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Current "I am not in danger, DM. I am the danger. A guy rolls a 3d20 and gets a natural 1 and you think that of me? No...I am the one who rolls."
6 days ago
nothing quite like being on hold for almost an hour to stoke up some murderous rage
8 days ago
embrace the cringe and the cringe embraces you
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9 days ago
ah yes, the drinking kind
12 days ago
but thigh highs are my demise


大道废,有仁义 Where the Way is abandoned, morality arises
智慧出,有大伪 Where there is wisdom, there is great hypocrisy
六亲不和,有孝慈 When the family is in disharmony, the filial appear
国家昏乱,有忠臣 When the country is in chaos, the loyal will rise

- Tao te Ching, Chapter 18

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I'm still up for it.
The Sjamyyki-Kuunkoe Concessions is always open for anyone wanting to play a sea-faring character! Just shoot me a PM or something.

...Assuming I'm approved, that is.
Yeah, I remember when this site was far more active. Still, it's not entirely dead yet; you've still got some RPs going on here and there, and this is place still works well even if finding a partner for an off-site RP.

Discord and other apps are probably taking the spotlight away from RPG. Can't be helped, I guess. It's more convenient for rapid-fire stuff.
So I don't mean to sound impatient or rude, but how many players are we looking for to start this proper @Wavy Wallaby?

If we're still wanting some more, you could try to post another int check in like general or advanced sections. Can even say that they don't have to make a nation/kingdom and get help from another member who can do that, they just need to make a character. I know that for some people, making a nation is a big difference than making a character that they just don't feel as comfortable with.

I second this notion, though on the other hand it might defeat the purpose of this being an NRP.

Still, I world build as a hobby so I don't mind filling up the world if need be with background nations, then if anyone wants to use them they're free to do so.
EDIT: Alright, got it to an acceptable state at last.

@Wavy Wallaby Also, I forgot to mention earlier, but I think that's a pretty good map for a start on Inkarnate. I remember I had troubles with using the ground paints when making biomes. It's tough trying to make them segue into one another as naturally as possible.

Ah, bugger. That's entirely my bad.

No worries! I can shift my character elsewhere, maybe north-east if there's no one there. So long as it's a coastal region, it'll do.
Looking at the map, if @ClocktowerEchos has his state north of Alycone but south of the mountains, it's not a stretch of the imagination to say that they originally owned regions north of the island (around the north-western corner). Those could be the bits cut off for MC's people.

Some calming C-pop to soothe the nerves
Ah, sorry!

No, they're not. I was imagining something along the lines of the relationship between IRL Normans, Vikings, and Franks, where the Normans are Vikings who turned their allegiance over to the Franks.

By this analogy, my character would belong to a people who have cut off ties with their more warlike brethren to settle in the north-west and in return, they protect the waters around the area. This is probably doing some world-building in your world, so that's my bad. If that's not alright, just let me know and I can think of something else.

That's a pretty shoddy explanation, but in short, MC would be part of a subset of sea peoples who have chose to settle down but in doing so pretty much declared war on their own people on behalf of Dawnhilt.
Ooo, I know an Inkarnate map when I see one! Been using Wonderdraft myself, but damn if Inkarnate isn't the more user-friendly to use.

Haven't done a group RP in a long, long time, but I could give this a shot if you'll have me. Thinking of writing a semi-comic relief character who has a completely different (wrong) understanding as to what's going on due to language differences. My idea is that his people only very recently settled in the north-east (~within 50 years?) and were formerly nomadic sea peoples raiding the coast.
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