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The Leader, The Keeper, The Seeker and the Slave

Flames fell from the sky, catching every surface in its unnatural lights. The forest was dying, that much was clear. The flames sent from the Seeker scattering across the warlock’s shield and sliding off in waves. Incinerating the ground below and quickly spreading throughout the woods.

A sob broke out across the clearing as the Keeper collapsed to the ground, the illusion that kept the girl hidden failing. She should have been sent away. The girl had always been too gentle too...caring. The Keeper's sobs made way for screams as the flames started to consume her. Too weak or unwilling to save herself.

The battle was far from over, but it was already clear of who the winner would be. For all of the Seekers efforts, it was like watching a child try to fight a bear with a spoon.

“Ryleth,” The Leader’s voice cut across the clearing as she stepped from her own shadow. She didn’t yell, yet the magic she used carried her words to all open ears. “Stop this attack, we are not your enemies, nor do we wish to spend our lives trapped as a tool of yours. Alexina is trying to weaken you and destroy all those who believe as you do. Leave her to suffer, join us and let no more magical blood be wasted on this night,”

There were strangers in their woods. Coming to join the warlock no doubt. The man had passed not so long ago. The flash of magical energy as well as the sounds of battle filled the air. Without warning, energy erupted around the intruding guests.

The twins were not known for their mercy, warning shot or not, it was intended to hurt. Intended to kill or at least slow them down. “You are not welcome here,” muttered the Messenger. “Your friend has failed,”

“You should return home to your mistress, before you meet his fate as well,” Added Scout. Neither of the girls displayed any emotion as they went through their speech. If anything, they sounded bored, or tired. "Women have always been wiser, save yourselves and leave this place,"
All that Glitters is Not Gold (These don’t Glitter either)

Collab between Emiliah @ellion and Matrim @TheDoctor

The silence between the pair grew as the sounds of the goblins died down to nothing. Either their fellow huntsmen has gotten the best of the creatures, or the wretches had simply gotten bored and wandered off.

The moon cast an empty light that would soon cast the whole world in an unearthly glow. The giant trees creating shadows that seemed to come alive. Emiliah watched Mat, waiting for him to move. To get help. To something. She tried to voice her concern, but her lips and arm didn’t want to respond properly.

Oh?” came a voice, entering the gully. “And...what do we have here?” The shadows parted ways as a man entered. He had a build similar to the Digard. Tall, muscular. “ You aren’t long for this world, I wouldn’t wonder,

Matrim was barely functional as he looked up at the man who approached them. Blood was still seeping from several of his wounds, and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he would go unconscious. Both of them were far too wounded at this point to get up and dress their wounds, let alone get up to find help.

This man was likely they’re only source of aid, and they were lucky anyone even found them in the forest this quickly. He would likely be the only person to have found them. He also seemed like a piece-of-shit asswipe leering at two wounded deer. “Who the fuck are you supposed to be?” Matrim spat out, restoring some energy to himself as he did so. “We’re trying to relax here.

If that is the case, then perhaps I should leave you too it,” he said, his right hand gesturing towards the sky, two large rings catching the light as he turned to leave the two.

Matrim bit his lip as the man turned to leave, angry at his tongue for all the insults he loved to make. His eyes glanced over at Emiliah, who hadn’t moved in the last few minutes. ““Emiliah?” he asked over tentatively, but received no response. The man was still turned away from them, and Matrim knew he needed to swallow his pride. He would not the factor in another hunter’s death.

Wait, please wait,” he finally said to the man. “We need help, please help us, damn it all I do not want us to die in this god forsaken forest.

Well….since you asked so nicely,” There was the snap of a branch and the world darkened.


The air was filled with a rich aroma of cooking meat. A scent so familiar and soothing, that it lulled Emiliah into true contentment and made it easy to ignore the vague sense of urgency that gnawed at her stomach, competing with a dull hunger. The scent soothed her, keeping her stuck in the place of not sleeping, yet not being fully awake. There was an ache coming from her arm. But that was expected, after all she did get shot in the arm-

Two voice, both male, pulled her from her inbetween state. With a gasp, Emiliah shot straight up, the blankets falling to her side. Her arm was bandaged from from shoulder to wrist. The clothing she wore was soft and simple, but rich in color and well made. And utterly unfamiliar to her. She tried not to think too hard on how they came to be in her condition. The bed she laid was large and by far the most comfortable she’d ever been in.

