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• Ir-Vaeri •

There was nothing.

A void beyond void, not even a framework. No law or thing filled this space, there wasn’t even a real concept of space- something that went against the whole concept. To have the idea of a void, there must be a basis for something, not even that yet existed.

And then that changed.

Ir-Vaeri blinked, “Wow,” the word slipped out as if drawn by some unknown force. Her body condensed into a lose figure of a woman. Like a gas held together it formed and shifted among a million colors and kinds of a space yet to be. More words followed as she looked around, “This kinda sucks doesn’t it.”

The shifting Star forms in place of eyes lilted around what was among what was not til they settled on a compelling option, a scroll.

With a leap and a cry she brought her form on top of the scroll. “Dibs on fundamental reality!”

Divine power flowed as her form shifted, she did not stick the landing and was quite quickly rolling off. With Grace befitting her current mentality, she managed to slow her roll to a stop, right before falling off. However, that power still flowed out, connecting and creating a pattern of dizzying complexity and connection. From fundamental interactions leading to seemingly endless possibilities as a plan for existence- something that would add meaning to a void, a framework. A massive tying together of disparate concepts and ideas from before the intervention.

Standing up a few muttered words came forth, “Meant to do it that way…”

• Ir-Vaeri •


Ir-Vaeri can seem quite fickle to those unacquainted with her, but those who know her truly and deeply know that she actually is incredibly fickle at times. However, this is often tempered not just by moods or ambition but rather opinion. The more strongly she feels about something, often even as simple as disliking or liking, the more solid her decisions and plans stay. This is not to mention her mischievous streak, which may be a bit out of tune with mortal expectations- but then again which gods always are?

Even though she does connect strongly with a domain of complex reality and rules, this is not reflected as a hidebound expression or one for rules and proper behavior whatever that may mean. Ordered chaos is likely the closest one gets with her at times free or fickle spirit.

Musical Theme
Hey there Frettzo.

Mind if I lurk?

Why would we not appreciate having you along even if just to lurk?

Although I don’t speak for Frettzo, I know myself and others would enjoy having you around.
• Ir-Vaeri •


Ir-Vaeri can seem quite fickle to those unacquainted with her, but those who know her truly and deeply know that she actually is incredibly fickle at times. However, this is often tempered not just by moods or ambition but rather opinion. The more strongly she feels about something, often even as simple as disliking or liking, the more solid her decisions and plans stay. This is not to mention her mischievous streak, which may be a bit out of tune with mortal expectations- but then again which gods always are?

Even though she does connect strongly with a domain of complex reality and rules, this is not reflected as a hidebound expression or one for rules and proper behavior whatever that may mean. Ordered chaos is likely the closest one gets with her at times free or fickle spirit.

Musical Theme

Titan and the Tree

Oge’Ivu, Sanctuary, and Other Characters of Import

Sunlight shone through the branches of Sanctuary, that towering tree that dwarfed all others, and held within its branches the many dwellings that made up the de facto capital of wood elf society. Initially said elves had more or less been squatting in the city that had been grown by a god to test the now departed Pieapple and her companions, unable to build more, yet alone renew what was there.

That had changed now, thanks to one of the other members of the trio of elves that had (with some help) claimed this place for elf kind: Fernguard, the [druidic adventurer] and [warden] of the Darkwoods.

Not that she did that much adventuring these days, the druidic part of her class having become rather dominant since she had gained it. Case and point, what she was doing on this fateful day, which was not traveling halfway across the world to claim a kingdom, or investigating the mysterious castles that were rumored to have popped up recently. No, instead what she was doing was a lot less exciting, but in no way less important: teaching.

Specifically, the elf sat in a little plaza on one of the outer branches of their mighty home where they had a clear view of the sky and, importantly, lots of sunlight. Sunlight they needed because what she was teaching was plant shaping. Fernguard herself had, suitably, a little fern sitting in a stone pot and she was using it to demonstrate to a small group of elves, and (unbeknownst to her) one Rirakuri infiltrator who was using all their willpower to resist the temptation to suck out the soul of the bush they were tending.


Fernguard had no idea how the first bush this stranger had tried to tend had shriveled up as it had, but she was pleased to see that the new one was doing rather well, to which she communicated with them “Good job RockRock, your dedication’s really paid off it seems. That is one healthy bush.”

The Rirakuri sighed in relief at its passing grade and then watched as the elf stepped away and went through the rest of the group. “Good. Good. Hmmmm, a little dehydrated, you’ll have to correct that sorry. Good. Oh now that is a healthy one, great job.” she said, as she passed by the rest of them, dismissing those that were not up to snuff and retaining only those who had green fighters without a class backing them up, which still left her with a fairly healthy group of would-be druids.

“Now then, you’ve learned how to grow a plant the natural way, so the next step is for me to [share my gift: growth] with you all, and we will see how you take to the power and responsibility you’ll be receiving and taking on, should you graduate,” Fernguard informed the class as warm green energy flooded through them, her skill doing as advertised and lending them a bit of her power.

“Now, before you get started, watch me work my magic first.” The elf dictated, before softly running a finger along a shoot of her fern, and then, once she reached the end, effectively pulling that tip forwards, the plant growing rapidly before their eyes, yet entirely under her will, such that ended up with a single extra long shoot. At the same time, the rest stayed exactly the same.

“And there you go, a simple growth,” she said, before telling them, “now you give it a try”

And that they did, with varying levels of enthusiasm and caution which caused a few plant explosions, but which mostly went rather well all thing’s told, Fernguard stepping between the students and giving them tips, guidance, or soft admonishments to get them on the right track. That was up until she saw RockRock wasn't working on their bush and was instead starting up through the branches towards the sky.

“Hey, Sanctuary to RockRock, now isn’t the time for cloud watching. I’d be disappointed if after all your efforts you stopped putting in the work now” she said, giving the not elf a nudge which started them from their skywards gazing.

“Ah. Not clouds.” they clarified, before pointing up at a dot in the sky “That”

“Huh. good eyes,” Fernguard said as she squinted up at the same speck, and then asked, a bit rhetorically, “what is that?”

“Hoped you would know” RockRock replied, before informing her of the very worrying fact that “it's getting bigger”

Far above that greatest of Trees around the wind roared and pounded along the armored carapace of Oge’Ivu- but even the might of such winds was not a match for the sky titan that drifted downwards. Air was sucked in as ballast, taking the place of the void in her grandiose sacs. Although even with such a roaring up in the heavens above it was too far for any such indications to reach the ground except the sight of particularly observant hawks.

