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Keltra Revealed

Anath Homura & Oge’Ivu

Suspended high above the sea that was currently stained with the colors that came with the setting sun, hung the soaring circular-city that acted as the realm of Anath Homura. Visible was the substructure of the flying fortress that consisted of two spiraling helix-shaped staircases that sprouted forth from the two gates found along the foundations of the outer wall and descended to the surface of the sea that splashed and sprayed against the lowest of the steps.

The outer wall encircled a much smaller inner ring of columns that surrounded a towering structure that occupied the center of the city. Unhindered in their passing through the circular colonnade were four pathways that joined the looming core structure with the wide outer wall, allowing any pedestrian to walk freely all throughout the shimmering citadel that seemed as though it were sculpted solely from cardinal ruby. The realm of Anath Homura was akin to a palace in its appearance, rather than a castle, considering its lack of physical protection.

Audible from afar, though suppressed in a strange manner, was the whirling winds beneath the city that continued to blow upwards, and though very clearly lacking the strength to lift the entirety of the immense structure into the sky, it would be more than enough to carry any wandering creature that foolishly fell from the intersecting paths or off the outer wall. The origin of these precautionary gales and their persistent presence could only ever be explained as a manifestation of divine decree.

Despite the decorative architecture consisting of a vast expanse of complex and beautiful stone reliefs and fantastical murals all acting as a facade that adorned the exterior that greeted those that visited, the city itself was rather desolate. Devoid of denizens and devoid of any homes for those that would reside outside the central citadel - it was almost utterly deprived of life.

Amid that starry and desolate place in the sky that had become painted with red and orange and pink, another form had grown ever closer. From a spec, to a dot, to now a massive shape still smaller than the palatial city in the sky.

Five radial eyes and numerous tendrils descended. A maw with clicking penta-mandibles, slowly ejecting stuck pieces of whale from a previous meal. Armored ridges protecting delicate corridors and organs. From void sacks to the delicate digestion and macro-immunities.

Floating amid the sky closing in, no large wings or soaring fins, speaking no words but approaching still with eyes alighted with curiosity.

Anath Homura stood alone atop the outer wall like a silent and vigilant sentinel, staring with her one eye at the one that was about to arrive, while the sanguine blood that stained her attire and soaked her skin began to undulate slowly as though stirring with slight anticipation. Rivulets formed, and arranged themselves into many quivering streaks along her limbs and across her torso, as the remaining blood upon her face shifted swiftly and seeped into her orifices and the white rose that grew where her second eye should be.

The tendrils ascended back into the body of the great beast mother as she descended towards the city and its wall. In truth the spot that was the Goddess hardly was visible to the creature, and beyond its concern as well. Instead it focused upon the great visa of the city- moving to explore even as it was ill suited for the streets and corridors of such a place.

“Why are the flames tainted? Perhaps I should bring an end to its misery…” Anath Homura murmured, suddenly standing upon the immense creature above its strange set of eyes. She opened and clenched her hands, still wet with blood.

Of the radial eyes, one focused ever so patiently on the newly moved goddess. Rotating in the socket under the beast’s transparent lids, a tendril moved out from under the beast, wrapping around to touch with curiosity. A great sound rumbled through the beast as she did so, a sound a comfort as she had done so many times before with the countless children of her race.

“You are innocent, and yet you are corrupted by sin. Your polluted presence stirs the Stigma and obscures the Sacred Path. Should I cleanse you, or should I leave you be?” The red goddess asked as she stroked the tendril tenderly, and despite her hands being damp with divine ichor, the inquisitive limb remained unharmed and untarnished.

For a moment the tendril froze as the divine meanings of the words echoed in the smaller mind of Oge’Ivu, but only a moment. A rumbling started deep within the beast, a feeling, a meaning, one understood not by the Iava’Oge for there was no tongue to this, there was only a sense a divine could pick up from the freshly steeled mind of the great beast. Tendrils descended and hackles rose - the meaning unfolded.

Do as you must to me - my children will be protected.

