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Current kill the alt right
2 yrs ago
To fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Angel was a pedophile and Spike is an attempted rapist.
2 yrs ago
There has never been, in the history of animated media, a single good anime.
2 yrs ago
Life was a mistake.
2 yrs ago
Roleplaying is a mistake.


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but what about my freeze peach? ur not censoring me are you, that's super evil

worse than gassing people for being jewish /s
>tfw people make fun of me implying I have a girlfriend when I do not


you're gf is Belarus

<Snipped quote by Didgeridont>

This, to the highest degree in the latter. Regardless if you care or not @Ace of Hearts, you are far from convincing anyone here to take you or your argument seriously. It still is in poor taste and perhaps a direct violation of the site.

>being a nazi is wrong and bad
>"well she said it like a bitch, so lets ignore her"
>implying i give a shit
>on either counts

<Snipped quote by Ace of Hearts>

Sorry, sorry everyone I REALLY did not want to stick my dick in the middle of this, but uh..... bro. Brooooooo. Bro. I didn't even have to clip the quote, you literally just asked the question "Does fighting people who think you have a right to your own opinion make me a nazi?"

The answer is yes. Yes it do.

Okay, recommence your regularly-scheduled edgefest. I just had to get that off my chest.

I can't believe MDK is such a worthless cunt he equates the protective rights of nazis (victimizers) with the protective rights of marginalized groups that would/historically have suffered under their regime (victims)
@memes you are a sock account, and Ive got a damn good idea who you really are

<Snipped quote by Ace of Hearts>

I swear to god Ace, one more like this and I'm reporting you.

please don't tell my modther I've been swearing on the Internet
damn, edgy nazi defender internet jokester said I was triggered

i bet your mom is proud, when your dad isn't beating her that is
Being against the alt-right is autistic

i bet you get your politics from south park
aaaawwww fuck here comes the cool badass looking to pick a fight with everyone
<Snipped quote by Ace of Hearts>

aren't you the guy who whines about anime and buffy the vampire slayer on the status bar

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