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Name: Kawakami Daizen
Age: 16
Likes: Animals, friends, high places, saving people lives and video games.
Dislikes: Criminals and fraudsters.
Personality: Calm because he never panics, quiet because he doesn't like talking, shy because he is scared of meeting new people. When he's Spiderman, his personality changes.
Weapons: Dual Katana and Tanto.
Abilities: Can shoot webs from his wrists, swing with the support of his webs and can climb walls and perform acrobatics.
Suit: Black and white spidey suit, with a big logo of a white spider at front and back and with white lines imitating a web. For boots he has the shogunate greaves and pieces of Japanese armor attached to the shoulder area of his suit.
Crush: None
Born in New York City to wealthy parents. His father is a Director of his company and his mother works as a finance advisor. Daizen is just your average highschool student, with straight a's. He doesn't like to talk to people in general, but only talks to those who are closer to him. One day, on a trip to a insect conservation, he was looking around at spiders when one came from nowhere and bit him.
The next day, at school whilst eating lunch, someone nearly was about to fall, so he automatically saved the individual.
Later that day, at sports class, he helped his team win basket ball match and shot webs at a few bullies.
Some weeks later, he made his spidey suit and began to fight crime for the sake of all mankind.


Name: Zhao Wen Yang
Age: 20
Likes: Fighting for justice, helping the weak and less fortunate.
Dislikes: Bandits and those who exploit the weak
Weapons: Spear
Abilities: Fire, lighting and wind abilities. Can imbue weapons to help him against certain foes and creatures.
Bio: Zhao Wen Yang hails from a poor village. Stricken with grief and poverty, the villagers worked hard, made less money and filled up a belly of a tyrant warlord. He lost his parents at the age of 13 at the hands of the warlord, and was taken in by him as a son. Anger and resentment grew in him, but he kept it a secret. He trained and trained with a spear until he was proficient. When he turned 20, the warlord went to war against his adversaries. This was a great time to kill the greedy warlord. He rode his horse as the warlord called him. He impaled the greedy warlord and stopped the war. Both parties now were allies.
Another leader was selected to lead his village with kindness and Mercy.
Zhao Wen Yang left his village pursue a mercenary career and hone his fighting talents.
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Name: Lex Sheridan
Age: 22
Nationality: British/American
Race: Human
Personality: None, just emotionless. He just ignores people when they try to talk to him. When he's at work, he always speaks to his peers and patients.
Likes: Being straightforward, his job, his Professor and Director.
Dislikes: Not being able to save a patient, jokes and his parent's killer.
Abilities: Healing Touch. Has 3 versions instinctive one which he can activate subconsciously and will last the entire operation. Speed Enhance which shaves off time off from surgeries, which enables it's user to complete it in 5 mins or less. Last but not least Distraction block, which enables him to concentrate further and kills all distractions around him. Distraction Block and Speed Enhance are activated manually by drawing a star.
Crush: None - No Love interest.
Other info: He is the direct descendant of the Greek God Asclepius.
Bio: "If you pursue this power, yes, you will become an unparalleled surgeon. But are you prepared for the pain it will bring you? Can you imagine how heavy your hands would be with the Healing Touch?" Robert Hoffman
When he was a kid, he always dreamt of being a superhero. He lives in a city full of Hero's with supernatural powers/villains. Many other races include Vampires, Kitsune's, Neko's, Furries, Humans and Witches + Wizards. But since he's just a human without any traits, his dreams and hopes were crushed when a villain killed his parents right in front of his eyes at the age of 8. He was then put into an orphanage where his confidence, fire and emotions were snuffed out. His education began at the orphanage, and he was mostly interested in science. He loved Biology and Physics but hated Chemistry. After a few weeks, adults came to adopt the children. He sat in the corner on his own with a book about different types of surgeries. A married Neko couple with their daughter enter the orphanage to look around. They both were experts in the medical field. The male was a surgeon and the female, a director of her own medicinal company. The couple with their daughter notice him and on seeing the book he read, they decided to adopt Lex.
The years passed and Lex is now a renowned surgeon at a memorial hospital known for completing difficult surgeries and awaking to the healing touch. Most of the female nurses and doctors have a crush on him, but he doesn't care for romantics or dating.
He later came into contact with a patient who had an unknown illness. As he operated on her, he found out that the unknown pathogen wasn't like any other normal bugs. After successfully eradicating the pathogen and surgery came to a close, a Director from another hospital walked in and told him that it was PYGMY. A manmade product used for bioterrorism. He was recommended by the Director to join Caduceus USA. He was reluctant at first and then agreed. He now faces Pygmy patients all over the world and doing his best to fight bioterrorism and bring those responsible to justice.