“A child cannot give consent. I shall not cleanse you yet.” Anath Homura answered, and averted her apathetic gaze afterwards. She stayed in a motionless state of pensive silence, content with letting the large creature wander freely while she contemplated.

Beyond her words the grand beast knew not what meaning lurked in the Goddess’s thoughts. She knew not what to do about such a mystery, so she did what had come upon her earlier. She floated above the wall and over the city proper, exploring with her tendrils as her radial eyes kept sight on goddess and palatial vistas alike.

“What do you wish to see?” Anath Homura inquired in an impassive tone.

No real response to the question came from Oge’Ivu. Instead, she went forward, her tendrils touching and gently as she could feeling the textures and exploring where her body could not. Her ventral eyes expanded their trifold light limiters- like a series of expanding pupils they let in more to see all below her.

It took only a moment for her internal ballast tanks to briefly compensate for the eternal winds flowing from below the great palace city.

“This realm will remain empty to your eyes, as I will not allow the tainted to sense the truth of Keltra. I suggest departing, as you shall find no sustenance here.”

This meant little to the great beast, Oge’Ivu searched not for these things in the great city- not that she particularly understood the idea of permission either granted. There was an aspect of curiosity to all of her children that came from her, and yet a divine sparked sense lurked deep within- a sense of a message not fully understood.

It was that reason that despite having little need for the lands and continents of the world that they still spent so much time looking down from on high. And it was for that reason that Oge’Ivu attempted such explorations of Keltra.

Her form was well shaped with purpose and idea, but even the divine senses of a god could only tell you what was there - only thought or even random chance could land upon the cause and design for such.

It was therein finding the streets bare and all she could reach barren - it was then that Oge’Ivu turned sight towards the murals and imagery with what imagination and thought she barely possessed.

A murmur so gentle it barely escaped the grand form of the sky titan, one attempting understanding.

Anath Homura had silently vanished, and only Oge’Ivu remained adrift amongst the gracefully sculpted stone that the city was composed of. The surface decorations spanning the solitary structures consisted of abstract art; intricate patterns melding linear and intersecting paths, as well as interlacing shapes and glittering glyphs.

There was an absence of life especially in the grandiose architecture, a lack of animalistic and natural motifs that would convey worldly meaning. It was perfectly shaped, serenely sculpted solely through the exclusion of so much of the cosmos, however, despite its achieved perfection - its widespread beauty and splendor - it still remained a blank canvas.

The emptiness invited the imagination to explain it, beckoning the touch of those inspired with wondrous creativity, but it also acted as a barrier. Perhaps the contours and carvings across the walls, and along the streets, were meant to serve as guidelines… The stone simultaneously provided the answers and the questions, yet it was ever too easy to become lost in what seemed an infinite path to explore.

Without concern or pause, Oge’Ivu explored what she could with sight and tendril. A touch of flesh and what could be seen. Rubbing gently along the texture blank and smooth - perfect and so strange from all she had known. It was a place of amazement and calm to the giant - even if she had not the idea of creation. She did not realize that she was perhaps the first among mortals to actually see the architecture of Keltra, to touch and feel it.

Suddenly there were ripples in the air all around Oge’Ivu, shimmering and shifting, accompanied by the arrival of many sounds and structures that had swiftly appeared in sections of the soaring city. Though the light of day was fading as the sun descended below the horizon, there was also an abundance of new sources that offered illumination - flying rivers of celestial radiance that were interwoven with each other, and spreading across half of the city.

It was too weak to inflict harm, but Oge’Ivu heard a thud as something struck her side…

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Asar Sen

a chance for a new- a chance for a new- a chance for a new- a chance for a new- a chance for a new- a chance for a new- a chance for a new

The wind whipped around her, screaming it’s way into her ears. Her hair fluttered and caught along her antlers as she neared the opening. The leaf patterned skin flexed as she leapt from armored ridge to ridge.

Her form was far too small for the mass of the Iava’Oge to even notice as she gently crawled into the long unused entrance to the interior corridors of the great beast.