Ah, good, you’re awake, I was starting to wonder if you would,”

Mat was sitting at the foot of her bed. The light of day finally showing many of the features that the night had blocked. But she recognized him all the same. The worst of his injuries were treated, but the minor scabs, wounds and scars were visible outside of his clothing. His clothing was similar to hers, night cloths to be sure, but far finer than anything that could be found in Seren. There was a tightness in his muscles that told her he at less of an idea of where they were than herself. And it wasn’t he who spoke. Emiliah followed his gaze to the other side of the room.

The room was large and ornately decorated. A few chairs and a large comfortable looking couch covered a rug that was situated in front of a large, empty fireplace. The voice spoke again, coming from a man resting on the couch. His right arm was draped across the back of the couch, while his left held a goblet of dark liquid. His clothing was impeccable and neatly tailored. His eyes were dark, not black but deep brown. Dark brown hair was nearly styled in the way of the aristocracy “Perhaps, your alertness will take the edge off of your friend,”. His lips held an easy smile and his eyes were upturned, as though he was seconds away from laughter.

Taran had seen Usoa’s brand of healing a handful of times before, although he had yet to experience it himself. Only those truly desperate or dying would choose her method over simply waiting for nature to heal them.

The pain was like nothing he could have imagined. Muscle pulled away from the bone with a tearing sound not dissimilar to parchment ripping. It was all he could do to stop from screaming was to close his eyes and try to image that he couldn’t feel his arm twisting and expanding. The pain increasing beyond the point that his nerves could comprehend. Then it faded slowly, the pain slowly leeching out of his body.

His legs shook with the effort of supporting his own weight, bile built up at the back of his throat and the urge to vomit filled most of his sense.

Better?” came Usoa’s voice, echoing slightly and sounding very distant.

Y-yeah,” gasp Taran finally, the air struggling to find its way into his lungs. The spot in his vision starting to fade as the sharp pain of his arm faded to a strange warmth. Neither pleasant nor unpleasant.

The sound of hoove filled the courtyard as Ryleth took off into the woods on his nightmare of a steed. A haunting final look was all that Taran was left with. He had very little to do with the elder warlock, who had made it very clear that his existence bothered him. Yet he couldn’t think of anything done recently to earn the glare he got. It made his skin crawl in ways worse that what any amount of tentacles could bring.

Shifting his weight he left his arms rubbed against Usoa’s very bare body. The faintly greenish tone of his face faded into a deep red. His body tense, pulling away from the hold of the witch. “Let go,” he said, fighting to keep the rude urgency out of his voice. “ Please”.

Guest Staring @Dark Light

“We have company,”

The smooth honeyed whisper slid expectantly over soft luscious warm red lips. While gentle, her words did not go unheard.

Things were about to change.
It was in the air, it was in the earth. For they were on both borrowed time and land. But now, their time had come. Noted and unwelcome, things could not continue the way they were. It was something they all understood. This was Alexina’s territory after all and even she as weak willed as she is, wouldn’t stomach trespasser to linger too long on her lands without a blessing.

It was a shame, for the land here was comfortable and had become a home. It was a proper land that had been allowed to flourish under the careful guidance of true born witches. Their camp, resting in the great shadow of the tallest and oldest oak tree of the entire forest, consisting of six mossy huts drawn from the very earth on which they sat, and blended in perfectly with the surrounding foliage. Practically invisible. To the east a great mossy boulder protected their side and owned the area.

Already change had begun...

The sweet playful song of the forest, that uplifting soul soothing tune that seemingly had forever wrung out throughout the clearing, dancing among the shrubbery and plants, circling around the great central tree, the very rhythm of nature’s optimism itself, came to a sudden and abrupt end. It’s presence never more clear until overtaken by an abundant silence. It left in its wake a hollow emptiness and the once beautiful serene clearing already felt a bit duller.

The source of the once beautiful melody, a small spritely blonde pixie like witch, slid down from a young tree far too thin and feeble to hold even her small frame, yet somehow it did.
Worry and concern of those whispered words filled her brilliant innocent big blue eyes. She was the keeper. The personification of child like wonder, curiosity and purity. A speaker to nature and protector of.

Even the near distant fog only a quarter league away, bringing with it the raising dead and other unknown ghastly horrors, did little to concern her as this did. This, this was something else.

Also not pleased with the news, two figures eerily emerge from the shadows in silence. Almost identical in appearance with dark hair and deep eyes, faint features of gender the only thing to separate these identical twins. The scout and messenger.