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Wynter Steelsnow
Age: 19
Occupation: Knight
Likes: Training hard, helping out commoners and protecting people in the kingdom and doing errands.
Dislikes: People who pick on the weak, rodents, seafood and his superiors.
Personality: Kind and calm
Weapon: Giant Sword
Bio: Not much is known about him, other than he was a slave, who was rescued by the kingdom he now serves. He protects the people of his kingdom, especially the weak and the commoners and helps them out in the fields with farm work. With this he got his Queen's respect, but superiors and other knights makes fun out of him.
He was granted a higher place than his superiors, being the Queen's personal guard which he was really greateful for.

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Name: Terrance Cudgel Cormac.
Age: depends but 11-18.
Personality: Valiant and kind.
Likes: Opposing houses, and being helpful and risking his life on the line for others.
Dislikes: His house, Snape because of his personality and bullies.
House: Slytherin
Bio: A descendant of Shay Patrick Cormac, who was a templar in Colonial America. Terrence adopted a strong sense of justice, and fights for what's right. He doesn't take kindly to bullies or from those who hurt others for their own amusements. At the end of the day, what matters to him is that he wants to surpass and reach a higher feat in the field of magic.
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Name: Leonardo "Leo" Auditore
Age: 17
Likes: Reading, drawing, listening to music, playing games.
Dislike: being in stump, mistakes and low sales
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: Work at home illustrator
Personality: Outgoing and bubbly
Leo is a self employed illustrator based in UK. He returns to his home town Firenze (Florence) when he can. He dropped out of college and pursued his own drawing career. When he was a kid, like his mother he wanted to be an illustrator. That was his dream. He applied to major gaming companies but, they turned him down. So he began working on making comics. Once published, people always praised and admired his work. He illustrated and wrote his favorite genre's which are horror and fantasy.
Now he leads a happy life, doing what he loves.

Based on Raiden from Metal Gear:

Name: Zepyhr
Codename: Tornado
Other names: Zodiac Killer, Ninja Ghoul
Nationality: American
Age: 17
Personality: Edgy, pragmatic and scary
Likes: going on assignments when given to him, delivering justice in a violent way, in order to protect the weak (Humans and Ghouls A Like), making sarcastic, satire and comments which results in criticism towards enemies.
Job: Works for a Japanese PMC (Private Military Company)
Abilities: heals fast, superior strength, hardens r cells and can use that as a weapon to impale. He moves fast and has high endurance and is good with acrobatic. Killer mode, which his pain receptor numbs, and he goes crazy, which makes him vulnerable to attacks.
Kagune: Ukaku and Bikaku
Sword: A HF Tachi blade that glows red and burns targets.
Other: when he defeats ghouls, he uses their kagune making weapons based on their personality and form.
Bio: A foreigner living in japan, he came when he was 5, his parents worked in a science lab at the CCG HQ. They made weapons and carried out experiments. A few weeks down the line, his parents where killed by a blue haired ghoul. He was apprehended and turned to a ghoul via surgery at the age of 5. He never lived normally ever since, but his soul was human. 12 years later and now 17, and working for a PMC, he vowed to make Tokyo safe both for ghoul's and humans. For the sake of coexistence, when there is a war, he arrives in the nick of time to stop it.

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Name: Haytham Washington
Age: 23
Occupation: Detective
Personality: Calm, cool and collected
Weapons: 9MM Gun
Likes: Fighting crime, company events, interrogating suspects and parties
Dislikes: people disrespect the law.
Bio: Not much is known about him as he keeps himself and his life a secret. He went to police academy at the age of 23, rose the ranks when graduated, and is now a detective who is good at his job and does his very best to enforce the law.


