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Haha, sorry I sneakposted before you Baz

but anyway the mom friend has arrived finally, sorry I'm posting so late guys
@Starlance @Voltus_Ventus @Bazmund

The small bunk was barely visible beneath the enormous open suitcase on top of it - a carbon plastic outer shell, bright pink with a pattern of tiny playful kittens, lined with foam and liquid-proof synthetic textile. Four small piles of clothing lay neatly stacked at one end, packed up and vaccuum sealed to preserve space, with various personal items wedged between them. The rest of it was occupied by medical tools - a Mobile Sterilization Unit Mini.I2, and in it a set of scrubs, a half-empty box of disposable ecolatex gloves, a small Diagnostics Medpad, and an empty injector with an unopened pack of accelerator needles. There was also a hefty looking wooden box beside them - Deirdre's prized set of vintage surgical tools, given to her by her parents for her graduation. Not many were properly trained to use them anymore but she was of the mind that it's never a bad idea to have some "hands-on" skills.

The small woman stood before the mirror, fussing with her hair. There isn't much one can do with a cloud of curly hair that has decided to not cooperate today but Dr. Goodgun was not one to let some protein filaments beat her into submission, especially not ones growing out of her own head. After a good half hour of fiddling she settled on a tight ponytail, smiled triumphantly at her reflection and turned to give the tiny room a last look-over. She'd gotten up early, just to make sure the living space she had occupied for six years had been completely scrubbed of her presence. Looking pleased with herself, Deirdre slammed the sickeningly pink suitcase closed and hefted it down onto the floor.

"Follow mode." she barked and a small LED lit up on its side. Turning on her heel she exited the room, the suitcase trailing after her on little rubbery wheels. She could do with some breakfast.

Entering the nearby cafeteria she noticed a familiar looming figure on one of the tables. She'd seen the Security guard around on more than one occasion, he seemed like a surprisingly cheerful fellow even if she'd never spoken to him. "Ah, and there's Mr. Mond..." A bright smile lit up her face as she noticed who else was at the table. He was a very pleasant gentleman, came around often but she never really saw him outside of the cafeteria. He was probably stationed at a different wing, though she wasn't quite sure how he was allowed to eat all the way here if that was the case. They were joined by a younger woman, whom she'd never seen.

"Eggs and toast, please. And a cup of tea." she ordered, then made her way closer to the table, "Mr. Mond, such an atrociously unhealthy breakfast! I'm surprized you're in such good shape, eating like that. I see your charms have attracted a crowd again!"

She pulled up a chair and joined them unceremoniously, as her luggage scuttled by and stationed itself at her side. "Dr. Deirdre Goodgun, pleasure to meet you!" she introduced herself to the other two, extending an arm for handshakes, "Everyone excited for docking?"
@officaz @ScreenAcne

Hey mate, sorry to intervene but I've been reading the OOC and I feel like there's a bit of a misunderstanding with your sheet and the premise. What ScreenAcne was asking of you was to give out a bit of personality besides his mental issues, and info on whatever made him inconvenient in his current position - that may as well be his mental issues themselves but you gotta make it clear. Also the way I read it ZELTA is something that's being formed right now to do stuff in newly conquered territory so your dude can't have possibly already been assigned to it. It's also somewhere people who are inconvenient and disposable get sent - a.k.a. space gulag.

I might be wrong, do correct me if so, ScreenAcne. I just have a big mouth and an urge to dish out unsolicited help.
hey so
you ain't got a medic do you?

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