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Siyu Wuzhou

The pair of men looked at the small torrent of hot tea forming followed by its angry woman and young child, and then at each other as the lady advanced. The whips of tea made them nervous enough to step backwards a few times as they considered their options, not having expected a more even fight. The largest man growled at Kyouna, balling his fists repeatedly before the Earthbender leaned into his comrade and whispered something to him that made him roar, "But this fuck'en prick pickpocketed me," before his friend whispered one more sentence.

Slowly came an exhale of hot air from the giant as the pair retreated back further, the big boy declaring as he pointed to the still-motionless man laying atop Kyouna's tables, "That son of a bitch is gonna get what's coming! You don't mess with the Fangs!"

As they took their prompt leave, Siyu groaned as he tried lifting his arms, the world spinning around his vision. Getting sent through a window and part of a wall had poured pain into Siyu's life, but it was slowly beginning to lessen as he mentally forced his body to begin rolling onto its belly on the broken table. Siyu muttered, "I-I'm soww.. sorry about..." as he began pushing against the floor with his arms before losing his strength almost immediately and falling back down. On the ground he chuckled before coughing lightly, observing quietly, "Guy really... kicked my ass..."
Siyu Wuzhou

You want me to spend some of our money on tea?

Yes, you deseeeerve it. That was a job well done! replied the ethereal Avante, smiling as ever upon Siyu's shoulders. His tail tickled at the man's ear, forcing a retaliatory swat.

Hmm... I guess you're right... This time.

There was an increasingly renowned shop not too too far from here that Siyu had overhead people talking about, one which Siyu began walking towards, You know, you are right, Avante. I haven't really done anything nice for myself in months...

The reply slithered into Siyu's ear, Avante's got your back, along with a complimentary tail slap of the back. But the world around Siyu began to grow unusual yet again, darks and lights appearing in places they shouldn't. Colors began to shift more as Siyu started to sweat. Avante's tail pointed to the Kong bag, to which the young man followed orders and smoked what little of the herb he had left, "We have to go to the herbalist after this. Have. To."

The Kong quickly took effect, almost like a calm ocean of water enveloping Siyu. His cares and worries diminished with every delicious breath of air as he could finally relax and simply walk to his destination. The colors of the world mostly returned to their places, but still seemed a bit agitated.

Almost no time seemed to have truly passed to Siyu as he approached Tea & La, threading through the denizens of Si Wong City. Taking up position a few feet in front of it, he peered up at the sign, idly contemplating the world, What am I even doing here? What's the point, really?

"Hey! Dirt bag Sandbender!" a still calm Siyu looked to his left and discovered the man from earlier, tomato red with anger, "You're going to return my money!"

"Ah, shit..." Siyu didn't want a fight, choosing instead to turn about and run. But within three steps, his slowed brain registered another man in green garbs approaching, then lifting his left leg rapidly. The earth shifted suddenly to Siyu's right, Fuck! Too fast!

Siyu began to corkscrew his arms to deflect the blast as much as possible, but he was too slow in recognizing the danger. Nearly the full force of the earth pillar hit Siyu, sending him flying through the window of Tea & La, crashing across one table before his body came to rest on a second one.

Pain reverberated through his body as he mentally screamed, Get up! Get up! The two men entered the shop. Both were grad in green clothing, the first was the burly victim of Siyu who was currently cracking his knuckles while growling, "You ready for a beat down, Sandbender??". The second was a skinny Earthbender friend who was still quite dangerous.
Siyu Wuzhou

Get up.

Get. Up.


A slimy voice roared in Siyu's mind, jolting him awake to promptly bump his head on the bed frame above, "Ow, damn it, Avante," muttered the young man as the occupant in the higher bunk growled back, "My name isn't Avante, ass hole, don't wake me again." Siyu grimaced and quickly slid out from his bunk, packing his things together as quietly as possible.