Name: Gabriel Ryan Harker
Occupation: Vampire Hunter
Species: Human
Weapon: Katana and Pistol
Personality: Very strict
Bio: A descendant of Johnathan and Mina Harker. Trained in the art of stealth, guns and swords, he is on deadly and ferocious vampire hunter. He has no remorse for vampires even innocent ones. He thought that all were a plague to mankind, and it was his family's mission to exterminate them.

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This pic is not mine: credit goes to Axsens on deviantart

Name: Vincent Nightstrider
Age: 17
Likes: fighting his foes, protecting the innocent, fighting against those who oppose him.
Dislikes: When people hurt others for their own gain.
Abilities: Dark orbs, conjuring dark weapons, imbuing weapons with other dark and vampiric abilities
Weapon: Twin swords
Bio: A vampire, who seeks nothing but justice. He who wields the power to crush his foes immediately. His family was killed by rivals and posed it off as an accident. Later the rival family would use him as a slave and try to break him. They drugged, whipped, did some questionable things which he didn't approve or wanted to be a part of. A voice in his head woke up to justice and he rebelled against his captives. He killed then all using his teleportation and draining skills.

As the years passed by, all he did was improve himself and help other people. He was a loner, looking for a place to call home, now that he didn't have one.

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Name: Kyle Joseph Blackwell
Age: 18
Likes: Fighting, spending time alone or with friends and family, women and children and animals.
Dislikes: Thugs, assumptions, villains and alcohol.
Personality: A straight A school student who beams with confidence. His outgoing and kind nature allows him to help people as well as being polite to everyone he meets. However, he has a darker side. He is also a killer. Not just any killer; he kills villains or people who love the thrill of crime. He believes by eliminating bad people from the earth, it will make it a better place for everyone. Right goals, but methods are wrong. He never hesitates to kill, but to some bad people, he may show mercy and allow them to live, if they turn themselves in.
Powers: No powers.
Weapons: Annihilator MK 7 Battlesuit, double claws: 2 on each arm.
Abilities: Eyelaser + shadow variant, Blade Dash + shadow variant, Plasma cutter + shadow variant, Energy Bolt, Plasma Teleport, Axis Slash, Gravity Strike, Charge reactor, Shadow Laser Barrage, Shadow Energy Bolt, Shadow Plasmaport, Devastation Beam.
Other: He lives alone and has a secret laboratory which he makes different versions of his battle suits and has them standing in glass cases; underneath his house.

Bio: A young adult who had his parents taken away from him by villains who pretended to be heroes. He holds vengeance for anyone that kills for fun thinking they're making a positive change to society, but not really. When he sees this he kills without mercy and never leaving traces. Sometimes he does to strike fear in the people he hates the most.


Battle suit:

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Former name: Charlie Ulrich Adelstien
Current Name: Skyler Edwards

Martial Artists, Cryomancer, Adoptive son of a Spirit

Age: 20
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150KG
Build: Mesomorph
Skin tone: Medium
Hair colour: Black, sometimes changes colour to brown
Eye colour: Icy blue
Marital Status: Single

Other info:
Languages - English, Korean and German
Skills: Tae Kwondo Mixed with a bit of Shotkan and Ansatsuken. Cryogenic abilities such as ice projectiles, ice weapons weapons, using environments as an advantage for his ice powers.


Skylar Edwards was formally named as Charlie Ulrich Adelstien. Born to a Rich German Entrepreneur and Korean K-Pop artist, the pair had twins. The father, Mr Adelstein wanted just a female heir who would take over his company, instead of two peas in a pod.
As Charlie turned 16, he was kicked out of his parents mansion, his mother looked at him with an unwelcoming glare after kicking him out and throwing his bags. He watched at how cruel his parents treated him. This was treachery in his eyes. He turned both hands into a fist and swore revenge.

He walked through the streets begging for cash, but no care was given about him. He was starved, cold and homeless for a time.
One day, he trespassed into an Elven property for food. One of the servant's noticed him and told the owner.

