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Current You may live to witness my triumph. Live -- to witness the darkness transcendant... and your ultimate, undying doom.
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In the meantime... uhhhh, have a Darkseid quote:
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hrrrrrrrrrng, I have too many RP ideas, and I'm already in too many.
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What will you do when your friends, your enemies, your lover, are all Darkseid? When there is one body. One mind. One will. One life that is Darkseid. Will you be the enemy of all existence, then?
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Now that RWBY season 5 is airing; now is the season for shitty RWBY RPs.


"The ends can never justify the means because the ends are shaped by the means."

Heeeey, welcome to my profile. I'm Allen (gone by Lonestar4 in other regrettable places), and I'm someone who puts way too much thought into this Roleplaying thing. I'm generally on for most of the day since, God, I have nothing better to do than jerk off on the internet. I'm a pretty cool dude most of the time (though I'll warn you I'm pretty easy to annoy). I'm twenty-one years old, and can handle mature topics without breaking down, and just sees the world for what it is. Just a word of advice; don't take my jokes to heart. It'll go better for everyone. Anyone is free to talk to me provided I haven't already pissed you off (or the other way around), ways to contact me are down below.

My timezone is American-Eastern (UTC-05:00).

■ Music:
Kid Cudi, Kanye West, The Silversun Pickups, Miike Snow, St. Vincent, Breton, Delphic, Gorillaz, Apathy, Massive Attack, Woodkid, MF Doom, Neon Indian, Rob Dougan, ZHU, Audioslave, and Jakubi (Even though they released like four songs, I still love them). And my favorite videogame soundtracks are Metal Gear Rising, Anarchy Reigns/Mad World, Timesplitters, Castlevania (One of the best soundtracks ever), and Transistor. I'm always looking for new music, so if you got a recommendation, I'll listen to it. I tend to get inspired through music - in fact, a lot of my characters are based off specific songs.

■ Videogames:
Overwatch, The Armored Core series, the Castlevania series, the Metal Gear series, Huniepop, Anarchy Reigns (the most fun I ever had playing an online game), Skullgirls, Supreme Commander, Garry's Mod, Transistor, Marvel vs. Capcom, Psychonauts, Life is Strange, Rayman Legends, Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, Street Fighter (Third Strike has a special place in my heart), The Kingdom Hearts series, the original Spyro The Dragon Trilogy, and Lakeview Cabin Collection.

■ Anime/Manga:
Monogatari, Oshiete! Galko-chan, Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, Dragon Ball, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Trigun, Berserk, Digimon, Spirited Away, Little Witch Academia, and Redline.

I see myself as an Advance writer (even though that term is so damn subjective it's impossible to come up with a concrete meaning for it). Instead of worrying about length, I try to write whatever comes to mind and leave it at that. Which can mean three paragraphs or a hundred, I don't fuckin' know. I say my greatest strength is my ability to write interesting, and multi-layered characters, that are relatable and whatnot without resorting to cringy writing traps. I should also give everyone some forewarning; I really like writing as multiple characters. Something about writing as different characters, being in different places, and having different views and philosophies is one of the things that makes Roleplaying fun for me.

Though, I tend to GM more than I'm a player. Mostly because there are very few Roleplays that catch my interest (and it's even more challenging to keep it). I find it far more reliable to just run an RP of my own than wait for an RP that interests me. I really like Superpower Roles (not superhero roleplays) in grounded settings, which is one of the things I'm known for writing. Though, I do like modern/grounded/slice of life settings if done correctly. That isn't to say I limit myself to those types of Roleplays. I like Scifi, Horror, and I'll sometimes do a Fantasy RP (they really aren't my forte).

I'm open for any RP invitation (Group or 1x1 - I prefer group RPs). I won't accept them all, however. I rely on collaborative posts to make magic. Also, I should warn you I'm a pretty critical person/writer. If there is something odd about a character sheet or post, I'll be the first one to point it out. Don't take it personally, but I'm very anal retentive.

@Spoopy Scary - His claim to fame is his (incredibly gay) woman hair.
@JunkMail/@UrbanEvolution - I have many reasons to kill myself, and he is twenty-five of them.
@He Who Walks Behind - Once sexually assaulted a starfish. (Shit haunts my dreams to this day, yo)
@Maxx - Next in line to become the legendary King Scrublord.
@DragonBud - Created homosexuality in a desperate bid to destroy humanity.

