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In Myriad Reality 23 May 2017 17:00 Forum: Casual Roleplay
...I was being sarcastic...
@The Kid Lantern
I'm down for it
Things are going to be livened up alright.
In Myriad Reality 23 May 2017 15:41 Forum: Casual Roleplay
What, you mean the woman who killed trillions upon trillions of people, destroyed a dimension, caused a war that stretches across the omniverse, killed Prism' s girlfriend, and went on an insane slaughter spree might've made a mistake?
*he thinks about it for a moment*
Nah, I dont think that could be it.
Dante couldn't help but let out a quick chuckle at the smaller girl's shyness. It was quite adorable, that she seemed to be So polite about everything. Then when the other girl, she now knew her name was Eir, actually curtsied Dante blushed a bit and rubbed the back of her neck. She spoke tenitavely, somewhat embarrassed by the level of formality.
"Th-there's no need to apologize, and please don't call me 'miss' it's a bit to formal for my tastes, you can just call me Dante. Would it be alright if I called you Eir, or do you prefer Miss Eir.. or um... Miss Hayashi?"
Dante began to ramble for a bit, she really had never been taught anything about formality, so she really didn't know what to do in this situation.
Just as Dante felt as if she were going to die of embarrassment from not knowing squat about ettiqute, a boy who was a bit smaller than her came up and started going off about her not apologizing correctly. Her friendly demeanor waivered a bit. She did not appreciate being talked down to or yelled at, but maybe she had made a mistake. Eir, who Dante hadn't realized moved behind her, spoke up in her defence. It made Dante smile. she reminds me of some of the kids at the orphanage. Dante was suddenly filled with the desire to get to know this girl. Dante turned back to the boy, who had introduced himself as Iccho Matsuo, and have a terse smile, that seemed to barely be forced into place. Her voice still gave off a friendly tone when she spoke though.
"I agree with my friend here, it isn't very nice to chase after someone like that, and I also believe that I did apologize to you a minute ago. If that apology wasn't good enough, I don't really know how to make it up to you...But i can tell you one thing"
Her voice drops an octave, and her eyes drill into the boy, iccho's. She was a little angry for being approached like this, and there was no way She was apologizing again after that.
"I won't be apologizing again."

I guess you can't start to early on making enemies either.
In Myriad Reality 23 May 2017 14:55 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Oh, definitely. Not at All part of the plan.
It's a trap!
In Myriad Reality 23 May 2017 13:49 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Im, fine. Alright, see you then
That.... Is entirely true.
In Myriad Reality 23 May 2017 13:45 Forum: Casual Roleplay
My condolences. I hope you can get the help you need.
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