On the other side of the equation, three of her great eyes could focus on the ground as she descended. Their telescopic abilities pushed and pulled her pupils to see one small being only to view the grander view once again to pick another to focus. Her tendrils remained safely secured within her as she continued her descent of observation and curiosity.

A tree that was a titan itself compared to its own kin was a matter of some interest, but the flowering of small stubby four-limbed ones around it was fascinating even to a mind such as hers. In terms of survival, she had no real interest in them, but in the divine plan of herself and her children, there was accounting for more than just survival.

Grays, blacks, and muted purples colored her hide in patterns of plates and armors, flesh of sacs, and indications for fleshy entrances long since designed by the living creatrix. Although even without the knowledge of meanings and understanding the display could still be of some interest.

Her mandibles rested along her radial mouth, twitching only occasionally as she passed down moisture from the last clouds, closer and ever closer she went.

Most of the rest of the forest was blind to the descending titan, the thick branches leaving the tribes of wood elves blind to that which descended upon the heart of their civilization.

Thus the ones who bore witness were not elves, nor was it Umbral, Saytar, or the freshly birthed Rirakuri but humans. Humans and chimeras. It was not, perhaps, the sight you wanted to see only days after reaching your divinely gifted home, but the leviathan descending upon their neighbor's home was indeed what the Falling Star Sect saw from atop their step pyramid home.

Questions were asked as to if they should attempt to do something, but, ultimately, such thoughts were futile in the face of distance and scale. All they could do was sit and witness what would occur with bated breaths as the titan drew in close to float level with the city of Sanctuary from on far, and pray to their god that things did not end in ruin.

Because the elves’ god was nowhere to be found.

Oge’Ivu grew close, still far from the tops of even the branches of the great tree but closing still. Evidently, the little ones had seen her fully at last and understood her in some respect she could tell.

It is quite obvious to even a giant such as her when masses flood from open patches under the cover of trees or elsewhere beyond her sight. Others seemed very attached to various branches and other places among the great tree, they stood transfixed behind leaves or half hidden behind some other creation.

A good number came to greet her it did seem, they stood out proudly waving sticks and other implements to her. A vague connection flashed across the mind of Oge’Ivu- this was like the body-folding of the Septet. A tendril extended out from under her, mimicking the motions of one of the sharp-eared little ones even as her other eyes focused elsewhere among the crowds.

It found, among them, one who was half pushed and half stepped out on her from the main group of stick wavers. She was adorned with a cloak of leaf and vine-like many of her kind, and a circlet of living ferns with kiteshield-like fronds sat upon her brow. Her body was a canvas of body paints that told her story in broad strokes, from humble beginnings to her current state as one bonded by oath with a Huwu’idang, and of all her adventures and friendships that had come in between.

It was in particular the friend on her form who was not here that had resulted in Fernguard being pushed forwards to try and make contact. Had Pieberry been here, then she, with her ‘experience’ with speaking with gods would have had her stepping out. Instead, it was Fern, mostly out of association. Well, that and her new [warden] class, but her new order didn’t exactly have a lot of influence on its own yet.

Or at least that is how it felt in her gutt as she signaled for quiet, and then called up “G-greetings oh mighty god, we welcome you to our forest home, creation of Jeon Du Termas,” name-dropping their unreliable god just in case that helped dissuade any misdeeds, and then finished awkwardly with “to what, uh, do we owe the pleasure?”

To Oge’Ivu these words rang out, and to her, they meant absolutely nothing. She did however notice the drop of sound, and that singular voice, a figure stepping out and making themselves clear from the crowd.

She made no sounds in reply, floating above the trees as she was. It was a long pregnant moment before a change occurred. She let loose some tendrils, but they remained just below her. One moved out, moving fairly slowly compared to what it was capable of, coming forward to that lone figure.

This got a bit of alarm running through the elves who remained, though the slow nature of the tendril’s approach prevented any of them from attacking. Some, like Fernguard’s close friend Stagstep, called out for her to run, to flee, to get away from what was clearly a beast, but the [druidic adventurer] made no such move. Worldview colored by her encounter and pact with her Huwu’idang, the elf instead slowly, carefully, stepped towards the approaching tendril, reaching a palm forth to meet.

It wasn’t long before the spear-claw of the front of the tendril split along its nigh-invisible seams. Out coming a collection of feeler tendrils which thankfully could much more easily meet the elf rather than the likely crushing that might happen should the entirety of the tendril move forward to meet her. One first touched her palm, the others embracing the elf in a gentle hug before retracting leaving only the feeler pressed against her hand.

“Ummm… pleased to meet you,” the in awe elf said while, of all things, lightly grasping, shaking the feeler tendrils like they were a proffered hand.

The tendrils kept with her hand but did not seem to predict the shaking motion well. The grand form of Oge’Ivu drifted slightly closer to the tree, having greatly slowed her pace since approaching so close. Her tendril maintained the appropriate distances regardless of the bulk of her body moving.

It was without much warning that a change came. The wind blew and the many orifices and vents of Oge’Ivu bellowed and sucked air, whistling sound and bold deep calls. All to a beat, a song sung by one and yet seemingly with poise and noise that would take a prodigious choir to reproduce. To Oge’Ivu this was a song of comfort and company- not that the masses of elves she sang to would know such intentions immediately.

Sonorous and yet very different from the songs and music of the peoples of the great tree, singing sounds and whistling like flutes, air rumbling and calling such as the greatest of instruments could not yet meet. The sky titan continued in full to her audience making little other motion or movement.

Shock first, horror, hands covering ears and ducking down, preparing for the worst. Then when the worst did not come, the elves came peeking out from behind their walls and defensive positions, and simply marveled at this… event… and found that, if you could get over the way it was near deafening, it was, in its own way, beautiful.

Oge’Ivu’s concert lasted a fair while at that, after the first big moment at the start the music toned down in volume- allowing a subtlety of notes and movements throughout the music, building slowly from a loud and slow beginning- getting quieter and deceptively simpler. Before the once simple movements and notes flowed together once again is a mesmerizing display of control and power of air and movement. Even though it was seemingly all air, sharp stoppages and long movements made sounds unlike most to fit in with a fantastical flow of sound.

Oge’Ivu moved little during this performance, instead, she floated above the masses and looked and watched. Her lone tendril to the ground below had its feelers out still to contact and touch and hug and interact with those who approached but it did not itself move far.

