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I am a 22-year-old graphic designer for a vehicle decal company.
My favorite role plays involve fantasy and dark themes. I especially have a fascination with vampires, so I would LOVE to join basically any vampire role play. If you ever want to chat with me, just send me a message.

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Lucifer listened patiently to his friend and nodded in understanding. The watery creature was already looking less fearsome as she swirled about in the large tub, features less sunken and skin appearing healthier. "I'm sure you two had an interesting history together full of adventure. Although, I'm not sure if I approve of the hunting of innocent villagers...even though it was a different time."

He lifted his shoe to allow Evren to take over mopping up the water and Lucifer gave him a quiet thanks. "I'm sure whatever means were used to bring her here, they were not of her own choosing. Supernatural trafficking has become quite the issue as of late..."

It was then that Aava spoke a few disjointed words, piecing together what she'd been hearing. Lucifer, having lived for many millennia and learned countless languages, recognized the Finnish word she uttered for hunger. "We should find her something to eat. Can she have anything other than humans? We can get our hands on some fresh fish or other meats for her." Lucifer knew that it was the nature of many creatures to devour humans alive, but the soft spot he held in his heart for the tender mortals gave him unease at the idea.
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"Well, I would prefer that she not eat the clientele downstairs," he said with a half-smile. "I still need to afford my living and I can't do that if my business gains a reputation of a slaughterhouse." Lucifer looked to the creature now in his bathtub. There was something innocent and childlike about the way she was watching them from the safety of the water's surface. Then he sighed deeply. "We'll figure something out."

Aava's playful splashing made a couple of puddles on the floor beneath Lucifer and Evren. Standing and retrieving a plush powder blue towel from the silver rack, he used his foot to mop up the water on the floor with it. "It seems you're quite fond of this creature, Evren," he said. "And if she is a friend of yours, then I will do my best to carve out a decent living situation for her here. But you said she was in Finland the last time you saw her? How did she get all the way to Redhaven?"


Lucifer led the duo through the alleyways as quickly as possible in the dispersing morning mist. It was the hour where people began stirring and the first few trickles of commuter traffic started to gather. His senses were on high alert for anyone that might be following them; even though mortals had been exposed to the common existence of vampires and werewolves, a water demon would be something new, something to fear, and possibly a trophy to be captured. As their destination neared, Lucifer could take solace in the fact that the nightclub below his penthouse would be closed already and there would be few humans milling about.

"Quickly!" he said, motioning for them to follow him up the fire escape. On the top landing, he ushered them inside and closed the door behind them.

The dwelling itself was quite spacious with two floors; the bottom one housing the living space, kitchen, and guest bed/bath; and the top floor housing Lucifer's master bedroom and bathroom. The rooms were immaculately clean and the furniture sleek and modern. He winced as the sopping water demon tracked mildew-scented puddles along his hardwood floors.

"The bathtub is upstairs, Evren...and Aava," he said leading them still. "I'll run the water for her. Does it matter if it's warm?"


So the creature had a name? Aava, the water demon. Lucifer had quite a bit of experience with demons, although he had never encountered this particular kind before. Probably because he didn't tend to dwell near large bodies of water.

Lucifer observed the two above him silently, confused as much as he was intrigued. Although, as soon as he could, he abandoned the creature's shadow in favor of his friend's. It was much more comfortable and less sticky. Then Evren shifted on top of him to get his attention.

"A bathtub? Of course." Lucifer gathered himself up into the physical world again, rising out of the shadow as a dark clump, then letting the darkness fall away from his figure and dissolve in the air around them. "And I have some clothing for her, albeit all in men's cuts. Although, we should probably take the fire escape in the alleyway. We don't want to startle any mortals." He could see the creature more clearly now up close and could finally tell it was indeed female. Though she was a fearsome sight, something about her gaze read as a distant...sadness.

The vampire mustered a hint of a smile and held out his hand toward the two. "Come. You can explain to me later."
Brian McConaughan

“Have you been living under a rock, boy?” McConaughan scoffed at the young one's ignorance. “I wish it were a fairytale. Then this world wouldn't be so fucked up!”

He threw his hands up in the air to signal frustration as the two men began speaking to each other and Japanese. He was leery of what they might be saying. Were they vampires, discussing how to take him out and the seeming ignorance was just a ruse? But his suspicions of that last thought were dissolved when the young one stormed out of the bar in a tizzy. He saw the remaining man looking back at him.

“So you keep the young boy under a little blanket of comforting ignorance, eh? How'd that work out for ya?”

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This creature before Lucifer repulsed him at the core; it was vaguely human, but its smell was like that of a fish steeped in swamp water. St least, that's how it smelled to his heightened senses. It looked at him with glossy eyes devoid of any emotion other than raw hunger. And then it lurched forward suddenly.

