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3 days ago
Current You know when I made that mopey status I never thought I'd actually end up DATING HER
9 days ago
I wanna ruin our friendship, we should be lovers instead
14 days ago
I need a Bird's of Prey-style girl gang ASAP.
20 days ago
It will be a miracle if this week doesn't kill me! I need a hug!
21 days ago
Turns out I'm just not allowed to be happy, I guess.


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I'm finally free from the evil grasp of my internship, so I'd love to get another story started now my schedule is more open!
Hi! Welcome to my lil slice of the net!

I consider myself to be fairly literate, and enjoy writing around 2 paragraphs per response. I'm not too much of a stickler, though, and I'm really just here to have fun! I live in Australia, so I go off of Brisbane time, which is an important thing to consider! :) I have this down as mature, to cover all my bases, but I have always favoured stories that only use ~sexy~ content where it's warranted and necessary. I'm certainly happy with a "fade to black" scenario, too!

The following list are settings/story-lines in which I enjoy writing:
- Post-apoc (whether that be zombies, Fallout-style, or Handmaid's Tale-esque dystopia!)
- General/slice of life romance
- Horror (monsters, supernatural, psychological thrillers... I love it all)
- Vampires and werewolves
- Harry Potter Wizarding Universe
- Fantasy: magical powers or "gifted" characters
This list is far from exhaustive, just a list of things that I have found myself frequenting over the years. If you enjoy something that is not on this list, I am always up to hearing offers and I would love to hear what you can come up with!

As far as my current cravings go, I have a few that are a little more specific:

Please feel free to PM me if you're interested in anything I've put across. I am always open for ideas, and I would love to work with you to build something great!
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