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Unless the gods don't care at all about mortal political or cultural divisions.

I'm more into this. Have everyone worship the same pantheon of gods, albeit by different means and names, and leave the politics to mortals. The gods can be like (super)natural forces that mortals need to deal with in order to survive and prosper, but they don't interfere with the schemes and intrigues of people unless affected directly.
@Golem I think you said it right there. The two superpowers are the asshole gods manipulating mortals to their wills and whimsy.

Maybe... or they're just neutral forces, like nature. They do their thing endlessly (make war, make love, make stuff, whatever gods do), but aren't really part of the big conflict.
I like it when there's a story built into the world. I'm thinking a cold war between two superpowers set in a medieval fantasy world. These two powers (gods/nations/guilds/other) never confront eachother directly from fear of mutually assured destruction, but meddle in others affairs to manipulate the outcome of the political landscape in their favor.

Another thing that'd be cool is if we had real assholes for gods, not being worshiped out of love but rather demanding it with threats of doom.
@BingTheWing The usual races are used and reused because of the simple fact that they're fun and easily tweaked into something new and exciting. Going completely bananas will ultimately only serve to confuse and alienate people.

@Polybius Sure, but I wouldn't want to coerce you into not using a tool you find useful just because of my reluctance towards it. There will be other worldbuilding games.
...And I'm backing out. I don't get the piratepad thingy. Good luck though!
I'm interested.
This seems interesting. I'd like to participate if I may.
Duck resigned via PM. Doesn't look like this'll happen anytime soon. Class dismissed.
@Alex R

You still with me buddy? Been a while since you updated.
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