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Current Don't take it to back 2015, take it straight to hell you son of a bitch.
5 days ago
I used to think that misanthropy was a result of projected self hatred... then I worked customer service.
7 days ago
I'm considering trying my hand at an RP done entirely through Discord.
21 days ago
I got two titty games off the Steam sale. This is what my hard work is going towards. Tiddie games.
24 days ago
It's dangalang time.


okay i'm going to remodel this, but for now, just look at my roleplays and shit

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WIP, give me a thousand years to gather all the Roleplays I've been in.

Discord - Surtr#0367

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My 1x1 thread... I don't really do 1x1's tho.

Where you can see excellence in action.

Just a place where I post my older characters so they aren't all bunched up with the new ones.

One of my main contributions to the RPG other than my amazing writing ability.

Where you can subjugate other people to your shitty taste in music!

The greatest hangout thread of all time.

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@Altered Tundra Even if you screw people over... if you're not enjoying the RP, or finding it difficult to engage with other people... then why are you in the RP?
Oh boy, this looks like a fun RP to jo-

>Bland characters.

>Ridiculous amount of rules.

>Passwords in character sheet.

>Stupid sections in character sheet.

>Interesting concepts brought up in OP either going unexplored, or being poorly explored.

Yeah, no.
<Snipped quote by Surtr>

I'm afraid that is highly illegal

Suck my dick
<Snipped quote by Surtr>


Suck my dick
@Grim enjoy your slice of life roleplays
@Raddum Sounds like they're just trying to show how smart owo they are
<Snipped quote by Grim>

Yeah, they're bland as hell, but not any more than a spy RP where you don't explore what it means to be a spy.

Almost as bland as Grim's characters.
Not naming any names, but I sometimes encounter people incorporating homophobic slurs into roleplay, either as something a character says, or simply in narration. And it immediately puts me off the roleplay. Even if they correct the usage once I point it out, I'm always left with that niggling doubt in the back of my mind. "Am I roleplaying with a homophobe." I don't like the idea of that, but i also hate the idea of dropping a roleplay due to personal differences. I don't know. I'm a confused mess about this and needed to vent, and maybe get some advice.

Opinions 👏 of 👏 the 👏 character 👏 do 👏 not 👏 reflect 👏 the 👏 writer.
Really interested.
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