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The Republic of Nijon

(OOC post as asked by Theo with the flag he gave us.)

Statement by King Avandre VII on the Tara-Etelian Defensive Alliance

"It has come to my attention today that the great nations of the Coastal Empire of Tara and the Etelian Empire have decided to form a defensive alliance that seems poised directly against the Kingdom of Illesia and the great nation of the Toubrian Empire. This fact saddens me greatly, as Illesia shares an age-old heritage with the Tarans, though we have clearly drifted apart in recent centuries. It remains my hope that Tara, Illesia, and Toubres will be able to form friendly relations with one another, as I had originally hoped when I heard that the Tarans had practically already signed an alliance with Toubres not long before my proposal to my betrothed, Empress Maia Bastos. However, Illesia and Toubres will now have to stand ready against a Taran-Etelian alliance headed by an Empress who describes Toubres as a 'Menance', whatever that word means. As for this supposed slaughtering of 'innocents', my men assure me they were rebels, Serranthian ones at that, and I stand by the Illesian Military at all times. Thank you, and good day."

Selection of the Illesian Marine Corps Commandant

Recently Promoted Lieutenant General Gareth D'Amos, circa 1905

The Illesian Naval Triumvirate today announced the selection of Major General Gareth D'Amos as the first Commandant of the Illesian Marine Corps upon his return to the Illesian shores with an immediate effective promotion to the rank of Lieutenant General. Lieutenant General D'Amos has long written of, and pushed for within the Illesian Military, the formation of a Marine Corps to project Illesian power to distant shores. With his exemplary tactical and strategic performance in Toubrian Serranthia as head of the first Illesian offensive in a great amount of time and first overseas military action ever, Lieutenant General D'Amos has more than proven his capability to helm the Illesian Marine Corps. It is expected that upon his return, he shall immediately begin forming the command structure of the Corps and all other items necessary to create the Corps.

Illesian Small Arms Production

With the licensing of the Tyrian Austerf MG05 and Simon-Lowell Mark 1904 as the MG1905 and SL1904, Illesian small arms production was finally in a position to begin manufacturing high quality small arms instead of the old, obsolete Tournesol-Kamber rifles, as well as adding the innovative new machine gun to the repetoire of the Illesian Military. As such, the Illesian Military handed down the following request for small arms production:

Illesian Military Arms Requisition Order:

The Illesian Military orders the maximum production of SL1904 rifles and MG1905 machine guns that Tournesol Armureries can manufacture every month in perpetuity until otherwise notified by the Illesian Military, with the following ratio of manufacture; 7 SL1904: 1 MG1905, and that the manufactured amounts of each item be sent to the Illesian Army logistical centers for distribution with monthly reports to the Illesian Army Logistics Command on quantity of delivered items.

This essentially meant that if the Illesian small arms industry could produce $500,000 worth of weaponry and ammunition per month, assuming that rifle ammunition cost $0.40 per round, the Illesian small arms industry would produce this ratio 435 [Math: 500,000 / (314 + 7*119)] times, meaning that that month the industry should deliver 435 MG1605's and 3045 SL1904's to the Illesian Military.

((OOC: I did this math to help you out Theo, so you don't have to extrapolate the math too much.))

More Dreadlords Ordered By Illesian Navy

After further consideration by the Naval Triumvirate, the Illesian Navy has put in a request to the Toubrian shipyards to lay down and construct six more Dreadlord-class battleships for the Illesian Navy as soon as they can for the prior proposed cost of $2,050,000 per ship, for a total additional cost to the Illesian Navy of $12,300,000. This additional order resulted in a signficant amount of drinks bought and backs patted at pubs serving primarily Naval Officers in both Regoth and Marneille as the Big Gun Officers seem to entrench themselves further within Fleet circles. However, there are rumors within the Illesian Navy that as soon as the prototype submarines can be finalized, a large order will be made of them to be constructed in Illesian docks, by Illesians, for Illesians.

The names of the six new Dreadlord-class battleships will be as follows:
1. INV Cassava
2. INV Rosary Pea
3. INV Wolfsbane
4. INV White Baneberry
5. INV Belladonna
6. INV Angel's Trumpet

Los Asesinos Silenciosos Submarine Testing

A small conning tower dipped back below the ocean surface off the coasts of Regoth before a torpedo entered the water a minute later, practically invisible to anyone in the path of it. It screamed through the ocean and impacted a small wooden target sailing boat some distance away, obliterating it in a shower of wooden shards and metal shrapnel. Civilian fishermen not far away were astounded by the sight, having been cordoned off beforehand by a few tiny vessels of the Illesian Navy.