This passivity brought those who had fled creeping back into the fold, and soon the branches were full of elf kind once more. At first, they simply marveled in awe at what was occurring, the sound blasting away their senses. But in time, they recovered and in time they started treating it as the concert that it was. Most sat and listened, while some tried to dance to that alien song. More tried that second option once someone cracked open the cider cellar.

Well, after they cracked open the second cider cellar someone had already thoroughly raided the first one.

Once Fernguard had realized she could, in fact, step away, others took her place, the curious and daring at first and then the mildly interested once it was seen to be safe. Some people even ditched the event entirely, workaholics and people who realized they had left the stove on going back to their days as if the event of a lifetime wasn’t going on right outside.

And, in the far distance, the humans and chimera of the Falling Star Sect got their own quiet version of that even as it echoed up through the mountains to their lofty homes.

In time, the building and flowing movements of the music and sound came to a resounding deep and long closure, having, at last, a drifting lullaby-like quality writ large as sound drifted to the final end of the song.

There was a heavy pause… and then thunderous applause.

Applause meant little to Oge’Ivu, she understood it not. She did not move during the course of it all, letting the small creatures make the noises as they wished. Her momentous form stayed above them in all its glory. Soft shimmers of sunlight off the purple on her carapace, her tendril still with those below who had dared to approach it.

A few took that opportunity after the concert was over, but, gradually, the onlookers petered away. They did, after all, have things to do, and although music and wonderment nourished the soul, they did not nourish the body. What did nourish the body was that daily bread, to which many got back to the literal or figurative grindstone in order to make.

In Fernguard’s case, that was going to be getting back to teaching, the elf clapping her hands and calling out to get her students' attention and gather them all back up. Among them was once again Rockrock, who returned holding, of all things, an apple pie someone had given them during the festivities and which they hadn’t really know what to do with, as eating its soul would have just made a big mess.

When questioned about this, they quickly came up with an excuse, which was: “um. For big friend?”

“Oh? Oh! That is a wonderful idea!” Fern thought, before encouraging the disguised tentacle person to approach the great tentacles of the creature, into which they carefully passed the still steaming pie (whoever had made it had used a [warm till served] skill when making it apparently) in its stone tray to the mass of curious tendrils.

The tendrils grabbed a hold of the tray curiously exploring the offered item through touch. Even precipitating another tendril to descend from the great body of Oge’Ivu, which subsequently opened and grabbed the try- bringing it up to one of its eyes for inspection.

While still maintaining one tendril to the ground the main body of Oge’Ivu began to move, slowly starting to circle the great tree. Her eyes’ pupils expanded and contracted massively, taking in details before switching to another location as she studied the structures, peoples, and the tree itself.

This was, it had to be said, a little unnerving despite the previous festivities, but the elves did their best to get on with their days with only a bit of staring back, although a few silly or egotistical individuals took this inspection as an excuse to show off, demonstrating their talents and [skills] before this mind-boggling spectator. This included the forming of several bands of their own musicians to play the titan their own performances.

Fern, meanwhile, got back to teaching while leaving Stagstep in charge of tracking the titan’s movements, the [ranger] and his [animal companion] Doe trotting through the streets of the city on 3 sets of fibrous legs as they shadowed the enormous watcher.

It wasn’t too long before the tendril to the ground retracted as the giant made first one, then two circles around the great tree that had become home to so many of the elves. And yet it was unnerving for some. Awesome for others. And an opportunity as countless tried to display their talents or otherwise found some novelty in the great beast that had some come down upon them.

Performances and ideas besides, on the third time she circled the tree Oge’Ivu began to lift once more as she expelled air from her void sacs, without much ceremony evidently having seen enough. A little crowd of elves gathered near the edges again as she began, some waving goodbye, some simply marveling, and others just glad that all this excitement seemed to be coming to a close.

Soon enough she retracted her tendrils, one seemed to wave as she departed, or perhaps it was just the movement coordinating through all the others. Once again she lifted to the skies above, seeming going from massive creature to dot in the skies once again as she passed over the mountains in the far distance.

And so the day of wonder returned to being just another day, but it was one that would stay in the elves’ hearts and minds till the day they died, and it was only slightly sullied by Jeon showing up at some point after sundown, much to late if this had been the crises they had feared it would be at the start, casually asking what he’d missed and then sulking after he found out.

Choirs that sung, Choirs that were gone. What was lost was lost forever, perhaps once could’ve been reborn, perhaps never could’ve been.

With that chance and change came, a singer alone a choir does not make, but a solo in the light and the dark. Perhaps onwards the children join.

First was foremost, already he knew she was going away for a bit and that once he returned from playing amid her realm he was free to leave if he so wished. Divine power frowed from the small butterfly as she flapped her wings briefly- like a river through the air they snaked, two streams. One formed upon a rock her intent- the Helancurip, a golden full head helmet ingraved with a face neither human nor elf, a crest golden and a hair line that was like a beast's face. He would like that, and it should help him get along well. Other living things near the helmet besides the wearer would find the wearer seemingly more friendly or safe than might be assumed otherwise. Perhaps it was cheating to do so for her child but he would be going out to make friends on his own, Asar Sen had the advantage of being the first person of certainty among her group. She didn’t mind if it meant both her children could get along with the various creations around.

The other stream seemed to explode out into the air, but rather than make a thing- a creature came forth. Four legs like trees, a back like a meadow, a neck like a gigantic snake and face that was a gaping hole, spewing forth life energy as it first called out into existence. Sorosuryan, so named for their peculiar face, would be a good companion for Kusargna’itsug at least for a while. They were well able and knowledgeable about their purpose, smart too.

As she took flight comforted not at all by her precaution even if it was the best she could manage for her sometimes trouble seeking child, Sorosuryan settled down to wait. Ia’Akhul’s wings flapped again with a great force propelling her into the air, then to the clouds and through them, to the air above and beyond. She began to circle the world not far from it. The great bodies the world knew orbited it were not much of her concern at the time present. She needed something smaller and more manageable for the time being.

As she flew circling the world again and again in thought, passing far above Ia’Ouamae as if an invisible star in the sky- east to west and around again and again. First came bright and wonderful sights, crystals and metals, lovingly crafted stone in hall and room again and again not in straight lines but the beauty and perfection in imperfect natural ways. Less built more grown a sky object around the Goddess after so much thought. Finally though, as the bright and colorful interior came to its finality and the exterior formed dull, dark and hidden amidst the sky.

