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Current Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend.
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Have spent most of 2021 so far very sick. Coming to terms with it now, and finally feel like I’m getting back on track (: So, I wish everyone a lovely Sunday and peaceful week ahead ❤️😘
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Ma’am this is a roleplaying forum
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It's World MS Day today, so I'm connecting with all of my friends and wishing everyone a beautiful week ahead <3
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Wishing a relaxing weekend for everyone. Take some time to be kind to yourself, to unwind, and to have some rest. <3


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In Hey! 1 day ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hey everyone! I hope I can roleplay with ya'll here!

Hello hello! I hope we can rp together too!

Welcome to the Guild.
Hello Friends, I am here to teach you how to rock and roll with your soul and body :) No really but hello anyway.

Fun Facts

- Been roleplaying since I was young started out really sucky but now have improved
-Write novels too scared to publish
- Lives on a Farm
- Owns 3 dogs, 5 cows, 1 horse, 12 sheep, and maybe around 50 chickens :)
- Happily Married for 4 years
- Loves to roleplay on free time which can be limited to once or twice a week unfortunately
- Anything Sci-Fi or Fantasy and Free form kind of creature making is really fun for me
- I see dead people O.O

Hello and welcome to the Guild! o7

We're happy to have you here!
In Woof! 1 day ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hi there, I'm HouseofWolves! I came here after a long night of searching for roleplay forums. But I can't deny the fact that I really started doing this on Discord.

My hobbies will vary from here and there, but most of the time I'm seen alternating between video games & drawing, maybe with me making new characters on the side. Most of my preferred genres will involve sci-fi with a mix of fantasy, but I tend to see myself as a very flexible individual.

With all this being said, it might be quite some time before I'm able to make any dedicated character profiles. But once that happens, I'll be sure to have a wide range of space werewolves to choose from.

I do hope to have a good time here, until then lads, signing off!~

Hey hey!

Don't worry about diving right in, take your time and get comfortable with navigating the site.

We go feet first!

Anyways, I go by Charlie Foxtrot, but feel free to call me a variation of the name. Charlie, Foxtrot, Cluster, maybe even Foxy if you get to know me. I'm an avid gamer, and I've been writing since the tail end of elementary school, and picked up forum RPs in middle school, first on a Bionicle fansite, then migrating to other sites as my interests changed. One thing that's always stuck with me are monsters: Alien, Predator, the Thing, the Fly, various cryptids or folkloric creatures... if it's mysterious, is not human, and may or may not be responsible for human deaths, odds are it can get my attention.

I hope I can find some good RPs. Thank you! ☺️

Hey Charlie!

Looooove all those movies you listed.

Welcome to the Guild! o7
Hey everyone! Just stumbled upon this place while being nostalgic for RP and hope to find some cool new partners here. I've been playing for longer than I'd like to admit (like 20 years, ohgod) and really miss the chat room days of AOL. I've never really done forum RP before but I'm glad to learn my way around! I'm gonna write up a little drabble of what I'm hoping to find here and post it in Casual Interest Checks I think so go check it out if you're in the market. Looking forward to making some new friends.

Howdy Derek!

Welcome to the Guild o7
In Newb! 1 day ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hi there! My names Zero, and I'm so glad I found this site! I have been trying to convince people to roleplay with me in my everyday life, but I've been utterly unsuccessful. I used to roleplay on Yahoo Groups back before those went extinct, and I tried my hand at mythweavers for a stint, but things moved too slowly foward. I'm really excited to settle in here and see what's what.

Ask me anything. And if you have any suggestions on where to dive in, let me know!

<3 0

Welcome Zero!

I hope you find what you're looking for here (:

What was the last movie you watched and what would you rate it?
Hi there! Names Tood, Toodles... Either works! I use he/him pronouns and prefer fandom-based RPs, though sometimes I dip my toe into the 'original' side.

Hope we can get along!

hello hello hello Toodles!
Nice to meet you, hope you stick around! o7
Hey, we all cringe at our old writing but it just shows us how much we've grown and developed our craft!

Welcome back.

I started RPing about a month ago and am looking for partners to RP with. I typically write about 3 to 4 sentences with more for intros to a scene or if I get really inspired. I don't like strict rules about post length or similar restrictions - I RP for fun and that's not fun to me.

I'm still figuring out what I like. I've been doing slice-of-life but trying to do different genres. I don't know most IPs/fandom material but read a lot of novels. Science fiction, urban fantasy, low-fantasy are all interests.

Hope to RP with you soon!


Welcome, PJ, to RPG. :)
Still here too fwiw
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