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12 a day is a ton. Do you plan to work 5 days a week?

5-6 days a week, but the overtime is worth it.
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I have yet to actually play any dnd, so I have no clue what 5e means, sounds good otherwise.

Also cool.

5e is fifth edition D&D. It just means we will be using the most recent version of the game.
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Doing counting, moving, or something else?

Yes yes and I will be receiving in orders that we get off the truck and then depending on whether we put them in stock or we send it back out I have to do the appropriate paperwork.

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How likely are you to be online in the foreseeable future?

<Snipped quote by Araby264>

Also go further into detail on the home-brew because obviously if we did actually do an MR DnD it would be a good campaign first and foremost so the plot would involve leveling everyone to the same playing field.

Well I'm just starting the job and the hours are great (usually twelve hours a day, but I get over time after 40 hours) so I'll be trying to be on at least twice a week hopefully more.
Also most of the homebrew would be in the world and with a few of the monsters. And like I said the campaign wouldn't relate to what goes on in MR. I am not nearly a good enough DM to facilitate a MR dungeons and dragons campaign.
<Snipped quote by Araby264>

Office job?

No, I'm going to be on the warehouse floor.
I got a laceration under each of my arms after landing on the knife edge of a scuttle, I was outside without hearing pro. When they fired the 15" gun, and I received a concussion going down some stairs during a hurricane.

And my job will entail me to keep lists about what is being unloaded and loaded into the warehouse as well as loading, unloading and organizing the merchandise. So I'm basicly a stock boy, but for millions of dollars worth of material.
Warehouse Assistant
The D&D would be a 5e homebrew campaign with no direct ties to Myriad Reality, i say no direct ties because you could of course make a D&D version of your character. ( but they must be lvl.1)

MRC is for MRC Global, a distribution company for energy plants, paper mills, pretty much anything that requires pipes, fittings, flanges, and actuators up and down the Mississippi.

And yes you did tell me Dark, and no I didn't listen. But hey, I paid for that mistake with nerve damage in my right arm, a deaf left ear, and brain damage that makes it difficult to do anything without a larger to remind me why I am in the car and since when I was hold the baby etc. But that's what I'm in contact with the VA for.
It's like 30 minutes
Thank you!
I'm glad as well.
So, I have a proposition. I'm not sure if you guys like it but I have a D&D campaign you guys might like.
Also I start at MRC on Monday!
So they didn't find out about those planets I blew up.
And still waiting on the VA who are, yes, notorious for being pains in the kiester. (Not sure how to spell that)
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