The entrances were neat and careful, hiding the interior just as it was so protected by walls of stone and regolith, so protected from sight of the mortal world below. This was Rembu’lik, and it was not completed as it was made. No, the greatest aspect would come only later- but preparations could be made now.

At the heart of the smallest moon now came that which made possible the greatness to come. Call it Aether Stone, call it Hala’wat, call it That-Which-Protects-And-Saves, or pay it no name at all. Whatever was to come, it shown briefly with brilliance within that hidden place that only the antennae of the Goddess there had made. Briefly did it shine and yet the power and majesty only expanded. Aether formed and flowed from it, it was like air to breathe and a shield to protect, it gave walking to the floating places, and cultivation beyond measure.

There was one last thing, living yet without direction even if it had purpose. Unsu’ia, that which would make homes and the greatest of companions. The shaping of that little world would come from this, not by claw or carving, but by its formations endlessness in most aspects imaginable. It was perfect for its purpose but not by any means- within the protected space of Rembu’lik there was no concern. However, beyond into the deepest reaches one would find no protection, the Unsu’ia would be left to collapse unless carefully managed and protected by other means, whether it be on the world below or in the depths beyond creations of any other.

It was a good first step for this stage. A small trickle of divine power shot down the world below, diffuse in so many respects. A gentle wave over the world giving health and good life to all those down there. Of course considering the scale it would be nigh imperceptible but at least it was something to help all the living things she knew were having difficult Ia’Akhul could see so far out now again.

Dinner & A Show

The Sacred Septet & Oge’Ivu

There was the strange and surprising sight that came with the otherworldly veil being suddenly removed from Keltra, and revealing all that had been hidden to outsiders before - a trio of grand sacred structures that had been erected, and the celestial congregation of archai that dwelled upon numerous perches or stood as sentinels along paths and passages, but also the existence of the rather prevalent Stria, and the previously concealed presence and antics of the children of Anath Homura.

In all directions; the sky sparkled and split with slow sonorous thrums and sporadic high-pitched screeches, as a second similar sky could be seen beyond the breaking borders of the veil being sundered. The distorted fragments that consisted of all the prior scenery was submerged and swallowed in the spreading phantasmal phenomena that had begun to also swiftly disperse afterwards, so that the newly shown scenery - with all of its visible luminous life and animated activity - was all that solely remained.

In the brief period before the veil had been completely consumed, those that still perceived the two different and divided realms were innocently unaware of each other, yet unbeknownst to these blissfully ignorant individuals was the fact that the separated realms remained tangible with each other. As a result, there was the potential for accidental collision between multiple invisible beings - or potentially intentional collisions that were arranged by the Divine.

The nescient Sacred Septet surfed the Stria upon their shimmer-boards, riding the rushing rivers of liquid light all throughout their designated area within Keltra. In their eyes, the way ahead was clear and free of unexpected and unfamiliar sky-titans, though they had seen the beginning of the changes to their surroundings, as the air warped and came apart around them. Despite their attempts to avoid the phenomena, they were blind to that which was actually ahead of them, and that was when Courage and Pride crashed into something unseen.

Neither of the two champions had been taught how to handle crashing into what felt like an immovable wall, but both were blessed with incredible reflexes which helped them now. The front tip of their shimmer-board struck the unseen something first, and the inertia caused it to immediately forward flip, violently tossing them off of it as it flung itself away. Courage held her sister in her arms, as she twisted herself and acted as a shield that smashed into the strange invisible wall.

The remaining two pairs of surfers had seen what happened to their sisters, and so sought to avoid such a fate, but Curiosity and Wanderer were too close behind the first pair to change their course. Wanderer abandoned her naive sister, and leapt from their shimmer-board to prevent being slammed into the wall. The agile champion slammed into the wall, while her sister crashed into Courage and Pride, proceeding to lose her shimmer-board as well.

“We should go slow.” Kindness suggested, as she and Fear followed the unfortunate path of their sisters. Though the last pair felt the futility of their situation, they persevered as Fear hastefully struggled to alter the direction they were going, or at least attempt to come to a halt before hitting whatever was obstructing the way. They steered themselves further sideways, opposite the direction that Wanderer went, and then also crashed themselves.

None amongst the Sacred Septet had avoided their fate of collision, and then the veil that hid Oge’Ivu from their sight - and vice versa - had finally faded. The confused heap that was the recuperating Heralds of Honor could now see that they had surfed straight into the bulk of a colossal creature without even realizing it.

With the veil faded most of the colossal form that was Oge’Ivu seemed to pay little attention to the small taps upon her carapace. Tendrils expanded and expelled from her underside to reach and touch the brilliant lights and all new things gently. A sole one reaching back- attempting to prod those tapped spots and see what exactly was the cause. What little thought she gave it at that glorious moment of revelation considered Gedhe’iwaks more likely rather than Homuralings as the case may be.

The flesh rippled deep as tendrils shifted and moved, more muscles and functions moved as the great mass shifted to better reach what she could now see. Such reverberations were widespread so much that even the small creatures now scattered along her uneven carapace could feel the movement deep underneath.

That sole tendril approached spear-claw opening to allow the gentler feelers within to inspect the area of impact. The tiny creatures began to crawl and climb along the length of Oge’Ivu, crossing the vast extent of her exterior and exploring as they spoke to each other, all of them traveling together now.

“I’ve no idea what we are looking at, but isn’t it amazing, ya?” One mused aloud in excitement, providing support to the smallest and clumsiest amidst their number while they all wandered.

“Please be cautious.” Another answered, carefully seeking to avoid the tendril and alien antennas that approached them, unlike the other small creatures that were much more curious and welcoming. Their thoughts then extended beyond the boundaries of their bodies, and touched upon the much larger mind of Oge’Ivu - telepathically greeting the gigantic animal with grace and an abundance of reverence.

Sounds as they made meant little to the great form of Oge’Ivu- but the psychic contact was well greeted as much as she was able. Her bare feelers retracted with such an assurance that their forms meant little harm or direct interest.

A low rumbling came from the vast interior of her form, as did contact psychically through that established bond- although slowly with little practice and much messy intent. The tendril claw-spear crashed down before them- making no damage upon the carapace but a grand sound regardless. Through the bond came first a messy reply of greeting and then a sense of movement forward, sight, tendril, meeting, tendril, meeting, sight, meeting, sight, tendril.

