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Old Domino City

Kame Games

A crowd had gathered around the famous game store, that evening. They were hosting a surprise duel monsters tournament, which was still their top game!
The owner and operator, Yugi Moto, had a strong reputation among their patrons for carrying on as close as he could to what the previous owner, Solomon Muto (his grandfather) would have wanted, including prioritizing the experience of their patrons, and keeping the spirit of the Heart of The Cards alive.
Of course, this wasn't just a surprise event, meant to raise peoples' spirits and ease anxieties in the wake of the "freak lightning storm" that had the superstitious citizens wringing their hands.
No, Mr. Moto had ulterior motives...

Inside, all the duelists they had room for on the roster were seated, and ready to begin! There were 32 in total, and people were excited, even if there wasn't a huge grand prize in store for the winner. The people were just eager for a distracting spectacle, and spectating a popular card game would have to do, for now.

From up at the second floor, looking out from the landing, Mr. Muto couldn't help but smile. His long red hair was tied back, although the blonde locks were still hanging free. He wore Solomon's bandana like an eyepatch across his left eye, and he'd long since left behind his blue school uniform, having traded it out for more casual clothing, save the navy great coat he often wore. He smiled to himself, You would have loved this, Grandpa. And... I don't know how well I can support Joey, now that he's lost his sister... We can't find Tristan, either... We're hurting, without your guidance, but... He lifted a card shaped spy glass to his good eye, and scanned the contestants. Our enemies have never acted this boldly, before... Something is wrong, but I know, if we trust in the Heart of The Cards, we'll find stronger hope, tonight...

There were a dozen volunteer referees, but 4 in particular seemed intense as they appraised all the contestants- with name tags that simply read "Valentine", "Gardner", "Wheeler" and "Burke". Remember, Yugi had instructed them earlier, It's not necessarily the winners we're looking for; I'll be watching for the one's with the REAL potential, the one's we need. Trust your instincts, but if in doubt, look for my signal, and issue the "special invitations", discreetly...

The chatter hushed quickly when the shop owner/organizer raised a hand (after putting away his spy glass, before anyone noticed it), "Everyone, thank you for coming to our community morale match! It warms my heart to see this turn out, my grandfather would have been proud to see it! His first priority was this community, that's why we've always been a safe and friendly place for the youth, and everyone who keeps the joy of games in their hearts! It's only fitting we honor his spirit in these uneasy times by coming together, in the spirit of sportsmanship, and friendly competition! With that-" He sliced his hand down in a chopping motion,

"It's time, to Duel!"
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Claire Turner

Domino City was one of the stranger places Claire had stopped off in.

Three years on the road had let her see more of the country than most people ever would; let her spend time in multiple cities from the North of the island all the way down to the South, a bunch of smaller towns and literally everywhere in between. She’d been to enough places to be able to have favourites, to be able to make comparisons and liked to think that she had enough experience to identify the vibe a place gave off within a couple of days of arriving. And Domino City? Something about Domino City was off. The kind of off she usually only felt when she’d spent too long in one place and the nightmares that she was running away from caught up to her. The kind of off that had her checking over her shoulder and keeping a close eye on any shadows she passed. The kind of off that had her keeping a hand on the deck of cards in her pocket, as if the monsters in it might protect her somehow.

Claire didn’t think she was going to be sticking around for too long as a result. She’d finish this little event, which unfortunately didn’t even come with any prize money, stop off at the hotel to check out and then get back on her bike. Honestly, maybe even before then; usually duelling like this calmed her down, as well as giving her a good opportunity to meet new people and get some information about the place she was in. But today? Maybe it was the way the judges seemed to be paying extra close attention to all of the duels or the store owner, or maybe it was that weird lightning storm the night before, but the sense of dread kept building.

Across the table from her, her opponent asked her something that she didn’t hear and she missed an opportunity to activate a trap card when she should have. Her opponent missed lethal anyway, but it was enough for Claire to decide to focus on the duel instead of her worries.

“I activate the effect of my Siverd in the Pendulum zone to destroy my Metalfoes Combination, to set Parametalfoes Fusion from my deck. Then I activate Metalfoes Counter in response to summon a Metalfoes from my deck and chain the graveyard effect of Combination to add a Metalfoes to my hand.”

From there the rest of the duel was fairly quick, with Claire summoning two Fusion monsters to bounce their strongest monster with Mithrilium and then Pendulum summoning and attacking for a huge amount of damage with Orichalc’s piercing ability.