The lady who spoke whispers was their leader, and therefore responsible for what happens next. A sultry woman appearing in her mid thirties, that is if one could take all the benefits of ageing and none of the drawbacks.
Hiding the concern in her voice she smiles assurance to the fae like child. It was a fruitless exercise.
Turning to the twins she asks.
“Where is the seeker and her slave?”

“Preparing.” They replied in dry unison.

“Very well, we will do the same.”

Interacting with Alexina @Aerandir, Celosia @Kitty and anyone else lurking nearby

The light from Castle Bloodrose was dimmed considerably by the ever present glow of Celosia’s hair. The forest, used to be kept away from the castle wall, now covered up to and through the gate itself. Thin vine wrapped themselves in between the bars of the gate and ivy covered every part of the wall until it shown green, rather than grey. Tiny buds had recently appeared, threatening to cover the walls in thousands of flowers by the time it was midsummer. Tiny trees had also made themselves at home along both sides of the wall. None of this would have been allowed when Medusa was in-charge, she strived to keep order in all parts of the coven. Alexina...Alexina seemed to welcome the wildness and embrace the forest with open arms.

Taran and Celosia had traveled the remaining distance in utter silence. Every once in awhile, traces of the fog would reach their peripheral vision. Always vanishing the second they’d turn to look closer. The danger had passed but the fog would not be forgotten.

By the time the gate came into sight, Taran’s body ached with exhaustion. Everything hurt. His feet, legs...all of it. But it dulled in comparison to the icy pain that still hovered around his wrist. His mind overly occupied with the vision of the bed that lay waiting for him just beyond the gate. His thoughts kept him so distracted that he would have walked right by the witch waiting for them at the gate--had Tod not taken off to rejoin his Mistress.

Alexina ,” He said, approaching the witch. “I’m sorry if I kept you wait-” his statement was cut short by Alexina’s warm arms wrapping around him and pulling him into a close hug. Taran’s whole body tensed at the sensation, before relaxing slowly into it, offering his good arm out and returning the hug. He let the moment linger longer than he should, the sensation of it was all too familiar and left an ache of longing for a another life. A life where moments like this occurred often and were taken for granted. When he did pull back from the embrace, a cold emptiness quickly over took the warmth left behind.

Taran cleared his voice, using the few seconds to collect himself.“Alexina, may I present Celosia,” he said, gesturing to the girl. “She was the witch you...sent me for,” The smell of rain had overpowered the area, the sounds of an oncoming storm falling some distance behind them. “Celosia, this is Alexina...she,” With Medusa, the words would have come far more easily. She was Coven leader, or the mistress of the coven or...any number of things. “Our...leader,” He finished, the words struggling out of his mouth.
What Did You Just DO?

Collaboration between Emiliah and Andvari @fetzen and one uping an injury while running into Mat @TheDoctor

Andvari reached a position next to Emiliah’s doorstep almost at full speed, breathing more heavily both due to the physical effort and the psychological tension involved. Having chosen a location right around the corner with his back to the outer wall he had not to worry about goblins coming from behind, but instead could keep track of what was going on in front of him and if any of those things would come out of the open door. That would be the worst scenario of all, and in order to make sure it wouldn’t happen he took heart and twisted around, the crossbow now pointing through the door and into the building. Another plume of foul stench surrounded his nose, but at second glance one could tell that Emiliah had done better at disposing of ‘her’ goblin cleanly than he had. Well, at least as cleanly as one reasonably could.

Andvari stepped in and turned around so they were facing into the same, outward going direction. ”Sorry to interrupt. I was worried something wrong was going on in your house.”

The sharp end of a spear met Andvari’s greeting. Emiliah’s stance tight, ready to attack the man the moment he made an ill advised step. After a second, a glint of recognition flashed across her eyes and she lowered the blade back down to the corps by her feet.
Just a few unwelcome visitors,” Said Emiliah, pushing the beast out of her home with the edge of her spear. “They seem to be leaving the side streets,” She muttered, watching a handful of goblins race past, trickling onto the much more populated main street.“This place is going to reek in the morning,

It is already reeking now.” Andvari replied. Emiliah had just proved to be one of very few who apparently were not able to recognize him in an instant, but actually took a moment to do so. Silently the hunter hoped for this to be a mere side effect of the fight, even if this would not change anything about how dangerous that moment had been for him.

