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Charlie Fox - A student at Angel Grove University and an intern with GENESIS, Charlie Fox is the go-to person on the team when it comes to all things Ranger tech. Her boldness and sense of justice assists in empowering her as the Green Crystal Ranger. Charlie is good for a few witty jokes at the Command Center and even out on the battlefield, but she does it as a way to hide her insecurities about her own personal abilities.

Ryan McPhee - The son of wealthy parents, Ryan is often noted as a member of the Rangers with a consistently great attitude and energy. His ambition and friendliness makes him a great as the Pink Crystal Ranger. Also a student at Angel Grove University, Ryan's social media persona gives him a multitude of followers and fans, which can be perceived as a good and bad thing depending on who you ask.

Jordan Hall - The team's free spirit with no filter, Jordan is notably the powerhouse of the team. Her fiery attitude but immense loyalty and confidence guide her as the Blue Crystal Ranger. Currently, her life is filled with uncertainty which has her questioning her residency in Angel Grove along with her uncle's annoying attempts to assist her. Becoming a Ranger provides her a sense of purpose... even if for a short while.

Orville "Nick" Nicholson A positive and confident mindset is what Orville (better known as "Nick") provides for the Rangers as the Yellow Crystal Ranger. A former "star" volleyball player, Nick is in the process of understanding what he brings to the table now that he's a few years removed from his "peak." He's considered moving elsewhere to kickstart his life given that he has no family in Angel Grove or ties to the city in general, but that changes when he becomes a Ranger.

Aiden Gregor - The loner of the team, Aiden is content to dedicate most of his time to being on his bike. When he is is actually interacting with someone, he tries to be as direct as possible. Despite his impulsivity, Aiden's ability to be secure about himself is what makes him the Red Crystal Ranger. In addition to that, he's also quite handy when it comes to the mechanical work, a transferrable skill to the team.


Princess Crystalia - The Princess of the Crystal Kingdom, Crystalia emerged into this universe shortly after the arrival of the five Power Crystals. After the eradication of the Dark Empire, she was charged with protecting the Crystals ensuring that they did not fall into the wrong hands. Outside of her duties as something of a system of support to the Rangers, she has a truly caring spirit, although she can be a bit naïve to someone taking advantage of her.


Eliza Thorne - The CEO of GENESIS for five years after the passing of her husband, Eliza is a no-nonsense woman when it comes to handling business. Prior to her position as CEO, she was much more passive in her business relations given her late husband's authoritative nature. Now, it appears that Eliza Thorne is as free as a bird to do what she pleases with GENESIS.

Dr. Raymond Ogden - Affectionally known as "Dr. O" to those closest to him, Dr. Ogden is the Director of "Project Ranger," an initiative that focuses on channeling the energy from the Power Crystals and materializing them into "Ranger" suits. He's very passionate about his hand in this project and his perfectionist nature often causes him to get minimal sleep.

Sebastian Thorne - The son of Eliza Thorne, Sebastian doesn't take too much of an interest in the family's business. Instead, he would much rather ingrain himself in Angel Grove's nightlife and party scene. However, Sebastian still has a decent knowledge of GENESIS despite distancing himself ever since his father's passing.

The Dark Empire

Lord Galza - The power-hungry leader of the Dark Empire with the intent of conquering the Earth. A very prideful and hot-headed leader, Galza is known to take moments of meditation in order to withhold himself from unleashing his true power. This is part of the reason he lets his henchmen do much of the groundwork without feeling the need to rise from his throne.

General Maskaraid - The right-hand man to Lord Galza, Maskaraid is the one responsible for creating the Dark Beasts that often lead the Muddie Patrollers into battle. He wields of powerful spear that allows him to attack and also control his dark abilities.

General Jadis - The self-proclaimed "beauty" of the Dark Empire, Jadis's responsibilities include infiltration and manipulation. Though she may not physically appear as strong as the others, she is more than capable of handling her on in the battlefield.

Muddie Patrollers - The Muddie Patrollers (or simply Muddies) are the foot soldiers of the Dark Empire. Primarily, they are used as distraction and stallers to the Rangers for a greater purpose. Maskaraid can give a Muddie a Dark Mask, allowing them to evolve into a powerful Dark Beast. They also emit a very indistinguishable bad smell.
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