A peculiar little bushy tail whose colors kept shifting fell down in front of Siyu's face, to which the young man glared upwards at an obnoxious mongoose-shaped vision, Avante, who was sitting with its ass end on the growler's face. The ghostly form smiled as an ethereal voice of a jester appeared from every direction within Siyu's mind, Good morning, sunshiiiiiine.

Siyu ignored his visions, grabbed his pack and personal sandsailer, and quickly left the building, saying only the usual pleasantries on his way out. He didn't like to admit it, but Siyu was currently staying with a small gang of thieves who provided a place to sleep and training on theivery in exchange for a cut of everyone's take. They were an alright bunch, though a bunch Siyu didn't really trust. Anxiety would often find its way into his heart when surrounded by cutthroats as well.

Anxiety that began to rise as Siyu stepped out into the sandy world of Si Wong City. And what a world it was, especially to Siyu. While most people in this part of the city would recognize the trash and squalor, to Siyu there was not just trash and squalor, but also maddeningly twisted beasts floating through the air, people whose faces looked completely blank or turned into pitch black masks with blindingly white grins.

Breath. Breath. Just breath, the urging in Siyu's mind was clear as he clamped his eyes shut, drew in a slow, deep breath, and then exhaled.

Upon opening his eyes, the visions had become somewhat less intense, but it was still overwhelming. As the air around him seemingly began popping with lightning-like flashes visible only to him, Siyu carefully pulled out his wooden pipe and Si Wong Kong bag. The local herb was known to calm the nerves, and that was just what the man needed.

Ah, shit, almost out already... exasperation filled the young man as he took half his remaining herb, stuffing it in the pipe before pulling out his flint and iron. It took a few strikes to produce enough sparks to take hold of the herb, but it was enough as Siyu took a long drag. Within seconds, he began to feel relief as most of the visions fell away, realigning Siyu's reality with those around him.

Better watch out there, little man. Almost empty. Be a shame to see what happens to you without the Kong these days... Avante's ethereal voice once more appeared, pestering him. The mongoose wasn't wrong though. Siyu did not want to run out of Si Wong Kong, and that meant earning money. And earning money in Si Wong Kong as a Sandbender often meant stealing, unfortunately. Siyu adjusted his headwrap, dark brown eyes of both tranquility and terror staring out from beneath it. Into the crowd, he went.

Just before entering a nearby market filled with hustling merchants and consumers, Siyu quickly stepped into a quiet spot and buried his sand sailer before heading in. Inside the market, there was little personal space, but that was perfect for what Siyu had in mind. As the shoppers moved along, the young man peered with eyes that had been taught the basics of to look for pockets, bags, and fabrics that looked like something heavy was in them. He noticed a series of lumps in the pocket of a burly man speaking to a vegetable merchant.

Siyu moved his hands very carefully from the ground towards the man, calling up a stream of sand from the ground that flowed like a tendril. It shot out to the man, slipping into his pocket in an instant, flowing over the coins, then solidifying before being whipped back out of the pocket. Within a second, a ball of coins had transitioned from one pocket to another as Siyu rapidly made his escape.

"Huh? Hey! HEY! I've been robbed!" the man noticed faster than Siyu expected, Shit, got to go.

A hand fell upon his shoulder, Impossible, how could he find me so fast? flashed through Siyu's mind as he looked back at the owner. A tan fist impacted his face.

Lights rushed passed, roars of infinity filled Siyu's ears. The world was torn asunder, upside down, and around. His mother's face drifted into view, then father's. An evil grin. Ever shifting voices of nonsense erupted, The albatross dies as the spirit lies. Echoes of freedom. Nine by seven I fly.

Siyu came to lying in the dust with the man standing above him, "You fuck'en Sandbenders are all the same, lying, stealing, cheatin' little fucks all of you!" The man brought his fists together and down towards Siyu, who whipped his limbs clockwise, summoning a concentrated sandstorm that threw the man off his feet while lifting Siyu to his. Siyu followed this up by turning tail and running away as he kicked up a much less dense but larger sandstorm that enveloped the area.

