A banner flutters ominously in the distance. The wind brings whispers of the Dragon of the west's expansion into these new regions. Their imperial ambition brings them far from their homeland. The invaders led by a man of great renown in the western world. A legion of the Empire's best - Ikagai's finest men. On their backs are the expectations of their homeland and on their shoulders the weight of honor and tradition. They look out from their gains in the south western reaches of these isles, the salt in the air and the spray of water crust their beards, rust their armor, but they are diligent and hard working enough to clean their equipment.

Five years this expedition has taken from them. First the Empire tasked them with establishing a colony, Sasaku. They faced many challenges, some of which from other imperialists, some from the native populace. The Empire is eager, the dragon is hungry. Though they achieved their first goal and were able to live peaceable lives for a short time, these times of peace were not to last.

The Great Empire of Ikagai has tasked them to take the entire isle even if it takes them years to do so. The colony from five years past has begun to flourish. The natives of this land are wild and resisting, the rivals from other empires have come far and wide to challenge their expansion into these rich territories. The dominion of the dragon shall sink its claws deep into these remote territories. The next expedition will begin within a few months from now. Their bodies are hardened, their uniforms crisp, their swords and bayonets are sharpened, and their rifles clean and ready.

War on the mainlands may draw the men of Ikagai to fight against their rivals on the islands once more. They will face terrible hardships. Battles of immense proportions are inevitable and will threaten to plunge the isles into fire. The beats of drums will match with the rhythmic stomp of marching men across mountains, hills, and plains. The crackle of gunfire and clashing of steel will once again fill the air. The ground will be soaked and with the blood of the dead.

Who will be the victor? Who will take these isles? Who will achieve their imperial ambition?