The shadow over the lake was immense as the figure brought the previous cargo to the lake shore carefully again and again. In the distance trees and mountains while the solid figures of unborn humanity gathered.

Lessons would be taught, and care taken. Asar Sen smiled as she took another and set them standing along the shore. This would be a good place for them- she would help make it so for them.

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It had once been where blight and evil had been done that eventually life again would return. Joyous and bright as before. However, such had changed with the burning so frightful, it left none but ash.

And yet, even if a forest burns and all there is lost, perhaps the draft of air may carry a seed far away from such devastation.

Asar Sen had left. She had taught her, shown her thoughts and memories beyond those of this world too. She told her of concerns and wonders, secrets and tricks of life and beyond.

She was happy with her, but now she had left. She wanted to explore on her own, Ia’Akhul understood, she knew this feeling. But still, she worried as she flew. Her daughter off into the world.

How will it treat her? How will she understand and adapt? Her thoughts and worries became a blur, she almost even ran into a mountain before flying up in split avoidance. She needed to escape these worries somehow.

A cave, perhaps exploration further might take ease of her worries? Or creation perhaps may help in some part to escape her worries.

In the deep lands where rock became ground and sky, a wall containing and limiting as well as offering expanding possibilities with such limitations. Ia’Akhul had seen a number of surface life she had made, coming down beneath the surface as the goddess now did.

Then things began to change, great mushrooms the like she had never before seen, the multitudes of environs and flora. She looked here, and then over there. There was a distinct lack of fauna in most cases, she had a few ideas of addition, but clearly this needed some thought.

Divine power began to form and wash out from her.

First was something that a number of the more closely related forms of life to their above surface cousins might appreciate. A massive tuber, from above looking like a little hill with an equally little tree, but in reality most of the plant went deep deep down. A tuber that connected surface and subsurface, ground to roof. Bringing vast amounts of vitamins, and efficient solar collection into a sunlightened sap- a bright sap imbued with great solar energy. Any creatures that needed the sun for vitamins would be much obliged given the lack of sunlight so deep underground.

Next were the great fliers of the underground, although perhaps more than a little bit derivative. She used the sea bound manta as a base- of course changing more than a little about it to fit such a demand. Bubbles appeared to support it through the air ventrally as its insides morphed for such changes.

Further altering the head, expanding the wings and adding a good set- but keeping the dorsal area smooth. Perhaps they could serve a purpose similar to the Gedhe’iwak in the world above- although adapted of course. Good clasping muscles to keep to walls or ceilings as well for rest. Two tails, some minor color alterations and movement of eyes and mouth. And there it was, the Swi’oge.

As they flew off, Ia’Akhul flew gently to rest upon a mushroom cap. It was a fascinating place, this underground land, and yet her thoughts drifted ever towards her sweet Asar Sen.

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Fire burned land and empty fields, a glade gone and choir disappeared. Once there had been hope, a propensity to recover. Now there was ash, such voices silenced.

Silenced. A common affliction to those who had passed. Their words not spoken, their songs not sung. None for the departed, none for the truly lost. Those who would come again, would not even know how much was gone.

More than ones and twos, she could’ve counted by it seemed to be all the more pleasant to watch the many. Ia’Akhul floated above the world, carrying her human gift with her still. She watched the first descent of the Iava’Oge, children of Oge’Ivu. They kept to her form, and her hunger, seeking out the oceans and soon after mountain peaks and other such places they could find what they needed.

It was peaceful in its own way, watching them float downwards, such a pace left them gently descending over the world below- she wondered what the view would be from that place.

Their mother had taken a roundabout trip, passing behind the curve of the world-orb. Quite curious they would be evidently, not something planned, not something surprising. They were alive, and that came with its own wonders and amazements along the path.

The butterfly spread her wings, and power flowed forth. Creatures of will and power beyond the means of flesh and form. To the abilities fantastical even as the form remained solid. She embraced it, with her creation and essence retwinned.

As she refocused her senses, a new idea came to her. From a place she had not thought about for sometime in the deepest hardiest corner of her mind, from Before.

