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Myriad Reality does not make use of the character tab; all data below is comprised of random snippets of the past. Please submit your first character sheet with the formatting of your choosing to the OOC, where it will be reviewed. After being initiated, approval is no longer required. Questions are always encouraged!
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I will set up a template for character sheets at a later notice when I have the time. Just let me know if you are going to post a sheet.
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Who and what is Spirit? Spirit is a Torc Madra--a fancy name for a werewolf. Over a million years old, he leads the Torc races in the Shadowrealm of Hecate with wisdom and experience. He is one of the oldest in the group, although by reincarnations there are a few that are much older. His greatest friends are David Dynamo III, Sven Waternaux, Spirit Blitz (by memories found to be unreal), and Toxic Diamond.

What are Spirit's powers? Spirit has very versatile powers, gleaned by a long lifetime of training. His strongest power is control of light and shadow--he was named the Guardian of Light under the Tier System (although it is unknown whether this still applies). With shadow he creates tendrils that decay the life of whatever they touch. Light is by far more powerful: besides using the light from within a person's heart to freeze them, he can create tough constructs of a magical kind of light that can have very finely detailed proportions, including great sharpness.

Besides that, Spirit can take the form of light itself (besides his wolf and human forms) and travel at the speed of light. In this state he can only move, but not interact, but it is very good for making quick attacks if he switches between forms after moving.

To a lesser extent, he holds power over the traditional elements: fire, water, air, and earth, along with electricity. However, he is not a match for someone whose power revolves around those. But because of these powers, he is very versatile. Lesser power does not make him less formidable, and one must be careful.

Does Spirit have any other skills? Spirit is very formidable when it comes to "vanilla" fighting--that is, fighting not concerning his powers. He owns a sapient sword, Vie--the result of his mastering light--which can change its properties based on his powers, and he is a master sword-fighter. He has very quick reflexes, and as he is yet to say: "I am a wolf. I am vicious."

(Bio and personality coming soon--don't want to set a track record)
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Ruby Jean Nightwatcher

Pony form:
(However, she is an alicorn as tall as Celestia, and her hair flows.)

Who and what is Ruby Jean? Ruby Jean is 19 years old and the latest in the line of Ladies of Order. The Ladies of Order were mares with the power of order, and for aeons they have brought order in (an) Equestria. They have been reincarnating for a long time, and Ruby is the latest--and by far the most powerful--of them all. She has both a human form and a pony form, both nearly identical to Rovnováha, the first and second most powerful Lady of Order. Nova currently resides in Ruby's mind, which is the controlling mind--the mind of the current reincarnation. (All previous reincarnations reside in a shared mind that is the combination of all of their minds.)

What are Ruby's powers? Ruby, as by her title, has the power to enforce order. She can do this in two ways: Absolute (Natural) Order and Relative Order. Absolute Order is that order which is the basis of the state of something. Absolute order, for example, can manifest as stopping wind, or movement. Relative Order is just as it is said. This is what was most commonly used by previous incarnations. Relative order may manifest as, for example, a tornado dispersing into wind travelling in one direction, or a person returning to a state of rest, or the temperature of an object returning to one of the temperatures it is found naturally in.

However, because of Ruby's (nearly) unique state as the sibling of a Lord of Chaos (see: Soren Nightwatcher), she possesses the power of Harmonic Order, and so can take Relative Order to a much more powerful extent: She can define what is relative order. This is what makes her power usable in a fight--and dangerous.

Besides this, there is a powerful ambient field of order directly around her, so in tune with her that it is part of her. This field of order makes her invulnerable to many types of physical attacks, including attacks of force (any of which are redirected back to that which applied the force), temperature, and most energy. However, electricity has an effect at higher voltages, and she is not shielded from attacks to the inside, like, for example, poison. Although she can negate the effects of poison, a poison quick enough can still harm her.

And then is her most dangerous power of all: the power of persuasion. Looking into someone's eyes, she can manipulate their very mind to do whatever she wishes them to do. However, the person must not have strong mental wards. In addition, she is extremely reluctant to use her power, and will only use it if it is absolutely necessary. To this date, she has only used it twice.

