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Violet's earrings dangled; their tear-drop hearts brushing against the edges of her jaw. She tucked her hair behind her ears, trying to ensure not a thing was out of place. She had shown up to school early, given she never sleeps anyway and prefers to walk to school. It's a little less than a mile from the DeWinters estate, but Vi still could never get the timing right. Somedays, she arrived early and others- terribly late. Thankfully, the cold air got her up earlier than usual. She smiled as she entered the classroom. It was a small, demure smile that oddly matched the same expression that Emily was drawing on the kites. Her perfectly manicured eyebrows sat asymmetrical with one above the other, tentatively perched. Her nails clacked against the desk as she went to sit down in her usual spot. Second row, deadset in the middle. She was dimly aware of Emily's presence in the room, given her mutterings. Violet decided to avoid her at first, moving around her in order to get to the front. V was not ready to talk yet, and she definitely needed another few minutes of silent coffee-sipping to feel like being social.

Sitting back, she took a slow sip of her coffee, enjoying the taste. Her eyes shut. How come she could sleep in any place that wasn't her house? It was odd and incredibly frustrating. Especially when she's supposed to be a top student and also the school's socialite. At this point, she was so used to being in desperate need of energy, she made her own. And also drank copious amounts of caffeine. Violet was notorious for matching her Monster energy drink to her outfit. However, that wouldn't make an appearance until lunch. Instead, she let her stomach be warmed by the coffee. It had been a long, lonely night. More so than usual. Nightmares and odd visions had plagued her, and she ended up falling asleep resting against the tree in her garden. That was why Violet arrived at school early. It was also why she needed to drink her caramel macchiato in peace.

After ten minutes of sipping her coffee and taking a cat nap, Violet was ready to turn on the charm. Taking a deep breath or two, as her therapist taught her to when she felt overexcited, she sat up and began to rummage through her purse. She found her phone and her AirPods case, putting her headphones away, and closing the music tab she had open. She enjoyed flaunting her wealth casually, so she carried her most recent iPhone with pride. It wasn't that she wanted to brag; she wanted respect. Getting up, she moved to the desk in front of Emily and sat atop it, perched perfectly on the edge. There was no one else of interest at school yet, so she thought to warm up to the girl first. It had been awhile.

"Hey, Emily. What're you up to?" Violet smiled, serenely with her eyes slightly low-lidded.

When Aran made it to Fifth and Durum, he took a moment to catch his breath. He was starting to panic, with his heart racing out of his chest. A few blocks back, he started choking on his tears and snot. Aran needed a moment, so he rested his back on the church, content with the fact that he was only a few steps from his desired location. From Father McCarthy, the last emblem of his childhood. It felt wrong, being here under these conditions. He wasn't even Christian, and it felt wrong that the only reason he was seeking a religious location was because people wanted to murder him.

His backpack was heavier now, filled with old mementos and kitchen knives. His clothes from high school were also in his old school backpack, which laid atop his newer, heavier one. He figured that if he was holed up for the foreseeable future, it would be best if he had his own clothes. It was odd, returning to his house. It felt like he had forgotten all of the ins and outs of his home. It was barren without anyone else there, and the last time he had been around was a year or two ago when he briefly stopped by for Thanksgiving. He had left in anger and hadn't spoken to his brother since. He'd barely spoken to any of his family since, barring his mother. He was a stranger in this home, and he felt like a burgler taking the knives from the kitchen and his father's gun from the safe. He should've taken the television while he was at it.

Taking a deep breath, Aran wiped his tears away and covered his face long enough to take a breath in. He tried to think about anything other than his father or his friends.

Standing up, he made his way to the gate of the church. It only took him a few moments to see that it was barricaded, and Aran began to jiggle the gate ferociously.

"Hello? Father McCarthy?" Aran called out, rising on his tiptoes.

The church looked almost abandoned. It was never this quiet. The only thing suggesting that people took care of the building was the state of the garden. He began to survey the premises, walking the perimeter of the fence until he found the back. There was a small opening in the fence, one suggesting some sort of entrance. It was then that he found a latch and opened it, quietly. He was dimly aware of the danger in Fifth and Durum being so quiet, and it made Aran be even gentler with his movements. The gate only shrieked slightly as he opened it. It took him only a few moments before he was at the church door. He knocked, mildly aware that it felt like the only sound on the street even though only a few blocks over it was chaos.

"Father McCarthy?"
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hell yes

Aran's day started out with his arm being nearly torn off by his best friend.

The night before, he had hosted a sesh with his friends, introducing them to his home-grown cannabis. It wasn't the best, but everyone enjoyed themselves. That is, until Harris left to get everyone coffee this morning and came back a murderous freak with a lust for blood. Unfortunately, Harris had gotten everyone except Aran, who happened to wake up just in time before he got bitten. However, it was an unequal fight with four zombies against one. Not to mention Aran has minimum defense skills. Perhaps his three years of karate when he was a kid will come in handy now? He didn't know, but he jumped away, ripping his arm out of Harris' grasp. Looking around and feeling cornered, he took stock of the room and realize how painfully outnumbered he is.

"Hey, come on Harris... Penny... you don't have to do this!"

He received no response, only grunts from a few of the friends of friends that showed up last night. Picking up his backpack, Aran kicked Penny in the stomach, giving a small apology as he ran out of the apartment. He trotted down the stairs, hearing the echo of extra footsteps. He picked up the pace, jumping the last five steps. Pushing out the door, he slammed into another person, causing blood to splatter all over the glass. There was a groan, but Aran didn't stop to find out if it was human or murderous human noises.

