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Before you ask - I got the title because that's the band i'm listening to right now.

So as some of you guys i've talked to already know - i've been working on a video game as a pet project of mine for a little over a year now. I had brought it up in discussion a few times with some colleagues of mine - and I just got word the other day that a lot of them are interested in becoming investors in the creation of an indie studio, with me at the helm and this as our flagship project! While I can't disclose the contents of the project quite yet, this has definitely been a HUGE vote of confidence for getting this project off the ground!

Now, this also means: I'm going to be taking an indefinite hiatus from Roleplaying - and this site - for a while. I can't really give a timeframe on when (or if) i'll be really back and active. I've met some amazing people on here years ago that I still talk to on a daily basis, and there's tons more of super creative folks around here that I haven't ever gotten the chance to even talk to personally, and i'll always keep this place near and dear to my heart for those folks and feels.

I'm usually not one for super long goodbyes, so...yeah. Guess i'll just go off into the cosmos.

See You Space Cowboy...
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Thanks for a dope RP pitch (had a lot of fun writing my character up).

Best of luck and go get some sweet rl bread!
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Whoa, that's cool to hear. Good luck to you Yam!
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Awesome news for you, and a sad day from the guild. I don’t think we ever played together, but even so I’ve known you to be a pillar on the guild. Sad to see you go, and best luck for the future!
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Damn, right in the feels. You stay classy my guy, I never really interacted with you much but the few times I did were enough. Make sure to let us know of this video game you're working on. Indie games rock.
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dam smh who gonna be decemberists

Big props chief, best of luck.
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