Beside her the judge watching their match, an attractive blonde woman with the name tag ‘Valentine’ made a note of her win and moved on to the next pair.That was the first round dealt with at least.
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Tobias Westen

”Ha! You fell for it!” Toby declared with a smug look on his face. On his field was Paladin of Felgrand with Felgrand Dragon equipped to it as well as Dragon Ravine in the Field Spell zone. He also had set two cards in his back row, but only one of them was important for the play he was about to make. Toby had just tried to Normal Summon his Dragon Knight of Creation, to which his opponent had responded by flipping over Torrential Tribute, destroying both the Dragon Knight and Paladin in one swoop.

“‘Fell for it’?” his opponent questioned with a look of skepticism, “Dude, I just wiped your monsters!” and normally he’d be right. Such a play was usually devastating. Unless, of course, the player in question wanted his cards in the graveyard.

”Looks like someone hasn’t been paying attention. Guess you’ll have to learn the hard way. I activate my trap: Call of the Haunted.” Toby flipped over one of his set cards, revealing it to be the trap card in question. He used its effect to special summon Felgrand Dragon from the graveyard, ”When this big guy hits the field, I choose a monster in my graveyard and he gains 200 attack times the chosen monster’s level. So I’ll choose my Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.” a couple of turns ago, Toby had used the effect of Dragon Ravine to send Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from his deck to the graveyard. This meant that Felgrand Dragon now had 4800 attack points, ”I’ll enter the battle phase and attack your Gladiator Beast Rynos.” the attack went unchallenged and Toby’s opponent lost 2300 life points as a result.

”Main Phase 2,” Toby announced, not quite done with his turn. ”I’ll discard a card from my hand to activate Dragon Ravine, sending Red-Eyes Wyvern from my deck to the graveyard. I’ll end my turn by activating Wyvern’s effect during the end phase. By banishing it from the graveyard, I can special summon a Red-Eyes Monster from the graveyard. In this case, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon!”

And just like that, what would have otherwise been a devastating board wipe was instead turned around into a powerful summon of two high-level dragons. Of course, Toby only learned this play because the last time he attempted it, he missed the timing like an idiot and it cost him the duel. In fact, he remembered spotting the exact stuck up girl he had lost to in the crowd of tournament participants. That stuffy rich girl had a way of getting under his skin, and Toby was hoping for a chance to knock her off her high horse today. Between practicing the timing of his combos, and the modifications Toby made to his deck, he was sure he could win this time.
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Aile watched her opponent contemplating his next move. She had him cornered, but after drawing his last card, from his expression, it was clear that he drew something that could get him out of the situation. Though at any rate, the man probably shouldn't trade his duel monster cards for poker.

Her opponent was clearly not the sort of person that the Duelist Society was searching for.

As a junior member of the Society, Aile was not yet privy to a lot of their ongoing, such as whether that 'freak lighting storm' that had people freaking out and was cited as the reason for this tournament was actually connected to the supernatural side or not. She was, however, aware that the true reason for this tournament was to look for new recruits. Aile herself had been assigned to participate in the tournament to look out for people with potential that the organizers had missed.

Her opponent finally decided what he would do...which was to set a single card face down in defence position.

'...Yes. Clearly not the one the Duelist Society was looking for,' Aile thought.

With his opponent ending his turn only by placing a monster in a defence position, Aile was reasonably certain that the monster he had set down was a flip effect monster. That or he drew a hand trap and just set a monster to help stall. Regardless, it was probably better to avoid attacking the monster and activating the flip effect just in case.

Seeing the cards in her hand, and on the field she had just the solution.

"First, I summon Noble Knight Iyvanne into the field."

She placed the red-haired Noble Knight beside her Noble Knight that was already on the field, Noble Knight Artorigus, before picking another card from her hand, placing it in the spell/trap card zone beside Noble Arms-Gallatin, which was equipped to Artorigus.

"Next, I activate Noble Arms-Arfeudutyr, equipping it to Iyvanne. Iyvanne's effect activate, summoning a single token into the field."

She took the blank cards provided to represent the token, placing it next to Iyvanne. She then immediately picking it back up, along with Iyvanne, before placing them in the graveyard.

"Using these two as material, I summon the link monster Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights. Isolde's first effect activates, allowing me to add a warrior card from my deck to my hand."

It did not really matter, what Aile was aiming for was its second effect. Nevertheless, she added the card Noble Knight Medraut to her hand.

