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4 mos ago
Current @Rain Well there's Almost Human, Dollhouse, Max Headroom (if you're looking for an oldie). Of course there are tons of anime out there. GitS, Ergo Proxy and Serial Experiments Lain to name a few
4 mos ago
Feeling real shitty today. Will get responses up tomorrow.
4 mos ago
I haven't done the Hokey Pokey in years... I guess as you get older you just start to forget what it's all about.
4 mos ago
Bump Girl is an ecchi anthropomorphisation of the concept of "bumping a thread"
4 mos ago
I don't know about gaining nothing. I gained Bump Girl today, and my life certainly feels richer for it.


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Time to Bump this Thread

On a side note, I just accidently stumbled across Bump Girl, and I love it.
Lance Scalewood
Had some spots open up, so I'm bumping this.
Manlier Dragon
Burning Boner
Mentioned some internet trouble, but we're back in full form again. Yay!
"What are you?"
A cross between an anthropomorphic ping pong ball and a sex face
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