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Post count don't matter, yo. I'm mostly PM RP-based. Check out my 1x1's~


  • Late-Twenties = RP Partner Must Be 18+
  • Female, plays all pairings (MxM, FxM, FxF) and either gender
  • Adult Job = Work 3 12-hr shifts Th-Sat EST
  • Postage = Every Other Day / Three Times Weekly Minimum
  • Typically High-Cas
  • Friendly = OOC always chatty if partner wants
  • Roleplaying Limits = will not do horrible acts on the evil/sadistic side (torture, rape/molestation, etc)
  • I like romance in my stories - I like depressing romance too, as you can see in my interest checks below - but I do not like all smut all the time. I mean, I do write some serious smut if my partner wants it, but I like building up to romance. It's much more fun that way.
  • Savvy = Mostly do PM posts - so, my post count won't be reflective of how I do - and I had a text-based RP going for several years before discovering RPGuild
  • Tend to fan-girl the characters of RPs I am in

  • Reading - LOVE historical fiction, which I NEVER thought I'd say when I was younger.
  • Video games - mostly RPGs, but I like survival simulation games and mystery games
  • Movies - I'm not as picky about which movies I like. Like my music taste, it's all over the place
  • D&D - if you haven't picked up from the previous three, I just love story-based things all over. Got an awesome DM who won't let it all be hack and slash, so that's cool.

Ironically, I HATE AU stuff. It has to be completely canon for me to like it. I'm a fanfiction snob and not ashamed. I will read some with OCs though, as long as they are a plot device. Most of these also come from Tales of... games. This is just here to share my interests/likes ... I don't actually want to RP them. Which is odd, I know. XP

  • Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes = my favorite
  • Phoenix Wright x Miles Edgeworth = close second
  • Jade Curtis x Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth IX = tied for close second
  • Zelos Wilder x Sheena Fujibayashi
  • Sherlock x Watson - BBC
  • Zechs Marquise x Treize Khushrenada
  • Alvin Svent x Jude Mathis
  • Richard Windor x Asbel Lhant
  • Javier Garcia x Paul "Jesus" Monroe

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@Nuttsnbolts I tried what you suggested, and it did not work. I got a ton of old RPs back that I'd forgotten about though, so that was a nice blast from the past. xD
So, for a while now, I've always had my inbox message counter one higher than it actually is ... it's not a major thing, of course. I was just curious as to why or if it could be fixed. I think it happened around the time the folders became active, but I can't remember.
Looking for one more partner~

New plot added~

When you have covfefe after 3:00 pm because you just can't make it through the day, and are consequently wide awake at 2:00 am.

"Our great mother does not take sides, Jack. She protects the balance of methane."

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Vacation returns~ Renewed and bumped. All plots available at the moment.

“You must be very passionate about your music, Uede-san.” Tsubaki had said in her soft tone when Kosuke told her of his decision to leave his job to play for the drama club. “I will still work at my parents’ bakery part-time, but it will not interfere with my work for the drama club.”

Mina’s laugh pulled Tsubaki’s gaze from Kosuke at her side. She herself giggled at the sight when the guy beside her shook his head. Tsubaki thought Mina’s behavior typical for the girl that she’d known of for many years. In a way, she wished that she was as comfortable around people as Mina. But, then again, she’d adjusted her demeanor at a young age to not be disliked. She leaned over to stage whisper to Kosuke, her eyes on Sho. “I would feel bad for Fujimoto-san, but I think he enjoys the attention despite his complaints.”

“What kind of guy likes being hassled for a free meal, eh?” Sho said he ran a hand through his hair in mock frustration, glaring at Mina for just a moment before the smile split his face at her suggestion of making this a tradition. He was about to say that he couldn’t handle being pestered by a girl he wasn’t dating for food on a regular basis when Kosuke surprised him by not entirely committing, but showing interest. Sho dramatically hung his head, but lifted it when the same question was proposed to Tsubaki.

She seemed to consider it for a little bit, tapping a finger against her cheek as her eyes looked upward in thought. Of course she’d just been drawing it out, as her face too stretched into a small smile and she nodded. “It sounds like fun.”

When Mina dashed inside, Sho shoved his hands into his pockets and trudged off behind her, letting the door swing in his wake. Tsubaki caught it and held it open for Kosuke in a friendly gesture. Once inside the small shop, Tsubaki marveled at the place, appreciating the quaint décor and adorable designs on the menu of little cartoon onigiri. When Mina pressed Sho for an answer, her eyes shifted to the red-head. With a sigh, he averted his gaze and begrudgingly said. “Alright, alright.”

Though his tone said one thing, he had smiled. He liked the idea of hanging out downtown with a group of people on a regular basis. It would be a nice change for his last year of high school. “Let’s eat!”
I don't like that this doesn't seen notices. Haha. I just now saw that you posted.

Life has been meh with work, but everything else has been sorta okay. Haha. How about you? Now your week is done - how are you feeling?
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