The kind owner of the property welcomed him instead of calling the police. He was invited to sit with the family and eat. He shared his tale about his parents. He wanted revenge and he will do anything to attain that. Moved by his words, he was adopted by the Elven family and he changed his Name to Skylar Edwards.

He learned martial arts and mixed his style up a bit as well as learning to control ice. He travelled the world to gain fame by participating in fighting tournaments and he even opened his own company up to challenge what was now his sister's company. His goal was to make it go bust so that she feels the same way he did.

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We all wear masks... metaphorically speaking.
- Dr Arthur Nueman

Name: Noah Lee Masters.
Nickname: Prefers to be called Lee. Big Head or The Mask, when worn.
Age: 17-20 (depending on rp)
Nationality: Canadian.
Likes: Girls, children, cartoons and video games.
Dislikes: Rude people, silly protestors and jam packed places such as trains, tubes and busses.
Personality: Shy and insecure. Nice guy with a kind heart.
Powers: as a human none. Powers as Big Head or The Mask: cartoonish powers, bends time and reality at will, materialises objects out of thin air, healing factor and a whole lot other powers granted by Loki's mask.
Weapon: The Mask.
Other: He has a Canadian Lynx named Jasper. Loki's Mask allows Lee to utilise it both day and night.

Bio of the Mask:

Some say The Mask was was apparently created in the unknown past, at an unknown time, by an unknown tribe that originated in unknown Africa. The shamans of the tribe used ancient African techniques of secret and mystical knowledge, using a kind of magic that was infused and used in the creation of the not ordinary mask, which was made of jade and originally used in ancient rituals performed by that tribe. When it was used, its bearer is impregnated with fictional magical reality and gains physical impermeability and skills similar to those of a cartoon character, such as being able to pull random objects out of nothing and extending one's body and limbs far beyond human limits because it teach some people to kill other people when it knows what other people especially when they hurt them.

Others say that the Mask was created between the end of the 4th century AD and the beginning of the 5th century AD by Loki, the Norse god of fire and mischief in the northern lands of Europe in Asgard, supposedly of Scandinavian origin. Some very old texts describe Loki as a night god and a nocturnal creature, which fits perfectly with the unordinary mask and its method of functioning, since it only works at night and stops functioning at sunrise.

The Mask grants power to it's host, but at the cost of their sanity.

Lee's Story:

Lee, a shy and insecure individual who was shunned about his personality. When he was young, he was bullied by popular kids, be it boys and girls. He never had confidence and he never showed his true potential. In class, whenever a question is asked, he does his best to not answer, fearing if he'd get it incorrect, kids in his class will laugh at him. He never had any friends. He was ridiculed all the time.

His parents loved him, although, he never shared his concerns at school but let it continue. Inside he wanted it all to stop. His father bought up that they will need to move as he secured a better job at a magical town in Canada, called Crystalville. The town was hidden and only showed itself to those who had potential, albeit humans, with no sense of magical knowledge, like Lee and dad, but his mother was a sorceress. Lee's wish came true and it will all stop.

They moved a week later after his father announced the news. It was pretty easy to settle in Crystalville as they bought a house quickly before moving. When Lee's family arrived, Lee was astonished by magic users around him. They weren't all exactly humans. Some citizens were Vampires, Angels, Demons, Neko's and other creatures lived such as Nymphs and Sirens as well as Elves. No sign of hero's like in the comics.

After a week passed by, Lee still didn't make any friends at his new school, as he didn't learn or study magic prior to moving. He went into a library on his way home, after school to get a beginner friendly magic guide. What interested him was Conjuration, Restoration and Lightning. Once he exited the library, he looked towards an antique pawn shop. Something drawn his attention. The object he saw glowed from one part of it's face to another. It looked triangular, green and wooden. It had 2 holes for the eyes above and one above it's chin for the mouth. An iron strip ran from the head, in-between the eye holes, and stopped above the mouth. This was the bridge and the nose, completed with 4 iron nails which held it in place and at the forehead was the circular crest with the L signifying it belonged to the Norse God of Mischief Loki.

