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@Lord Shaxx
Got it. Apologies again for the late posting of the OOC!
Here's a simple structure for the Iron Brigade, just for reference in making characters. While we will be playing the COs, we generally won't be playing as the highest officers in the Brigade. At most, we can play as Lieutenant Colonels commanding entire Battalions. Note that the Iron Brigade is highly unified, making communications between officers a regular occurrence. Would you guys also prefer to have the RP set within a single battalion?

@Lord Shaxx

Hello friends, I experienced some problems up to this point due to academic requirements piling up at unexpected times, but in my free time I have finished this RP. I made a minor change, namely the fact that the attacking force is no longer the disorganised force of the Jovian Berelians, but Varkusian volunteers sent to fight for the Jovian Berelians, which means better equipment and better doctrine to face off against.

Here is the OOC, finally.

Legio Ultima

It is the year 3421 AD.

The resounding echo of the Loyalist battlecry reverberated throughout the Jovian Star System. The Archon Empires fell, and the world of Jovian is now ruled by a foreign puppet. Gone were the days when Jovian was mighty under the rule of the Emperors, their rule ripped to shreds by traitors both within and without. The sovereignty of the people was gone. Bound by unfair treaties, the nation of Jovian was beaten down by the emerging countries. It was bound to an economy that could scarcely maintain itself and a military that had no capacity to defend the land. The Republic was in tatters by the time it came into existence, its scrap of legitimacy merely maintained by the gunboat diplomatic strategy of the victorious foreign powers. The police was corrupt and dysfunctional, its military small and worthless, and the education system utterly broken. Many of its citizens turned to crime and degenerate behaviour to escape their predicament.

Millions of soldiers returned home to a spiteful, unwelcoming populace. Without any means to pay for the welfare of their own veteran troops, the Republic left the brave soldiers to grow weary and angry at the state of their homeland, once proud and seemingly impregnable, now without purpose and structure. Many soldiers and disgruntled nationalists formed the infamous Free Brigades, roaming the world looking for jobs. Some Free Brigades were practically in open rebellion against the state, while some served it nominally to ensure some modicum of stability was present. They brought down Berelian revolutions left and right, promised land and compensation for their services, only to be abandoned when they were of no use anymore. One particular Free Brigade, once known during the Imperial Age as the legendary First Legion, mutinied and escaped with their fleet, occasionally launching raids on foreign-run businesses across the Jovian System, but ultimately, disappearing once and for all. In 3419, it was thought that the only reason why they hadn't been unable to overthrow the government yet was because the Free Brigades lacked cohesion and vision. With every passing day, the Republic rearmed itself in secret, in anticipation of a coup.

As the Free Brigades withdrew from supporting the government, Berelian revolutionaries had unrestricted access throughout the country. The victorious Varkusians believed that it was time to continue the Galactic Revolution against their old ally, Amara, and spread the anarchist utopia of Berel, and so began arming their ideological allies within every planet they had access to. The revolution spread like wildfire and announced the birth of the United Communes of Jovian. Nova Medinia, an autonomous planet under Jovian rule, withdrew support from either side and announced its neutrality. Many wondered where the Free Brigades had gone in this time of crisis, but they were nowhere to be found.

It did not take long for the Berelian revolution to reach the residence of the Aurelian Family. Some Berelians attempted to parlay with the former Imperial Family, but the wishes of the diplomats were overruled by the Revolutionary Council. After a ten-week siege, the Imperial Guards were wiped out; the Crown Prince died fighting, and the Emperor was shot in the head. Some escaped, but were later caught and executed. Mikhael Aurelius, a naval officer of the Republic and distant relative of the Imperial Family, was by succession law the new Crown Prince. Born into the royal family, but far from the line of succession, he instead became a true military man, serving with distinction against the enemies of the Empire.

The Aurelians had been martyred by the Loyalists. Many gathered in the streets, demanding the blood of their executioners. The Republic discharged Mikhael from military service, rendering him incapable of exacting revenge on those who killed his family. The judges and politicians ruled that he would be better off dead. He was the last great Aurelian, a war hero. Even if the Loyalists launched a coup, if he were dead, they would never unify. They imprisoned Mikhael and prepared him for transport to Berelian territory. However, the exchange would never happen. An attack on the high security prison he was held at caused chaos among the policemen present: had the Berelians planted operatives to cause chaos? It was not so, for the attackers used gunships to strafe the prison, and wore black-painted exo-suits. They moved with a professional speed and precision the guards had not known. They searched every cell and killed most of the prisoners. That is, except for Mikhael. He was spirited away by the black-clad soldiers. At the same time, an operation was conducted by the insurgents that successfully stole 324 of the Republic's 800 warships and 250 of the Berelians' 400.