She would have to adapt to this world all that she thought- or make room for the world to adapt to her creations. But to take inspiration from others was a heartfelt joy.

Like an elf, even Homura in her grand designs and perhaps slightly unhinged philosophy had seen such a form had good purpose. Bipedal, kept most focus on height for advantage while mailing a dexterous pair of hands to manipulate the world around. That would be especially prevalent as beyond her own form was protected by her innate divine strength…

Her thoughts drifted, she did not forget what she had planned, but rather remembered more. She remembered Po. Action, excitement, and a call to do and act rather than think. There was definitely a value in that, and she had plenty of time for thinking.

And then the butterfly dove, first was a simple stop, setting a certain sphere in a secure Iava’Oge. The next dive, took her down to the seas faster than any of the grand floating beasts could imagine.

She soared first above the waves and then below them, she loved life. The seagulls above and the mantas below- fishes in skies of air and water. She gazed upon the beautiful fields of coral building, and the multitudes dashing through the underwater world.

It was beautiful, but familiar, new and yet known. She had planned and made much, yet the action, the existence was a sight to behold amid all her many senses more than what a mere thought may convey. To plan and to prepare was different from doing and the result.

She burst from the waves before they crashed upon a rocky cliff face. It was a quick burst before she soared over the treetops further inland, the physical power of a deity was useful yes, but also exhilarating. So many lives lived at the limits of their capabilities, Ia’Akhul took some time to experience hers even if it wasn’t strictly necessary.

Trees, bushes, and all manners of undergrowth. Leaves and branches, vines and flowers. So much to see and to draw from. Her mind dotted skin with design and purpose in that project so close to her.

And then she stopped, looking upon one thing she knew she had wrought. It was a Huwu’idang, one of the great deer- a Stag. Caring for some dying bushes, from a stream it lapped up a good amount and walked over, releasing that water for the daylong plants even as its fur flowed along the colorful patterns, bringing forth life amid a desolate ground.

It was a sight to see, something that had been made- created and thought off. But yet, to see it, with her prodigious senses, feel its heat, the flow of its power as it sought to help with understanding of another’s hurt. Especially one so different.

She took off once again, this time heading again for a mountain top to make another most important creation.

The skies above had the dots of Iava’Oge floating ever down now, and yet her mind could not be further from them it seemed.

From her mind and with her power came forth, elvish in looks but carefully perfected in form. Skin of flower and leaf almost, but ever more. Antlers jutting behind pointed ears and blonde hair.

Her daughter. She had much to teach her beloved Asar Sen.

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The colossus currently soared above the great channel of water that was without a name and yet split the continent across its center. The immense beast of burden wandered without a particular destination set, as Anath Homura stood atop its crown and silently guided it towards whatever garnered her attention. As always; beneath the massive metallic hooves of the colossus as it continued cantering, a strange scarlet storm brewed; blowing in all directions, but lacking the strength to truly buffet any of the nearby exposed environments that they encountered throughout their journey. And as always; this ethereal phenomena was swift to disperse, whenever the colossus came to a sudden halt.

The scarlet storm ceased, and so did the marching of the colossus, as an aura of serene stillness settled upon the skies where the sacred construct levitated. A singular butterfly, coloration of blue and purple, highlights of black- gently flapped down to land across from the goddess.

“It is quite the creation, Proclamator Anath.”

“It is what it is…” Anath Homura murmured, staring at the butterfly with her sole eye and an enigmatic expression, as she intoned further. “I have come to offer peaceful greetings and gifts to bestow upon you. Will you accept my gift of humanity?”

“I offer most peaceable greetings in return.” The butterfly goddess gently stretched her wings, looking up at Anath Homura. “It would please me for you to speak of humanity. You have much hope for this creation?”

“I do. Humanity was created to step forward alongside the Divine upon the Sacred Path.” Anath Homura answered, and then gestured down to the lower sections of the colossus - specifically where its throat and chest came together. The sacred construct shifted internally, rearranging its innards as its exterior opened and revealed the contents that lay within. Emerging from the hollow depths of the colossus, a myriad of chambers with alcoves and combed slabs that safely held the pale and featureless primordial humans swiftly appeared, allowing the two deities to easily view them from their elevated position.

