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Oooh big interest!
Just an update! Due to real life stuff I'll need some time to wrap stuff up before getting this started, sorry for dragging you guys on with all this waitinG! This should get going next week on monday!
@Shiyonichi What are you talking about, Ferbus lives on in our hearts
These are all great ideas! Foundation X usage is completely fine cos they are used just to study kamen rider devices haha.

Its good to see all this interest and will have a sheet up soon and after that an OOC with a lot more info about the actual plot haha
Hey there all! Had a brief lapse of chance to get stuff going but if you are all still interested we could get this off the ground soon.

TO answer questions my main idea was to let you guys come up with your own transformation devices instead of focusing on one set, but I'll introduce any upgrades or devices if needed as well as you guys can use any original characters that use things like Gashats and Ridewatches. The RP would be based in Tokyo and I'll provide a character sheet provided all are still interested?

@Shiyonichi @Renny @Keyblade87 @KOgaming @Chi
Hey there! If this is still open I'd love to submit a character sheet, just thought I'd check before applying in case the limit was just reached
Its not too late to drop an interest is it??
@vancexentan So sorry didn't notice the amount of posts needed, can I do the same and join after I have enough stacked up?
Hey there I'm quite interested!
Kamen Riders

Masked heroes, fighting for justice and the people, through whatever means they have, they transform into the selfless heroes to protect the world and everyone who lives in it from the evils that dare to challenge the might of Kamen Riders. Warriors that transform with belts to become what they need to be. Whether it be a belt that allows them to use the power of cars, a belt that allows the user to use the power of fruit, to fight within a mirror world or even use the power of beetles, the kamen riders are varied and strong united.

However, the world has lived in bliss for a year now, no known incidents have happened after kamen riders became more common throughout Japan and even over seas. But after this grace period Tokyo was given a grim message. From the shadows of the city, a legion of monsters emerged to threaten the city one more time. When the world thought a Rider had arrived in time to battle on that day, the masked man who was seen turned on the city and launched an attack on the centre of Tokyo with the monsters.

Although they disappeared that day, attacks became frequent and the call for Kamen Riders around Japan and the world to help defeat this menace became louder and louder.

But who would answer the call?

So thats all the exposition I have for now haha, but hey and welcome to KR: Legacy. The Roleplay is mainly going to focus on assembling a team of Kamen Riders and put them through this kaiju menace, despite how different their stories or backstories are. This is just an interest check however, so I'll say briefly that some canons can be played, Fruit God Kouta and similar overpowered elements are shunned upon though.

But I encourage you to create Original riders, to give us a good variation of flavour and Powers!
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