Mikhael's abductors, among them friends from his days in the Marines, revealed themselves as the legendary First Legion, once lost and now returned. They announced their intention to topple both Republic and Commune and return Jovian to glory. Though hesitant, the young prince threw off the shackles of reluctance and accepted, for he knew that the fate that would befall Jovian would send it into a spiral of depravity and destruction until the legacy of his forefathers is no more. The Republic and the Berelians gave chase with their remaining ships as they immediately coordinated a temporary ceasefire to get rid of the Legion. The remaining ships of both Republic and Commune emerged from the surface to engage the Legions. There was little cooperation from both sides as they tried to destroy the Loyalist force, but their failure led to their destruction at the hands of the young prince.

They landed upon Nova Medinia, the fourth planet in the Jovian Star System, and home of the Jovian Legions. Legionaries marched along the streets, singing songs of victory and the accomplishments of the young prince. The Free Brigades, now interred into the new Imperial Legionary Army, saluted them as they walked around the city of Augustinia. The planetary government of Nova Medinia declared secession and bowed to the monarch. A few weeks later, he was brought to the Cathedral of St. Augustine Aurelius of Hispania to be crowned. Celebrations were short, and an hour after first donning the crown, he was once again in his Imperial military uniform, for the Berelians have received naval support from their patron nations to get rid of this pest. A thousand Varkusian ships carrying an indeterminate amount of Varkusian Legionnaires, under the command of the Jovian Commune, arrive in-system, its sights set on the conquest of Nova Medinia. The Final Legion, as Loyalists in Jovian call them, has decided that a head-on confrontation is disadvantageous, and now seeks to lure the Varkusians into their territory. Indeed, they have taken the bait.

The Legions

The Legions of Jovian were the elite forces of the Jovian military during the Galactic Revolution. Joining the Legions was not easy; it was rare for anybody older than 16 to join, as many Legionnaires have been trained starting at the early age of 7. Many were nobles, some were commoners, but both were equal in the Legion. They were both taught the rules of etiquette and leadership, as well as extensive military skills. Many of the most effective and popular non-noble government officials in the empires were former Legionnaires, whose education in governance came from their days in the Legion. The First Legion traces its history back to Mars, having been assembled by the Emperor Augustinus Medinius Aurelius on the eve of his Great Conquest. They were used for many operations, from espionage to commando operations, from sabotage to the spearheading of vicious attacks. While individuals from the Legion are indistinguishable from other people, they are identified by their black uniforms, unit patches, and the special daggers that they carried. When the Imperium Orionis was split into the Archon Empires, only Jovian, Varkus, and Aetokastro retained the use of the Legions, albeit to a lesser extent. Jovian Legionnaires find their home on the harsh snowy lands of the northern and southern poles of Nova Medinia. Youths from all over the former Jovian Empire were brought there to be trained.

The Immortal First Cohort of every Legion retains the most archetypal depiction of Legionnaires galaxy-wide, with their exo-suits fitted with unconventional heavy weaponry with extremely high rates of fire, small armour-penetrating missiles, and 'jump-packs' that allow the user to temporarily zip across the battlefield for a limited amount of time. Their armour is nigh-impenetrable with conventional weaponry; small missiles and other Immortal heavy infantry weapons are the only known ways to penetrate the suits. While Immortal versus regular infantry battles are often one-sided, Immortal versus Immortal battles are often tense and drawn-out. Unfortunately, despite their Legionary legacy, the Iron Brigade has no Immortal exo-suits left in their inventory after they surrendered to the new Republic, forcing the former Legionaries to adopt fighting styles to counter the Varkusian Immortals known as the Red Guards. Some were still able to retain their Immortal weapons, however.

The Iron Brigade

The Iron Brigade is an elite formation of highly adaptable mechanised infantrymen within the new Imperial Army led by General Gian de Galicia, and is the subject of this RP. Unlike most other Free Brigades and the First Legion itself, the Iron Brigade is mostly made of former Legionnaires who accepted the dissolution of the Legions under the treaties imposed by the Varkusians and Amarans, but upon returning, find that the people were no longer willing to accept them into society despite the many skills they had accumulated throughout their lives. Many were thrust into poverty, some took up undignified jobs, while some attempted to join the Republic military. While they excelled, they had a void their hearts. With a large Berelian uprising in the capital city of Jovius a few months after the end of the Revolution, many former Legionnaires and non-Legionary veterans present at the time formed the Iron Brigade –– the first of the Free Brigades. For a few weeks, the Free Berelian Army of Jovius occupied a large part of the commercial district. The government promised pay to the newly-arisen paramilitary as the Republic had trouble moving troops to intercept the rebels. Within three weeks, the massive uprising was suppressed by the veterans with their armoured cars and former Legionary operatives. They were paid only a meagre sum after they saw the brutality employed by the Iron Brigade, much to the discontent of its members.

