Aurelion II and his Chosen sailed across the sea towards the mainland. He watched these crashing waves before.

"Fifty years ago I sailed to put the mainlanders in their place... Fifty years later, I would sail among them to help them take it back."

He watched from the bow as other ships sailed alongside them. Foreigners and savages alike. He scoffed at the idea of a unified Etherea. However, he could not deny that the enemy ahead of them was a force to be reckoned with. He turned to his Chosen and yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Carrusians! Prove your mettle once again and show these mainlanders how we across the sea fight like men!"

His chosen roared with cheer, their spears banging against the deck of their ship, their swords bashing shields, their feet stomping to the rhythm of the waves as they shouted.


In that moment, all that was on Aurelion's mind turned to the mainland. He channeled his hatred towards the darkness as if hate alone could burn them all away. Solis Aurelion II, the warrior king, would march against this darkness and break it against his back. The will of his men could not only be heard by the ships beside them, but be felt. Carrus' chosen had released their primal savagery. Anything that gets in their way would feel their spears, their swords, their fists. For Aurelion, and Carrus' Chosen, there was no retreat and no surrender. There was only Victory or Death.