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11 Oct 2016 23:49
Current Do golems dream of petroglyphic sheep?
28 Sep 2016 18:58
Can he see or is he blind?
15 Sep 2016 18:05
Has he lost his mind?


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This seems interesting. I'd like to participate if I may.
Duck resigned via PM. Doesn't look like this'll happen anytime soon. Class dismissed.
@Alex R

You still with me buddy? Been a while since you updated.

You imagine correctly. They do not breed.

Looks good to me :) Totally accepted!
@Alex R

Looking good so far!
@Za Warudo

Nope, it's fine as it is.

Sounds fine to me! Great idea!

@Za Warudo

Very much accepted! You can post it straight to the Character Tab as soon as the OOC is up.
@Za Warudo@Dogematix

Pre-sheet land claims are 100% ok. Looking forward to your NSs.
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