"Sorry!" was all he said as he ran away, sprinting for several blocks before hiding himself in an alley to catch his breath.

That's when he got a phone call from his mother.

"Mom?" His voice sounded panicked and out of breath. He felt like a child again.

"Honey, I need you to go to the church on Fifth street and Durum. You remember Father McCarthy, right?" Moon's voice came out soft and sweet, even though there was distant screaming in the background.

"Why? We aren't even Christian... Mom, where are you?"

"Florida, but that doesn't matter. We need you and your siblings to go there, okay? We are going to drive up from here. We'll be there in a few days, okay?" She was gentle, coaxing Aran through the conversation.

"What? Why are you guys there? What's happening?"

"I don't know, but it's something Father McCarthy prepared for. We'll be there soon, honey. Just get to the church."

Something about his mom's voice scared him, like she was telling a lie. It was the same voice she used to talk about Santa with. This realization forced Aran to digest his mom's wishes, and after a beat or two, he finally spoke.

"Okay. I will."

"Good, honey. I'm going to call your sister, now, so I have to go. She's supposed to be landing in Chicago today, so expect her soon. Okay? I love you."

"I love you too, Mom. Tell Dad I love him."

"He knew, honey. Okay, I got to go."

"Wait, Mom, what do you mean 'knew'? Mom-" That's when the phone clicked. Aran felt tears start to crawl into his eyes. He swallowed his words and his tears. He knew there wasn't time.

Throwing off his backpack, he rifled through it until he found his pepper spray and a full can of Arizona. It was better than nothing, he supposed. Zipping the backpack back up, he started running towards his old house.

"Cancel your trip. I need you to empty your car."

Zaneta was startled by her mother's voice. She had been sitting on her phone, lazily propped up on the couch. The TV was playing softly in the background, mentioning some recent round of murders. At first, Zane didn't move, unable to fully process her mother's words. That's when she jumped up, eyebrows furrowed.

"What the hell do you mean I can't go on my trip?" Her face was red, getting redder by the second. No one was going to take this road trip from her, and she wanted to scream at her mom.

Her mom's eyes were wild, odd, and almost twitchy. Still, Zelda managed some softness as she spoke. "I don't have time to explain, but I got a call and we need to go."

"From who? Who called?" Zaneta huffed, getting more frustrated. "You know, I'm an adult. I don't have to cancel shit.

Her mom glared at her, putting her hands on her hips. "Zaneta- You just have to trust me on this. I don't have the time to explain." She paused, turning away to walk towards the master bedroom. "I'll explain once we get on the road. Now go unpack your Jeep."

Zaney followed Zelda, stomping her boots on the hardwood floor of their Texan home. Her mom was wearing a cowboy hat, and it took everything in her power not to steal it off her head to get her mother's attention. Unfortunately, she was painfully aware of Zelda's new-found spurs on her boots. Instead, she followed her mom into the bedroom, watching as she pulled a duffle bag out from under the bed. "What the fuck is that? What the fuck is happening?"

That was when her mother opened the duffle bag, revealing an array of guns and knives, even a katana. There was a wide variety to choose from, with some weapons as old as the 21st century. Zelda grabbed a sawed-off and then tossed a rolled up sheath of knives to Zane. "I should've taught you how to shoot years ago, but this should do for now." She paused, studying her daughter's clothes. "Put as many of those knives as you can on your body. The rest you should store in your backpack. Now do as I fuckin' asked Zaneta and unpack the damn car, but leave your clothes."

The look on her mother's face frightened Zaneta. She simply said "Yes ma'am." before walking out to the car, trying to understand what was happening. Why was her mother acting so strange? What was she supposed to do with this shit? She looked at the blow-up floaties and the cooler full of beer. She tried to think straight, figuring out what she should keep and what she should toss. Ultimately, she decided on her suitcase of clothes, the food she packed, and the blanket and pillows. That's when she heard a low growl behind her. Turning to the right, she found Mr. Wittaker staring at her with black blood dried to his shirt. He didn't look right, and something about him made Zaneta's neck hair turn up. She rested her hand on the hilt of the big knife she had in her pocket. That's when Wittaker started running towards Zaney, and she brought the knife out. That's when a bullet shot through his head, splattering brains everywhere, including Zaneta's hair. That's what she screamed.

"Shut the fuck up, Zaney."

She looked back to see Zelda poised with the shot-gun on her hip. She looked like Sarah Connor in the second terminator, which started Zaneta. Where was her mom?

"Get in the car. And stop staring at me."

She didn't stop staring, not even when they got into the Jeep and began driving towards Oklahoma. "You want to tell me why the fuck you shot Mr. Wittaker and why the fuck we're hitting the road?"

Her mother took a deep breath, gripping the steering wheel. "I got a call, from an old acquaintance in Chicago, back when I lived there after meeting your father. I always thought this might happen, but I didn't think it would. Hell, he didn't either. At least we hoped." She got a lost look in her eyes, losing her train of thought.

"Mom?" It came out soft and childish.

Zelda shook her head. "Right. Sorry." A pause. "We need to get to Chicago. He's far more prepared than I am."

"Mom, prepared for what? What the fuck is happening?"

That's when her mom looked over at her. "The apocalypse, dear."

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