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Current As I rise to brutal overlord of the galaxy, I will reshape the word sandwich to sammich!
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gov of Florida didn't believe in climate change now he's like "Flee for your lives!" hell of a plan gov...
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Common courtesy is not a common virtue.
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"It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call ... The Twilight Zone."
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Enjoying "The Expanse"


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I'm easy going, and willing to adhere to GM rules. I can write in first or third person perspective just let me know in advance. I am a casual writer(typist?) Means three paragraphs minimum five on a good day. I'm over 21 years old and I have role played for over ten years. Mostly table top and a few PC RPG's. I have a good imagination and like finding new ways to be creative. I would like to get my creative feet wet and also increase my experience with role playing here. I would say the quickest way to get me to quit a thread is being rude/mean. I don't make time for those types of people.
Golden Rules
1. If no reply after 7days I will send a PM.
2. After 48 hrs from that I will consider the thread a lost causes.:(
3. Every time you drop a thread/ RP without telling anyone A (favorite animal) is sad. Do what is right! Think of the (Favorite animal)!
I prefer fantasy, post apocalyptic, scifi, romance, manga, steampunk, and combinations. I don't write fandom/cannon characters to me its just retyping the original story. I don't like military, arena, nation, or slice of life. School can be negotiated. I like 1x1 over large groups.

That's it, anything I didn't answer just ask.

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Here in the Vault under the rubble of Tokyo is the last remaining respite of humans on the island once known as Japan. It is here you will live. It is here you might die. In the vault 77, no one ever enters, and no one has ever left.

The end happened much as we had predicted. The west in a mad scramble for power and resources invaded North Korea the nuclear arsenal of China hit the US. With the combined might of the sub launches from Russia, the Americans retaliated to the utter devastation for us all. Only on the Island of Japan can humans survive in the eastern hemisphere. Here in the vault of 77, governed by the generous overseer. The guard drones patrol the halls at night. At the door, four heavily armed laser turrets programmed to vaporize any who try to leave. Food was plentiful and the armory was fully stocked. Once you reach your 21 birthday you are sent to rejoin Humanity on the surface. Or so you are told.......

The vault rules:
1. No one leaves.
2. No one enters.
3. *Error*
4. A lady holds the door for her man
5. A gentlemen sits with his ankles crossed
6. birthing pods are under lethal security
7. *Deleted**
8. Characters will be in anime form
9. Characters will wear the vaultschooluniform during the day.
!0. Vault Co user guide>
12. Overseer:001010101010111010101010101101011010 1010101001010101010101011101011 0010001011010111101010 1011010011010010101011010100....
German Soldier x Jewish girl A little insensitive, no?
yuki Tanaka age 16

amillia miller age: 15 exchange student
mitsako Montoku age thirty four
Matter reconfiguration device
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Name Hanzo 20 Yaoi
In The End. 10 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Name Yui age 17

In The End. 10 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Ruyo age: 14
In The End. 10 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Putting his hands on her shoulders his face felt really warm. Misiko was soft, really soft! She was older so she peddled faster. Down the road to the docks. It would be hard to get attacked by the undead at sea. As long as the theory held true that zombies couldn't swim. Then from there they could figure out where to go. May be a densely populated area would be bad, she became frustrated and peddled faster. There was a zombie that had been hit by a car in the road she was going too fast to swerve. the top half of the body was on the right side of the road Misiko shouted, "Hang on!" The zombie reached out getting his arm caught in the spokes! It ripped off whipping it up to the frame. They were launched into the air over the steep shoulder.

She landed in the bushes cutting up her legs and face. As she looked around for the boy she heard a tear and a snap Her eyes wide as she looked up at the falling Asano. She put her arms out as if to magically stop him from falling. It didn't work she hear the shovel blade strike the earth close by. Really close, it was just to the left of her face. It pinned some of her hair. Misiko couldn't move her head. She felt the groan of Asano, Between her leg!! "Get off me!! Pervert!"

Asano shot up which put his butt right in her face! "I didn't mean to! I'm sorry!!" He felt a sharp pain in his left cheek forcing him to leap frog off her. "Ouch!! What the hell I didn't mean to!" Her shook her fist in the air.Still pinned to the ground by her hair.

"Shut it before you get every zombie on the island to notice us and help me!!!" Mad and embarrassed sh waited on the damp ground. Watching him come over and pull the shovel from the ground he smiled looking proud. She punched him in the shin. "Idiot!" Getting to her feet looking up at the street ledge. It was a good eight feet and a better chance the bike was all bent. It was too dark to find the bag. "Forget it, lets go."

They walked through the woods still heading to the coast. "I'm really tired. Can't we take a break please?" Asano whined to her. She stopped in front of him turned and sneered.

"Sure sport you rest here and get eaten by zombie. You're only slowing me down anyway." she saw the tears well up and stream down his face. He looked so lost and sad. It nearly made her cry too. "Ah, She knelt down here climb on." Gathering his legs she walked through the dark woods toward the sound of the ocean. A growl caused her to get low to the ground. She looked around and couldn't see anything. The shovel in her hands gave her courage. A figure stumbled out of the woods. it had only half a face. The other half looked chewed off. She used her legs and came strait up into the underside of its jaw. It fell back leaving the jaw bone on the end of the shovel. "Did you see that?" she whispered. She looked back. He was sleeping?! Idiot. She kept going. There was a clearing ahead and the clouds finally parted letting some moon light shine down on the beach. To the left she saw the lights of the docks. it was four miles out. the lights were so tiny! she had walked diagonally away from them! A tear fell from her face.

she started to walk in the sand. Each step felt like a half step. She growled and moved closer to the surf where the sand was more compact. She got closer and heard snarling from the woods that quickened her pace a few times. When she finally got there and climbed the wooden steps she saw them. Two other girls her age fighting a half a dozen undead. She gave it her last bit of strength. Charging into the fight getting a hit on one from the back of its head before the other two noticed she was there. She was tired and swung wildly. The tip of the shovel flashed in the light of the docks. It caught the attention of one of the two girls.

"Look Yui!" the girl nodded in Misiko direction. Yui nodded.

"We got this! Yui said confidently. She had black hair in a braid down her back. Wearing A kendoji! A single strike she came down with her staff into the head on the zombie to the far right. it's head exploded and fell to the ground. The splatter got her in the face and hair. "Gross!"

The other girl had a spear! Wearing a dress and purple streaks in her hair. She thrusted into the face of another dropping it instantly! Some of the handle had chew marks and it was splattered in blood on both ends. she jammed the wooden end into the mouth of one zombie to her left his arms outstretched trying to tear her apart. Misiko caught the signal from the spear girl and shifted the shovel in her hands swinging down with the edge of the blade dropping the zombie. They finish off the others and stood there facing each other smiling. they notice Asano when he yawned and looked around. The three girls laughed.

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