Following her words, Andvari also left the building and kept as close to the wall as possible. While holding his crossbow at the ready he continued talking: “I’d deem ‘a few unwelcome visitors’ to be a considerable understatement. Maybe they are moving to those places where the most people are ? If that’s true maybe we should try to follow ?

Emiliah nodded before taking the lead, following a particularly dull goblin towards the main street. She kept her body crouched low, favoring making herself a smaller target over the speed a few stance would have offered.

In the distance, a few of her acquaintances from the tavern seemed to be making decent progress with the goblins. Sarjin and the healer looked a little worse for wear, but overall handling their own.

A pack of goblins had clumped together a couple of houses down. They were swatting at each other and yanking and some unknown object that they had all dubbed more worthy than any other. Paying zero attention to anything beyond their prize. “Basically sitting ducks,” Emiliah push a wayward strand of hair out of her face, licking her lips in anticipation. “How many do you think you can take?” she said, figuring she could count on Andvari to keep her covered as she took the close contact route.

After the first shot I will require a bit of time to reload this thing, but if I can hit this crowd in the right angle the bolt might hit more than one. I… just hope that I won’t accidentally hit you.” He could see the writing on the wall, the challenge approaching. He was truly fearing for such an accident to happen with her fighting inside the mess he was going to target at, but he would have to get through this -- hopefully without a major catastrophe befalling him this late evening.

Some kind of elevated position would be good. Would make the job a lot easier I guess.” Andvari looked around, trying to find something he could climb onto quickly and that would offer a good footing while not exposing himself too much. After all probably nobody knew if those goblins really only had melee weapons, a.k.a. claws, with them.

Try the rooftop over there,” She said, pointing towards a nearby building. “Doesn’t get much taller than that ‘round here,” She was already a few steps closer to the flighting when she looked back. “Oh and...if you shoot me...I will cut off your balls, so...aim true,

Andvari did not see much of another option than to simply nod and head off into the direction pointed out by Emiliah. The roof was quite flat which was a very good thing to begin with, but with so many goblins strolling around not every option to get up there was available. After a few seconds of frantic searching he found a old wooden barrel that looked sturdy enough. With a series of quick moves, at least quick for someone his size, he was up there and inspect the goblin horde from above.

Emiliah watched Andvari out of the corner of her eye. The goblins making everything far more difficult than it needed to be. She watch the man running to avoid them as the crawled out of every easy pathway to the roof. Finally, though, the man succeed. Emiliah made sure that he could see her before gesturing for him to shoot at the hoard on the far side of her.

Andvari knew that high up here he was rather exposed, but by far not as exposed as any fighter on the ground. At least this would hold true until the goblins would find out how to crawl up walls. In order to make this not happen to begin with he followed Emiliah’s order and pointed at the crowd. No much need to aim here he believed, so Andvari pulled the trigger right away. It wasn’t easy to make out if he had actually hit anything though, but the crowd seemed to become more angered within a seconds notice.

Using the arrows as a distraction, Emiliah dove into the crowd. It was easy enough, to pick off the creatures on the edge. The real risk with goblins is when they used their shear numbers to overwhelm. She just had to move slow. To not let the creatures surround her. She had to count on Andvari killing any who were clever enough to sneak behind.

One couldn’t say that Emiliah was making things easier for Andvari in his opinion. He got that he would have to keep her back clear, but now there was not only the risk of accidentally aiming and shooting at her, but shooting at a goblin and the bolt penetrating the foul creature. It was a very powerful weapon that had made the very first of its victims in his house almost explode, so he’d have to be careful and hope for the best. With that much caution involved it turned out that he was not the very best shooter around as the next bolt did nothing but punch hard into the dirt, becoming an obstacle for anyone careless enough to stumble over it.

In the distance, Emiliah spotted a lone figure stumbling in the wake of goblins, he was human...but covered in blood. The momentary distraction was all one of the disgusting creature needed to get is claw into her skin. Her legs got tangled up in the creatures and they both crashed into the dirt.

Andvari watched the scene with horror. He was tempted to just run at her and into the crowd, but logic barely managed to dictate that he would be of greater help here, continuing to shoot. Reloading that crossbow took a painful amount of time even though he tried to hurry up as hard as he could, even damaging the roof when he slammed the head of the weapon into it in order to step onto the lever. The next bolt was loaded, the bow under tension and he took his aim. Yet moments after the projectile had departed with an aggressive, hissing noise Andvari’s eyes got wider. Much wider…

Pain erupted from her arm. With an angry growl she was able to kick the goblin off and scramble to her feet. Stick from her arm was…

A bolt….

