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Stabby lmao

Jessie's thing, though, with her powers she would be typed as Volatile/Distortionist/Mentalist (ooooo....first triple type)


Edit: Scratch that...I forgot I placed teleportation in the Agile category instead of Distortionist
We'll be starting soon... I'm working on the first post now! ^_^

Both are approved!

Also...Joules would be a Red Level Volatile... because she could electrocute people
So she can erase memories?
Overcharge is good to go! ^_^
Made a is in the 0th post!

You have been assimilated.
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Well, here's how it would be:

The numbered classes (1-5...six would no longer be necessary) would classify the actual abilities.

The descriptive classes that I have listed would describe the Variant themself. These are used as a codeword to get a quick read on a Variant's capabilities with as few words as possible.

With what you have, @Ceta de Cloyes, you're only classifying abilities. If I were to just tell you there was a 'Red level Variant with enhancements' that you needed to deal with, you would have no idea what to prepare for. However, if I instead told you that there was a 'Red level Brute', you would be expecting someone with super strength and not someone who can blow you up. That's the point of the types.

The types basically describe how a Variant would be perceived upon someone first meeting them and seeing their powers in action. Some Variants might fit into multiple categories by default...for example, Nightwolf could possibility be a Brute, Agile, Amplifier, and/or Metamorphic, but only the Metamorphic descriptor would be necessary because it describes how his abilities are mainly used. The rest are basically side effects.

Edit: Like this...

Sabrecat -- Metamorphic
Allomancer -- Architect
Scavenger -- Metamorphic
Roach -- Amplifier
Sway -- Mentalist
Dynamo -- Metamorphic/Architect
Gizmo -- Metamorphic
Tank -- Brute
Don -- Amplifier/Natural
Aria -- Amplifier
Titan -- Amplifier
Identia -- Architect
Shadowbroker -- Distortionist
Nightwolf -- Metamorphic
Jayson -- Mentalist

These describe the overall view without trying to nitpick their powers apart and describe each one. Make sense?
Ok guys,

So, I changed the "Class/Level" tag in the CS to "Variant Type/Danger Level".

Also, the abilities will be listed under their respective classes. So please, modify your CS's accordingly. You can look at Manny's CS for an example. If any of you is unsure if something just let me know! ^_^
I'm still waiting on a few players to finish CS's...I'm shooting for next week sometime since I'm busy this weekend.
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