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He's alive, just prone to disappearances.
Distance of Alpha Centauri from Sol: 4.367 light years.
Light years in kilometers (km) : 9.461 * 10^12.
That's 9,461,000,000,000 km if you convert from scientific notation to regular numbers.
One of your Bio-FTL jumps 1,000,000 km at a time.
Your hyperdread has 162 Bio-FTLs, so it can jump 162,000,000 km at a time.
Divide 9,461,000,000,000 by 162,000,000.
The result is 58,401.234, rounded up to 58,402 jumps since you can't have partial jumps.
It takes your hyperdread 58,402 jumps just to travel from Sol to Alpha Centauri.

Personally I recommend you play a normal human faction, but if you must try this infestation thing, you should probably drop all your numbers. All of them, pretty much. That or do a lot of research to make them sensible.

The Sathrican Scar is an infestation. The Sathrican Scar seeks to consume all in its path to create a network of interconnected minds. The Sathrican believe it is the only way to achieve eternal peace in the universe. The Sathrican have been nicknamed The Scar, because of its wound-like nature. It spreads, infects and hurts the universe as it grows larger and larger. The Sathrican are full of people from other races, civilizations and factions. The Sathrican Scar is ruthless and unforgiving, but may create allies and trade routes with other races. They do not need resources, but may harvest them for diplomatic responses and trades. The Sathrican do not care much for others and may start wars with neutral civilizations after collecting a little intelligence from them.

An infestation that seeks to consume all in its path and is ruthless and unforgiving will make allies and trade routes? The Scar doesn't need resources, yet it will trade for them? Do they not eat? So the Scar doesn't care much for others, yet will trade with them, but despite potentially trading, they may start wars with neutral civs after collecting just a bit of intelligence on them?

There is basically zero possibility of the Scar working with anyone or anyone working with the Scar. I really do recommend you just play some time of human faction since this seems to be your first time around the block. Jumping straight to harder concepts is likely a bad idea. This is a skill much as anything else is. I'm not trying to put you down, I'm really trying to help you get to play with them.
This is fairly normal. I believe he still travels fairly often for work and often just disappears at times. I think he'll probably turn up soon.
According to Theo at the moment:

"Create Creature: (11 Power / 8 Power): This power effects the creation of a lesser creature in the world. This includes non-sapient creatures such as dragons, elementals and other monsters that may inhabit the land. They may be assigned a Size (Small, Medium, Large or Colossal) that will dictate how common or rare they are. These are creatures that will not form cultures or cities."

Sirens aren't non sapient, nor is Hum assigning them a Size that dictates how common or rare they are. It is Hum directly that decides how many Sirens to appoint. A Siren could be unappointed at will to return to being a normal dead soul. Part of a Siren's job does involve returning temporarily to collect souls, but they do not interact with the Natural World in any way. A dragon can burn and destroy cities. Sirens are basically just dead people given the job of collecting other dead people, neither of which are supposed to be able to interact with their old world.

A God of Life could resurrect a Siren, and I don't really see any other way for a God to mess with one, nor do I see why a God of Life would bother to do so since Sirens are not necessarily Champions or anyone particularly important or powerful.
I planned for there to be Sirens for each race as appropriate to come collect their respective race, and because they're just souls that live in Sanctuary and are chosen to go collect other souls and return immediately so Hum doesn't have to be in multiple places at once and so Hum can still do his job of collecting souls from the Natural World despite being incentivized to remain almost pernanently in Sanctuary. They're not specifically a race or creature, more a job Hum gives out that has no real impact on the Natural World where things really matter. Hum can twist the lands of Sanctuary at will without expending Power, it makes sense he can just delegate soul collecting to some group of souls already in Sanctuary. But I am interested in theo's opinion.

And other Gods have zero power over Sirens as far as I can tell. They're souls in Sanctuary, Hum is lord of Sanctuary which is an entire Realm on its own. Other Gods can't Create Order, Command Race, Advance Race on Sirens and Sirens aren't a civilization on their own for instance.

If we wanted to be super technical it could be said that by Hum doing his job and "leaving" Sanctuary to collect souls, he isn't "remaining" to accrue the extra 3 Power. But that seems to me to not make sense, so Sirens are a simple solution.
@Theodorable I'm going to wait to see if you think making the Sirens should actually cost any real Power.

HUM, Handler of Souls, God of Life and Death

The shadowy God HUM was temporarily called to the Natural World from Sanctuary by the death of a human male. This was an increasingly common annoyance, one that was jeopardizing HUM's accrual of Power as he felt as if there was a strict time limit before being in the Natural World caused more trouble for HUM. It was just as HUM was beginning to marshall the human towards Sanctuary that he once more felt that pinge in the back of his mind that a soul needed to be taken, causing him to mutter, "Damn Humans. One of these days they'll be thousands of them dying at once, how the hell am I supposed to be in a thousand places at once?" As the human and HUM crossed over into Sanctuary, an idea occurred to the God.

HUM lifted his arm and called forth one of the first human females to enter Sanctuary, Ahlil. Although she had died of starvation in her late thirties, the woman now appeared to be a perfectly healthy twenty-one year old. Upon seeing HUM, she immediately dropped to her knees in irreverence, an intelligent thing to do in a Realm ruled strictly by a single Deity.

The God pressed his dark palm upon her forehead, declaring in a voice that resounded throughout Sanctuary, "You are the first of the Sirens, the first of many. You shall feel the pain of those that are deceased and lost in the Natural World and are thus tasked to go collect them. In order to do so, you shall use my power to cross between the Realms to the souls of the dead that wander the Natural World and bring them to Sanctuary."

As his little speech was finished, Ahlil opened her eyes to reveal shadows instead of sclera or irises, and suddenly popped out of Sanctuary to the lost human soul that was wandering the Natural World. A minute later, the pair returned together, HUM nodding in approval, "Good work, my disciple. If you need more Sirens, call for me, and I shall appoint them. Now then, I must attire to my home."

In truth, HUM was just too lazy to personally perform his mission of guiding souls to Sanctuary, though it was true that eventually there would be too many souls wandering the Natural World at one time for him to be able to accrue more power by remaining in Sanctuary.

A moment after approving of the Siren, HUM popped away across Sanctuary towards the center of the Realm. While a sea had appeared there in Sanctuary as the Realm had currently simply mirrored the Natural World, HUM waved his hand, causing an enormous mountain to thrust out of the land and upwards into the sky. The highest peak of any in Sanctuary, HUM named it Skypierce, and upon its summit he set about painstakingly crafting an elaborate home for himself, letting the Siren do her work while HUM passed the years by in Skypierce, pooling his Power and biding his time before he would once more return to the Natural World.

I am legitimately pretty busy over the next two days, I have to get 15 hours of work done in about three days or so, and I don't know if it'll take exactly 15 hours.
I'll try to get around to my turn today or tomorrow, just kind of busy. Hum may just remain in Sanctuary for this turn to build power.
Introducing a race at this point costs a lot, Hum just happened to have just the right amount from skipping one turn and remaining in Sanctuary for that turn, so that seemed interesting.
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