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Current Yay! I’m finally a mother! And no, I’m not biased. I know my son is the cutest! 💙
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"To be blind is not miserable; not to be able to bear blindness, that is miserable." ~ John Milton
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After a long hiatus, I’m finally getting back into the swing of things and writing! Any old Partners, I’m sorry! If you want to get back in touch, just let me know!
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All good things come to those that wait, pray, have patience, laugh, love, and are not afraid to dance.
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Shut up and dance with me!


Well, you seem to have stumbled across my user profile. I'm assuming you're here for a reason? Perhaps looking for details on this user AutumnFrost? ... You can just call me Autumn! C:

I have been role-playing off and on for the last 15 or so years, which is surprising to realize, and I find it a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. After an accident that left me blind a little over 11 years ago, I couldn't role-play for quite some time, which was rather devastating. About the time that Apple invented Siri, I was able to get enough money to be able to purchase my very first iPhone. And BAM! The world of role-playing was once again open to me. It has been a long process getting used to dictating stories and I inevitably don't always catch every single mistake, But I have learned a great deal of patience and realize the value of taking things slow and working through my text when something doesn't sound completely right. It was only a couple of years ago that I came across this website and the stories I have had here have taught me a lot about myself. I love to create. Role-playing is one of the only outlets I have for the images in my head. So though I may have a tendency to go through cycles of depression and being antisocial, I always seem to come back in the end.

I love stories involving fantasy, supernatural, adventure, mystery, even romance. There probably isn't a genre out there that I wouldn't give a try before I will say that I don't like it.

My favorite style of role-playing is, hands down, one on one. It helps me feel more involved in the story, gives me a chance to be able to talk with the other person involved in a much more casual way, And more often than not results in a long lasting friend and some of my favorite adventures.

I have a tendency to write on a casual to low Advanced level throughout my stories, the minimum coming out to an average of a couple of paragraphs. I just have so much in my head that I want to get out, I have a hard time writing anything less. Another consequence however is that I can't seem to find a lot of patients with story partners that give me a really short and undetailed response every time. It's discouraging to take the time to write out several detailed paragraphs only to get a sentence in reply. If you're here thinking of asking me to do a story, please keep that in mind.

I do not tolerate swearing, extreme Gore, or sexual content in my stories. Period. Nor do I role-play same gender romantic relationships. That is just not going to happen.

If you made it to the end of this and I haven't scared you off, I think you deserve some virtual cookies. Heck, go get yourself some real cookies. Or donuts. Or pie if that is your preference. It was just me rambling away about myself after all. If you aren't scared off and you were indeed here looking to get a story started, feel free to shoot me a private message. I'm always looking to make new friends and have new adventures.

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The other werewolves made their appearance before the human hunters, three large canine shapes weaving through the trees. Joshua’s ears flicked forward with surprise as he peered around at them, having only expected two to show up. Six of them had been in the woods for the attack and he knew for a fact that two of the pack had died... A momentary flash of regret washed through him as he remembered that he had been The cause of one of those deaths, but quickly shook his head to rid himself of the lingering feeling. He couldn’t focus on his former actions right now, especially not with Hale around.

The others slowed to a stop, tongues lolling as they panted, eyes flashing with anger Still. Brandt and Carl, the two original wolves, had been joined by Donovan, one of the wolves that had been left behind to guard the den. His black fur was barely discernible in the darkness as he stood between his packmates, though enough of him could be seen that his respectful lowering of his head to the alpha didn’t go unnoticed.

perhaps that was why Hale didn’t jump forward immediately and tear into him for abandoning his post, though the grey wolf still snarled as if he wanted to, lips pulled back from his teeth. The fur bristled along his spine as he stalked forward a few paces, yellow eyes glittering dangerously.

Ears turning back, Donovan pointed his nose towards the dead werewolf on the path in answer. It was only then that Joshua realized that the wolf must’ve been Stefan, Donovan’s brother. The black wolf‘s lips pulled back from his fangs and he released a quiet growl, clearly expressing his fury over the death of his family.

