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Shut up and dance with me!
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Could we pretend that airplanes in the night sky were like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now.


Well, you seem to have stumbled across my user profile. I'm assuming you're here for a reason? Perhaps looking for details on this user AutumnFrost? ... You can just call me Autumn! C:

I have been role-playing off and on for the last 15 or so years, which is surprising to realize, and I find it a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. After an accident that left me blind a little over 9 years ago, I couldn't role-play for quite some time, which was rather devastating. About the time that Apple invented Siri, I was able to get enough money to be able to purchase my very first iPhone. And BAM! The world of role-playing was once again open to me. It has been a long process getting used to dictating stories and I inevitably don't always catch every single mistake, But I have learned a great deal of patience and realize the value of taking things slow and working through my text when something doesn't sound completely right. It was only a couple of years ago that I came across this website and the stories I have had here have taught me a lot about myself. I love to create. Role-playing is one of the only outlets I have for the images in my head. So though I may have a tendency to go through cycles of depression and being antisocial, I always seem to come back in the end.

I love stories involving fantasy, supernatural, adventure, mystery, even romance. There probably isn't a genre out there that I wouldn't give a try before I will say that I don't like it.

My favorite style of role-playing is, hands down, one on one. It helps me feel more involved in the story, gives me a chance to be able to talk with the other person involved in a much more casual way, And more often than not results in a long lasting friend and some of my favorite adventures.

I have a tendency to write on a casual to low Advanced level throughout my stories, the minimum coming out to an average of a couple of paragraphs. I just have so much in my head that I want to get out, I have a hard time writing anything less. Another consequence however is that I can't seem to find a lot of patients with story partners that give me a really short and undetailed response every time. It's discouraging to take the time to write out several detailed paragraphs only to get a sentence in reply. If you're here thinking of asking me to do a story, please keep that in mind.

I do not tolerate swearing, extreme Gore, or sexual content in my stories. Period. Nor do I role-play same gender romantic relationships. That is just not going to happen.

If you made it to the end of this and I haven't scared you off, I think you deserve some virtual cookies. Heck, go get yourself some real cookies. Or donuts. Or pie if that is your preference. It was just me rambling away about myself after all. If you aren't scared off and you were indeed here looking to get a story started, feel free to shoot me a private message. I'm always looking to make new friends and have new adventures.

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Having finally rolled off the bed, Cinead had shuffled his way into his small kitchen, rubbing at his eyes as he shook off the last of the sleep. Pulling out a frying pan and a package of bacon he had in the refrigerator, he went about making himself breakfast. Sometimes, he regretted the process of cooking his food, but he had found out the hard way that his human body didn’t handle raw meat as well as his true body did... Grimacing slightly at the memory, he peeled away some of the strips of bacon and put them into the frying pan, where they almost instantly started to pop and sizzle.

His phone vibrated loudly from the top of the microwave, the metal frame amplifying the sound. Cinead washed his hands swiftly before picking it up, opening the screen and almost immediately looking surprised.

“So she does have a mate...” He murmured to himself, leaning back against the counter as he typed out a message.

‘That’s just fine. I was thinking sometime this afternoon, perhaps for lunch. I have a test that I need to get to this morning.’
After what seemed to be a long time, Joseph’s attention flickered to someone who was looking at his hat with an expression of recognition crossing their face. He took her in with an assessing sweep of his eyes and couldn’t help the slight frown that tugged down The corners of his mouth. He hadn’t been expecting to work with a woman. Even after living through years of change, he still felt uncomfortable with the idea of a woman putting herself in danger on purpose. Old fashioned, as some of the younger wolves in his pack would have said. But that was just who he was. So he watched unhappily as the redhead approached, her steps stealthy and misdirecting.

As she eventually stopped near him, leaving no doubt that she was the partner who had been sent to work with him, Joseph flared his nostrils slightly, taking in her scent. Over The smell of his hot chocolate, he caught hints of the people flowing around them, of the car the woman had been driving, her shampoo, the hint of gun powder and metal that spoke of a concealed weapon, and the underlying essence of who she was. Who Kathleen O’Connell was. Or rather, who she was on the surface. Considering her hand as she offered it after giving her name, Joseph took it politely, Giving her hand a small shake before dropping it quickly.

“Yes, we do need to talk.” He at last responded, meeting the woman‘s eyes thoughtfully. “ and if you would prefer to do so somewhere warm, then I wouldn’t say no to getting another drink.”

