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"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown." - H.P. Lovecraft.

You wake to the violent hissing of the Cryotube as it dethaws you from your deep sleep. You were in there way longer then you were supposed to be. The Cryosickness will be overwhelming making simple tasks like walking and talking more difficult for a bit. It feels as if you've been in stuck inside ice for years and the temperature of the room defiantly isn't helping. You wander around and talk to others and regather your stuff from your lockers. A little while after you all get acquainted, a voice comes onto PA. "Hello? Hello!? Please respond." The voice is soft and quiet, similar to a child's. After you all announce that you all are indeed still alive, The voice sighs in relief.

"It's so good to hear that others are still alive on this hell hole," he says with relief. "I know you all have so many questions that still need answers and I know a way to help you obtain those answers. Just go over to the terminal near the door and type {reboot all including Aurora}. Sorry I have to go and remember don't be too loud they can always hear you." The PA shuts off leaving you all with more questions than answers. You all gather around the terminal and contemplate with each other if turning on Aurora would be the smart option or the dumb option. All exits seem to be sealed shut and the only way to open them would be to reactivate the systems, which in return would reactivate Aurora and the heaters.


@Mogget Accepted. Welcome to the RP. Just pop that into the CS tab as soon as you can.
@Mogget it looks good. There's just one thing left. Look over the rules and you'll see what you missed.
@Beautiful-Disaster @Euphonium
Both accepted. Beautiful CS's. Just pop then into the CS tab when you guys get the chance.


Your missing I few things. You need to specify what your characters occupation is and choose a wing to work in. Your missing something in your Extra info. You need to flesh out your personality tab more. For injuries get rid on the (leave empty) and just leave it empty. And that should be all. Just fix these issues and repost it in ooc. Don't rush and take your time. I'm still working on the first IC post myself also skim through the first ooc post and read thoroughly to ensure that you have everything you need.
Sweet! Just make a CS.
Approved! There's nothing wrong that I spot. I do really like you writing style. Just pop it into the CS tab when you get the chance.
Yes you cann be from a separate nation and still work on the station even if you nation doesn't own a wing. Just say that you registered for the program through the U.N instead of your nations government.

The difference between between an engineer and a mechanic is that a mechanic has more knowledge on how to fix a vehicle and its engine. A engineer is better at making things from scratch and has the knowledge to fix things like a breach.

Nato (from what I can gather online) still uses this ammo type for this pistol.

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
-Albert Einstein

You start off as a group of Workers/Soldiers/Scientists/Engineers/etc who have just awaken from cryosleep, A few months late. This RP will take place on a Moon Base in the year 2035. That has been taken over by some infection. This infection has turned its victims into grotesque monsters. These things have taken over most of the Base. Wing C (Where you wake up) is the only wing that managed to avoid the spread of infection, due to the auto locking door that went into lockdown when the infection began to spread.

It's up to you and your fellow survivors to either, restore communication with earth or find a way off the planet yourselves. You and your fellow survivors will have a slight helping hand from a person who wants to get off the base as bad as you do, he will guide you through your journey and help you in any way he can. There is only but one problem, He's 14.

Theme and Play-Style

Warning: This RP may not be for the faint of heart.
This RP is based in a horror scenario, were running away occurs more than trying to fight. It has a similar atmosphere to games like SCP, Dead Space, And F.E.A.R. Were trying to fight the creatures will lead to your demise unless you are properly equipped to handle it. There will also be a lot of chase scenes were the enemies will pursue you through multiple rooms. Ambushes can also occur from current creatures that are small enough to crawl through vents or hide in tight places. Assume that there is always something around that corner waiting to kill you and eat you.

YOU'RE NOT INVINCIBLE! Your character can die in this RP. If your character tries to fight something that's way stronger then them and their not properly equipped, there is a high chance that they will either die or receive a major injury (Losing a limb for example). all players try their best to match the atmosphere of the RP in their posts (So no Omae mo shindeiru moments). Theme music is a great way to add atmosphere to a post (You don't have to use a theme song if you don't want to).

And Most Importantly. Have Fun! (Or get scared)


In the meantime, I had made a discord server so its easier to keep tabs with others.
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