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Current "I treat people with suspicion, and a person with respect."-unknown.
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The orc said, "Ogah chaka, Ogah ogah. Ogah chaka..."
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Elon Musk is doing in seven years what nasa said not in our life time.
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gov of Florida didn't believe in climate change now he's like "Flee for your lives!" hell of a plan gov...
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Common courtesy is not a common virtue.


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I'm easy going, and willing to adhere to GM rules. I can write in first or third person perspective just let me know in advance. I am a casual writer(typist?) Means three paragraphs minimum five on a good day. I'm over 21 years old and I have role played for over ten years. Mostly table top and a few PC RPG's. I have a good imagination and like finding new ways to be creative. I would like to get my creative feet wet and also increase my experience with role playing here. I would say the quickest way to get me to quit a thread is being rude/mean. I don't make time for those types of people.
Golden Rules
1. If no reply after 7days I will send a PM.
2. After 48 hrs from that I will consider the thread a lost causes.:(
3. Every time you drop a thread/ RP without telling anyone A (favorite animal) is sad. Do what is right! Think of the (Favorite animal)!
4. Everything that happens via this avatar does not reflect the actions I would take in real life. It's all pretend people.
I prefer fantasy, post apocalyptic, scifi, romance, manga, steampunk, and combinations. I don't write fandom/cannon characters to me its just retyping the original story. I don't like military, arena, nation, or slice of life. School can be negotiated. I like 1x1 over large groups.

That's it, anything I didn't answer just ask.

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Excerpt( I had to get this out. I dont have a news station. I dont own a satellite. I'm not a politician. There is just so much I want to make right. So much to take a knee for. Too many lives lost. I felt like sharing my resolution to try...)

Imagine at your home perhaps after work or on the weekend, the front door was kicked in. Twelve men enter with guns and body armor. They wear a strange uniform. Dont speak your language and point guns in your face. As you stand they strike you to the floor and zip tie your hands behind your back. This happens simultaneously while others rush through your home. Going through your stuff and dragging your family out of their rooms and into the living room. They trash your house. A person you've never met is with them asking you for weapons. "where are they? Where are terrorists?" Your family is crying. Hands zip tied behind their back. The armed guys this time leave taking no one. The last time they took your brother. When he returned home he was different cold and full of hate. You tell the police they say they cant help you. You tell the government, they dont hear you. This happens every six to nine months for ten years.

The reason... Greed. A machine that destroys lives and makes enemies. A machine that controls what you believe, tailors you to want things you dont need, Uses sex to entice you to act a certain way, live a certain way.

In the past fielty was given for land. Land fed your family and held you to a location. In the world of consumers fielty is now held by fear. Fear of unpopular ideas, not "fitting in", not having the things other have and the willingness to ridicule belittle, and show outward disdain toward someone that is different. The lie that the system is your only option. Fear will keep you in line. That with change and a vote comes a better tomorrow. Putting your faith in the hands of people that dont even know you will create a better tomorrow....

The real answer, You have the ability to change the world. In your space of it, to create what life is suppose to be. Where things are right and the laws are just. Step back from the loud shouts and focus on what really matters to you. Then build it. The 1880-1920 people from everywhere came to a new land with little to nothing. They were less educated and twice as poor than you, as you're reading this. All they had was the will to try...
In The End. 3 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

When the GM drops the villain into the plot unexpectedly..
In The End. 4 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
The boat was ready and the crew stood on the deck looking at the two new faces. The older boy with a smile and a ripped shirt stood next to a white haired kid with a stern expression. "Great more baggage?" She said in an adult tone.

"Ease up Ruyo, Sheesh they did just help us out. Not like you were doing anything." The purple haired girl was waving her hand at the kid as she talked.

"I was checking the condition of the boat and seeing about what we would need for supplies. In case you forgot I'm the only one that knows how to sail here." Ruyo stuck out her tongue.

"Well ladies... We need to go, the fire will draw more of them away and give us a little breathing room for tonight." The guy noticed Asano and blushed. "My, what's this sleeping prince?" He ran his hand through his own hair. Giving a charming smile unaware the boy was sleeping.

"Save it, he's just a kid perv." Mitsiko looked away after she realized she was being motherly. "I'm Mitsiko Maeda. This here is Asano. I saved him from his house. He, ...was my neighbor." She looked away shyly. Not inviting any further questions.

"We can use all the help we can get. Get on board and stow the kid in the boys room. WE need supplies but first we need a good rest off the coast for a bit. Then we can make our round of introductions and get this group organized." Yui motioned for them to come aboard as she gathered the last line from the docks. She hopped aboard as Ruyo turned on the engine sending the boat slowly into reverse. As the boat was clearing the dock Mitsiko went below. The boat was pretty big. At least 100ft long with a double mast. The inside was pretty spacious, She couldn't help but be impressed. Making her way to the lower deck she saw Hanzo walking up the hall.

