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Current Ugh, 14-hour work day today, just now getting on here. I will reply to DMs now!
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I feel you, man. I only ever have specific rps in mind and I feel like a tween on the Neopets rp boards for it lol
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I'd be a bard, but I can't really play any instruments, so I'd be annoying the party by humming all the time and belting out Demi Lovato during battle to heal people or do damage.ppppppp
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The printer is out of toner and a client needs these documents immediately. 🙃 Wish me luck!


I am a 24-year-old graphic designer for a small town newspaper.

My favorite role plays involve fantasy and dark themes. I especially have a fascination with vampires, so I would LOVE to join basically any vampire role play. If you ever want to chat with me, just send me a message.

Hobbies: video games, creative writing, digital art, music production, singing, social media, existential crises
Current obsessions: Animal Crossing New Horizons; starting a music youtube channel
Myers-Briggs Type: INFP-ish

What's your favorite horror movie? I'm looking for hidden gems that I haven't seen before!

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And I mean "harem" as in several love interests and one protagonist character. Not a literal harem lol

The idea has been rattling around in my head for a while and I was just curious if anyone has had any experience with it and how it went, if so.
@Blackmist16 I only closed it because I didn't want to take on any more 1x1s at the moment lol. Don't wanna overwhelm myself and make more commitments than I can handle. I had some people DM me to start some, so it's closed for now. I might open back up if some of these don't work out or if I feel I can handle more!
@Blackmist16 Oh, sorry! I'm closing it for now since I already had some takers and don't want to overwhelm myself, but it's here.
Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes! I really appreciate it and I'm hoping I can really delve into my role plays once work slows down after today for a while!

Hi, everyone. I was recently getting the annual hunger for a good role play and I stumbled my way back to this site. I have yet to really have any successful role play long-term because my tastes are so specific, and seemingly not popular anymore. I might try my luck with the 1x1 searches for now, but I have dreams of making a nice, fleshed-out world that multiple role plays can intertwine together in.


Lucifer listened patiently to his friend and nodded in understanding. The watery creature was already looking less fearsome as she swirled about in the large tub, features less sunken and skin appearing healthier. "I'm sure you two had an interesting history together full of adventure. Although, I'm not sure if I approve of the hunting of innocent villagers...even though it was a different time."

He lifted his shoe to allow Evren to take over mopping up the water and Lucifer gave him a quiet thanks. "I'm sure whatever means were used to bring her here, they were not of her own choosing. Supernatural trafficking has become quite the issue as of late..."

It was then that Aava spoke a few disjointed words, piecing together what she'd been hearing. Lucifer, having lived for many millennia and learned countless languages, recognized the Finnish word she uttered for hunger. "We should find her something to eat. Can she have anything other than humans? We can get our hands on some fresh fish or other meats for her." Lucifer knew that it was the nature of many creatures to devour humans alive, but the soft spot he held in his heart for the tender mortals gave him unease at the idea.
I feel like I'm not able to post regularly enough on here...


"Well, I would prefer that she not eat the clientele downstairs," he said with a half-smile. "I still need to afford my living and I can't do that if my business gains a reputation of a slaughterhouse." Lucifer looked to the creature now in his bathtub. There was something innocent and childlike about the way she was watching them from the safety of the water's surface. Then he sighed deeply. "We'll figure something out."

Aava's playful splashing made a couple of puddles on the floor beneath Lucifer and Evren. Standing and retrieving a plush powder blue towel from the silver rack, he used his foot to mop up the water on the floor with it. "It seems you're quite fond of this creature, Evren," he said. "And if she is a friend of yours, then I will do my best to carve out a decent living situation for her here. But you said she was in Finland the last time you saw her? How did she get all the way to Redhaven?"


Lucifer led the duo through the alleyways as quickly as possible in the dispersing morning mist. It was the hour where people began stirring and the first few trickles of commuter traffic started to gather. His senses were on high alert for anyone that might be following them; even though mortals had been exposed to the common existence of vampires and werewolves, a water demon would be something new, something to fear, and possibly a trophy to be captured. As their destination neared, Lucifer could take solace in the fact that the nightclub below his penthouse would be closed already and there would be few humans milling about.

"Quickly!" he said, motioning for them to follow him up the fire escape. On the top landing, he ushered them inside and closed the door behind them.

The dwelling itself was quite spacious with two floors; the bottom one housing the living space, kitchen, and guest bed/bath; and the top floor housing Lucifer's master bedroom and bathroom. The rooms were immaculately clean and the furniture sleek and modern. He winced as the sopping water demon tracked mildew-scented puddles along his hardwood floors.

"The bathtub is upstairs, Evren...and Aava," he said leading them still. "I'll run the water for her. Does it matter if it's warm?"
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