Elsewhere above the other claw spears failed to grab the light of the Stria- although far from a lack of trying. Surfing along those luminous streams was Desire, riding upon Sunset Orange and watching the interaction between Oge’Ivu and her sisters with an amused look. She sailed towards the sky titan, and alighted upon the armored head with an agile step as she also tossed her shimmer-board away, lazily letting Harmony collect it along with the others that were scattered after the collision.

“Would you be willing to let me eat you?” Desire asked, as she shifted closer to one of the immense eyes, and peered at her reflection that was staring back at her now.

Once more her tendrils froze as divine power leant knowledge to the words otherwise meaningless to Oge’Ivu and the Iava’Oge. Once more a deep rumbling came from within her, meaning only to the divine although her mind flashed in connections and ideas of what was brought forth. The meaning unfolded only to those with the power of understanding even as her mind and thought tried hard to compose in face of others most intelligent.

Crimson stained creatrix, mother or daughter, answer remains, do as you must to me - my children will be protected.

“Hmm…” Desire hummed to herself, as she knelt upon the strong carapace and then thrust her fingers into it akin to a set of spears piercing through vulnerable flesh. Her hand swiftly submerged itself, before being suddenly wrested from the hard exoskeleton with chunks of it within her grasp that she greedily gulped again and again as she repeated the process.

“Would your children be willing to let me eat them?” The goddess asked, as she feasted upon more and more of Oge’Ivu, consuming handfuls of cracking carapace with tremendous haunting haste - expeditiously eating an exorbitant amount that she should not have been capable of devouring considering her small shape, yet she did not slow.

A sharp pain began to build and groans rippled through the mass of Oge’Ivu - blood and hissing fluid spilled as the goddess broke and consumed. A tendril crashed along the carapace to attempt to swipe away the goddess. Door-like vents began to open as something began to hum low and deep near the wound- a sickly smell of rotten fruit began to poison the air as the swipe tendril closed in.

“Delicious!” Desire exclaimed, and her voice reverberated through the air - it was all that seemed to remain of her visage as she had vanished from sight, then the tendril that had arrived was sundered in a bloody burst and spontaneously swallowed by the unseen deity that still sought to vehemently sate her savage hunger.

Suddenly she called out to the six champions that were attempting to reach the violent commotion, inviting her sisters to partake as well. None amongst them could perceive her as she sped herself beyond their senses and continued to consume more of Oge’Ivu, unhindered by the attempts to thwart her.

“Desire! No! Stop!” They called out desperately, repeatedly attempting to discern where the goddess would be whenever she ate, though it became immediately obvious that there was nothing they could do to prevent her from maliciously persisting in her brutality. They currently were hindered by their lack of balance, barely able to stand as Oge’Ivu retaliated against their sister.

The response triggered, the reaction made- from the vents and gates of flesh came beast and creature of no birth or common name. They came from the flesh and were of the flesh, its defenders in interiors and beyond the reach of the tendrils of the Iava’Oge so carefully designed.

Wing and leg and claw, muscles thrumming not with any concern for health or longevity- they were of one purpose, eliminating what damaged the great beast. An immune system writ large to rid the body of such ills as marked so well. Thrumming flesh marking wounds- sickly smells unleashed to tag those who made them, their targets set they did not think so much as do what they were built for. A cell does not think to defend others against a virus, it only acts as it is made.

Those gates of flesh opened and let loose a stream or river of forms seeking out what must be removed. Others moving to lick and heal the flesh, meld their bodies to stop bleeding and give themselves for the whole. Wings unfurled and claws sought to catch, teeth set to rend, inside the beast a response triggered to make them and so they came with such painful wounds- hurling themselves at the Goddess.

“This’d be my first time cooking some food.” Desire declared, then the air around the wounded flesh began to hiss, and the profuse amount of blood began to boil, as suddenly scorching tongues of long verdant flames licked at the smaller creatures. Emerald embers suffused their burning shapes along with the section upon Oge’Ivu that had been afflicted, brightly bursting into infernal bonfires that spewed forth swirling columns of blinding smog. The foul fumes choked life with a ferocious intensity, suffocating both the creatures that protected the lava’Oge and the helpless champions closeby, as their strength seemed to stray and wane away.

Then the gluttonous goddess came to halt, calmly hovering over seared chunks of carapace and the array of strangulated creatures below her, but with an increasing hint of concern etched into her features. “Have I made a mistake?” She asked, as soared towards the Sacred Septet as she blew the fiendish fumes of the fires away from them, and posed another question with accumulating annoyance. “It tastes mind-blowing, sisters, so will you at least have some?”

“You’re hurting us!” Courage rebuked, and attempted to fight back against Desire, but she moved too slowly to strike the deity that leapt backwards with incredible agility. The others summoned their neglected spiritual strength, and combined their powers through their connection, standing together with unity. Their cohesive stance acted as a bulwark against their divine sister, rejecting her presence and pushing her further back.

“Us, huh? You’d rather play with your food instead of eat it?” Desire sneered, and crossed her arms over her chest as she drifted away from the champion and closer towards the massive mouth of Oge’Ivu. “Fine! More for me then!” She spat, and flew towards the sky titan with a hungry glitter in her mismatched eyes, but before she was struck before she could reach her meal.

There was a thunderous crash, as Harmony thrust her fist into the flabbergasted face of Desire, and sent her surprised sister hurling towards the outer ring afterwards with terrible force. Nine wings with red feathers emerged from the back of the second goddess, as she immediately dispersed the remaining bonfires which freed the smaller animals, and began healing both the burns and bites by regenerating what was devoured accompanied with washing waves of soothing vigor. She reassured Oge’Ivu and her sisters that Desire would not be continuing to prey upon the former, and apologized on her behalf through telepathy.

A tendril lifted up to meet Harmony, it’s clawspear opened to reveal its many feelers. Replies of comforting and gratefulness radiated back amid the messy thoughts of the massive brains of Oge’Ivu. The few of the small beasts that remained seemed to wonder fairly purposeless or confused, a few managed to catch the way back into the vent-doors of flesh leading within- most were too far out, lost in the unfamiliar world on top of rather than within her grand carapace.

Sounds of distant rushing air amid other things resounded as many tendrils of Oge’Ivu were recalled within. She began to float and move lower, amid a touch closer for the giant to the great sky city. Harmony silently retreated after all of the turmoil had been amended, following the trail of the other ousted goddess, while the Sacred Septet shared their gratitude as she departed through thanking her repeatedly.

