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Current Happy weekend! Hope you all find time to rest and reset. Coffee and catching up on painting for me ❤️
3 mos ago
Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend.
5 mos ago
Have spent most of 2021 so far very sick. Coming to terms with it now, and finally feel like I’m getting back on track (: So, I wish everyone a lovely Sunday and peaceful week ahead ❤️😘
6 mos ago
Ma’am this is a roleplaying forum
6 mos ago
It's World MS Day today, so I'm connecting with all of my friends and wishing everyone a beautiful week ahead <3


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Glad to have you both on board.

I’d like to get a roster of who/what do when we start this - and split out the districts of Anvil a bit :) but plenty time for that!

Now here is a friend with plenty of characters.

meow indeed

Greetings traveler, and welcome to the City of Anvil

City of Anvil is an entirely player-driven roleplay, not unlike a miniature persistent world. Play as a character you've missed, the character that you still have thoughts of "what-if?" about, that you've longed to write about. Share their story alongside the anthology of other player characters within the safe walls of the City of Anvil.

If you're looking for an action-packed, story and GM-driven roleplay, you won't find it here.

The goal of this roleplay, is to allow those of us with less free time, less time to maintain momentum to keep up with a full story, a place to scratch the writers itch with one off character posts for the characters we have played before and long to write again. This is non-commital, and you can come and go as you please, as you fancy.

For this game, I will be seeking players over characters - and this roleplay for the time being, is strictly invite only.

Naturally, as this is character driven, to my players, please put forward as many characters as you'd like. I will not be too picky about who is accepted to the roleplay, and will try not to make you change too much. I simply ask that you respect the unwritten (but many many times written) and widely accepted TES roleplay rules of RPG.

If you have by chance forgotten them, here they are as always.


No Godmodding or Powerplaying. This is a story, not a competition to be Billy or Betty Badass. Keep your characters balanced. I don't want to enforce strict rules that stifle your creativity in creating a character, I will always be reasonable and work with you to create a compelling character with the skills that you want but you have to be prepared to tone things down if necessary.

Advanced Level. I'm looking for people who can commit not only to advanced literary standards, but players who are able to craft their own ideas together and weave up stories with their own initiative without hand-holding.

Be Considerate, Communicate. If you can't post for whatever reason, let your partner(s) know. Don't leave us with creative blue balls.

Be Kind. I really, really, really don't want dick behaviour in the OOC. It doesn't foster the kind of atmosphere I like to create. So be nice to each other, respectful, and helpful. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. I will remove people who start ruining the groove.

Keep it PG-13. You know the rules of the guild. No naughty posts in the IC. If you really have to, take it to PM.

Due to the setting of this game, please be aware that your characters will be exposed to some absolute boredom. No, really. We're rebuilding a city following the Oblivion crisis. There's politics to do, businesses to establish, and potatoes to plant or something. Not to say you can't have your characters off on some action-packed excursion... You'll just be responsible for writing those stories yourselves.

Please no prior relationships with canonical characters from any of The Elder Scrolls games. If you wish to write up prior relationships with other player characters within the game, then by all means please do so as it can be fun. But it's also just as fun to be ~total strangers~...

Be sensible in your capabilities. Anything that your character has, must be explained in some way. For example, if they are carrying a lot of money on them - why is this? Are they from a rich family? They have a pretty swish weapon but pretty basic armour? Was it an heirloom?These are things I will question on sheets.

With everything in mind, I am always open to ideas so please talk to me in advance.

The World:

4E 18

Following the final battle, the Empire was left without an Emperor. Martin had no heir, and so the throne lay empty. But the dire need for an Emperor was gone, the Gates of Oblivion were sealed forever, and the Daedra could never attack Tamriel again. The Hero of Kvatch, for the services rendered during the Crisis, was declared the Champion of Cyrodiil.

The Septim Empire, bereft of its god-blessed dynasty, fell on hard times after the Crisis' end. Political and cultural wounds left by the war would continue to fester long after the Crisis abated. In particular, the secession of Black Marsh and the subsequent fall of Morrowind left the east in doubt.

Tamriel would enter a state of disarray not seen since the fall of the Potentates and the Second Empire. But the majority of the empire would be restored under Titus Mede, using conquest to re-establish control.

Character Sheet and Instruction:

Please feel free to simply take the basics, and create a sheet of your own design - be as creative as you like!

Characters simply need to have a reason to be in Anvil. They can be owners of a business, work in the courts, be farmers, students, petty criminals, be soldiers or town guards, or simply be passing through on their way. Happy to be flexible with you to make the characters fit the setting.

Yeah, Far Cry 6 is, as always, the same game with a different skin.

That said, I'm looking forward to mindless fun this weekend while I clear it.

Meatloaf's alright, in a kind of a "comfort, homecooked" type of way. But yeah, I can also see why people wouldn't care for it. Meatloaf is more or less just a giant lump of hamburger molded together and thrown into the oven. It's also a band/stage name for Michael Lee Aday, but that's a completely different meatloaf we're talking about.

Anyway, I don't think a fully plant-based diet is for me. Like, sure, I wouldn't have a problem with it, but I'd miss stuff like seafood. A pollo pescetarian diet is more fitting IMO for me, which I already tend to fall in line with said diet. All I would have to do is cut out what little beef and pork I eat since I already eat mostly seafood/poultry products. Sometimes even plant-based stuff, like the spicy black bean burgers I've got in the freezer right now.

Cauliflower wings are good, though! Haven't had many opportunities to have them, however. I think the last time I had some was back at a local pizza joint around here.

Fair enough! I actually am really not too keen on hamburger meat, as it happens! I was saying to a friend how I'll always take a chicken or veggie burger over a meat burger xD

I think seafood is a big one for me too and is making it difficult. I actually think I really benefit from the fish oils/omegas so I'm struggling with this - but if I could make everything else fully plant based I'd still be cool. Diets are hard enough.
I'm going to grab Far Cry 6 next week.

I'm not expecting much, but I just enjoy the mindless fun aspect of the series.

In the meantime, I've been on a huge FFXIV kick lately. Recently finished Shadowbringers, which was an incredible vibe honestly.

I've never had meatloaf before, it's not a common dish where I live and it's not really something I think seems appetizing.

I've been very slowly over time making a transition to a plant based diet. It's too hard to do it overnight!

One of my favourite vegan meals that I've been making often is buffalo cauliflower wings. They're so yummy.

I'm thinking of making some burrito bowls for our dinner. Breakfast was tofu scramble.
In Yo! 2 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
I completely forgot this account even existed up until now... But anyways, whats up?

The sky is up!

Welcome back to RPG!
Hello! I'm hoping to find some romance RPs, so if you're looking for a male to play against - hit me up.

Welcome to the Guild!

Hope you find what you're looking for!
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