’...But how did he know his brother had died in the first place?’ Joshua thought after a moment, glancing between the brothers and then towards Hale, wondering if the Alpha had caught the discrepancy.

At first, it appeared that the gray wolf had noticed the anomaly, his gaze turning from Donovan to the dead Stefan and back again. But a moment later, the hostel snarl faded from his face and he released a resolute snort, dipping his head in acknowledgment and permission for the other two enact revenge.

As The other werewolves slid into place on either side of the path with quiet rustles of fur and foliage, Joshua found himself blinking contemplatively to himself, yet another unanswered question in his mind. Suppressing the sudden urge to sigh aloud, the russet wolf dropped his chin to his paws, closing his eyes as he tried not to think. He hadn’t been at it very long when his attention was drawn by a new sound however.

Eyes opening once again as he lifted his head, he looked towards the rhythm of running footfalls, watching as a young man darted past his hiding spot. He had just a moment to register that he recognized the figure before Donovan and Hale irrupted from the bushes and took Chase, fangs exposed. Rising to a seated Position, Joshua hesitated on what his next action would be, aware that Carl and Brandt had poked their heads through the bushes, watching the other werewolves chase the boy with expressions of excitement. Tired of the entire affair at this point, he instead looked back in the direction the boy had come from, curious if anyone else was going to make an appearance.
As Agent Archer had snapped at The waitress‘s polite question, William had felt a surge of anger lick at his insides. Werewolves were notorious for having hot tempers, himself included, and the man‘s disrespect towards a woman pressed all of the wrong buttons. Consequently, the anger had his beast stirring, the wolf rising to his eyes in swirls of golden yellow that broke up the blue. But before the color could completely overcome his irises, Taya had run interference, smoothing things over as best she could with Lucy. Jaw tight, William focused on breathing slowly in and out through his nose as he worked to calm himself. By the time The other woman had finally left, it had mostly worked. The gold had faded from his eyes at least. And then the weight of the situation closed in on him again, snuffing out the last of the anger. That was when he had adopted his dark expression and sighed.

The news of yet another victim deepened the look of concern on William‘s face, his eyes turning slowly from Agent Turner to her partner as the latter divulged some of the finer details. As the folder was pushed across the table in his direction, he hesitated for a moment before picking it up with a look of someone who would rather be doing anything else. Running his thumb across the logo stamped on the surface, he finally opened the file.

Anthony Cormack’s information started on the top page, a photograph of the middle-aged man smiling vaguely up at William from above a list of his basic vitals. The werewolf studied the face for a few moments, The receding hairline, The wrinkles just starting to form around the eyes and mouth, before he turn the page over. Written details of the crime scene came next and he quickly skimmed over the information, searching for any clues of involvement of his kind. Unexplained animal tracks, scraps of fur... There didn’t seem too be anything that obvious, but that wasn’t to say that there weren’t other indicators elsewhere. Searching for further details, William turned the page and froze, his stomach involuntarily clenching.

’...Could have done without The crime scene photos until after I ate,’ he thought grimly, teeth clenching harder together unconsciously.

It wasn’t that he was unfamiliar with death, he had been through war and actively hunted and eight animals as a wolf, and everyone saw blood and violence on television and in movies these days, it was just a different experience seeing photographs of actual murder. Brutal murder, in the case of Anthony Cormack. Trying not to focus on any of the details, the torn flesh, the exposed organs, William moved on quickly to the next victim.

Next came the summary of a young man, Michael Shilling, Who had been discovered in an empty field near some warehouses on the edge of town. After him was a missing persons account for one Margaret Stone, a woman just entering her senior years by evidence of her silvering hair, last seen a week ago. Scott Marks, a teenager found torn to pieces behind a movie theater followed the summary of the attempts to locate the missing woman, But was quickly overshadowed by the file on Nadia Ortiz, whom they had only been able to identify by the examination of her dental records...

There didn’t seem to be any pattern that William could discover. The ages, races, genders, and even builds widely varied. He tried to think why he, of all people, had been sent to help with this investigation if he wasn’t even able to spot any patterns or clues. Working to keep the scowll off of his face, he flipped to the next file and almost felt like he had been sucker punched in the stomach.

