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Meadow followed the route Waze suggested and, still, she was late because of all the traffic jam. Then she had to circle the block three times until she found a spot to park her '03 black Chevrolet Malibu. After that, she turned off the radio, which until then was playing Curtis Mayfield.

“...dreams fly high Charity Beach!”

Whatever, she thought as she stared at the balloons slowly filling the sky. A few feet away from her a large group of teenagers also began to party. She pulled the phone from the GPS support, turned the radio on again, and looked in the phone for her contractor's number.

"Hi Martha, how you doin’?" She pressed the phone with her shoulder and laid on the passenger seat, fumbling the glove compartment for her purse. "Sorry about not answering before, I was in traffic--"

"--No, everything is okay. But hey, did you got the key to your brother's house?" At that moment someone tripped over the hood of her car. It was a young man, who apparently threw himself, stumbled and ran scared. “Watch your step! Moron!" She yelled angrily.

"--Hi again... some stoned kid fumbled over my car--" Meadow turned her attention back to the phone, returning to her seat. "--Yeah. That's why I prefer whiskey." Martha didn't seem to get the joke.

"What in hell?" Meadow let the phone slid from her shoulder when she saw one of the girls from that group running, frightened, holding her heels in one hand and the cell phone in the other.

“You will not believe the shit happe--FUCK!" Meadow screamed and tried to jump to the passenger seat when a half-human half-abomination came out from nowhere and hit the driver's door. The creature kept pushing the car until it flipped over.

"May? May? Are you there? "The voice was enough to bring Meadow from the moon back to Earth.

"Jesus." Meadow groaned in pain, seeing that she was now upside down and her right leg stuck in the driving wheel. "I'll call you later, Martha." she did her best to spin back and forth, while not cutting herself in the broken glass.

"What is goin--?"

Meadow just ignored Martha and tried to hang up the call but the phone's display was beyond repair. She threw it in her pocket and tried to crawl out of the car.

The monster was about fifty yards away, destroying whatever was around. The creature's skin was tumorous and was all twisted, witch small version of t-rex arms and a hump and muscles that went from his shoulders to his neck. And by the looks of the chaos around, this "attack" was happening all around the festival.

"Hey!" Meadow shouted at the creature as she fumbled for her pistol in her purse. “I’M TALKING TO YOU! YOU UGLY SON OF BITCH!” Meadow she struggled with her aiming and then pulled the trigger once, a second, and a third time.

But nothing.

Two of the shots grazed the creature and the one that hit did nothing but make it angrier. And boy, the thing was fast. So fast that Meadow got little to no time to dodge as it charged toward her, passing close and only stoping when it met her updside down car.
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1 hour to the Festival.

Mister Kittle' sharp mew woke Meadow.

“What?” she yawned, “Can’t you see I’m sleeping?”

She rolled to the other side of the bed but the spotted Sphynx cat did nothing but meow again. “Jesus, okay!” she gave up and sat on the bed. A quick glance on the alarm clock showed she overslept — again.

“Two in the afternoon?” She yawned again and put her hand to her stomach, trying to stop the imminent rumble. “Let’s get something for us to eat.” Meadow’s studio apartment looked like it was hit by a hurricane. Her dining table full of documents and annotations of her current case, in one of the corners the armchair was covered by the clothes she had selected to use that week and the sink full of I-will-wash-tomorrow dishes.

She got up and jumped into the jeans she pulled under the pile of clothes. In her fridge, she found two pieces of pork steak, and she tossed one of the steaks to Mister Kittle and got a huge bite of the other.

Meadow was in Charity Beach for three days and already in doubt if moving was the correct thing she could have done. She hasn’t touched the case since she arrived and it would not be now, with the festival at bay that she would care. After all, she was new to the city, looking at what the city had to offer was in her plans.

"Stay safe, okee?" Meadow said to her cat while grabbing her car keys.
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Thompson Lumber Mill Inc.

Julia was starting to have second thoughts about the grand party: the music was good and the beer cold - enough to make Julia interact with people. So far she was strolling around, she even saw her ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend. Having to to listen them complain about not being allowed into the VIP area was fun. Damn, and she missed that. Would be a sight to see that fucker being kicked out with his bitch. She was going to need another beer.

She was about to head to the drinks when she saw Lee and Samson there. Finally people she could call friends - even that she knew Samson only by name would be great knowing him more (It was a matter of not screwing it). "Hi Guys, waddup! I mean--hi... you Samson, right? Nice to meet you, I'm Julia." You had one job, Julia. He probably don't know you and you screwed by saying says 'waddup'. Now he is going to think you're weird..
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