(Personality and Bio coming soon)
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Character profiles:

Main Characters:
Shinji Akamura
Mierno Oran

(Will edit this muuuuch more later)
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Hymn of Predestination

The third daughter of a wealthy spice-mining family in a backwater system on the Scutum-Centaurus arm in a Source dimension similar to our own, 14.9 billion years after the Big Bang, Hymn of Predestination always thought she was destined for great things. During her early life, she had every advantage a girl could want: elocution lessons, a substantial dowry and access to all the institutions and resources of the Endless Hierophany. With her family falling on hard times due to the crashing price of spice when she was eleven years old, it was decided unanimously that she would be the daughter to make Pilgrimage and spare her house the expense of one more mouth to richly clothe and pay tithe for. As is tradition in the among Hierophantic nobles, on the day she became a woman she traded all of her biology, save her brain of course, for sanctified machinery and advanced cyber technology. The next day, she set off on her Holy mission, to observe Creation with unclouded eyes and record her wisdom for the next generation.

Two decades have passed, since she left her home, and her eyes have opened in ways she could never have imagined. By the ineffable machinations of fate, she found more wisdom than she could have asked for. She learned of realities beyond hers, universes more numerous than grains of sand. She learned to feel connections between things, and had her eyes opened as she learned the true consequences of this knowledge. Her pilgrimage has never ceased, and she still wanders in search of knowledge, and of the most sacred prize of all, the one whose very utterance is taboo.

Her powers are, on the surface, uncomplicated. She is a born wanderer: to her, there is no sight that hasn't looked better looking back, no time or place that she'd stay in place to see. She's stayed with groups, in certain places, for years at a time, but the Path always calls her back one way or another, despite her wanderlust slowly dimming over the years.

As such, her only ability is the ability to create portals between points in space. These portals are only visible by the slight shimmer they give off, and transport anything which passes through them instantly. The portals are always paired, and are always two dimensional, though they can be bent in three dimensions. Anything that passes through the 'A' side of one portal comes out the 'A' side of another, as is true for the 'B' side. The portals can be any two dimensional shape: Hymn knows for a fact they must be homeomorphic to each other, but suspects they don't have to be identical despite her inability of producing unidentical pairs. The two can be moved independently of each other, and travel at speeds that decrease the further they are from Hymn. To the best of Hymn's knowledge, there is no limit on the maximum or minimum size of the portals, nor the number that can be conjured, nor the distance they can be from each other or from Hymn herself, but she currently must create them where she either can see or where she has a strong Philotic connection. The larger the portal the slower it can be moved, and increasing the number of portals has the same effect. Portals can be opened or closed at will.

Besides her portals, Hymn has only her natural talents on which to rely. She is clever, and a quick thinker, but by no means a great scholar or scientist. Her mechanical body gives her excellent reflexes, strength and durability compared to a normal human, but she has seen far too much of Creation to believe herself in any way gifted in those departments. She's never had a talent for the martial virtues her siblings boasted, no ability in fencing or marksmanship, and she only has the loosest grasp on matters military. She was trained as a politician until her family mantled her a Pilgrim, and so she has received education in all the skills a good and holy wife and leader would need, though she has realized just how wasted those skills are, far beyond the borders of the Hierophany.
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Name: Gemstone
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon
Age: 12 months
History: Gemstone was a baby dragon who loved gems and rocks. She once gathered a stone that alowed her to travel through dimensions. She has done so ever since.
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Name: Vinashy Reveetni

Age: 7200 moons (600 years (Looks about 20-30ish))

Species: Vampire


Equipment: A large, heavy scythe made of black magic, plate armor

Weaknesses: Photosensitivity, bravery in others

Phobias: Light, holy or blessed items, like crosses

Skills: Ancient weapons (i.e. swords, bows axes, scythes, ect.) hand to hand combat, modern weapons

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Considering bringing in Zekron as a wildcard character.
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