Not long after, the prototype LA-Type 2 submarine resurfaced and docked within the secret Los Asesinos Silenciosos testing facility docks, allowing Captain Akeles to climb out first, followed by his six fellow crewmembers who were eager to stretch their legs on dry land after having been within the cramped prototype sub. The Chief Engineer of Los Asesinos Silenciosos, Fernand Dubois, approached Captain Akeles, whom spoke thusly, "It works well. Firing the torpedo causes the ship to buck a bit though, maybe even enough for the vessel to have shown through the surface of the ocean."

Dubois nodded and wrote something down on a slip of paper, remarking, "We'll probably have to develop a procedure for adjusting the ballast as torpedoes are fired. Maintaining balance is crucial to the operation of the submarine. Fantastic work as always, Captain Akeles. We'll commence another test firing in a few hours once my men determine what to do about this issue."

While Los Asesinos Silenciosos had initially been intended to be an entirely secret operation to veil the Illesian development of effective and offensive submarines, with the Newsita Nationale paper blowing the lid off their cover, the submarine research division of the Illesian Navy had ceased trying to be completely secret about their development and instead now operated quite overtly, though security had been tightened significantly in the test facility in order to keep out pesky reporters. The personnel of Los Asesinos Silenciosos and Admiral Castago of the Naval Triumvirate remained steadfast in their mission of developing the first effective military submarine.

Illesian Advisors Land in Helrox, Make Headway Towards Flegleen

July 21st

Major General L'Etadre stepped briskly off the bridge leading from the IV Winter's Glory in a Helroxi port not far from the borders of the Republic of Escya, followed closely by his fellow military advisors. At the other end of the bridge awaited... no one, to which Major General L'Etadre could only balk as he muttered to himself, "Dear God, did the Helroxi not send anyone to receive us?" The advisors were forced to arrange for transport to Flegleen on their own, partially contributing to the time it took to travel there.

July 24th

When the advisors finally arrived in Flegleen, they arrived to find a city stricken by rioting protestors struggling with provincial police, forcing the small group to find a map of Flegleen from a local and plan a route to the military headquarters after talking to a few people who knew the area. In order to not attract attention, the advisors stowed their military garb and took on Helroxi civilian clothes, making their way carefully through the city while trying to avoid the worst hit areas. Finally, they would arrive at the Helroxi military HQ, convincing the guards to let them in by showing the Illesian military uniforms, medals, and ribbons they had stored in bags on their back. Upon entering, they changed back into their Illesian military uniforms, marching furiously into the building to consult with the foolish Helroxi and figure out how to salvage the situation.

The Illesia Navy sent notice to both the Toubrians and Tarans that they had decided to go with the Toubrian design. Unfortunately, they were disappointed with the capabilities of both shipyards as the Illesians believed it was entirely possible to go from four 12 inch guns to ten. This, apparently, would have to wait.

The Illesian Army decided to accept the Austerf MG05 and Simon-Lowell Mark 1904, christening the Austerf MG05 license production model as the Maskingevär 1905, or simply MG1905, and the Simon-Lowell Mark 1904 as the SL1904. From there, they honored their prior agreement with Tournesol Armureries by sending a secret request to the small arms company for the number and ratio of rifles and machine guns desired, as the number itself of delivered weapons was to be viewed as a highly confidential state secret. It was expected that Tournesol would adhere strictly to this secrecy, maintaining only records of weapons produced for itself and general revenues for tax purposes, and delivering the weapons in sealed crates to the Army's logistical centers for distribution.

Illesia Today

Our Front Page story today is an interview with King Avandre VII himself, who has recently come under some minor international fire for the actions of the Illesian 1st Expeditionary Force in Toubrian Serranthia.

Your Majesty, is it true that the Empire of Toubres is a puppet state of the Kingdom of Illesia?

"What kind of a nonsense statement is that? For one, I do not see how a Kingdom can have an Empire as a puppet state. It is well known right now that Illesia is merely a burgeoning regional power. To suggest Illesia is controlling Toubres is equivalent to suggesting that Queen Athena pulls the strings of the Tyrians. Such a statement is hardly worthy of even being a joke."

Of course, Your Majesty. Illesia is indeed a Kingdom and Toubres an Empire. Though, there are a growing number of detractors of Empress Bastos, claiming her to be incapable of solving Toubrian issues with Toubrian might or of 'flip-flopping'.

"Empress Bastos is perhaps the most capable young woman I've ever met. Most young women are dainty, frail things with hardly more than the thought of fashion in their minds. But not Empress Bastos. Truly, it is the rare mind I meet that contains such depth and ability to carefully plan. I will state that it was absolutely a mistake to call the Conference on the issue of the Tehmig Savages. That became apparent from day one when, as we can see from transcripts of the event, the Conference was immediately hijacked to attempt to benefit the Great Powers that had attended it. Furthermore, these Great Powers intended to create rules regarding Serranthia, without the Tarans being represented. If that fact alone doesn't discredit the ridiculous sham that the Conference became, then I do not know what will. Her blessing for Illesian intervention in Toubrian Serranthia was a master stroke in my opinion, allowing the ridiculous Conference, which had gone completely off the rails at that point, to simply fall apart and fail to create any nonsensical decisions about Serranthia that would've been unenforceable anyway."

