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Current Going to sleep now. Will reply to people tomorrow morning. G'night all.
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1 yr ago
So should we gather for virgin sacrifice and devil worshiping tonight?
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1 yr ago
So should we gather for paint thinner and meth tonight?
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1 yr ago
We must seize the memes of production, comrades.
1 yr ago
Your son calls me "Mommy" too.


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Not as long as you and your characters are of legal age.

Thanks for dropping by. Below is a little list of 1x1 pairings that I'm interested in. I will be playing a submissive female role. Roles are colour coded by gender, Blue for male and Pink for female. This list is not exhaustive and I will be adding to it every now and then over time, so make sure you check back every now and then. I'm also open to suggested pairing, though can't promise anything. Anyway, have a read through this list and send me a PM should anything catch your interest.

Pet X Owner
Slave x Master
Father x Daughter
Mother x Son
Brother xSister
Student x Classmate
Student x Teacher
Teacher x Student
Demon x Breeding Slave
Werewolf x Mate
Centaur x Mate
Drowned in a vat of bawl-sweat energy drink

@Jurassic Weeb
Suffocated by FUPA
Took a shlong that was way too big.

No such thing, Weeb. No such thing.

@Luna_Maria Choked to death on baitfish.
Devoured by rabid hamsters
A freak flower arranging accident.
Granted, but the only colour your hair chooses is Opaque Couche. If you're having trouble visualising that colour, just picture month old mop bucket water.

I wish I had an instinctive, fluent understand of every spoken and written language in existence.
@Otaku95 Weak joke.

What's the difference between Chickpea and Garbanzo Bean?

You wouldn't pay $100 to have a Garbanzo Bean on your face.
What is 6.9?

Something fun ruined by a period.
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