Tempted to buy the mask, he ran into the shop and enquired about it. The shop owner hesitated in selling it to him, but saw he had a kind heart and gave him a warning. To use it wisely, as it could drive him insane. He purchased the mask and ran back into an alley so he could try it on. He put it to his face and as he did, the mask tried to glue itself to him before removing the mask. He looked at the mask in shock assuming it was a mistake in buying that. He knew that on this mask, there was a no refund policy.

At home, he decided to read the books he borrowed from the library. Jasper, his cat, tried to get his attention and hissed at him, then looked back at the mask, before running under his bed afraid. He watched Jasper's antic's before stopping what he was doing. He paced over to the mask, picked it up and looked directly into it. It glowed from the left and disappeared as it reached the other side. Jasper peeked from under the bed watching and hissing. Lee slowly raised the mask to his face and put it on. The mask glued to his face and began to envelope his whole head. He tried to remove it but it was too late. It was painful as it pressed against his skull and his eyes bulged. He let out a painful scream. His parents heard him, and his father decided to see what was going on. His father opened the door seeing Lee scratching his face, before spinning like the Tasmanian devil. Lightning roared from him as his father saw his skeleton glow as he carried on spinning. He then stopped as he placed his hand on his father's shoulder. His face was now all green, his hair short, which had 2 bangs at the side of his head.

His father looked at him in horror and didn't know what to do.
He left his room, jumping out of the window.
His father stood there confused, and thought he was born cursed, as he used his powers, but against himself.

He walked the streets minding his own business, donned the green face of his stroke evil intentions with the necromancers. In Crystalville, necromancy was banned. Necromancers practiced this dark art freely, even without the authorities placing limits.

As the necromancers approached, Noah as the mask, automatically knew what was in their hearts. Noah smiled maliciously at the evil mages while they gave him a death stare. He pulled two mini guns from thin air and shot at the necromancers killing them. He threw the guns away, looking at the necromancer's dead bodies.

He thought with the powers he was gifted with, he could be a super hero. This city really needed one as there was a lot of mage and witches. He really didn't need to learn magic now, because the mask has actually granted him the powers he really needs to succeed. The mask knew instantly that Noah had a good heart and decided not to tamper with his sanity, making him it's favourite host.

The next morning he woke up in his bed thinking everything that has happened was a dream and needed to lay off gaming and cartoons. He got ready for school. Before he left he looked at the mask and thought about throwing it away. He decided to keep the mask instead as he will never know when he may need it.

By the time he finished school, he decided to look for an apprenticeship. He landed one as a manager for in telecoms which he enjoyed. After his apprenticeship, he got promoted to head of operations where he worked at the corporate office. He still uses The Mask's powers to help innocent people get out of trouble and prevent crime. The police hates him for doing their work, but could never work out the identity of who the actual person even is.

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Elder Scrolls Skyrim OC:

Name: Ysgramor Telandril Frostmire
Age: 19
Faction: Aldmerri Dominion
Weapon: Daedric Sword
Proficiency: Light armor, One handed, Conjuration, Restoration and Destruction (Fire, Frost and Lightning)
Likes: Sweetroll, Honey Nut Treat, reading books, alchemy and enchanting
Dislikes: Dark Brotherhood
Divine he follows: Talos (Tiber Septim), Arkay and Stendarr
Daedric Princes he follows: Sheogarath, Azura and Meridia
Other: He loves taking care animals and has a soft spot for children
Bio: A mix between High Elf and Nord, was named Ysgramor because of his valiant and heroic nature he possessed. Resided in house Telandril, he was the clans pride and joy because everyone respected him. He was recruited into the Aldmerri Dominion as he was capable enough. His sister stayed behind as the head of the House Telandril.
Ysgramor was stationed in Skyrim. There he saw the true nature of his faction and resented the actions against the Nords. He confronted Elenwen to stop this madness, but Elenwen ignored him.
He then plotted against Elenwen and to take over the Dominion over Skyrim. What he also didn't know, he was also the Dovahkiin. A being that absorbs the soul of the dragons and can speak their language.
He is now working as a mercenary, to free the Aldmerri Dominion of this corruption, before he gets back to this faction.

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