And what of the tiny minority of Illesians and Toubrians who are apparently pacifists calling the suppression of the Tehmigs 'slaughter'?

"I say they are fools who believe the Serranthian to be equal to the Euranian. Such a belief is nonsense and has been documented time and time again to be false. If the Serranthian were equal to the Euranian, he would have great empires just as we do. But he does not. And because of that, it is the mission of the Euranian to bring civilization and empire to the Serranthian. Those that resist will be dealt with accordingly. The Tehmigs attacked and raped numerous towns full of Euranians, and so I personally sent the 1st Expeditionary Force to crush their rebellion. And considering the reports from Major General D'Amos, it has been a raging success, a true display of glory as the first Illesian offensive military action in decades, if not centuries. I also personally call upon all peoples wherever you are, if you encounter this kind of drivel about Serranthians being equal to Euranians or whatever else, to defeat their argument with the facts we all know to be true."

Absolutely, Your Majesty. While I'm here, might I get your opinion on the Second Tyro-Helroxi War?

"I fully hope for a swift end to the hostilities and a return to peace for those two nations. The war seems to have clearly developed out of a misunderstanding as far as I can tell, but such things are always clouded until history can clearly pick them apart."

And finally, what about the Cadian demands of Helrox that were recently issued?

"Vultures, the lot of them. The foul-mouthed King Roy Carl seems intent on threatening and insulting every neighboring country of Cadia, to the extent that I expect the Cadians to cease to exist as a nation within twenty years. Their only hope is overthrowing their failure of a 'King', and I use that word half-jokingly, or listening to the guidance of another nation on how to more peaceably run their affairs."

Thank you, Your Majesty, for the insights.

(+1 to all July rolls.)

A Helping Hand

Illesian Military High Command, The Presidium, Regoth

"So, the Helroxi want our assistance, do they?" laughed Michielle Hontas as he, along with the other members of the Marshall and Naval Triumvirates reviewed the recently received telegram from the Helrox Empire.

"Aye, seems so. The deal is sensible enough," noted Jacques L'Avon, one of the central players in the Naval Triumvirate, "I say we send some fairly capable people. Navy ones too, considering how the Helroxi got their asses handed to them on the seas against a navy less capable than their own."

King Avandre strolled into the chamber, adjusting his coat and removing his hat before being informed of the situation, at which point the young King took his seat between the two Triumvirates and ruminated for a few minutes. Finally, he told them, "Let's help the Helrox as best we can. But risking the lives of Illesian soldiers in this conflict between hundreds of thousands of men seems nonsensical. Not to mention the fact the Tyrians might try to intercept the ships transporting them if they catch wind of this. Let's send the advisors on a commercial vessel as quietly as possible to Helrox. No rifles, no ammunition, or any other kind of weapon. Nothing the Tyrians can claim as substantial assistance to the Helrox. Marshall and Naval Triumvirates, you have your orders. Pick your men, and send them out as soon as you can."

After the King left, the Marshall and Naval Triumvirates chose the men they felt best suitable to the job, sending them orders to convene in Regoth before boarding the commercial Illesian trading vessel, IV Winter's Glory, and setting sail for the Helroxi shores near the Republic of Escya. Winter's Glory would be taking the longer sea route near Yorgnir, followed by the Marnish Kingdom, in order to avoid any potential Tyrian interference. Once in Helroxi lands, the advisors expected to be met by Helroxi representatives, as the Illesian Kingdom sent a telegram accepting the deal and informing the Helrox of where they planned to send the advisors and when they should arrive.

The advisors were the following men:

1. Major General Oliver L'Etadre of the 17th Infantry Division. L'Etadre was known far and wide within the Illesian Military as an up-and-coming young man who'd managed to attain the rank of Major General almost by force of will and using a few connections at the age of 36, nearly a decade younger than most Illesian Major Generals. It was expected that he would become one of the preeminent military minds in the future for Illesia.

2. Brigadier General August Jules of the 17th Infantry Division. Jules is L'Etadre's right hand man, well accustomed to his superior and capable of anticipating many of the man's maneuvers and desires.

3. Brigadier General Rolf Roscoe of the 17th Infantry Division. Roscoe is in many ways a quiet, reserved man, but this quality tends to disappear when one looks deeper. He has personally been attributed with a number of aggressive offensives during Illesian War Games, and this quality is likely to show itself in the Second Tyro-Helroxi War.

4. Rear Admiral Samuel Bjorn. Bjorn tends to believe heavily in playing by the tried and true methods of naval warfare, in particular, not attempting to sink an enemy fleet at port.
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