@Zombiedude101 - Harambe stunt double.
@Defacto - It's a miracle he survived this long.
@Estylwen - Got high off twelve pounds of peyote and stabbed me.
@FernStone - Was probably killed by a Predator Drone. She survived. God damn it.
@Nosuchthing - Gives free blowjobs behind the Palace of Westminster


@Savo - Cancer in its purest form. Ever since I met him, my life has known no peace. This piece of shit deserves whatever he gets.
@Ogobrogo - Can stuff twelve dildos in his butt before it gives out. Horse sized dildos.
@Zoldyck - Has a name so stupid it's one letter away from being a dick joke. (Seriously, what's up with that?)
@sakurasan - Titty Specialist. Please come back, I miss you.
@Pyromania99 - Get this lesbian fetishizing shit the fuck out of here jesus fucking christ.
@Nightmare Bunny - Puts drywall in my cocaine (that motherfucker)


@Altered Tundra - The one and only Fuckboy Double Deluxe. Scientists hope to weaponize his autism.
@Gowi - Dick-flavor tester.
[@Buddha] - Guardian of the three foot tall pile of cocaine.
@Kidd - Has reached a level of scrubiness that other scrubs can only hope to achieve.
@Lord Wraith - How's it feel to be at the bottom of MY friend's list?

| GM |
@Mr Allen J

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| Genre |
Superpower, Urban, Realistic/Grounded, Character-Driven, Semi-Sandbox.

| Characters |
| Wendy Lucker |
| Meifeng Zhao |
| Noelle Delacroix |
| Johnny Valos |
| Francis Jean-Pierre |
| Daniel Maverick Forsythe |

| GM |
@Mr Allen J@Savo

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Anime, Fighting Games, Character-Driven-Action

| Characters |
| Jaden Raldo |
| Justin Haggar |
| Seven-Seven |
| Sage Pimm |
| Brooklyn Vanburen |
| Brenda Andrade |

WIP, give me a thousand years to gather all the Roleplays I've been in.

Discord - Surtr#0367

Battlenet - Surtr#11421

My 1x1 thread... I don't really do 1x1's tho.

Where you can see excellence in action.

Just a place where I post my older characters so they aren't all bunched up with the new ones.

One of my main contributions to the RPG other than my amazing writing ability.

Where you can subjugate other people to your shitty taste in music!

The greatest hangout thread of all time.

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Thompson Lumber Mill Inc - Side... roof?

Oooooooooh, busted.

Jordan immediately whipped her head around to see a doll of a girl sticking her head out one of the windows. She thinks that she seen the girl somewhere in Grand Ridge before, but didn't recognize her. Still, Jordan knew that if she was in the "Vip lounge" she must be one of the "cool cats," and that means she probably wouldn't appreciate the two trying to sneak in. First thing Jordan realized was that, she probably had no idea that Kimberly was up there.

"Oh, no," Jordan answered, putting on the perfect poker face. "Some asshole threw my purse on the roof as a joke, and I'm just trying to grab it, that's all." Worse case; she can just run off, provided that Kimberly doesn't do anything to fuck it up.

Kimberly overheard the conversation and stopped in her tracks; she knew someone was bound to see them (Or well, Kimberly creeping on the roof). She put the knife away, and slowly crept back towards the ladder - stopping so she could hear the conversation better. Jordan was bullshitting the girl, perfect! But, the problem was that Kimberly was trapped up here... unless she can get in through the roof, but even then, that was looking to be unlikely.

Kimberly, out of curiosity, peeked over the edge for a moment... only to see a girl she couldn't recognize.

Thompson Lumber Mill Inc.

"Uh, Lee?"

Lee Wu heard a deep voice come from behind him, he turned around to see the well-built frame of Samson standing tall and proud with his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket. He had on black jeans, and a white polo shirt. This wasn't the kind of place that Samson would attend, but he got invited here by a close friend of his, so he had to come. Of course, he couldn't resist inviting a friend of his, and that friend was Lee. Though, he looked a little... weird, so Samson had to say something.

"Are you okay, man?" Samson said, "You look a little, uh, y'know?"

Japan.In the part that's Japan.

Right when Jill came at Daichi with her hands up, the Onis were ready to pounce on her, and rip her to pieces.

However, Emperor Daichi put a hand up as a signal for the rampaging Onis to stop. He had the power to crush her - and everyone here - himself, but yet he heard her out. At least to humor her. Or maybe out of some misplaced sense of honor. He stroked his beard as Jill spoke, pondering what she said.

"Beautiful Blaze of the Justice Rider Clan," Daichi said clearly, his voice deep and reverberating through the area. "Under Oni-law, I ought to wipe out all of humanity. Because in the eyes of my people, there is no individualism. There is no "few," there is merely all or nothing."

A bit of flames came out of his mouth as he stepped closer to Jill, his chains began to rattle with every step. At this point, he was imposingly standing over Jill. However, he didn't make one hostile move. He merely leaned in closer to Jill.

"If my Onis even thought about violating the treaty," He growled, "I'd kill them where they stood, but unlike you humans, we are all disciplined, and respect each other. Especially the emperor of the clan!"

He pulled back, standing up straight, "... You need to control your kind better, human."

Daichi's Onis were holding back as Daichi spoke, even though they all wanted revenge against humanity, they respected their leader as Daichi said. They held back, their weapons on the ground.

"Nonetheless... I am willing to consider your offer," Daichi said, "Beautiful Blaze of the Justice Rider Clan, if you- MY EYES!"

The orb of a white light flashed and burned Daichi's eyes, stunning the demon. He had no choice but to cover his eyes with his hand as he growled flames. The rest of the Onis were similarly stunned, and Daichi could only feel anger. He knew exactly where the blast came from, she took away his sight, but Daichi knows how to see on a different level.

