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3 mos ago
Current i believe that's my line
2 yrs ago
V I see your scutum and raise a hoplon; a dory to your pilum.
2 yrs ago
Went on a walkabout, but found my way back to where I started.
3 yrs ago
I wish my brain worked at the same speed as my mouth.
3 yrs ago
Infantry, Queen of the Battlefield! Done with training, and I'm back.


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I joined the chat, but I think my discord is acting up because it's not showing any message log or users in the channel. I'll try again tomorrow, since it's getting a little late here.
I think the discord link expired. I tried joining, but it's not letting me.
I'm still here.
By the way, the OP looks fine to me. :D
EDIT: All done.

Oh it certainly is. I apologize for the radio silence, I've just been spending this time catching up on some things. You're welcome to join us!

I'll tidy up the discord and drop the link.

What's left to do now is just drawing up a map and finishing up a couple of ops I've got made.

No worries! It’s just been such a long time since I’ve had a realistic military RP that I just really want this to get off the ground.

Sorry if I'm being a bit of a nag, but is this still a thing? ;;
Haven't been around here for years, and saw this when I came back. I'd like to give this a go. :D
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