“Humanity is malleable, and awaits the touch of the Divine. To be awakened. To be shaped.” The red goddess recited solemnly, as she glanced back and forth between the butterfly and the dormant vessels down below.

Ia’Akhul kept her focus on the masses of humanity below, her focus set even if her ommatidia kept their positions. “They are like you, but different.”

She lifted herself facing the other goddess. “What is the sacred path?”

“The set of cosmic changes that will eventually free us from the prison that is the Eternal Cycle of Return. It is difficult to describe with mere words or ideabstractions. Hmm… it is simply the correct choice for the future.” Anath Homura answered, tilting her head slightly as she pondered her statement and then quietly added. “To stray from the Sacred Path is to step towards total annihilation.”

The butterfly preened her antennae. “Oh. Neat. Well, I’ll take some humanity then.”

She fluttered her wings and lifted herself to face Anath Homura on a level plain, eye to eye. Her voice came out serious, as if making a claim to the most important of events, “Would you come share a meal if invited in some time?”

“Perhaps…” Anath Homura mused for an ephemeral moment, and then spoke again. “And I extend to you an invitation to visit my realm as well. I intend to return to my realm after I have greeted all of the other gods and goddesses willing to speak with me. Ia’Akhul, I ask that you please visit my home and share the gift of your imagination with me again.” She said, before she respectfully bowed to the butterfly goddess.

Ia’Akhul nodded her antennae in reply for lack of a better anatomical mimicry. “I would love such a course.”

It took only a short moment for the inactive pickings of humanity to be flown up by divine forces from the inner workings of the Great colossus. They kept a float above the two goddesses in a rotating sphere.

“I must continue my travels then. This is farewell, until we meet again.” Anath Homura politely intoned with a fading fondness as she prepared to depart once again. Her one-eye gaze drifted from the butterfly to the horizon, and with an unspoken command did the colossus begin its march onward. Celestial metal stirred and clamored as the sacred construct cantered above the returning scarlet storm, and swiftly soared north.

With the completion of another delivery among the Divine, the red goddess resumed her journey across the world to spread the seed of humanity.

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Gone, so very many fell to not rise again. When many had used to the rarity, the escape and freedom from such harm- it became all the worse when harm had once again descended upon them.

Where once there had been joyous fields, now lay deserted barrens. Where one had joined another and another after, a birthplace of choirs. Now it was empty.

Life had spread. She had quite plainly made sure of it.

Ia’Akhul laid luxuriously along a leaf, sipping nectar from a flower. Perhaps it was a decadent usage of her power but something she enjoyed nonetheless to create like all the rest. A forest where it had once been barren, life where there was emptiness. It was satisfying.

A bevy of deer grazed in their cautious way in the clearing below. Creation and creation interacting, even if it was one eating another. There was something fascinating about how much more came from such growing complexities than any singular creature could accomplish on its own. It reminded her of home in a way.

Of course those deer were being hunted themselves. The little elf things had taken to her forests quite well, taken to most places quite well it had seemed. Downwind, creeping with their sharpened rocks- hoping to take the bevy unawares.

A misplaced step and the deer were off, the elf pack half jogging after to wear them down or catch them later. It had happened before and likely would again. Ia’Akhul took flight, a lone elf seeing a flower falling from a branch before following onwards.

Mountains were a good place to start, especially right here. Ia’Akhul could see, even if a mortal sense could not. The metals that she needed, or rather, what she planned to make would need.

There before her, form came to the idea she had expelled. In the fore, and foremost, came the head. A radial maw with ten mandibles outstretched, five sets in all. An armored skin giving way to five radial eyes, larger than most beasts of the land and themselves armored and inset behind transparent flesh. Set behind these as ideas became flesh and form more sealed entrances to itself in measures long planned. Heavy plates interlocked as divine energy made mortal bone and meat, muscle and sinew.

