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I'm easy going, and willing to adhere to GM rules. I can write in first or third person perspective just let me know in advance. I am a casual writer(typist?) Means three paragraphs minimum five on a good day. I'm over 21 years. I would say the quickest way to get me to quit a thread is being rude/mean. I don't make time for those types of people.
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I prefer fantasy, post apocalyptic, scifi, romance, manga, steampunk, and combinations. I don't write fandom/cannon characters to me its just retyping the original story. I don't like military, arena, nation, or slice of life. School can be negotiated. I only 1x1.

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In The End. 3 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
On deck the sky was turning from a dark blue to a light one on her right side. Yui was at the helm and thankful for calm seas through the night. Being at sea meant no dead and after yesterday she was grateful for the rest. Her training in the art of Kendo really paid off. Her family sent her away to help her focus on her studies. Now she would return to her family and everything would be fine. Hanzo showed up smiling as always. He was cute but...

"Hey ready to take a break? The two new kids are up and about. They seem like good people so go easy on them. Hey don't get any ideas I called dibs on the cutie!" As she turned around to protest she could see him smiling at her implying the joke. She stopped off and down the stairs.

"Jerk..." She mumbled as she made her way to the bathroom. It was silent so she opened the door. "What the hell?!" She slammed the door shut red faced and looking down at the floor. So caught up in her embarrassment to even hear the apology from Asano. Why was her heart racing so fast?! Why did it bother her so?! Why was she still able to see him? She had stood there through the apology and as he rushed past her up the stairs to the top deck. She walked into the bathroom in a daze as she finally looked up at the mirror over the tiny sink. her face was still flush. She turned on the water grateful it was cold.

As Asano reached the top deck he briefly looked back over his shoulder before looking about. The ocean was everywhere and Hanzo was at the helm. looking about Asano saw the two other girls and Mitsiko. He walked up to her and bowed deeply. "Thanks you for,"

"It's fine, no need for thanking me. We saved each other." She didn't even look at him before walking off.

Asano looked about the boat before walking up to Hanzo. "Hey. Thanks again for the clothes. Where are we?"

"You're welcome. I'm glad you could make them work. Well I'm not really sure. I'm not a sailor. Ruyo is and It's her families boat. But she is looking at the charts over there with Mitsiko. That's her name right?" Asano nodded. Hanzo was shirtless by mid day and wore slacks with no shoes. This made Asano want to take off his shoes too.

He just stared at her before walking up. Keeping quiet he listened to them trying o figure out where they were and how much further they had to go. "We're drifting off course by five degrees and we will reach japan by tonight if we pick up more speed."

"How do you know that?!" asked Ruyo. She looked up at him with doubt.

"Well given the shadow of the sun on the mast I can see the boat is off slightly. So we need to turn slightly left and pick up speed before the ocean current takes us further off course. I'm good at math and geometry. You're going North by that compass but the degrees are wrong."

Ruyo felt herself become jealous of this kid. She wanted to hit him. She could see there was no intent in him to make her feel stupid but that smile just made her feel... weak. She looked away. "Hanzo, turn the wheel to the left a quarter turn. Mitsiko you and I will open some more sails to pick ups some speed." Ruyo was wearing a skirt and shirt from a school uniform it was still clean. Mitsiko was no longer in his shirt but she kept the tie for her hair, his pants, and dress shoes.

As they went off the do that Asano went to the map and looked at it some more as the mast shadow moved. The boat pick up some speed with the unfurling of the rest of the sails. If the wind held they should see landfall just as night fell. He was lost in thought to see the others come up on deck. Soon the commotion of them talking made him take notice. The shirt was a regular T shirt that was a little short and showed off the pants waist band. Yui had also changed from the keno uniform to a button down shirt and slacks. Akana was in a skirt and button down school shirt tied in a knot to expose her waist. She had a small gold earring that hung from her belly button. Akana gave him a wink as their eyes met, which made Asano look away.