The idiot actually did it.

He fucking shot her.

Never in a million years did she think the hunter was a risk of actually fucking shooting her. The world didn’t give her much time to build up her rage, as the goblin on the ground wouldn’t be ignored for long. Using her good arm, she was able to stick the creature before pulling back, escaping away from the crowd. Towards the edge of town and the bleeding man.

Interacting with Ryleth @Legion02

The air was much colder down in this part of the castle, although they weren’t terribly far from where her den was. The air tasted of a darkness that suckled at everything living. Heat, life, joy, till nothing was left but an icy void. A side effect of the secrets kept locked just out of her reach.

Not that Ang tried very hard to reach them. The dead were gone and had very little value to her. It couldn’t be moulded or worked with or even used for useful parts. Once the life faded from it, the magic vanished too. All that was left behind was meat.

Meat her children would have adored. Ang watched the skeletons leave with the corpse with an unreadable expression. If Ryleth couldn’t have left her the meat, he should have offered the bones in its space. T’was only polite.

Silly boy, the night is already waning,” She said, halting the man’s movement before taking the lead in their little dance. Shamelessly swaying even as the robe slipped down off her shoulders. More comfortable in her nudity than in the finest dress of silk. “Although, if you have no pressing matters to attend to, you might find me in my rooms,” She stood on the tips of her toes, her lips nearly touching his. “After, of course, I find food for my children,” She pulled away from the man, her limbs slowly unwinding. She made no effort to cover her form, nor did she looked back as she left the man to his thoughts.

Food had to be close by.

talking with Celosia@Kitty

The shadows had faded to nothing before the hunter was entirely out of view. The last thing the coven needed right now was for a hunter to follow them back because Taran was too eager to return home. Alexina would not look to kindly on him leading a true enemy back to the coven while their home was in turmoil. And so...they waited.

Once he was certain that the hunter was too far away to easily track them, he allowed his body to feel the exhaustion of the day. His legs ached from running and his wrist still burned, while his finger had gone worryingly numb.

I think we are good to-” Taran felt the would ‘go’ die on his lips as he turned to look at Celosia.

Starting from her roots, Taran watched as her hair turned bright molton orange and spread down her body, incinerating her clothing as it went before finally pooling around her ankles.

The girl quickly covered her body with her dripping hair, but not before Taran caught sight of the gentle, very naked, curves of her body. He immediately looked away, refusing to meet the girls eyes again, even after she had adjusted her ‘hair’ to save her modesty.

The smell of the woods burning filled the air as tiny (but ever growing) plumes of smoke started to rise into the air. “You can control that...right?” he said, his eyes glued to the slowly appearing stars “Alexina doesn’t like it when people mess with her forest,”

The scream of a child echoed through the night. For all of it’s short falls, Seren’s Folly was not a dangerous place for children to live. Without hesitation, Lyra took off towards the sound, leaving Emiliah to go after her supplies on her own. The thought of following her hardly crossing Emiliah’s mind. Either Lyra could handle it on her own, or it would be suicide for Emiliah to try and help empty handed. Her cottage wasn’t far though, a few street over from the tavern. She would have to count on the girl holding her own until she could return.

She had her home clearly in her sights when a heavy weight crashed into her legs. Sending her sprawling into the dirt. Through the dim light given off by the torches that lined the streets, Emiliah caught sight of a small, dog size creature pulling itself up. It’s body was covered in oozing sores and small tufts of hair springing up at odd angles. It opened it mouth to reveal a mess of long, broken and jagged teeth.

A Goblin

His eyes were wild, like he was just as surprised to run into her and she was to be ran into.
It let out a gargled call and a nearby window shattered as another goblin crashed through it. Clutching a wooden spoon with one hand, while using the other to pull out the glass now stuck in his arm.

They were mostly harmless creatures. Goblins.

Well...not harmless, they were destructive diseased creatures...the rats of the monster world. They could topple a small town and ruin lives with there sheer ferocity. But at least they were easy to kill.

A sharp pain shot up Emiliah’s leg as yet a third goblin joined their party. His claws ripping at her pants, tearing threw them like nothing, drawing blood in their wake. With a poorly concealed scream, she yanked her leg back, freeing it from the creatures claws, before stomping down hard on the creature. It let out a howl of pain, grasping at it’s leg. She didn’t think she broke it, but it wouldn’t be overly eager to follow her for the time being.