The ancient vampire’s eyes widened in surprise as the creature began to rush at him. For the first time in a good while, his undead heart fluttered with fear. Reflexively, his material form burst into a dark mist, molecules separating and recollecting into a dark pool on the cobblestone. Lucifer essentially became one-dimensional matter, the essence of a shadow. To keep his own form with nothing casting darkness upon him was terribly difficult, so like a pile of metal shavings attracted to a magnet, he was sucked into the nearest organic dark space, which just so happened to be the creature's. Its shadow felt...slimy.

“Evren!” he cried out, his voice a disembodied oscillation of sound waves. “What is this creature and why does it wish to attack me? You seem to know its name.”

Brian McConaughan

McConaughan’s smirk instantly dissolved into a look of surprise and then annoyance. “Aw, come on!” he exclaimed, slapping his hand onto the bar countertop. “You ruined the dramatic reveal! God, this new seems nobody’s shocked by anything anymore!” He leaned in toward the younger man who still seemed susceptible to the unease of the situation.

“Aye,” McConaughan said, a bit softer now. “Vampire blood. Isn’t that ironic?” He broke out into a fit of genuine laughter and slapped his knee. “For the prey to become the predator! It’s poetic justice, don’t you think?” His tone became more serious as he continued. “The leeches think they can eat us because they’ve been damned by God. But we, his chosen, we can fight back.” Within his voice was the clearly audible disdain for the creatures. He couldn’t help the rising red in his cheeks, his nose, his forehead. But then his eyes narrowed. “Say, you’re not a couple of sympathizers, are you?”


A shadowy figure stepped out into the brisk air from the balcony of a penthouse on Main Street. He was dressed in a light blue button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows and a pair of dark grey slacks. The music from the night club below him drifted its way up and its rhythmic beating mingled with that of the heartbeats of dancing humans. It was a calming sort of ritual for Lucifer to come out onto his balcony and just listen for a while, no distractions, nothing but sensual enjoyment. He lingered there for a few moments, looking out across the colorful lights of the city, then he took a deep breath and vanished in a dark cloud of mist. In the alleyway below, he reappeared in that same dark mist and took a moment to brush it off his clothing. Once he was satisfied with his appearance, he began to walk.


It was only 12 minutes and 16 seconds to his destination on foot. He knew because he had timed it before. The weathered VW bus was a familiar sight to Lucifer and he couldn’t help but internally smile every time he came upon it. Lucifer stepped up to the side door and gave a couple of gentle knocks against the metal.

“Evren? May I come in?”

He hadn't needed to ask for an invitation; he'd been here countless times before and no invitation was needed to enter the lair of another vampire, but it was still polite to ask.

When he got no answer after quite some time, Lucifer furrowed his brow. It was strange that his friend wasn't in the bus at this time. The one thing about his immortal companion that Lucifer could be sure of was that he had habits that were unshakable. And for this schedule to be broken concerned Lucifer greatly. He turned on his heels and started at a supernatural pace for Evren's usual haunt: the edge of the wood. If he was somewhere of his own accord, it certainly had to be either the woods or the older part of town that was more familiar to him. Lucifer had only reached the blocks nearest the forest when he came upon his friend. He gave a sigh of relief and called out to him.

"Evren! I've found you!" But just as the words left his lips, he realized Evren was calling out to someone else. Or rather, something else.


Brian McConaughan

McConaughan nodded, “I can assume you’re Japanese or Korean or something like that. I’m a little ignorant on Asian languages, so you’ll have to forgive me if that was offensive. As long as you’re not a couple of bloodsuckers, we won’t have a problem.”

Turning his attention to his bandaged hand, he experimented with moving his fingers around and pumping his hand into a fist several times. Once he was sure he had healed sufficiently, McConaughan began unwrapping the bandage and stuffing it into an empty glass. Underneath the cloth was revealed a now completely unscathed right hand without even a trace of a scar.

He chuckled to himself, admiring the new flesh, and hit the table with his elbow while showing off his palm. “I’ll give you two guesses as to why I’m not bleeding anymore.” He gave a devilish smile to both the bartender and the two Asian men.
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Brian McConaughan

McConaughan could tell the older man was the shot caller between these two, but the younger one was reluctant to obey whatever he was saying. Though he couldn't understand the older man, he could hear a tinge of resentment in his voice that made him give out a disgruntled sigh. Reaching into his trenchcoat pocket, McConaughan produced a small glass vial of dark liquid capped off by a tiny cork. Using his good thumb, he popped the cork off the top of the vial and stared at the liquid for a moment before downing it quickly. He shuddered as a wave of sobering euphoria coursed through him and he could feel the wound on his hand closing up. Of course, this wasn't visible since it was still covered in the bloodied bandages, but the pain was gone in a few moments and he shoved the empty vial back into his pocket.

"So," he said, looking back over to the younger man. "Are you two foreigners or something? You don't seem like you're from around here." He gave a little smirk and raised a hand in feigned defense. "Not trying to be offensive, I can just smell a fellow immigrant."
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