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2 yrs ago
Current Sometimes, when I'm lonely I sit and think about him , and it hurts to remember all the good times 🎶
3 yrs ago
Of course when I get a full-time job is when I want to start a new story most 🤦🏼‍♀️
3 yrs ago
and she remained in her feels for the rest of the day.
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3 yrs ago
*gazing longingly at my old stories*
3 yrs ago
I miss writing. Ugh.


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Just a little bump while I put something new together. Feel free to shoot me a PM 🥰
Never got this idea off the ground, so - bump!
I have absolutely fallen down the rabbit hole that is the NXVIM cult, and I am dying to get this off the ground using it as a source of inspiration.
Just a little bump
I finally decided to take a much-needed break from university, and I'm determined to get back to writing for fun. I'd love to get something started!
Thought I'd give this another bump :)
Just a little bump! Would love to write this :)
Really eager to get a story started - HMU :)
Since death of God, there's been an opening...
You could fill that void!

Yeah, it's covid isolation time, and I'm really bored. I've got a lot of extra free time on my hands, and I would love to develop a little world with someone while the outside world keeps.. falling apart. I'm an Aussie on Brisbane time, but online 24/7. I love a good OOC chat, and dishing about ideas and stuff. Weekends are generally a busy time for me, but I am pretty much always available to write.

I have a huge interest in cults, and group-think and the kind of narcissistic personality it requires to lead a group of people. I particularly like the dynamic between the leader and their followers, whether they are gullible or reluctant to give in. I'm hoping that one of you lovely humans share my weird little fixation, and would like to develop that with me!

I am kinda down to clown when it comes to where and when we set it, but I suppose I'm more familiar with modern settings. I'm a bit limited when it comes to fandoms, and I really do prefer to write original characters. I suppose something in the Harry Potter universe could be fun, something Death Eater-y.... If you've got a fandom universe you love, swing it by me!

I'm looking for someone to play my cult leader. The story could be set during the early days, or at the peak of their reign, depending on what we feel like going with. I can see this roleplay being quite fluid in time, and I'm definitely happy to play different characters to suit our needs at any given time, and I am hoping that you will be happy to do the same!

This is going to be an 18+ story with adult themes. I am happy to have individual conversations about triggers and limits whenever necessary, but the life-or-death stakes and moral depravity is part of what makes cults so fun. I'm also both happy to fade to black, or dedicate a significant portion of time to these scenes! All up to us, but I am definitely looking for a story that prioritises plot over smut. 👌

If this has sparked anything in you, I would love to talk this out! Feel free to shoot me a private message so that we can hopefully start moving forwards!
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