Corridors filled between walls of bone and meat, organs filled and functioned. Even while still being made flesh it came to life, its mouth tearing stone and rock to get at the necessary metals. Already picked out so closely spotted by the maker goddess.

Grasping tendrils of great length formed and restricted close to the main body. The winds blew and rushed away as great void sacks formed to keep aloft the beast- even without the goddess’s help. Radial five by five in numbers repeated and carefully made- the flesh became form.

Armor and bone, eager flesh giving creation to micro and macro immune systems. Tendrils stretching and grasping in creation. Flesh all over, but most dorsally, eagerly absorbing solar rays. Creation slowed and form has come forth.

Ia’Akhul flew up into the beast, through sacred and secret corridors, through unknown routes and passages. Till she reached a room, a room planned and made within the beast. Close to its vital thoughts and with purposeful guidance made. Guidance indeed, her senses reached out, pressing into the panels and energy receptacles, telling the great beast ideas and guidance. Not commands no, she let it have such decisions itself, but guidance for her beloved living beast.

Even so, with beloved life made, this great beast, her Oge’Ivu- her thoughts turned to the Proclamator. As the flesh groaned around her, pumping around those first rounds of life, Ia’Akhul thought about the words of that proclamation. Was this cultivation? Architecture of the world? Life and form, flesh and thought- would the others accept that which she created? Would they embrace her beloved creations? The land had been changed, life spread by others, but all so different.

She thought about her meeting with Po, would the others be like her? Ia’Akhul felt herself different even if she still liked Po. Would others be as different as well? Would she be alone in her own way?

She had no answers, only many more questions- and her thoughts of creation. She flew through Oge’Ivu, where the corridors curved around her internal void bubbles. The grand spaces inside, the careful doors so perfect seals, the growing and developing macro immunities, the powerful tendrils sending vibrations through the air as they moved and stretched.

She flew out of the great beast and landed on its head, her wings flapping gently as the floating titan began to move away from the mountain with its metal need cured- basking in solar rays as little got through the atmosphere. Turning towards the ocean, it was of flesh and it would need flesh to support itself, especially for what came next.

It would take some time for others to realize the purposes she had planned Ia’Akhul knew. Perhaps less if she actually had a chance to share them.

As the great titan drifted and carried itself over the mountains, aiming for beyond the lands to the ocean- Ia’Akhul knew she had to create just a bit more of what she had so carefully planned.

Divine power flowed once more, flesh and form taking flight. Schools of carp taking flight, their fins guiding them along currents of air and cloud flows. Built strong of weight and strong of back. Capable of carrying others well before achieving their full adult forms. They would be Gedhe’iwak, great fish of the skies. Food for the children of Oge’Ivu should they find the great beasts of ocean and land lacking. She also hoped one day those little elf things might learn to look up and travel the sky with their help.

Before long along the ground she spared an amount of power for life below. She made bipeds hairless gray hominids although their head and neck came to a large mouth with a pair of black beady eyes on each side. She made them smart enough for some cleverness. Their flesh gave them hints of behavior, to hide, to mimic the works of others for benefit. Lacking in communication to be sure, they might at least benefit from others' own abilities. Omnivorous in all aspects, although they preferred to gulp down their food whole and move quickly.

They scattered out over and under land, smelling their way and dodging fierce trees with their less than great eyesight. Nagna, great gulpers of flesh and form. But they would not be alone. No, she had to make something more protective.

Kin to the bevy she saw before, large and tall as the trees, their backs of grass with bodies to blend with tree trunks and colorful leaves. Stags with impressive antlers twice as wide as they. Does and young bucks traveling in little families without such protections. They would be large forest protectors- beyond their prodigious size and strength they’d have great magical ability, capable of assisting the growth of plants and healing soil from destructive scenarios and materials. They would try to assist smaller life and frequently appear in places of greater distress.

They were Huwu’idang, great deer of growth and protection of forests, life, and many smaller things.