"Hi again. Here the rooms are here and here. Guys got the short straw since there are only two and more girls." He opened the door to the guys side and a single bunk. It was small but not by much. She laid Asano on the bed and turned to walk out. "Excuse me, I have to report to Ruyo." He made his way past he in the tight hall. She took half a step to the girls door stopping for a sec to brace herself for whatever her new home looked like. The door opened and she saw her room for only a second. Her face turned bright red as Akana stood there with a curious look and in her panties. "Uh..."

Akana gave a devious smile as she just stood there, turning her attention to the the shirt in her hands. She put her head in first and covered her body. Come in already if you're tired too. I was going to get some sleep before our next move. It's pretty tight in hee but stay away from Ruyo, she's mine." Giving a playful wink at Misiko before sliding onto the bed and pulling up some of the covers. Misiko sighed before shutting the door behind her and taking off her shoes. It was going to be a long day and she had enough of the night. The boat barely rocked being so big and the sound of the water outside put her to sleep fast.
In The End. 4 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Name:Akana age: 18
"Well... I figured, what the hell..."
Typos... Typos everwhere... ^.~
Bump. Somebody love me

Opening her eyes to her hotel room was so unauthentic. She came to another country to experience the culture not to live as she had in the west. After a shower and breakfast Amillia opened her lap top and checked her email. Her face lit up! She was going to ensure she was there at ten sharp! Already completing a thorough google search of the crime rate in the area, the distance to the school, the condition of the house, and the spaces provided. She would not let such a gem slip away. She gathered everything up and repacked her bags. Calling down to the front desk for a cart. Amillia wasn't going to turn down this chance!

Miller checked out and got into the cab her bags filling the trunk and most of the back seat she sat upfront with the driver. Her outfit was a skirt and blouse simple yet nothing too foreign. Her hair in a single bun. Her hands clutching her purse trying to contain her excitement of living inside a Japanese house. The drive was going to take almost forty minutes to get there. She counted every minute.

When she got there it was fifteen till she had the driver put the bags on the inside of the gate that was unlatched. She paid the driver with a tip for the help she even gave a bow to be traditional. Amillia was a little disappointed when he waved back and left. She sat on the throne made of bags until it was five till ten she stood and walked to the door. Suppressing her nervousness she was about to press the door bell when suddenly she heard the sound of a car stopping behind her. She turned to look and a second cab and the occupant getting out holding a single bag and a pet carrier....

Yuki Tanaka

She checked her email before going to bed. After completing her class work for the week, her emails were sent to professors and family. There in the inbox was one email Yuki looked at with hopefulness. She wanted to move out of the dorm to a better location her current roommate was a bit too social for her taste. Constant visitors and night noises keeping her awake. She petted cookie and gave her a treat. She didn't even wait she packed during the night after sending one email to the university housing council. Telling them she was vacating immediately. She left in the morning stopping to eat at the cafeteria. Then moving to the cab waiting for her on the street.

The cab ride was long but worth it. The house had a bit of charm to it. Although it looked slightly bigger then the posted picture. She walked past the gate to see a mound of bags and a blonde haired woman on the front step. She watched the other girl push the door bell with a smile. Yuki's eyes narrowed.


She woke to the sound of water sitting up to look around her room was in the hall to her new mom. She had to relocate from the living room to the loft. Then back to the room on the second floor. Mom Suggested it as she thought Yuki would take the roommate agreement only if she felt isolated from the rest of the house. The floor was reconfigured to allow the master bed room side access to the bath and a door to the hall for the other two bedrooms could get in. Miso knew the water was finally on and she wanted to try some of her purchases. The water a little to the hot side she stepped in and started to imitate the videos of washing. This was going to take some time getting use to. This bathing was different. Being covered in water and the soap burned her eyes!"Ahhh! Damn it! What the hell!?" Even not being directly applied to the eyes. She had read the warning label but they were vague at best. Now she rinsed out the suds from her stinging eyes. After getting out from the water she did feel that her skin was sensitive. She could feel the breeze under the door and the shiver of her skin. It was different and she smiled in the new sensation. Grabbing the towel she wrapped it around herself and walked to the bedroom.

NASA reported Miso had only an hour to dress and eat before the new roommates arrived. She grew in her excitement and tossed the towel in the hamper by her door. Getting dressed in an over sized shirt and a pair of cloth shorts she rushed down stairs where Mitsiko was making breakfast. She looked rough.

Her new mom looked up and was stressed! "Dinner will be late.." She quickly learned there was much more to cooking than just the measurements and times. It was like no other skill she had been taught! After her third attempt she served toasted white rice with scrambled half cooked eggs and some fruit that was oddly sliced. She sat and ate it with Miso but after only the first bite they both gave each other the look of how bad the food was.
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