She continued, "Using Isolde's second effect, I'm discarding 4 equip spell cards from my deck to graveyard to summon the level four Noble Knight Custennin. I am then using Astorigus and Custennin as material to XYZ summon Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights."

She noticed her opponent's face souring, the more she continued her play. If Aile had to guess, he was probably complaining in his head how long it took for Aile to finish. Judging from his simple beat-down deck, he was one of those players who still romanticized the old days of Duel Monsters where special summons did not lead to more special summons.

It was not as if Aile did not understand the sentiment, only recently returning to the game herself, but it was what it was.

"Activating King Artorigus' effect, I am now equipping three equip cards from the graveyard to him."

This was part of the reason why she needed Isolde first instead of just XYZ summoning Artorigus directly. Well, she only needed one specific equip card in the graveyard instead of four, she supposed. But she did want that card just in case. She didn't want to leave the slightest thing to chance, after all.

She then placed three equip cards from the graveyard back to the field, and among them was the card Noble Arms-Clarent.

"Activating Clarent's effect. By paying 500 life points, the monster equipped with it will be able to attack your life point directly this turn. Now, as for the battle phase, King Artorigus attacks your life point directly."

With the equip cards on it, King Artorigus had just enough attack to annihilate the last of her opponents' life points, giving her the win.

"Good gam—"

As she reached out for a handshake, her opponent scoffed, "Tch. This is why modern duel monsters suck. What was that? Summons after the summons, and then just completely hitting my life point directly for 3500 damage?"

"I somewhat understand the sentiment but such is the current—"

"And you! Look at you, you're probably just some rich girl who used daddy's money to buy all the rare cards!"

"..You are not exactly wrong, but such is the nature of a trading card game—"

"Bah! Excuses, excuses!"

Aile sighed at the unreasonable man. She simply ignored him and stood up, leaving the table. The man made further commotion as she ignored him until eventually, one of the staff, with the nametag 'Wheeler' escorted him outside.

She then noticed the man with the staff with the nametag 'Burke' approaching her.

"You all right?" her current guardian in Domino City asked her.

"Hmm...? Oh, that troglodyte earlier? I don't pay people like him any mind, so don't worry, Bill."

William Burke sighed, "Troglo—? Come on, yeah, he was kinda asking for it, but seriously, you should work on that sharp tongue of yours."

Aile shrugged, "What was wrong in calling a man with such behaviour a troglodyte? A person considered to be reclusive, reactionary, out of date, or brutish. Fitting perfectly, no?"

William sighed again, "Never mind. Anyway, I assume you don't think he has the potential?"

"Obviously not. What about on your side? Anyone catch your eyes yet?" Aile replied.

William nodded, "Yeah. Valentine notes a girl using metalfoes. Goes by Claire Turner. Oh, and I also saw that kid you beat in that last tournament, you know the one with the dragon deck? Kid's pretty good too."

"Tobias Westen?" She sighed, "He's here, is he?"

Tobias Westen was a boy a year below her in Domino High School. She had known him by reputation. And she had met—and beat him—in a previous tournament that she entered to familiarize herself with modern rules since she stopped playing Duel Monster after her father became distant.

The boy took his defeat rather personally, though on Aile's part, she...really did not care about it. No, Duel Monster was not why she found the boy so irksome. It was the fact that in school, she had added so much to her headache. He has a bit—well a lot—of a rebellious streak. The teacher had tried all they could to discipline him, including taking him off the baseball team despite being their star player. Sadly, it only exacerbated the problem. The teachers were at their wits' end, and they did not want to do anything to push the issue too much because that would be liable to cause problems. Naturally as was the case with all things the faculties cannot be bothered with, it fell to the teachers' general gofer, to the student council. Meaning her, as the student council president.

She had tried talking to him, of course, only to be dismissed by the boy as he ran off—unfortunately, her stamina was nowhere as good as a baseball star player, former member or not. And he still keeps causing issues, which led to the teachers complaining to her, which increases her headache.

...Aile wondered if beating him up in Duel Monster would be considered a form of stress relief.

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Henry Palmer

The last 48 hours of Henry Palmer’s was, to put it frankly, a series of twists and turns that left him confused, terrified and left him with bouts of headaches. That shameless homewrecker whose name is Beatrice barged into his house, destroyed the door and announced that he is due for a family reunion he never asked. He then expected his day to be annoying but he was willing to give them a chance.

But no, they decided that it wouldn't be a straight affair.

They needed to take on a few ‘side quests’, using her words some smelting in order to make him worthy of blood. If you ask him, it only turned his apathy to cold restrained hate. He wasn’t sure if it was the purpose.