Glancing in the direction Kate had tilted her head, the werewolf started off at a brisk pace, pausing only long enough to hold the door open for her. Coffee scented hot air washed over Joseph as he stood next to the open door, tempting him to crinkle his nose with distaste, though he managed to keep his expression neutral. He had never been one to enjoy the taste, or smell, of coffee.
Cinead had to admit that he was surprised by the swiftness of the response he received, his phone making a soft beeping sound as it vibrated on his stomach. He smiled at the sound. It reminded him of Anna, who had helped him figure out how to change the alert from what he had considered to be quite an obnoxious sound before. Picking up the device, he read over the message quickly, eyebrows lifting. Maybe she hadn’t been as surprised by a text message as he thought she would have been...

I am glad to hear that things are well! Life has been good for me. Surprising. Is there a chance we could get together later to talk?

Quietly, he wondered to himself if a conversation with Aerwyna would prove to be of any use in the end. They had been out of touch for a little while now, he had no idea if she had had any of the same experiences that he was currently going through.
As he made a beeline straight for one of the many vendors located in Camelot, William heard a distinctive pop of sound in his headset when the audio connection activated. He couldn’t help but smile when a moment later, a familiar voice spoke, especially when he was able to detect the smile in that voice.

He chuckled. “ if you change your mind about it, just let me know.” He responded, his voice a pleasant, smooth baritone.

An indicator popped up on his mini map that Scarlet’s mage was close by, a small green dot moving across the city layout and marking her position. Will quickly clicked through his inventory, selling off the worthless junk, before turning his elf warrior, Valdin, in her direction, running through the streets to meet up with her.

“ i’m cool going to the Deep Bog.” He said after a moment of thought, absently rubbing at the end of his nose. “ I really like the layout there. And I wouldn’t say no to a new sword.” He released a soft huff of amusement.

He then brought his character to a stop, typing in a command that made his character wave one of his hands enthusiastically, before proceeding to then make him bow and say a short greeting. The myriad of actions that he could have his character do was one of his favorite aspects of the game.
As Anna’s tail lights slowly disappeared into the night, the smile that had been playing around Cinead’s mouth finally faded away, though it still lingered in his eyes. Releasing a long sigh, He finally turned to his car, retrieved the hidden key that he had never thought he would need to use from under the front bumper, and got inside. He drove back to his apartment complex, pulled into his assigned space, and made his way back to his home, The weariness from earlier finally crashing down on him once again. He just managed to stumble his way up the stairs, kick off his shoes at the door, lock the door behind him, and shuffle down the hallway to his bedroom, collapsing on top of his bed and falling almost instantly to sleep.

Hours later, With the gray sunlight of early morning starting to spill in through the window, Cinead was abruptly woken up by a persistent chiming that started issuing from his phone. Head jerking up off of his pillow with a soft snarl, his head swiveled around to locate the noise that had woken him up, blinking his eyes blearily. He stared uncomprehendingly at his phone on top of the blue comforter for several seconds, human Hazel eyes unfocused and confused. Then his brain finally seemed to catch up with the situation and he snorted, snatching the phone up from the bed. His phone, unaffected by the sour expression on his face, continued to vibrate and chime, displaying the time and an alert of an alarm on it screen.

‘And life goes on...‘ Cinead couldn’t help but think as he stopped the alarm, rolling onto his back and putting the phone on to his stomach. But go on it did, despite the fact that there was someone who now knew his secret.

As he lay with his thoughts pondering on Anna, their mate bond, upon being a dragon, Cinead’s eyes suddenly opened, turning to stare at his phone. For a name had suddenly floated to the forefront of his thoughts, a friend he hadn’t been in contact with for quite some time... Aerwyna, another Dragon who had taken to hiding among humans. He wondered if she were having any similar experiences, if she had found a human mate herself. If she had, did that mean that she too had revealed their secret? Or were they only mates on the surface and not true mates?

Picking up his phone, Cinead opened up his messaging app, backing out of the only open conversation that he had going with Anna and pressing a button he had never had need to touch before, Starting up a new conversation to Aerwyna. He smiled briefly as he tapped out a message, momentarily imagining the other dragon being surprised by his use of technology.

Hello Aerwyna. It has been quite sometime since we last spoke. How are things going for you? He sent before setting the phone once more onto his stomach and closing his eyes again.
I rather enjoyed your first post! Thank you! Did you come up with her name yourself?
Before Aneira could really respond to either statement, for she was somewhat surprised by the glow in Anu’s eyes she had caught sight of, her companion spoke up, his voice a little gruff.