“You’re not hurting anywhere, are you?” Curiosity asked Oge’Ivu, once she resumed crawling along the massive creature with the rest of her sisters, continually checking for any lingering sources of pain, and attempting to alleviate her concern with a more affable exchange. Pride relayed the question since it seemed that Curiosity had forgotten that the sky titan could not understand or speak with words.

To that coherent thought Oge’Ivu replied that she wasn’t in any pain, and indeed repeated the question back towards them. There was a swelling of various feelings that mingled across their minds, as a few of them contemplated while others nonchalantly answered: “We’re fine!” as well as, “Don’t worry about us, we’re stronger than we look, ya.” though the thoughts of the others that refrained from replying while the ruminate were still felt. A feeling of uncertainty and anxiety.

“Why did Desire behave in such a barbaric manner?” Kindness inquired, however her sisters had no knowledgeable response, and they instead focused upon consoling themselves and communicating with Oge’Ivu, further melding their minds in order to offer an exchange of memories and sensations. A projected sense of calmness and acceptance came back to them. As their minds melded, a rumbling song came from deep within Oge’Ivu- she floated in the air, moving no further any way.

The Sacred Septet pulled primarily from the vast reservoir of memories that Pride possessed despite the fact that she had traveled only once throughout the duration of her existence in the previous world - yet ironically she had seen the most out of all her sisters - and so they showed Oge’Ivu glimpses into the past. A mixture of exotic and mundane moments, both brief and prolonged, as all of them experienced the scenes through the sight of the smallest champion.

There were enlarged wintry woodland realms, wherein dwelt gigantic creatures that were akin to those that roamed the new lands that were known to Oge’Ivu. Then there were the more strange creatures to be seen; beings forged in fire, sculpted from stone, or imbued with ice, and yet animated with vigorous functional purpose. There was the myriad of life that adapted to and inhabited the diverse wilderness, then there was the myriad of life that adopted civilization and culture - all these creatures which were alive and ever perpetuating their meaningful journeys.

The daughters of Anath Homura showed their travels throughout the skies as they sailed upon their magical brilliant boat, soaring above grassy plains and the restless seas. They showed their various trips throughout the world when they rode atop three colossal machines that carried their slumbering kindred, as they marched across deserts and jungles and alien realms filled with shadowy roots that guided them. All of it had been new to their eyes, and even now the feeling of familiarity eluded them despite these diverse denizens and wondrous locations residing comfortably within their memories.

There was joy and sorrow, as scenes of brutal suffering blended with the beautiful sights where compassion would prevail, but the world was never boring. Everything had a story to tell, with wisdom to impart upon those that would listen, and it seemed the Sacred Septet had been invested in investigating and learning all of the tales that were to be told. As they explored these memories, they attempted to also experience the scenes more vicariously by temporarily transforming into various aspects like the ground whenever it was walked upon, or the wind that rustles the leaves as it flies by, or the strong emotions that compelled creatures onward.

There was still something that was essentially themselves, as they chuckled amongst each other when Wanderer wanted to remain as a tree, or when Kindness expressed that she felt somehow cold when she became the snow that blanketed the forest floor. Sentiments that belonged to them, and yet were not a part of them. They could perceive the world from numerous perspectives, but they were still anchored by shards of something that served as their identifying cores - it was the gentle dichotomy of lives contrasting with each other combined with the semblances that they received upon conception.

Memory-vision flowed forth from the Giant in reply and return. A scene of calm delights, a mother-doe of the Huwu’idang and her children meeting the sight of Oge’Ivu as she passed by the coast. The vision in memory focusing closer in time to see a berry branch fall out of one of the youngling’s mouth as it finally looked up with its kin. A curiosity lingered even as she pressed pass with a hunger known.

Hunting whales off the arctic circle, her eyes focusing on the submerged pod but also a wall of clouds on the horizon. Water rained but mixed with soot and smoke into the ocean below. A mild frustration as the whales managed to surface behind an iceberg as her attention was pulled away by the sight…

A sight from far above, where the stars and world below could be seen. The stars did not twinkle, but even the dimmest was visible clearer than any night sky, dancing Auroras played in the skies below. The only land beyond the occasional island a far coast including a curiously circular island just off the ways. A sense of burden and care to be taken.

A choir of deep mews and half-song as Oge’Ivu gathered her hatchling children with every tendril covered with them latching on to hear her sing. A warm embrace of hundreds if not more as it seemed a cloud of the smaller juveniles gathered close. The whole scene in all its wonder overwhelmed by the memory of such rapturous joy and contentment.

Tendrils brushing against the ocean surface with low flight, sea going to every horizon even as the clouds above stayed wary of each other. Fish darting from one cloud to the next as two Iava’Oge tried to match their maneuvers amid the skies and winds above. A mothers concern held back to let her children find their path.

A large plain, a migration of people- part like the children of Homura, the other like the body of a horse. Brief glimpses caught as Oge’Ivu soared along the mountain peaks, fighting against an updraft the whole way.

Dots of light and flame upon the ocean as she moored herself against an iceberg, her eyes bringing sight of oar and wood. Arguing men whose heads were alight even though they cared not about it. The dark night with company of the stars as their words lost in the distance- it would not have meant anything to her even had she heard.

A forest underneath as shadows flitter from tree to tree with nothing to make them. The trees darker than any other kind to be seen, only the horizon showed light environs.

A great desert stretching from horizon to horizon, interrupted only by grand mountains and a grand channel that split the land, the mountains themselves seemed to try to lift over the channel to not change it.

In the here and now; in their contemporary and shared interaction with Oge’Ivu, the six members of the Sacred Septet celebrated together all that they were able to witness in the theater of the mind - aspects of the world beyond the borders of Keltra which the sky-titan had shown them. They mostly found themselves inspired, invigorated, and intent upon acquiring more similar and exotic experiences, and so posed a proposition to Oge’Ivu with a mixture of excitement and bashfulness.

“Please come back to us when you’ve seen more, and then we’ll give you a gift in exchange!”

She was pleased, that great being, accepted such a proposal with ease, although the concept of a gift was vague in her mind. Regardless, she sent forth one more concept, not a memory but something deeper and far less intelligible even to the grand creature herself. An imprint of purpose she had been given when her flesh was first made, and she had passed this to her children. It was clear this sense may had degraded when known from the mind sharing communication the divine offspring and titan currently shared- nonetheless, a sense of gentleness and cooperative guiding toward such small creatures as of they.