Learning yet another piece of information regarding the missing hearts distracted William from the stab of pain that had suddenly lanced into his heart as he had looked into the face of a woman with soft caramel colored hair, her gentle smile knowing and familiar. Tearing his gaze away from the Dead stranger that looked so much like his wife, hoping his grief wasn’t outwardly visible on his face, he leveled his blue eyes on Eli’s impassive expression. Before he could become too disgusted by the mann‘s lack of feeling, Taya drew his attention with a comment of her own and he willingly looked towards her.

There were stories of werewolves taking hearts? That was a new one to him. Walking away with organs sounded more like the doing of a vampire then a werewolf, something of which humans didn’t know anything about. And William wasn’t going to be the one to reveal their existence. Narrowing his eyes slightly against the thought, he instead used The distraction to push away the remnants of pain still lingering in his chest and readjusted his position so that he could set the open folder onto the table, carefully making sure to flip a few more pages over to Hyde the caramel haired woman‘s face.

“I’m unaware of any such stories,“ he admitted, running his thoughts over everything he had ever learned about werewolves since becoming one. Granted, they were probably a few details even he wasn’t aware of, but he thought he might’ve heard if a wolf liked keeping trophies of human victims. “It might jog my memory if you tell me some of the details of the lore in question, but I might be of better help if I had the opportunity to examine the body myself. Werewolves have a distinctive scent, if this was the work of a werewolf, I’ll be able to smell them.,” he added as The thought occurred to him. His sense of smell was definitely an advantage he had over the human investigators after all.
Biased? Me? Never! XD

Fun! I hope you are enjoying the visit!
Gaze once again returning to the menu as the waitress‘s attention focused on Agent Turner with an expression of recognition, William deliberated with a few of his options as he listened to first Taya and then her partner easily place their orders, both ready with their answers. Not wishing to hold things up, especially with Archer being involved, by the time Lucy had looked back to him, he had chosen perhaps not his first choice of food, but something acceptable.

“I’d like two of your double cheeseburgers, a double order of french fries, and a strawberry lemonade, please,” he requested smoothly, holding out his own menu with a polite smile.

He caught The briefest hint of surprise Flickr across Lucy‘s face before she managed to cover it up with another smile of her own. Watching her leave, William couldn’t help but feel somewhat amused. He didn’t eat out very often, but when he did, he always got a small kick out of The wait staff‘s reactions to his usually larger than average order. His trim appearance didn’t lend the impression that he could eat that much. As he had reflected on earlier, werewolves needed a lot of calories to keep them going. Smile fading back into a more reserved appearance, his blue eyes returned to the FBI agents, wondering where their conversation would go next.

Eli apparently wasn’t one for small talk, or beating around the bush, getting straight to the point by asking William about his knowledge on the situation as he reached for his briefcase as soon as the waitress was out of the room and withdrawing a manila folder stamped with the FBI’s logo and tapping it with one of his thin fingers. Taya didn’t look all that happy to be jumping straight into the crux of their meeting, though she didn’t outwardly object. William could almost hear her desire to sigh and had to work on not releasing one of his own. Leaning back in his chair, he scrutinized the severe man for several seconds as he considered how best to answer.

“...Just William, if you don’t mind,“ he finally reiterated, though he felt as if it was probably a waste of time. When it came to Eli, ...Agent Archer, at least. Pressing his lips together in a momentary hard line, he continue Don without giving the other an opportunity to respond. “More or less, yes.”

He looked like he wanted to say more, but William held up a hand quickly, gaze flicking to the door. a few seconds later, the door in question opened, revealing Lucy coming back with their assortment of drinks. Adopting a polite smile as the waitress approached, he accepted his drink with a murmured word of thanks.

“Here’s that strawberry lemonade for you,” Lucy was saying as she separated out the drinks, placing each in front of the intended owner, “your coke Taya, and your mint tea sir. Is there anything else I can get you?” she then asked, tugging a couple of straws from the apron around her waist and setting them on the table before glancing around.

