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*crawls out of the abyss* We need more sandwiches down there
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the movie isn't on theaters around here ;.;

Also somehow this might fit in the bright part of the summer camp somewhere
Midoriya and Nensu are too cute at this point.

So Momo is checking Hiems' back.
Nensu's words soothed Midoriya good. A great sigh crawled out of his mouth as always, whenever people around him managed to let him know that the burden wasn't something he had to take to the grave alone. It had become a habit of his at this point- and a bad one too. The boy leaned closer to Nensu, feeling her move closer to him. She let him know of his little problem, and how to relieve it. Just the thing he needed in cases like this. But he still didn't want to scrap the plans he made last night. It was too precious to let go of so easily.
"Thanks. Like always."
He said, nodding. Midoriya took a deep breath.
"One at a time, one at a time."
He told himself.

At the point where Momo showed evident disappointment, Hiems knew more resistance was futile. He walked up to right in front of her and turned around. From what he remembered, He managed not to get hit on the back- instead he crashed into a lot of places. Multiple times.
"Alright, take a look."
Finally, found something near love song.

I was definitely not too lazy to find actual love songs
All we need is a video ad of that shampoo commercial running while Momo checks Hiems' back. >:]
Midoriya placed a hand on the supporting grip Nensu stretched out as he tripped, showing appreciation for her help. He dusted his knees as he checked if he hurt himself anywhere. Then he turned back to Nensu.
"Oh, it... it's nothing. Really. Just thinking about plans for today."
Was he thinking too much? He was concerned of improvising everything, and had even considered making a whole new notebook for it. Seeing how it turned out now, maybe it was a bit too much concern for a happy little walk around downtown. The boy scratched his head, embarrassed of his own mistake. 'Let's keep things simple next time.' He told himself.

Hiems reached for his back and shrugged. It was just a minor pain, there is no need for-
The touch was definitely not a wise decision. With a signal of sharp pain running up his spine, Hiems flinched with a short groan. He awkwardly looked up at Momo. It was just a minor remainder of what he went through, counting how many rolls of bandages he had to put around himself that night.
" need for more inspection."
He managed to finish his sentence.
Sadly Hiems doesn't have a television, but I'll figure another way >:]

Matching shirts in terms of couple shirts :]
The mall? That was out of his plans, but it sounded good enough. He didn’t expect his plan to be perfect anyways. He made a mental note of the change in detail as he nodded to Nensu. Maybe they can shop some clothes, have a good time together. As Midoriya thought of all the things they could do, his gaze hardly left Nensu. His half unconscious steps were still guiding him to the park correctly, but his mind was all too concentrated on imagining the wonderful date he could have. The only thing that broke him out of his happy thoughts was a random pebble on the ground, tripping the green haired boy. Midoriya stumbled, but managed to regain his balance and get back to his feet.
“S...sorry, I must’ve wandered off into my thoughts again.”
He apologized.

Hiems , after gesturing Momo to sit on the chair(stationed in front of the desk in the corner of his room), sat himself on the bed and took a sip from the can. His lazy gaze turned back to Momo. After a few seconds of silence, he spoke again.
He said.
“It’s always good to be prepared for unexpected events.”
Imagine if Hiems had a tv at his room, he leaves it on as she pays a visit and the ad with her in randomly appears.

Are Midoriya and Nensu gonna get some MaTcHiNg ShIrTs?!
Clenching his free hand into a fist, Midoriya held himself from melting down at the spot. 'She complimented me back!' His insides squealed. Trying to calm down his beating heart, the boy walked alongside Nensu. Going back through his plan for today inside his head, Midoriya gave himself a reminder not to be so shy. Again. Nensu was fairly stylish in her clothes-though he did not dare question the boots- and it was hard not to stare at her.
"So. Do you want to walk around the park a bit? The weather's nice enough for a walk."
He suggested.

"A pain in the back's always the problem."
Hiems said, turning to his small fridge and not even bothering to notice the blush. It was all too obvious for his brain to point that part out. They liked each other, and blushing was not much of a problem. From the fridge, he pulled out two cans of drink. He reminded himself to prepare a bit more for a guest-he couldn't pull out cans and packs all the time.
"So, how was your job experience?"
He asked as he handed her a can.
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