The flow stopped, and they too began to spread- Ia’Akhul looked upon them and wondered. She wondered what the other invitees would think. Would they care about such things? Were they fickle- ready to blast out of the sky something that blocked their view? Would they adore them? Hate them?

And what of the little ones, the hunters of deer and thinkers of smaller plans than the gods. Those mortal lives- would they find these useful? Would they find peace with her creations? Would they, as the work of other gods, be ready to destroy them?

She did not know, but would find out.

Oge’Ivu had reached the ocean, it would feed and then it would soar to the heavens above- far beyond the kith and kin that spread on the world below. A last flow of power went through Oge’Ivu- she would be mother to a race in form of her own. The Iava’Oge, they would be like her, but different. Smaller perhaps, but in short time grand titans of the skies for all to see. They would be necessary for the plans to come.

She needed a word however, so she took her leave. Flying off the great beast’s back, a word with that grand inviter. She had heard her new words, and it intrigued her- although she had many more things to think about than just that.



The blue and purple wings of Ia’Akhul continued their dance in the void. She had parted from her orbit of the Proclamator-Goddess, now continuing her thoughtful journey around the world-orb. Below in the charming roiling seas and grand stone plains her fellow divines seemed to play and prance. Detailing the world out, a splash of color there, a bountiful range of stone here, craft and vision.

Some went direct, others vehicles were their choice. Ia’Akhul watched from above, her thoughts jumping with each change, a consideration added of what and when, of how and where. The glitter bound lights of the start sky still shown, brightness filling every corner of this creation.

And then, an interruption.

An intense heat washed over Ia’Akhul’s back and before long a fiery figure was peeking over their wings. The figure was without a visible face, with any detail lost in the bright white that burned under a hooded cloak of flame. Two wings of fire beat as the faceless goddess studied Ia’Akhul at an intimate closeness. Finally, two red eyes blinked from the white void and a scratchy voice shouted out a little too loud for the proximity. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Her antenna twinged and she twisted- bringing her many eyes spots fully facing the loud one. “I am not thinking what I’m doing. I’m doing what I’m doing, and thinking what I’m thinking. I would not get my actions so confused.”

Her fore limbs brushed her antenna and eyes with a mischievous innocence. “Are you thinking what you’re doing? It seems quite backwards to me but each can follow their own path here it seems.”

With a gentle flap of her wings she adjusted herself fully, bringing herself level with those red eyes- lacking much eyes amid the white flaming void. They seemed to squint suspiciously at Ia’Akhul.

“Are you making fun of me?” The scratchy voice came again, accompanied by a prodding finger wreathed in red flame.

“‘Of you’? No. With you? I hope.” Ia’Akhul preened her antenna once again as she gently spread her wings in a big stretch. “I am Ia’Akhul, you can call me this.”

The fiery god let her finger slip from Ia’Akhul and straightened herself out. “I’m Po. Happy to meet you.”

“Delighted to meet you as well. What brings you here?”

“You,” Po answered. “I saw you fluttering here when you should be down there setting things on fire.” She emphasized the down there with a big point to the planet below. “Look how cold it looks! Even up here it is pretty cold. It’s time we heat things up, Ia’Akhul!”

“Perhaps you are correct. I do need to see the Proclamator about a matter first I think.” Ia’Akhul preened her antennae. “Although, it would seem for now the world orb is ill suited for the flame.”

"Ill suited!?" Po's voice shrieked with surprise. "It's practically begging for a little heat, are you crazy!? It's so dark and cold! Come on, Ia'Akhul, I thought you were hot like me! Let's go!"

Ia’Akhul preened her antennae, again. A singular flap of her wings and she set herself spinning while centered in front of the fiery goddess. “Of course I am crazy. Are you not too?”

With a push of divine might, she sent herself careening down to the world below. She did not stop herself, she went faster.

Pulling up to bolt across a surface. One she had found so empty. So devoid of what it truly needed. With a boom she broke the sound barrier as she sped faster and faster. She flew barely over the ocean, kicking up waves as she recalled her thoughts while strolling so gently.

That was the thing about watching, about thinking rather than doing. It left a lot planned for later.

