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I've always liked creative stuff - art, writing, crafts - but haven't always made enough time for it. I find I'm always more likely to come back to RPs because someone else is waiting...I've got loads of stories I started but never quite finished. Hopefully RPing can get me back into writing more.

I like fantasy (medieval settings with magic, dragons etc), sci-fi (Love AI and space) and anything else that stays interesting enough really :)

PM me if you want to know any more, I'm always happy to chat to new people!

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Annie returned Alexai's hug, enveloping her in her arms for a moment.

"Good to see you Alexai, hope you're looking after yourself. Have you eaten yet?" Annie fussed over the young woman for a moment before Roxy leapt up onto the table and began her speech. A tidy profit would be good, a lot of the people in here needed a stroke of luck to get them back on their feet and living well.
@KatherinWinter She just means that she is glad Roxy is safe. She knows what it is like being a woman in such a rough town.

If you want it to mean something else, knowledge of a job Roxy was on or something, we can make it that but I didn't mean it to have a much deeper meaning than just conveying Annie's motherly personality.
@ineffable You could slip into the basement still, don't think we've started much so far :) just introductions really.
"Come on down dear." She greeted Nadya with her familiar motherly smile, pleased to see another who had made it back safely. She made her way down into the basement and moved around the room, greeting everyone one by one.

"Good to see you're safe Roxy" Annie didn't want to embarrass her in front of the group so she kept it to a minimum.

"Nice to see you're awake Thom." She said, patting the sleepy lad on the shoulder.

"Glad you made it down Kai" She greeted the youngest with a smile, just holding herself back from pulling him in for a hug.

@Raccoon Eyes
Ahsoka was speaking so Annie just smiled and nodded at the girl, not wanting to interrupt.

Reeve needed quiet to concentrate but there was a meeting, he had riled some of the group with his request for quiet. Tristan in particular seemed keen to provoke further reaction.
"Now Tristan, no need for that tone." Annie said, her face taking a sterner facade as he sat back down with his water. In fighting was the last thing they needed. Luckily Ahsoka was on the move too, occupying Reeve - whether intentionally or not she had helped quell a potential dispute.
Annie bustled around, collecting emptied tankards and chatting with her customers.

"Now now Tiny, talk like that is just going to cause trouble." She said, laying a hand on the shoulder of one of her patrons, a huge man glowering at his opponent. "How about you boys talk about it proper? Don't want you causing trouble for Annie, eh?" She said with a motherly smile, patting the giant on the shoulder. A civil tone had merged back into their conversation by the time Annie made it back to the bar.

Annie was cleaning tankards and watching people entering the bar, calling out to those she recognised...or at least those that didn't mind the attention. She recognised some of those who entered as members of the guild, slipping in for the meeting downstairs. Others she didn't notice enter but knew their punctuality meant they had passed without her notice.

Shi pulled himself up onto the barstool in front. She liked the little man, where others shunned the dwarf Annie saw past to the brilliant mind which lay inside.

"You're very welcome dear." She said with a smile, remembering the first time she had to explain dear as an endearment, rather than an animal. "I might just know of a group..." She said, cautiously - did she want to expose Shi to the group? He would handle it okay, they were all nice really, deep inside...some deeper than others. After a few moments she put down her towel and tankard, asking her husband to watch the bar, and guided Shi down to the basement.
@Raptra There is an entrance round the back, a trap door which barrels of ale can be lowered down through so they don't have to come through the front and rolled through crowds of people.
+1 Qekyd
Banned for weak reasoning.
'need to take out the Bugbear' Morwen repeated the statement to herself incredulously 'Oh, he looked harmless, I thought I'd leave him be' her sarcastic mind pushed her lips to repeat the thought but she held back. In battle they needed to be alert and to the point, especially when their partnership was so uncertain. Her nod acknowledged his plan and her hands prepared to carry it out.

The feel of the magic coursed through her as she prepared her spell. First confusion - not a spell she was adept at but one the smaller goblins would most likely fall prey to - once that was done she would cover the human against attack from those who still posed a threat.

As he stood she released the confusion spell, driving it on towards the Goblin workers, her mind switching to draw on her destructive powers now.
@KatherinWinter Sure go ahead :)
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