By mid day the wind died and the sails hung limp by the string and posts. The boat had no engine and the the current would take them off course by a day. "We should drop anchor until the wind picks back up." Ruyo nodded in agreement with Asano though her face grew flush once more. She hit the lever to drop both anchors. The sun was warm on his face and the sky was clear and blue. Ruyo told Hanzo to take a break soon the others went below to get water, make lunch, and only she and Asano were left on deck. "Asano... What were your grades in school?" She hoped he was just average a fluke of her being alone on the ocean and not more than that.

Smiling enjoying the sun. "My parents had me enrolled in the accelerated honors program at school Tokyo U. I tested and was given a full scholarship. I was in my senior year when all this broke out." He looked in her direction as the question feel from his head. She was looking down at him with hair covering her eyes.

"You're Asano Takeshi?! The boy that was one of the few to receive not just a scholarship but also one of the elite few that advanced so fast! You're like a prodigy and just happen to be on the same boat as I am during all of this?!" She kicked his arm before going down below. She moved faster until she entered her room and shut the door. She tossed herself onto the bed and buried her face into a pillow. It was him, HIM! The person she had always followed and watched through the news and articles. She idolized him, HIM! And he was here!! Her parents wanted him more than her they pushed her to excel in her studies yet they wanted him... It wasn't fair.
In The End. 3 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Asano laid there trying to fight sleep but his eyes slid under the lids and the darkness took him. His nightmare was of fire, blood, and death. He awoke and sat up in the bed covered in sweat, breathing shallow, and fast. The room was dark and the boat was definitely moving now. Getting to his feet proved to be a little trickier than normal. "Sniff, sniff...sigh." He wondered, maybe there was a bathroom on this boat and a shower. Not that he had anything to change into that was clean.

Stepping outside into the hall Asano saw there was a short line to the bathroom. There was Mitsiko, another girl and a guy with a big smile. "H-hi.." Asano said rubbing his hands together nervously while looking down at the floor.

"HEY!" The guy smiled and waved at him. "You're awake! Man I thought you were gonna sleep forever and need a kiss or something." He winked which made Asano even more nervous.

The white haired girl stepped in between them wearing a mans button shirt. Her cool demeanor and mono voice put Asano back at ease a bit. "I'm Ruyo Takabi. The chatty one is Hanzo Tanaka..." The door opened and another girl stepped out She had a boys shirt, boots, and a pink streak in her hair. Seeing Asano her eyes lit up! She walked forward with her hips swaying and stepped right in front of Ruyo. In the distance Asano saw Mitsiko give a side glance his way before shutting the bathroom door.

"Hi! So good to have another guy on the trip! Even if you're just a kid." She gave him a big hug. Whispering into his ear, "Watch out for Hanzo, unless you like boys. I'm Akana Ichi. Don't tell anyone but I think your super cute!" She gave him a soft kiss on the cheek before stepping away with a wave as she walked off. "It's nice to meet you."

Asano just stood there frozen with a flush face. He saw that Ruyo had turned around and was now in front of the door while Hanzo was looking at him intently. "Dont mind Akana she is a little off. It's nice to meet you." He leaned in really close. "This boat is mostly girls so it's nice to have another guy around.." He tooks a sniff and a step back. "Wow here you need to go next, I'll be back with some clothes for you that outfit is done.." Hanzo walked off the the second door to the right, but not before flashing Asano a smile.

Asano stood there kinda stunned and then just shook his head and waited in line with Ruyo. "Dont get any ideas.." She said not even turning around to talk with him. Just then the door opened and Mitsiko walked out giving him another side glance before returning to her room. Her hair was wet and she was in different clothes. The shutting of both the room door and the bathroom door stopped him from staring at Mitsiko. He sighed as he waited by the door.

Asano heard the door and foot steps toward him. "Hey, I'm pretty sure these will be a bit big but their clean." Hanzo held out the shirt and pants.