Slipping away while retrieving his sandsailer, Siyu put as much distance between himself and his victim as possible. Snazzy escape there. You're lucky he wasn't a bender. Once more, Avante's ethereal voice permeated Siyu as the world seemed to shudder for a moment. The mongoose appeared around Siyu's shoulders, So what's the haul?

The young man brought out the coins, counting them by sight, Enough for maybe today and tomorrow. Poor guy... Avante looked at the coins, then at Siyu, smiling an unnaturally toothy grin as he asked, Want some tea?
@Sep This is my submission, and I am in Discord if you have questions.

The Mordukai spent much of the tail end of the monsoon huddled in the low-altitude caverns of Skyrender, until the rains finally began to dissipate. It began once more on that second-most fateful of days, the day when all seemed right with the world once more, but not until late. With the rains apparently finally ended, and the Mordukai pent up and anxious, the Queens decided to begin moving the Hives back towards the lands they first colonized.

A hundred insectoids picked up camp and began the hike back down the foothills of Skyrender, merry that calm times had finally come again. They set down much of their belongings not far from where they once made camp, though this time the Mordukai decided to settle at higher altitude. They began to set about rebuilding home as the day ended, and the rains once more began in the night.

At first it seemed little more than some errant droplets, irritating a few sleeping Mordukai, but slowly, it became a very clear sprinkle. The Queens were made aware of this issue, and watched for hours as the rain slowly increased, until it was clear something must be done. Before the Sun rose, the Mordukai grabbed what they could and began heading back towards Skyrender.

Yet it was too late. As noon approached, the storm became so intense it was difficult to see. Finding themselves on a forested hill surrounded by rain and the sounds of what may have been creeks become rivers, the Mordukai huddled close together, interlocking their limbs, ensuring no one would be lost.

With lightning crashing down repeatedly not far away, thunder deafening them, winds pummeling them, the Mordukai began to shiver and shake, losing hope. In desperation, the first Queen begins muttering to herself quietly, "End this storm," over and over. As the minutes grow into what feel like punishingly long hours, her fervency grows until her closest Soldiers hear her and begin repeating the mantra. Soon, all ninety-nine Mordukai are chanting together, though to describe it better would be more like ninety-nine roaches hissing and humming together in a giant clump in the middle of an ultra-hurricane. The Drone, meanwhile, was some distance away, yelling at the storm and fighting it with four stone blades.

At the peak of the storm, the strangest thing occurred. Shadowy figures began appearing in the rains, popping in and out of existent around and sometimes between the Mordukai. Panic began to sweep through the Mordukai, for this was something that was truly unearthly and impossible to them. Seeing this, the first Queen understood the Mordukai could likely do little to fight this figures, but she could still steel their souls, as she gripped those who held her hands tighter, declaring with her loudest voice, "This storm will break before we!" A second mantra that spread like wildfire, a mantra to hold themselves against the darkness that surrounded and enveloped them.

Ninety-nine insectoids hummed so loudly and in unison together that it is said that day that even the thunder could not drown them out, the vibrations even moving their bodies as shadows danced between them.

But finally, the darkest seemed to have past as the storm moved east. As the first rays of light began to fall upon the huddled Mordukai, they lifted up their heads towards the sky, relieved. The first Queen looked around and told them, "Sisters, let us pray until we are sure the storms have gone!" As none challenged the first Queen, the Mordukai returned to their 'chanting' as the day wore on.

When the night came, there was a new display awaiting the Mordukai through the branches of the trees; a great display of newborn light stretching from horizon to horizon. It was utterly marvelous to the Mordukai. The first Queen looked upon this display and felt in her heart a message, declaring, "This is the reward for our efforts! We have broken the storm!"