No, thank you,” William responded after a moment in his smooth baritone, keeping his polite smile in place until Lucy had nodded and once again left the room, promising to return as soon as the food was ready. As soon as she had left however, the smile faded, turning into a rather grim expression.

With a rather deep sigh, William picked up his glass, ignoring the straw and taking a sip. He seemed to contemplate the flavor for a moment before setting his cup back down carefully on the cardboard coaster. He then ran his thumb under one eye as if tired.

“I was told that there are at least seventeen missing or dead people at last count,“ he said soberly, some of the names and faces he could remember passing through his mind. “The bodies of the victims that were recovered showed animal like mutilation and in some cases... partial consumption. Like whoever had killed them took a few bites.” His mouth twisted into a deeper scowl, as if The very idea was disgusting to him. And truly, it was. To some werewolves, hunting humans was part of the fun of being what they were, but for the majority, including William, hunting humans was an abhorrent act no better than murder.
Ha ha! He certainly is doing that! It’s a good thing I find him so adorable. But thank you!

I’ll be grateful for your responses, when I get around to my own of course. And yes, I can understand that! Ha ha! But really, no worries! I know you’ve been busy!
Yes, that was quite the wait, but honestly, that’s okay. You know that things got busy and then drastically changed rather abruptly, so there hasn’t been time for me to really worry about it. Not going to lie, your timing is perfect though. I was just starting to crave doing some creative writing. You know, in between all of the work and being a mommy. ;)

Your reply wasn’t short! Silly. I didn’t feel like it was anyway. I enjoyed it!

Even though My lack of predictability due to The adorable little person currently sleeping on my shoulder and chest is going to scare several people away, I’m still going to bump my thread. :)
Eyes lightening with her own amusement, Robinstar nodded her head to her deputy before flicking a feather from her paw and starting off towards the Warriors den. Poking her head past the trailing brambles over the entrance, the she cat waited a moment for her eyes to adjust to the dimmer light before she cast her gaze around the nests. Spotting the ginger colored tom she wanted, the pale tabby maneuvered her way over to Gingerflame and gave his side a prod.

“Time to get up Gingerflame,” Robinstar meowed softly in a slightly singsong tone, well aware that she was playing with a figurative ants nest when it came to how the tom might react to being woken up. At least it was less likely that he was going to claw her ears off, what with her being his leader and all.


Yawning widely as he started back towards the Warriors den, hopeful that he could catch a few more minutes of uninterrupted sleep, Birchwhisker was nearly halfway there when the sound of another cat calling his name caught his attention. One pointed ear twitching, the dark brown mottled tom paused, head swiveling towards the approaching cat, unable to help but release a soft sigh. So much for getting that extra minute of sleep...

Bowing his head respectfully to Stagthorn, fighting off the urge to grumble, he listened quietly as the deputy spoke of checking on the snake holes around camp. With a blink of his amber eyes and a twitch of his tail, Birchwhisker gave his shoulders a shrug. “I don’t see why not,“ he responded, glancing around at the cliff walls. “Where would you like me to start?“


The sound of another cat stirring at the back of the cave drew Eagleleap’s attention, her whiskers twitching slightly with embarrassment as she realized that she had woken up the medicine cat. Stepping further into the den, she lowered herself into a seated position and resisted the temptation to lick at her chest fur. “Yes, well, Poppykit made an attempt to escape on an adventure this morning. I was the first one to spot her and naturally she ran from me,“ she explained with a soft sigh, watching Bluetail hobble over to Barkpaw and give him a sharp prod

Nodding her head in greeting as the young apprentice cheerfully wished them each a good morning, Eagleleap curled her long tail around her paws, grateful she hadn’t gotten snapped at for waking up the old tom. Being a transplant to the clan, she was always worried about saying or doing the wrong thing. So far, The other cats had seemed to accept her, but she was fairly sure she had caught a few mistrustful glances every now and then...
I’m Hoping to recruit some new players to the story! Things are still fairly fresh, So it would be really easy to fit new characters in. :D
It Happens to all of us at one point. I’ll give you until tomorrow to get something posted before I post Myself. I’d like to keep things going.
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