"Hey!" Po's voice boomed from behind, the Goddess clearly following. "Watch where you're splashing that gross stuff!"

“Fire is interesting. In its own way. It’s not quite the living breath of life, but it does breathe. It doesn't eat but it does consume. It builds up without growth, multiplies without children. Fire is its own thing, quite clearly as we are deities apart.” As she spoke calmly, she lifted enough not to spray the waters so much. She continued to speed up- beyond multiples of barriers of sound.

And yet the sound of Po's voice still found her. "DON'T EAT!? ARE YOU KIDDING, I'M STARVING!"

Ia’Akhul ignored the outburst for now. It was as planned from small to large, and Po would enjoy what was to come she was sure. She lifted hair far up into the air, speeding up still. Beneath her wings shot a divine force of creation as she traveled from sea to land. Bringing forth all that she had thought. Creatures large and small, flora and fauna of all means and manners.

In the sea below, fishes, whales, sharks, algae and microbes. Creatures with long necks and ones with tiniest flagella. Parasites and symbiotes, beasts with great many teeth and ones with none. To every depth and possible environs, a new complexity. Deep waters filled with the sightless and the light guided, the vent lover and the bottom feeder. Lovingly, she spread her power to all as she flew over. The sea became filled with life.

Behind her, Po was already eating a fish — it’s charred tail poking out from under the hood. “Ish good!” She exclaimed, her fires growing hotter.

“This is only beginning, for hopefully no end…” Ia’Akhul continued, her antennae faintly sensing the land rising in the distance, the winds of creation flowing behind her wings. Leaving behind a happy Po with a face full of food and a fiery wave of her hand.

There were many, but they were few. A chorus, a choir, a harmony over the roaring fires. With each burning glade, the songs rose higher.

A branch broke here, a few silenced there. Soon just the crackle of flames remained, and then nothing as even that charred its last.

“I am Anath Homura! Come forth to me, and become the cosmic cultivators and architects of a new realm! Join my pantheon, and become Divine! Shape the sturdy land, shift the singing sea, sculpt the soaring sky, rewrite reality in accordance with your visions!”

Ia’Akhul was and wasn’t. It did not matter. Life mattered, she knew this. She knew life mattered more than any deeper essence for her. Gently, her form had coalesced. She flapped her wings for good measure, testing their workings.

Her head moved, glancing this way and that, saying nothing. Her leg moved and brushed her antenna- ensuring it was clean. With a small leap, she took to flight. Looking below her there was a world, barren but there. Great seas and oceans crashed across craggy shores and rocky isles. Particulate swirled in those waters, an endless dance with the flow and movement of the newborn world.

Grand sheets of glacial ice, capping the farthest reaches of the northern lands and the south escapes far beyond. Broken fragments drifting free, smallest flakes floating gently.

Air gathered dust and fragments of powerful stones, each moving and rumbling across that land.

She mimicked and gazed. A world below, so full and so empty. She soared and swirled her path, trying to see the joy in action. But there was none.

The smallest stone adrift in a sea had no more desire or course of action than the great sheets of ice or the far rocky plains. Solid perhaps, active in other aspects. But resoundingly lifeless.

It did not make her sad. That was too small and weak a word to describe the fullness of her feelings. She turned away from the brightly lit orb, countless dazzling lights surrounding a place more empty to her than nothing. Nothing promised nothing, it gave no hints, whispered no dreams. Something, a rock, a sea, a sky clear and free. That gave ideas, it gave options and dearest thoughts.

That was her joy, something yet to come, something more.

Her wings made a turn, a flap that was not needed with the power that coursed through her, but kept all the same. Orbiting as if drawn in, around that loud spoken seeker. Pantheon and Divine. Cultivator and Architect. These meant little to her in that most deepest sense. But it meant enough.

Circling gently, a lazy path of flight she came close and far again to that speaker and guide light. Anath Homura. Ia’Akhul was and wasn't. But, she planned to bring surety to that, as she drifted to her joyful dreams of lost and free thought. What was to come, what could be.

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