The concept of bowing to an immense creature that the Sacred Septet currently stood upon was certainly strange, but their appreciation and ardent beliefs compelled them to convey - through whatever means - their profuse gratitude and acceptance of all they had been given. The tilted balance of their stances almost caused them to stumble in the middle of their gesture, but they were able to complete their expressed thanks without further troubles, and afterwards attempted to embrace Oge’Ivu by kneeling once again with their arms spread and faces pressed against the carapace. They informed the great beast mother that it was a tradition amongst them to include an auspicious hug whenever they say farewell.

It took a long moment but the great mother managed to reciprocate in a way with a tendril’s feelers lifted close to embrace the Septet as well. Several more tentacles lifted near her great head as well, eventually managing to form an odd sort of undulating ramp or bridge down to the city below from her own back. Oge’Ivu sent a feeling of warmth to the Sacral Sisters across the mind bond.

The time for their departure had come, and the six champions arose to their feet before swiftly descending down the improvised path back to their home. When they alighted upon the outer wall, they offered a second set of much more gracious bows to Oge’Ivu, though they were no longer capable of telepathically communicating with her once they ceased contact, and lacked the means of discerning whether their gesture was understood or not. Regardless, the sky titan retracted her tendrils and set off northward- finally departing from the sky city.

Dueling in the daylight, gazing at the stars, an infinity within a finite place. Rules built on whims, fiefs and feuds as stories.

She was less than happy, not sad or upset, bored surely, but best described as less than happy. She wondered where Po was, was she doing okay? Getting along? What of Asar Sen? Her daughter prayed for guidance rarely even if Ia’Akhul knew she was more than capable of taking care of herself.

And for another she had hoped to meet more divines but she had to get going. Her wings fluttered, shaking off spores and dust as she took flight out from the underground.

As Ia’Akhul flew out once again, spotting distant schools of and a few Iava’Oge even in the distance. She flapped her wings mightily, sending out winds imbued with divine powers of creations- shaping the world to her plans, her whims, her ideas…

Roughly the size of large dogs or deer, they were like long rats, except they had long spindley legs similar to deer, long snake like necks while other features mostly similar to other rat species. Their young seem mostly similar to other rat adults but they quickly grow to their full size in a few months, living years afterwards. They are very social animals and generally could give canines a run for their eusocial currency as it were, but in the wild the species would no doubt be quite vicious and determined hunters and fighters, willing to take much punishment for a prize. Their main extraordinary feature- their quick growth and maturation periods allowing for concerningly rapid population growth as food lasts, with a greater concern for others when their normal sources of food run out… regardless- they were Suki’awad, like the mundane rat but larger, elongated to proportions unknown to their kind.

After the first creation the winds did not stop, soaring outwards again and again.

Extremely friendly to most other creatures they would encounter, often seeming fearless. No doubt in some part due to their immensely tough and hard carapace, even if it lacks full body coverage for adults. Primarily herbivores they do operate in small packs or herds, often utilizing numbers to defeat or expel predators. Their six legs would serve a unique purpose as the middle pair can either stretch along their belly to give a semblance of armored cover or support their weight when needing to raise their forelimbs to combat a foe head on. Asu’epit, loyal crustaceans and no doubt friend to many seeking refuge or companionship.

The winds of the divine creatrix swirled and turned a new spin and storm.

Small animalistic dragons of various shapes and sizes, colors and dispositions. They spread across the land as insectivores and eaters of their colored fruits and berries to which they are associated. They would often live quite symbolically with the bushes, trees, and plants that they feed and live in. Most extraordinary however is their limited magical abilities, from small bouts of flame to water to other means entirely of manifesting- providing both a means of assisting the plants they thrive with but also a defense against predators. Not to mention their desire to hoard various objects of shiny stature. Aganhow, berry dragons of the smallest state.

The winds of creation moved once more-

Full adults stand roughly as tall as a tree, their young would appear similar to other apes but as they age they’d grow out back and lower tentacles as their arms continue to grow in a similar manner. Their legs become more capable of supporting their great weight and they gain many more toes in many more directions. Often growing more meat hungry although they would keep their omnivorous capabilities and needs. Their jaws expanding and split- as well as their face elongating and growing more eyes and complications as their skulls thicken with the rest of their skeletons. Finally as they enter adulthood they become much more solitary and hostile, perhaps even devouring adopted ape families they may have been implanted in. Halaskera, apes beyond what mortals would consider wrong no doubt.

The waves of creation focused on the land as the last of the beasts spread out across the regions far and wide.

Not enormous but not small either, a landscape to itself that changed rapidly, creating and merging, destroying and creating again. Endless change and development to new conditions, even as some inhabitants would remain the same…

She turned her attention away as her realm, Ia’Ouamae, shifted to a forest clearing. Her son was made flesh- of a sort. Fourteen foot tall, armored and golden faced- nigh unmoving except for his eyes in normal conditions. His form twisted and turned, far less like the mortals she had thus far seen but still similar enough. It was his mind that was more akin to the world of monsters than the totality of his body. Ia’Akhul preened her antennae, he would be hard to teach, and probably not well liked, but he was as he was meant to be. Kusargna’itsug.

Keltra Revealed

Anath Homura & Oge’Ivu

Suspended high above the sea that was currently stained with the colors that came with the setting sun, hung the soaring circular-city that acted as the realm of Anath Homura. Visible was the substructure of the flying fortress that consisted of two spiraling helix-shaped staircases that sprouted forth from the two gates found along the foundations of the outer wall and descended to the surface of the sea that splashed and sprayed against the lowest of the steps.

The outer wall encircled a much smaller inner ring of columns that surrounded a towering structure that occupied the center of the city. Unhindered in their passing through the circular colonnade were four pathways that joined the looming core structure with the wide outer wall, allowing any pedestrian to walk freely all throughout the shimmering citadel that seemed as though it were sculpted solely from cardinal ruby. The realm of Anath Homura was akin to a palace in its appearance, rather than a castle, considering its lack of physical protection.

Audible from afar, though suppressed in a strange manner, was the whirling winds beneath the city that continued to blow upwards, and though very clearly lacking the strength to lift the entirety of the immense structure into the sky, it would be more than enough to carry any wandering creature that foolishly fell from the intersecting paths or off the outer wall. The origin of these precautionary gales and their persistent presence could only ever be explained as a manifestation of divine decree.

