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Phi Mu Lambda: Friendly Wizarding Fraternity

Chapter One: Party Time

Getting kegs into a pocket dimension was complicated, to say the least. Most of the students were too young to be able to legally buy them to begin with, but wheeling them around campus was a bit obvious as well. And a person wheeling a keg disappearing into what appeared to be grotty old water fountain was definitely a bit suspicious.

It was, however, effectively essential for the pride of Phi Mu Lanbda. Nobody wanted the first party of the year to be dry!

Thankfully, Harper Thane was exactly the girl for the job. A missing driver's license for a balding middle aged man called 'Martin McQueen' might have looked a bit suspicious in the hands of a 20 year old sorority girl, but not only could Harper make herself like like a balding middle aged man, but she could make herself sound like a jaded on-the-road salesman. In short, unless the store owner decided to invade her personal space, there was no way of knowing she was anything other than what she claimed to be.

Yes, wheeling the crates across campus might have drawn some attention, but when they appeared to be crates of single ply hand-towels for paper hand-towel dispensers, nobody batted an eyelid, or followed them down behind the old science labs to see them apparently vanish into thin air.

Her job done, Harper let all illusions drop, adopting her much more pleasing, natural appearance, before disappearing up to the dorm rooms to freshen up, taking a quick shower before deciding what to wear. Swimwear underneath, she decided, because someone was going to fire up that hot tub and she didn't want to have to come back up here and get changed. She just hoped that Derek hadn't left it dialed up and left it sitting there like an unexploded landmine, set to take some unsuspecting freshman to some weird place in the past or future. That was a bit of a buzz kill. Always check the dial.

Jeans, wand shoved into the back pocket, because she didn't need to hide it amongst Phi Mu Lanbda, but she also didn't trust the others not to cast something at her by accident (or as a joke). And a black tee. That would do...

... meanwhile, a few doors away, Steve Hammersmith was, reluctantly, removing his wand from the neck of his bass. It looked pretty feeble on its own, but he didn't want anyone touching his bass at the party (if he knew one thing about wizards, it was that they were good at breaking things... he definitely was). So no bass, but he'd probably still need to pull a prank at some point this evening and it was important to have the tools to do it.

He opened his door, sauntering down the golden brick corridor and to the stairs leading down to the common room where Harper had left the kegs sitting out, ready for someone to tap them. He paused for a moment by the stairwell to tack up a poster of his band's next gig - never hurt to do a bit of advertising - before continuing on his way...
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There was no mistaking that Abasi was already setup in the common room. It was plainly evident from the cloud of smoke that was emerging from the other side of the couch. There was also the fact that Funkadelic's One Nation Under a Groove was playing, albeit at a fairly sedate volume over the sound system.

Here's a chance to dance our way
Out of our constrictions
Gonna be freakin'
Up and down
Hang-up alley way
With the groove our only guide
We shall all be moved
Ready or not here we come
Gettin' down on

So there was no need to see Abasi to know he was there, even before the tell tale gurgling noise rolled through the hall and he peaked his head up over the couch. Abasi gave a little waive to Harper, sounding as he usually did, half-asleep when he spoke. "Need a hand with any of that?" Noticing Steve by the stairs he listed to Steve's side of the couch. "Hey Steve."
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