"Thank you." Asano gave a slight bow. As Asano stood back up he saw a blush on Hanzo's face before walking back to his room. The sound of running water behind him stopped and soon it was his turn. Ruyo stepped out in a towel and wet hair. She didn't even look at him as she walked past. Asano walked in and shut the door.
In Utopia Prime 4 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
The creaking of the hull was soft and deep. The room was dark but the light under the door gave just enough for his low light vision to work. The room was all metal no window and only one thick metal door. His head felt like the world rested on it. In the distance he could hear the rain. He laid there on the floor listening to everything around him. The rain was strong and the ship fought against the down pour. Why hadn't the captain gone higher to escape it? He wondered. The sounds of foot steps came to the door of the cell. In the porthole Jacob could see a blue eye staring back at him. Sitting up he smiled and waved at her.

"Welcome aboard the Queen Martyr." The hydraulic bolt on the door slid open and the door swung inward. "You're free to leave the ship at any time." She smirked. "However unless you can fly, its a long way down. You work, you eat. You do as you're told and you do it when you are told." She crossed her arms and looked at him with a tilted head. He was still smiling at her and made no aggressive move. She rolled her eyes, and with her index finger motioned for him to follow her. She wore a wet suit and mag boots. The rains were in full swing this year.

They moved to the hatch topside as the door opened the water hit his skin. Instantly he felt even better. This was his first rain and his biology adapted to it easily. The deck looked like it was being besieged by waves. The water crashed against the ship causing it to shift again to port. Jacob looked up at the helm and the robot gently rocked her back to center. "This rain is gonna last two weeks but I don't feel any hate in her. We'll be fine." He looked shocked for a second realizing his words and the truth in them. Even in his first rain he could tell the weather. He looked at her to see her give a smirk.

She chose right. "Get up in the lookout and stay there. If it changes use the come to the helmsmen." She gave him a slap on the back for incentive. He moved as if he was born in this. She shook her head dismissing the thought and took a walk about inside the ship. The other ones needed to get assigned their duties as well and her money was on them not liking it as much as Jacob had.

Jacob climbed to the top of the mast and looked out with his tongue. His eyes were worthless even more so in the rain under the water membrane now covering them. His body was the sensor he could tell the weather change before it happened. On a ship like this they needed it. his skin was his own wet suit and the pads on his feet became slightly sticky with the moisture.

The ship was just over a hundred feet in length and twenty feet wide. It had three solar masts but only one engine. Five decks two being on top as part of the helm and three below deck with no life boats or emergency equipment. Everything said this was a converted light cruiser, if only Jacob knew any of that. They good for short trips and cargo drops but they were moving deeper into the storm.

Down below Jacob could see another one of the crew. They were wearing a wet suit so he couldn't see exactly who they were. Whoever it was was a large imposing figure and was adjusting one of the sensor clusters near the bow of the ship. The rain and wind did little to move the figure below. After a few moments of laying flat and using some tools to make the adjustments the figure got up and walked back to the hatch to get below deck. He sighed and used his tail to stay put in his spot as the wind almost got Jacob off guard. He could see the clouds above him. They were so close to him.

He shut his eyes and dove to the small metal plate under his feet. Crack! The sound of thunder echoed in his chest. He opened his eyes and more flashes of thunder. Jacobs tongue flicked out and sent him the warning. "Danger." Grabbing at the com panel receiver. He shouted. Nothing. He pointed up and shouted some more. No reply.

In a robotic voice, "Press the button on the mic. ...Dumb ass."
"...and I don't like this anymore! This flashing is dangerous I want to get down and we should get underground now!"

"Relax your grounded. You will be fine as long as you stay put."

"I want off, down, now! I'm.."

"You're not going anywhere. Take a breath and tell me will it get worse or better?" She looked up at him, or where he should be. All the rain against the window made it nearly impossible to see him. The clouds were dark as night. It was far too soon to loose this reptile. There was just too much before he could leave!
In Try... 6 mos ago Forum: Spam Forum
Excerpt( I had to get this out. I dont have a news station. I dont own a satellite. I'm not a politician. There is just so much I want to make right. So much to take a knee for. Too many lives lost. I felt like sharing my resolution to try...)