“ witch is a pretty hypocritical thing for them to say, Especially considering that 90% of the people born in this country have the ability to wield one of the elemental magics.” Tannith spoke up at Ba’s statement, unable to help himself. His father had been one of those hypocritical people, though that was mostly due to the fact that he himself had not been born with any sort of elemental abilities.

Aneira glanced at him, surprised by the vehemence in his voice. He had always been the quietest of her soldiers, the least outspoken. Perhaps this night had pushed him a little too far...

Se finally spoke up, asking a question of both of them. Both soldier and Lady fell silent, both unknowingly freezing in place. As a pocket of moisture trapped in one of the branches in the fire suddenly burst open, popping loudly, Aneira flinched and Tannith blinked. The pair looked at one another, not quite sure what to tell these people. They still didn’t know the strangers very well and therefore didn’t trust them with everything that had happened.

It was Tannith that finally spoke, his voice hesitant now. “We are... escaping an unknown danger. To put it simply. But we wish not to speak more on the subject at this time.” He managed to say. He did not expect Aneira to suddenly grab his hand and give it an approving squeeze. He looked at her, meeting her serious expression before she gave him a nod.
As dusk began settling over the world, The inhabitants of the small mountain town of Cragpeak were growing ever restless. With each degree of lessening light, more and more people would abandon the streets, fleeing into houses and buildings, locking and barring the doors. Wails of children were quickly hushed as they were taken from play. Men gathered bows or spears, Though most were too afraid to do more than shakily imagine defending their family from the insides of their own homes. Lamps flickered from windows, smoke curled from chimneys, oil lanterns glowed in the streets, but the village felt dark and empty.

In The surrounding woods, a wolf howled.

With a whisper of paws over fallen leaves, The soft brushing of fur against bark, a large figure moved into place at the side of a path leading through the forest. He was an impressive creature to behold, a lupine shape covered in thick russet fur offset with black on the end of his tail, along the backs of each of his legs, Encompassing each of his paws, And striped down the length of his back and up onto his neck and ears. Golden yellow eyes glowed faintly in the half light as the werewolf waited for his prey.

On the other side of the path, a gray wolf pulled back his lips from his fangs in a silent snarl at the red wolf, who automatically took a step back in response. Almost at once, Joshua regretted the display of weakness to the other werewolf, but there was nothing he could do to take it back. Fur prickling along his back and shoulders, he settled on curling his lip instead. The other werewolf, Hale, The Alpha of the pack, responded with an audible growl, taking a step forward through the undergrowth. But he seemed to catch himself at the last moment, hesitating before he broke cover, and instead stared directly at Joshua.

Five heartbeats. That was how long Joshua managed to meet the other‘s gaze in defiance before inevitably dropping his eyes in submission, his ears turning back with displeasure. With a soft snort, he did as his Alpha had silently commanded, taking another step back into better cover, crouching down low in preparation. Hale released one more soft growl in his direction before he too melted back into the undergrowth.

Joshua didn’t want to be here, But there wasn’t much he could do after his alpha had made up his mind. One of the other werewolves, Brandt, had come home with some interesting news earlier that day. He had been spying on the nearby town when he had watched as well as overheard the mayor making plans with a group of people he had invited to his home. The mayor had referred to them as hunters several times, interjecting his requests with words like werewolves and silver. Hale had interpreted the story the only way he could: the mayor had hired a Group of humans specialized in hunting down his kind to go into the woods and kill him and his family. He had immediately responded by making plans to ambush these hunters when they entered the woods that evening, his eyes turning yellow and hungry.

Now, Six werewolves waited in the woods, large pointed teeth ready to bite and rip, sharp claws prepared to slash and maim The unsuspecting humans. Well, five wolves were prepared to kill and feast, with one reluctant addition in their midst.
When The moon calls, the wolves answer.
And when the werewolves hunt the innocent, they become the hunted.
Well, When it gets stuck in your head, it’s a pretty good song. I’ve been humming it all day. I will let you know if I find something else, but it would mostly be an addition. ;) And The invisible text was perfect! I could have sworn I sent you a private message about that, but I could be wrong.

Oh no! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been sick! And, Really, you take as much time as you want! Honestly, if you’re not in the mood for this particular story at the moment, we could always brainstorm ideas. This has been sitting here for quite some time.
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