Despite the decorative architecture consisting of a vast expanse of complex and beautiful stone reliefs and fantastical murals all acting as a facade that adorned the exterior that greeted those that visited, the city itself was rather desolate. Devoid of denizens and devoid of any homes for those that would reside outside the central citadel - it was almost utterly deprived of life.

Amid that starry and desolate place in the sky that had become painted with red and orange and pink, another form had grown ever closer. From a spec, to a dot, to now a massive shape still smaller than the palatial city in the sky.

Five radial eyes and numerous tendrils descended. A maw with clicking penta-mandibles, slowly ejecting stuck pieces of whale from a previous meal. Armored ridges protecting delicate corridors and organs. From void sacks to the delicate digestion and macro-immunities.

Floating amid the sky closing in, no large wings or soaring fins, speaking no words but approaching still with eyes alighted with curiosity.

Anath Homura stood alone atop the outer wall like a silent and vigilant sentinel, staring with her one eye at the one that was about to arrive, while the sanguine blood that stained her attire and soaked her skin began to undulate slowly as though stirring with slight anticipation. Rivulets formed, and arranged themselves into many quivering streaks along her limbs and across her torso, as the remaining blood upon her face shifted swiftly and seeped into her orifices and the white rose that grew where her second eye should be.

The tendrils ascended back into the body of the great beast mother as she descended towards the city and its wall. In truth the spot that was the Goddess hardly was visible to the creature, and beyond its concern as well. Instead it focused upon the great visa of the city- moving to explore even as it was ill suited for the streets and corridors of such a place.

“Why are the flames tainted? Perhaps I should bring an end to its misery…” Anath Homura murmured, suddenly standing upon the immense creature above its strange set of eyes. She opened and clenched her hands, still wet with blood.

Of the radial eyes, one focused ever so patiently on the newly moved goddess. Rotating in the socket under the beast’s transparent lids, a tendril moved out from under the beast, wrapping around to touch with curiosity. A great sound rumbled through the beast as she did so, a sound a comfort as she had done so many times before with the countless children of her race.

“You are innocent, and yet you are corrupted by sin. Your polluted presence stirs the Stigma and obscures the Sacred Path. Should I cleanse you, or should I leave you be?” The red goddess asked as she stroked the tendril tenderly, and despite her hands being damp with divine ichor, the inquisitive limb remained unharmed and untarnished.

For a moment the tendril froze as the divine meanings of the words echoed in the smaller mind of Oge’Ivu, but only a moment. A rumbling started deep within the beast, a feeling, a meaning, one understood not by the Iava’Oge for there was no tongue to this, there was only a sense a divine could pick up from the freshly steeled mind of the great beast. Tendrils descended and hackles rose - the meaning unfolded.

Do as you must to me - my children will be protected.

“A child cannot give consent. I shall not cleanse you yet.” Anath Homura answered, and averted her apathetic gaze afterwards. She stayed in a motionless state of pensive silence, content with letting the large creature wander freely while she contemplated.

Beyond her words the grand beast knew not what meaning lurked in the Goddess’s thoughts. She knew not what to do about such a mystery, so she did what had come upon her earlier. She floated above the wall and over the city proper, exploring with her tendrils as her radial eyes kept sight on goddess and palatial vistas alike.

“What do you wish to see?” Anath Homura inquired in an impassive tone.

No real response to the question came from Oge’Ivu. Instead, she went forward, her tendrils touching and gently as she could feeling the textures and exploring where her body could not. Her ventral eyes expanded their trifold light limiters- like a series of expanding pupils they let in more to see all below her.

It took only a moment for her internal ballast tanks to briefly compensate for the eternal winds flowing from below the great palace city.

“This realm will remain empty to your eyes, as I will not allow the tainted to sense the truth of Keltra. I suggest departing, as you shall find no sustenance here.”

This meant little to the great beast, Oge’Ivu searched not for these things in the great city- not that she particularly understood the idea of permission either granted. There was an aspect of curiosity to all of her children that came from her, and yet a divine sparked sense lurked deep within- a sense of a message not fully understood.

It was that reason that despite having little need for the lands and continents of the world that they still spent so much time looking down from on high. And it was for that reason that Oge’Ivu attempted such explorations of Keltra.

Her form was well shaped with purpose and idea, but even the divine senses of a god could only tell you what was there - only thought or even random chance could land upon the cause and design for such.

It was therein finding the streets bare and all she could reach barren - it was then that Oge’Ivu turned sight towards the murals and imagery with what imagination and thought she barely possessed.

A murmur so gentle it barely escaped the grand form of the sky titan, one attempting understanding.

Anath Homura had silently vanished, and only Oge’Ivu remained adrift amongst the gracefully sculpted stone that the city was composed of. The surface decorations spanning the solitary structures consisted of abstract art; intricate patterns melding linear and intersecting paths, as well as interlacing shapes and glittering glyphs.

There was an absence of life especially in the grandiose architecture, a lack of animalistic and natural motifs that would convey worldly meaning. It was perfectly shaped, serenely sculpted solely through the exclusion of so much of the cosmos, however, despite its achieved perfection - its widespread beauty and splendor - it still remained a blank canvas.

The emptiness invited the imagination to explain it, beckoning the touch of those inspired with wondrous creativity, but it also acted as a barrier. Perhaps the contours and carvings across the walls, and along the streets, were meant to serve as guidelines… The stone simultaneously provided the answers and the questions, yet it was ever too easy to become lost in what seemed an infinite path to explore.

Without concern or pause, Oge’Ivu explored what she could with sight and tendril. A touch of flesh and what could be seen. Rubbing gently along the texture blank and smooth - perfect and so strange from all she had known. It was a place of amazement and calm to the giant - even if she had not the idea of creation. She did not realize that she was perhaps the first among mortals to actually see the architecture of Keltra, to touch and feel it.

Suddenly there were ripples in the air all around Oge’Ivu, shimmering and shifting, accompanied by the arrival of many sounds and structures that had swiftly appeared in sections of the soaring city. Though the light of day was fading as the sun descended below the horizon, there was also an abundance of new sources that offered illumination - flying rivers of celestial radiance that were interwoven with each other, and spreading across half of the city.

It was too weak to inflict harm, but Oge’Ivu heard a thud as something struck her side…

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