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I'm wondering if Theo's job just consumes too much of his non-family free time.
It's Theo.
Full Name: Trajan Ferrus Bartold
Date of Birth: 1775
Nation Affiliation: Merenia
Position: Politics
Bio: Trajan Ferrus Bartold, usually Mr. Bartold Jr. to his compatriots due to his rather Roman-esque name given to him by his Rome-obsessed father, is the son of Albert Heath Bartold, who is himself the son of such and such Bartold, going back a number of years in what has become a political dynasty of sorts. A graduate of Pennington University in law, Trajan was raised practically from birth with an eye towards politics, continually enticed by his father to attempt to rally the neighborhood boys while also undergoing significant studies in the arenas of past politicians, Kings, Queens, parliamentary procedures and abuses, and his own father's thoughts on politics, as well as other areas such as mathematics.

The man himself is rather quiet when on his own, preferring books over antics, but upon taking the podium, a very different man emerges, one with a skill of oratory honed by decades of tutelage and a passion for that nation that seems unmatched at times.

Not long after he exited university, Trajan began to make his way in politics, attempting to connect directly with voters in his borough and soon earning his own seat in Parliament, ready to attempt to make some change in course that might affect the future of Merenia as a whole in the face of Constantine.
<Snipped quote by Ascendant>

It's not 4v4 it's 8ish v NPC theo.

There might be too few players to effectively man both sides at this point. 4v4 at most, and some will probably drop.
Option 2 sounds a bit more interesting, so there is still a certain level of camaraderie as opposed to all-out throat cutting.
They're both quite interesting, assuming your job doesn't steal you away again, Theo. :P
This is an interesting idea, I’m disappointed it hasn’t gotten more attention.
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