She bolted towards her front door, yanking it open and slamming it shut behind her a second later. She could hear those who had retired early being roused by what must have been a sizable tribe of goblins. The three she ran into cleary not being the only things to terrorize the town this night.

With her spear now in hand, Emiliah braced herself for her reentry into the world. A glance out her front window showed the goblins in all their horrible might. A group of them had a poor soul pinned down as they began to tear his clothes apart, their claws drawing blood at the same time, the scream of the man begging for people to help as the fowl creatures began to do unspeakable things to him.

Emiliah pulled open her door, just has one of her three friends from earlier tried to bust in. The creature raced inside, only to be met with a quick and merciful death. Her satisfaction was short lived as the odour of the creatures blood was among one the foulest scent.

From somewhere else a huge plume of smoke started raise from what was sure to be even more goblin antics. Something even the most oblivious of hunters was sure to notice.


Interacting @Dark Light Kyzler and attacking Sheffield @Cryptek12

A foul stench permeated the air. The hunter that had been chasing her shouted out some nonsense. The stench grew stronger.

No!” Wendi’s voice coming out louder than any humans should. “No Goblins are not good for eating! They wreck and poison good meat!” She let out another ear splitting screech before jumping back at the hunter who was closest to her. With far more strength than anything her size should poses, drug him to the ground.

We have to feast now, before the meat is tainted,” From outside the gloom of the trees, two tall, crouching figures came into the light. Mostly bone and muscle. Grey skin stretching tightly over their emaciated bodies.

Thank you sir,” Said Wendi, “You are saving my parents….they are very. Very. Hungry,”


Interacting with Sheffield @Cryptek12 and KYZLER
@Dark Light

A bitter sweet smell filled her nose as a cloth was passed over her face. The overwhelming stench burn her eyes. Her eyes grew wide as she finally managed to register what they were trying to do with what the other man said. A wave of more panic came into her eyes, She struggled more, she had to get out of their arms. They had no intention in going to find her parents right now. She had to get back to them so she did what she did best.

She bit down.


She bit the new strangers arm as he tried to pass the cloth to the first one. Blood was easily drawn. With suddenly seeming to have more energy she lashed out with a renewed passion to get away. Scratching the first man's face while he reached out to grab the cloth. No longer able to hold her with both arms she managed to wriggle free, falling flat on her side.

No! Mama...Papa...They need help,” Her voice coming in tight gasps. “Please….please let me show you where,” She let out a dry sob, “P-please they’ll die,” She said as she tried to get up and away from them. Not waiting for them to answer.

Her pace was slow, hardly a run at all. But they were close enough to the forest that she was able to reach the trees quickly. “Please, come look,” She called back.


Interacting with Sheffield @Cryptek12

The figure she’d been following had long vanished ahead of her. He’d had ignored her calls, or perhaps he didn’t hear them. She needed help desperately, the blade that had tried to end her life had left a gaping wound deep in her ribs.

There was the gnawing doubt in her mind she wasn’t going to make it. Seren’s Folly was very close. But her body’s fatigue was growing. Her stomach was empty. It had been so long since she last eaten.

She felt her legs give out and pain shoot through her body a few feet from the edge of town. Blinking back the tears from her eyes, she saw a figure standing not to far, staring into the woods.

Can you help me?” she called her voice shaking with pain , standing on a nearly deserted street. There were sounds of activity coming from inside the buildings, keeping the eeriness at bay. “Please….a- a monster attacked my family. They are dying. Please, please, please help,”

Lyra @hotsyrup

The hunting worlds isn’t as large as some believe. Our parents were acquaintances,” Said Emiliah, watching Flint continue to make a spectacle of himself. Although it had been many years since she had last seen him, his facial features were an instance match to the gangly boy who was constantly chatting up the barmaid.

"Who's ready to go huntin for some windigos?' In an instant, all the weariness faded from her body. This was a chance to actually do something, rather than just bare witness to tragedy. And while she hadn’t personally ever fought a wendigo before, it was clear that many had. Offering her a near fail safe way to become acquainted with this foe.

She reach down to grab for her spear, only to come back empty handed. A sudden nakedness about being just in her civilian clothing sent shivers through her body. She had gotten to comfortable.Stupid It was one of the most important rules, to always be ready for a fight.

I need to return home to grab my gear,” said Emiliah softly to Lyra. “Come with me? We can look for your 'friend' on the way. He can’t have gone far,
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