Her closest Soldier raised up her fist, "You lead us through the storm, you told us what to do. You are the Stormbreaker, leader of the Mordukai! Do any stand with me?" Rapidly, the entire peoples of the Mordukai, save for the Drone doing who knows what, stood and raised their fists. The great display above, the Mordukai declared to be the Stormbreaker's Crown, as the new stars appeared to be a crown atop the earth, and through weird logic, a crown atop Stormbreaker's head. And so the first Queen was anointed as Stormbreaker, First of Names, Breaker of the Great Storms, Crowned of the Earth.

To ensure their victory, Stormbreaker ordered, the Mordukai would return to their prayer until they were certain the storms were gone. And thus they prayed for three days and three nights until delirium and exhaustion forced them to slumber. It was then that Stormbreaker received a dream that has been recorded through time as,

When they awoke, Stormbreaker declared that there would always be at least one Mordukai praying to ward off the darkness, lest they risk the return of the shadows. She further declared that they would build their homes here, naming the spot 'Adamant'. This was now their home, their holy land, the land where they had stood against the storms and the shadows and won, in their opinion.

This caused some minor issues. Pottery had been refined not long after the storms ended, so storing food, water, and goods was much easier, but Adamant's relative distance from the rivers resulted in some inconvenience. This inconvenience pushed the Mordukai to begin pondering how to move goods around better...

With the air growing colder by the day, the Mordukai begin building their homes of stick, stones, leaves, and mud. They reconstruct their irrigated fields, hunt, gather, and spend more time working on domesticating the Lepus and Ovis. Their objective until they reach what their instincts tell them is winter is to store up as much food as possible and become established, and to those ends they focus.

How do you plan to have all these characters in different factions interact?
2021 Budget Proposal

Written upon a paper presented secretly before the cabinet members is a paper inscribed with the words of Colonel Pepe, "With President Saavedra becoming indisposed, his delegation to me the position of Acting President, or Acting Presidente, as I prefer, comes with great responsibility. Until President Saavedra is once more capable of taking the helm, I shall hold this position until the end of his term, at which point I shall release my position to whomever wins the next election. Thus, I lay out my proposed budget for 2021:

Proposed 2021 Budget
  • Ministry of Security - $2
  • Ministry of Defense - $5
  • Ministry of Transport - $5
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs - $2
  • Ministry of Energy - $5
  • Ministry of Industry - $5

My logic is simple;

I do not believe the Ministry of Security is in dire need of more money, as they shall receive double their budget from the previous year. I have appropriately allocated more funds to Defense in accordance with our increased income because he who wants peace must prepare for war.

The Ministry of Transport receives more funds because we need to develop Melizea's infrastructure and logistics capabilities far beyond what it is currently if we wish for Melizea to compete on the world stage to any extent. The same goes for the Ministries of Energy and Industry. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is receiving double its budget from last year, and I know although it is less, I would not be surprised if we were to close the borders very soon, so foreign relations are likely to become less important.

Thank you for your time, Gentlemen and Ladies, Acting President Pepe"

The skies quickly began to grow dark no doubt all across the lands as the Mordukai witnessed an intensely rapid change from sunny, to increasingly stormy. It turned out that the land they inhabited, what they would eventually discover to be the South of an island, was usually particularly hard hit by the storms, being that they came from the South. The structure of their land, Mountains a few days walk away North, with coasts right next door, created a kind of physical wall into which crashed the Southern Storms like a freight train. Their hot, humid air was sent crashing upwards into the colder altitudes by what the Mordukai would come to call, 'Skyrender's Wall'. And, as hot air becomes colder, rain begins to form. And rain, god damn, it did there in the South during this time.

Within a week, the Queens became concerned and began ordering a harvest of the fields, as the banks of the Sunset and Sunrise began to rise. Within the past three months, a great harvest of vegetables from wild beans to squash had been grown. What couldn't be eaten by the Mordukai was often eaten by the Lepus, which the Mordukai had finally mastered the husbandry of with the help of simple stone age plant fiber ropes, adding more food to the Mordukai supply.