Furthermore, he has no choice but to bend his knee because he doesn’t want to suffer the same fate as the door on his house. He still values his life.

Regardless he needs to focus he has a duel to finish, in front of him is a large man who had been matching him every turn, unfortunately for him Henry’s deck grow stronger as his graveyard get larger and he found his opening sooner than him.

“I banish Grapha and Fabled Dyf in my graveyard to special summon Chaos Creator to the field.” he announced as he started the final turn of the game.

“I activate–”

“Solemn Judgment, your handtrap is negated.” he announced as he foiled the enemy’s final gambit. He wished he had more copies of this card but the ridiculous rarity stopped him, regardless that was the game.

“With that out of the way, I special summon Grapha with Chaos Creator’s effect. Head to battle phase and attack for game.”

“Good game.” his opponent announced as he offered a handshake, he accepted it as a show of sportsmanship. After that he took his cards off the table and returned to his waiting seat.

“That was too close.” his ‘guardian” Beatrice announced as he took a seat beside him. She ‘lost’ her match earlier but was allowed to stay for ‘moral support’.

“But your sidequest only states that I need to play in this ‘surprise’ tournament, not win it.” he spat back as he took a sip of coffee from his thermos.

“True.” she muttered between her giggles. "But I do hope that you’re giving it your all, holding back will defeat the purpose of this sidequest.” she muttered in a more menacing tone as her face creeped closer.

“Don’t worry, I don’t see any reason to do that. I’m actually quite interested with the card packs that’s going to be the prize.” he reassured her before he shoved her back to her seat.

Still taking a tournament seriously was the point of the sidequest? The more I learn about my family, the more confused I feel.

Can’t they really just go and leave him alone, he wasn’t really interested with the people who abandoned him when he was an infant.

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Lucy Mallory

Lucy hid her mouth behind her hand, silently laughing at her opening hand. A dice jar, a samurai, a roulette spider, a second coin toss, a fairy box, and an ordeal of the traveler. A wonderful start.

Her opponent was a young man that, judging by his uniform, had come here straight from the local high school. He eyed Lucy carefully, before pulling his own draw. If she remembered right, the boy played Blue Eyes, in some vain attempt to imitate Seto Kaiba ... But, judging by that blossoming expression of his, Lucy could only assume that he'd found himself holding a brick, as those cards often did.

Her grin only widened behind her hand, and when it was removed to instead hover over her cards, she did not even make the slightest attempt to banish it from her face. The boy, of course, noticed that, and glared. How fun!

Though Lucy had never bothered to actually remember her opponents name, she had actually dueled him a few times in the past. Twice, to be specific. Both at the same little card shop. In other words, he was fully aware of the kind of deck she played, and since he had very clearly bricked his hand, both of them knew there was nothing he could do to stop her before she started.

Especially since Lucy had won the coin toss, like always.

Practically radiating a smug aura, Lucy declared her choices. "I'll set one card face down, in defense position~..." The boy made a face at that, already piecing together exactly which card it was. "And, I'll set two cards in my backline!" Her tone was light, almost playful, and it only served to make her opponent's face grow more pinched.

Her grin remained strong. "I pass~."

The boy, on the other hand, looked on the verge of swearing... It took him some moments, moments that only made Lucy's grin grow wider, but he did, eventually, make a move.

"I... set one card, and... pass..." He said through gritted teeth. As she'd thought, the boy had bricked. He crossed his arms. She laughed unkindly.

Coming upon her turn, she drew, and found herself with a Cup of Ace. Unneeded, but it would be an amusing thing to use, especially if she lost the coin flip. Ah, she could already imagine hope coming to the boy's eyes, if she were to land two tails...

Lucy would save it for later, in case the duel dragged on and she became bored.

Still grinning like a cheshire cat, Lucy made her move. "I place Sasuke Samurai #4 in attack position, and declare an attack on your face down monster~! And, since it's Sasuke Samurai attacking..." But, before she could finish, her opponent cut her off. "We've done this before- just call the coin already!" Ah, the boy was certainly frusterated, wasn't he?

How fun!

Her grin morphed into something else, a placating smile that some might call mocking. "Of course, of course, how could I forget... ah, what was your name again?" The boy bristled, but said nothing. Expected.

"No matter, heads!"

The coin was flipped, the monster was destroyed, and with a grimace, the boy deducted the damage from his life points.

One more turn, then. Before the true gamble.

