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Welcome! I find interest checks extraordinarily awkward to write, particularly to start, so I'll get right to introductions and a brief synopsis of my roleplay experience thus far in life. My name is Alex, I'm a 23-year-old woman in the EST timezone and I've been roleplaying for ten years now. I started on MMO style sites (Runescape), and eventually migrated over to more epic, novel style forum-based roleplays as I got older. I'm a woman who appreciates craft, and I find roleplays most enjoyable when my partner is of a similar style and experience as me. As far as settings go, I really enjoy historical settings and a majority of my roleplays have been in your traditional medieval or pseudo-renaissance style. That being said, historical accuracy isn't nearly as important to me as writing a story that's fun and exciting. I'm eager to branch out and have been having cravings centered more on the political unrest of the 1800s and the era of common revolutions and the overthrow of established powers.

I'm far more concerned about finding a quality partner because a great story can come be made in any setting. I'd prefer not to do a modern setting just because I don't find it as exciting, and I'm not a super fan of science fiction or futurism, but if you've got an idea to pitch and I see potential, I can be convinced.

Out-of-character communication is great, I love to plot and use it as a method to relax/unwind when I'm having trouble disengaging from any stresses in real life, so expect odd-hour rants if you pair up with me.

In the immortal words of the Spice Girls:

If you wanna be my roleplay partner,
You got to be willing to listen to me ramble
about our characters and develop scenes with
little relevance to plot but I think they'll
be fun

I'm very enthusiastic and committed as a writer, and I hope to find someone of a similar zest. I consider myself a romanticly inclined writer; as in I enjoy a focus on character and emotions with more dramatic language and description. Below, I will detail some themes or settings that interest me. They're not all required, just a way of giving you a sense of what I enjoy as a writer.

Well, I hope that there's someone out there looking to write, and if you're interested please reach out to me via PM to further discuss a partnership between us.

Thanks for reading!
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