or whilst searching for her to succeed in virtue as a Sword-Hunter and marry a Lady, through to Nobleman.

Primarily I've been a B.D. Speacial Education student. So, I've not encounterred the Arbiter|Arbitress, of like cheerleading. I have partied as a skateboarder, thief, and a rogue though; So, with gratitude I beseach these girls, on behalf of my dilligence as a decadent gambit, swordsman, and extraordinaire, that they are not forsaken.

Elementary School: Kelly O'Sullivan, Ashley Delowski.
Middle School: Ashley Delowski, Elizabeth Harrison.
High School: Katelyn Gronke, Sidney Huber.
Before age 23: Abbigail Gering.
After her I managed to enter college and remembered my quest. Now, I'm ready for my one; All Polish pink, glittery, Dignitarian! Like stellar Princesses- not cosmos and nebulas, but the plasma in quantum nexuses of reality. Or a Gymnast. X-Treme has always held 0th place, I did make South American Western Hog-Nosed Pit Viper! 03|02|2021

Lastly, even I wasn't indifferent for long. I had to aspire somehow to manage my ego, or woe frisson... I decided to gain the nerdgamers. They were quite well. No sex talk, no fake styles, no attitude to match. My family moved and I went to the rival High School instead. I matured with sleeping in class, skateboarding turf, and stealing peoples iPods. With my "style" paused I became a "scene" Extremist there, with only a cellphone and backpack to my skateboard (no job, no automobile) it mellowed out with skateboarding, parties, and roleplaying for the future. We moved back to the same neighborhood, where I didn't know how to progress the infernal Extremist "scene". What happened was that their 2ndary High School tried to chump pass me and I easily took over the neighborhood surpressing their anarchy, and totally melting their folks daycare usurption. My High School, my turf, skateboard throne. To not mess up being a champion I searched my virtues, and after that Heraldry and medieval Ranger study I became a swordsman and enterred college for an Associates Degree in Art.

I still need a language class, archery hobby, horse practice, and a motorcycle (which I'll go to motorcycle mechanic college to prestige for.)

My noise-complaints, police calls, and exercise has these neighbors afraid to beckon.

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