She passed, and the boy went once more. Ah- he'd drawn something good, it seemed.

"I set one monster, and activate Lightning Storm, destroying your backrow!" Or maybe he hadn't.

Lucy, accordingly, removed both placed cards from her backrow to the graveyard, and seeing her opponent pass once again, drew once again. She didn't even bother to read what she'd drawn, though. This little game was about to end.

"Heads, again." She called. Utilizing the Samurai once more. Of course, she called it right, and of course, the monster was destroyed. Her opponent seemed resigned, to anyone who looked. She couldn't blame him. After all, he knew what was coming.

Entering the second main phase... Dice Jar was flipped up.

Two dice met the table. One a five, one a six.

That was the end of it.

"A fun distraction." Lucy said, standing from the table. "I hope to see you again."

Her opponent grumbled as he stood, walking off to presumably go see how his friends were fairing in their matches.

Though Lucy might not have a friend here, she figured it would be for the best to follow suit and check out how other matches were going, if only to kill time.

She doubted many other matches would finish so fast, after all.
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Luna Abbott

"SHIT!" That was all the girl could say as her opponent summoned her first monster... The freakin' girl used Sky Strikers!?

"Sorry about that, that's why Magical Mallet is my favorite Spell card, hehe." Luna said as she picked up her cards.

"I really need to ditch the Bamboo Sword cards in my deck, anyway. I bricked once you had Egyptian God Slime out. Good game."

"I could tell. Yeah, good game."

The two shook hands and stood up, collecting their decks. As she did, Luna wasn't quite sure why she was here. She wanted the packs, yeah, but why was her first instinct to go to a game store when she got to Old Domino City? Familiarity? Was there such a thing for someone in a new town, or worse yet in her position? She sighed and went off to an empty table as near a corner as she could get and began shuffling her deck. Having totally forgotten her standard playing card deck and having to really ration her money, she decided to substitute her Duel Monsters deck for it.

Shuffle twice, draw six cards... So she did. She placed the cards in a pentacle with a sixth card in the center, all face-down. She spun the outside cards once, clockwise, and then began divining her fortune from the top right point.

The first card she flipped was Cyber Jar. Renewal, a new chance that's neither good nor bad, but a strong possibility of taking things too far... Nothing new there. Taking things too far was Luna's MO.

Her second card, opposite Cyber Jar on the top left point, was Loris, Lady of Lament. Another card of new beginnings, though much more of a "second" chance than Cyber Jar. It made sense given that this was her second attempt, but it also meant there were pitfalls ahead. She'd have to be careful.

Her third card, the bottom right point, was Scapeghost. Pretty obvious answer, she was either blaming someone unfairly or would be blamed for something unfairly, but whoever it was that was blamed would come back stronger. She would have to check the next card to get more context.

Fourth, the bottom left point of the star, was Swords of Concealing Light. She'd be in a slump for a long while, and her enemies would take advantage. She could only hope that those enemies weren't her family.

The final card of the star was Metal Reflect Slime, one of her go-to cards. Also fairly obvious, she would be on the defensive but likely to be victorious in the end. Finally, she flipped the center card...

Upstart Goblin. An excellent representation of her current situation. Starting from nothing, giving her enemies something nice but gaining something in return. Leaving her horrible aunt and uncle would have made them happy, she was sure, so learning that she'd at least thrive from it was nice.

A perfect reading. Even the positioning was great! Victory through renewal, a dip in prosperity, unfair decisions leading to trouble, and a new start for everyone. She was content with that, but she wished it had been better for her. So she decided to check a card, not for the reading, but to just see what fate had in store in the moment.

Luna placed her hand on the rest of her deck, and closed her eyes. She slowly pulled the top card off the pile... And opened her eyes.

Juragedo... She'd be helping someone soon, in a big way, it seemed.

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One by one, as the tournament progressed, the referees, when given confirmation, discreetly issued special invitations to those participants they saw had the potential they were looking for...

They couldn't exactly go flashing the viewers around, or customers would confuse it for new merchandise and start asking questions, but the owner managed to confirm what they could all sense. He gave nods when they looked to him, and allowed the match to go on as normal.

All the Duelist Society needed to do now, was wait and hope their prospects could follow simple instructions:

1. Open Once You Are Alone, No Sooner

2. Tell No One You've Received This Invitation

3. Come to Old Domino City Cemetery at Midnight Tomorrow Night, For An "Invite Only" Secret Event

4. Further Instructions At Cemetery Gate

5. Come Alone

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