It could have been larger, the Queens lamented, considering the help that irrigating the fields had given to its yield versus having moved the fields somewhere safer. In the end, they decided to test the difference later.

During Week 13, the storms only worsened, until the Queens decided to move towards Skyrender and seek shelter there. All the Mordukai grabbed what they could, tearing up huts at times, and moved north, seeking to avoid the coasts which were reported by one Soldier as, "having over my head waves." Unfortunately, without a good means to store things, a large portion of food was left behind, pushing the Queens to wonder how to store items.

The Mordukai discovered the beginnings of the Skyrender cave systems, taking cover in the lower altitude cave entrances. At higher altitude, conditions were a fair bit less wet, though the Queens worried that the Storms would simply increase further.

Even as the storms worsened, the Drone, whom had once been simply exploring the area, killing and eating game but now found himself huddled in a cave losing his mind, came to the Queens and declared, "Lay with me!"

A horny, bored, eight foot tall, dangerous Drone is not a good Drone. The Queens agreed on one condition: that the Drone go out and kill an Ovis singlehandedly. In truth, the Queens had seen the beasts on the Mordukai's journey up to the slopes of Skyrender, had seen how they were thick, muscular, Soldier-height beasts that would likely trample and brutally murder even a Drone most likely. And so, half hoping the Drone would get itself killed, the Drone set off.

Upon returning home triumphant, he fell to his knees among a crowd of Mordukai within the caves, holding up his Ovis skull helmet to the Three Queens who had assembled in front of him. The First Queen took the skull from his hands and looked it over before placing it upon her own head, finding it fit better. With the horns of the Ovis jutting out from her head, she thanked him, "Thank you Drone, for your gift. We will lay with you." Satisfied, the Drone became less restful, for now.

With the demonstration of this capture technique by the Drone, the Queens decided to take advantage of the situation and began hunting the Ovis with spears and ropes, also deciding to capture a number of the most young Ovis the Mordukai could find. The Mordukai would turn these Ovis into livestock just like the Lepus, the Queens reasoned. The rain and winds may have made things more difficult in one aspect, but they helped cover the Mordukai's movements on the other.

Within weeks, the Mordukai begin adorning themselves with Ovis fur, helping them adapt to the somewhat colder temperatures at higher altitude. Ovis skulls and bones also begin becoming a central focus, with the Soldiers often wearing pieces of a kill to show their worth to their Queen. Slowly, but surely, the Mordukai were beginning to form a culture.

The Storm worsened more and more though, to the point that the Mordukai decided to keep their heads firmly down during these trying times, remaining mostly inside the lower altitude caves of Skyrender. And it was during this time that rumors began to circulate amongst the Mordukai of strange, eerie sounds echoing through the caves. Sounds that would keep Soldiers up at night, standing watch reflexively. The Queens decided a simple stance of doing nothing other than being ready to be attacked by animals was all that was necessary, and so the Mordukai hunkered down and waited.

Finally, the Storm reached full strength during Week 18. And it seemed to refuse to relent. They wait, and waited, for almost a week, and nothing changed. Occasional gathering parties would go out for food, and the Mordukai had some stores, but more was never a bad thing. Finally, they sent Soldiers into the cave system, armed with torches, spears, and knives, soon discovering
a glowing purple mushroom that, after testing with a Worker, was entirely edible.

What they also discovered were the Chit. These creatures were magnificant beings to the Mordukai, fellow insectoids that also worked together as a Hive. It was a match made in heaven. Except for the fact that the Mordukai could not communicate with the creatures. Despite trying to lure Chit in with food, or trap young ones, the beasts proved difficult to gain control of. The Queens looked upon the Chit as natural underlings beneath the Mordukai, if the Mordukai could just figure out a way to tame them.

Satisfied, the Mordukai returned to their abodes, waiting for the Storm to die with the help of their new food supply.

I wanted to understand better just how large our island is, so I compared it to-scale based on the legend's scale to England. We aren't much bigger than Ireland, it seems. Warning, this is a large image:

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