Imagine at your home perhaps after work or on the weekend, the front door was kicked in. Twelve men enter with guns and body armor. They wear a strange uniform. Dont speak your language and point guns in your face. As you stand they strike you to the floor and zip tie your hands behind your back. This happens simultaneously while others rush through your home. Going through your stuff and dragging your family out of their rooms and into the living room. They trash your house. A person you've never met is with them asking you for weapons. "where are they? Where are terrorists?" Your family is crying. Hands zip tied behind their back. The armed guys this time leave taking no one. The last time they took your brother. When he returned home he was different cold and full of hate. You tell the police they say they cant help you. You tell the government, they dont hear you. This happens every six to nine months for ten years.

The reason... Greed. A machine that destroys lives and makes enemies. A machine that controls what you believe, tailors you to want things you dont need, Uses sex to entice you to act a certain way, live a certain way.

In the past fielty was given for land. Land fed your family and held you to a location. In the world of consumers fielty is now held by fear. Fear of unpopular ideas, not "fitting in", not having the things other have and the willingness to ridicule belittle, and show outward disdain toward someone that is different. The lie that the system is your only option. Fear will keep you in line. That with change and a vote comes a better tomorrow. Putting your faith in the hands of people that dont even know you will create a better tomorrow....

The real answer, You have the ability to change the world. In your space of it, to create what life is suppose to be. Where things are right and the laws are just. Step back from the loud shouts and focus on what really matters to you. Then build it. The 1880-1920 people from everywhere came to a new land with little to nothing. They were less educated and twice as poor than you, as you're reading this. All they had was the will to try...
In The End. 7 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

When the GM drops the villain into the plot unexpectedly..
In The End. 7 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
The boat was ready and the crew stood on the deck looking at the two new faces. The older boy with a smile and a ripped shirt stood next to a white haired kid with a stern expression. "Great more baggage?" She said in an adult tone.

"Ease up Ruyo, Sheesh they did just help us out. Not like you were doing anything." The purple haired girl was waving her hand at the kid as she talked.

"I was checking the condition of the boat and seeing about what we would need for supplies. In case you forgot I'm the only one that knows how to sail here." Ruyo stuck out her tongue.

"Well ladies... We need to go, the fire will draw more of them away and give us a little breathing room for tonight." The guy noticed Asano and blushed. "My, what's this sleeping prince?" He ran his hand through his own hair. Giving a charming smile unaware the boy was sleeping.

"Save it, he's just a kid perv." Mitsiko looked away after she realized she was being motherly. "I'm Mitsiko Maeda. This here is Asano. I saved him from his house. He, ...was my neighbor." She looked away shyly. Not inviting any further questions.

"We can use all the help we can get. Get on board and stow the kid in the boys room. WE need supplies but first we need a good rest off the coast for a bit. Then we can make our round of introductions and get this group organized." Yui motioned for them to come aboard as she gathered the last line from the docks. She hopped aboard as Ruyo turned on the engine sending the boat slowly into reverse. As the boat was clearing the dock Mitsiko went below. The boat was pretty big. At least 100ft long with a double mast. The inside was pretty spacious, She couldn't help but be impressed. Making her way to the lower deck she saw Hanzo walking up the hall.

"Hi again. Here the rooms are here and here. Guys got the short straw since there are only two and more girls." He opened the door to the guys side and a single bunk. It was small but not by much. She laid Asano on the bed and turned to walk out. "Excuse me, I have to report to Ruyo." He made his way past he in the tight hall. She took half a step to the girls door stopping for a sec to brace herself for whatever her new home looked like. The door opened and she saw her room for only a second. Her face turned bright red as Akana stood there with a curious look and in her panties. "Uh..."

Akana gave a devious smile as she just stood there, turning her attention to the the shirt in her hands. She put her head in first and covered her body. Come in already if you're tired too. I was going to get some sleep before our next move. It's pretty tight in hee but stay away from Ruyo, she's mine." Giving a playful wink at Misiko before sliding onto the bed and pulling up some of the covers. Misiko sighed before shutting the door behind her and taking off her shoes. It was going to be a long day and she had enough of the night. The boat barely rocked being so big and the sound of the water outside put her to sleep fast.
In The End. 7 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
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