"And this is what the humans call diplomacy!?" Daichi shouted at Jill as he began to cover. "You insult me!"
<Snipped quote by Surtr>
I agree with the central point here, but I tend to disagree that there is not a wrong way to do it.

long as it leads to a fun and enjoyable experience


you've activated my trap card motherfucker
LIMITS ⫻ Phasing through objects is incredibly difficult for Nate because there is a resistance. Almost like passing through water, he can't move that fast while phasing. He's limited to a heavily inconvenienced march while phasing. He can only phase for five minutes straight before needing a rest. He also cannot phase through high concentrations of energy, such as power lines, and flames, and anything of the sort.

WEAKNESSES ⫻ Phasing reduces his ability to see by a great margin, his vision will be very dark and blurry. He'll no longer be able to see color, and his distance will be greatly reduced. Which makes it incredibly difficult for him to maneuver.
Now, this shouldn't be an issue (if you aren't a total moron, that is), but; different people have different methods of doing things. Whether it's gming, or rping itself, long as it leads to a fun and enjoyable experience, there is no "wrong" way to do it.
@Zombiedude101 He's good; I'm at work so I'll give him limits and stufd later.

@Puffhead No.
As always I'm late into my CS, got it in my head and in the works just need to put it into action.

It's about damn time.

Anyways, I'd like to announce that Zombiedude is the designated Co-Gm.

Who's like two weeks late!

Thompson Lumber Mill Inc - VIP Entrance.

Claire felt a little bad for the lad that got rejected by Hagan. She turned her lips downwards as Everett seemed to desperately play off things - course anyone like Claire can see through that ruse like it was nothing, but she felt a little bad for him. Maybe she'd give him a private danc-

Oh boy, not this.

Just as the meathead count began to skyrocket, someone approached them. One that sent a shudder down Claire's spine; Chris Pope. Known for his legendary levels of asshattery, he wasted no time in making Claire throttle his little faggy neck. She grimaced at him as he walked up, and made a special announcement just for her. At first, she was embarrassed, but she was surrounded by meatheads that thought one plus one equals eleven. She had nothing to worry about from them. That grimace turned into a sneer as she looked down and shook her head, muttering to herself,

"Ahhh, Chris," She looked up at the arty boy, before finishing, "You just don't know when to quit, do you?"

She was going to give him a good reason to quit if he didn't cut it out here and now. She was tempted to say something, but she just remained quiet. Besides, Hagan did all the talking for her.

"Yeah, but wanna know who wasn't invited?" Hagan said as he quickly made his disdain of Chris very, very, clear. "The fags." He spat out.

He smiled as he took a step back, his heavy boots leaving marks on the ground. "So, I don't know who told your skinny ass you could come over here talking down to us like you do your ascot salemans."

He crossed his arms, "But, you better get that attitude the fuck out of here, before I show you how we do things out here, fag."

What Hagan said lacked... well, any common sense, but she was glad to see Hagan getting Christopher off her case. Even indirectly. She grinned. But, she really wanted nothing to do with these kids. She didn't want to hang out here and talk to Hagan. She didn't want to talk to his boyfriend Clayton either, or Chris' dusty ass. All she had to do was slip inside, and party with some real people.

Maybe she can get rid of them both somehow...

Thompson Lumber Mill Inc - Side... roof?

"... Girl, stop."

"Jordan, I got this!"

"Get down from there."

"No, no, I swear I saw a hatch up here!"

The two girls went back and forth for seemingly ages. As Jordan Nichols, the voice of reason, stood at the foot of a ladder, arguing with her friend Kimberly Walton, whom had climbed on top of the lumber mill. This was the "natural" progression of events from getting rejected by Hagan for "not being cool enough," to deciding to sneak into the VIP lounge. Problem was that every other entrance was locked tight... except for a hatch.

"Everyone can see you," Jordan pleaded. "If Hagan comes over here..."

"He wouldn't hit a girl..." Kimberly cockily trailed off, before the question popped up in her mind. "... Would he?"

"No," Jordan answered. "But, I bet he'll find someone who will."

Kimberly wasn't going to let that stop her, she had some great shots. Even from up here! She just needed to get in there, and let Jordan in... somehow. She could get in there by herself, but she knew better than to just leave her best friend alone! Kimberly was better than that, especially with all these people here-

A really chilly breeze came by, and blew Kimberly's clothes around.

"... Aaaaaand I just saw up ya' skirt." Jordan called from down below, and Kimberly's face went red with embarrassment.

"Sorry!" Kimberly said.

"Just keep it quiet," Jordan said. "And do what you gotta do."

"Yeah, yeah," Kimberly said as she crawled on the rooftops, and finally reached that hatch! It was also locked, but the lock was long rusted due to years of sitting out here, and was crumbling in her hands. She pulled out a pocket knife and jammed it in, trying to break apart the lock...

"... Someone's coming," Jordan warned.

"Distract them!" Kimberly said.
<Snipped quote by Surtr>

Goddamnit, I'm trying to resist making a third character, not be tempted into it by the GM.

... Do it.

It's a really cool Abstraction.
If only we had a raging narcissist (that also wanted me to choose their power), I have the perfect power for them.
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