The Iron Brigade continued to participate in other actions against uprisings across the planet, and gained notoriety for their brutal efficiency and effectiveness. They participated in three major counter-revolutionary movements, and eventually withdrew their support from the Republic due to its inability to repay their services, and for what they perceived as a misleading of the Jovian People. In early 3420, the First Legion invited the Iron Brigade and numerous other Free Brigades to plan a coup against the Republic led by the Imperial Family, with their base of operations on Nova Medinia, whose government was prepared to welcome the return of the Aurelian dynasty. For a few months, they prepared, and even chose the original Crown Prince as their figurehead. However, the civil war and the execution of the Imperial Family was a major setback. They chose the vengeful Mikhael Aurelian to lead them instead. Though they were not part of the rescue mission, the Iron Brigade stands at the forefront, ready to repel the Varkusian horde as their fleet evades the heavily-defended cities of Nova Medinia.

Other Important Information

In this roleplay we will be playing as a group of comrades in the Iron Brigade officers' corps. Though once young and full of enthusiasm and patriotism, the defeat of 3418 and the subsequent lack of compensation they received for serving the government left a bitter distaste for the system that was set up by the foreign powers. This distaste grew into hatred with the injustices and incapability of the Republic to do what was right, and this hatred grew absolute with the death of the righteous family that ruled the lands justly, the family they vowed to protect. At the beginning, we set the stage. Varkusian ships carefully advance on the planet, searching for suitable places to land their troops and subjugate Nova Medinia for the Berelian Commune. This roleplay begins on the eve of their deployment, in an expensive bar by Mediniapol.

I don't really expect overly-complicated posts, but do try to keep your writing style between casual and advanced. I'm not really concerned with how long each individual post is, as long as it stays within the bounds of this universe. Please, keep things civil as well so we keep sailing smoothly, and if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask, but I'll warn you now that I am not always active, though I will try to be.

I think everything's in order now. Oh, one last thing: use this Character Sheet as a basis for what characters you may submit.

Again, if you have questions, go ahead and ask and I'll do my best to answer!
Perhaps I will wait one more day before I do ahead and create a proper OOC in the Casual Roleplay tab.
@Lord Shaxx

Sorry for the late reply, but yes, go ahead!

Yep! We'll have men serving underneath us, but we'll also have higher-ranking officers above us, since the Iron Brigade is just one part of the Legionary Army.
The Final Legion

The year 3418 was the beginning of the end for many. Crowns are abandoned and left to rust in the gutter while the great empires of old fell apart. The great chaos of the 35th Century has entered its second phase, and the universe reveals to us a new axis of power.


The Galactic Revolution, as it was called by the victors, ended the Archon Empires. The greatest of the Empires, the Empire of Jovian led by House Aurelian, was the last to fall. The Emperor, like his comrades in Aetokastro and Novellum, was deposed, sent to live in a secluded farmland somewhere in the northern hemisphere, where they abandoned their adornments and their public image to live as private men. The distinguished Legions, the elite fighting force of the Jovians, were disbanded, with many forming extralegal paramilitary forces. That is, save for the First Legion, who were the first to lead the conquest of the galaxy centuries ago, and the last to fall. They evaded capture, living their lives as wandering soldiers loyal only to the Imperial Family.

Yet, this peace was shaky at best. The Republic of Jovian and wider civilisation faced extreme economic recession, radicalising both the revanchist loyalists and the anarchistic Berelians. And, though the war was won by the Amaran-Varkusian Axis, the two were different. The Amarans believed in the supremacy of the Republic, but the Varkusians were anarchists. It was no surprise to later hear that the Varkusians wished to continue the Galactic Revolution –– this time, against the Amarans themselves. Heavy industry was poured into arming insurgent movements across the galaxy. Within two years after the end of the Galactic Revolution, Jovian was split in half: the insurgent Berelian State against the Republic of Jovian. The former Imperial Family was wiped out by the Berelians when their property came under their administration. The former Emperor, his wife, his sons and daughters, were massacred in a brutal execution. The same happened to former nobles and land captains who were unable to escape the wrath of the Berelians.

The youthful Mikhael Aurelian, cousin to the Crown Prince, tried to fight for revenge. As a child born in the fires of war, he joined the Republican Defence Force, but was barred entry. Instead, they imprisoned him and planned to send him to the Berelians. The bitter Free Brigades began their coup after this. Though unsuccessful in overthrowing the government itself, they scored a large enough victory: the capture of 500 warships, and, most importantly, the kidnapping of the Aurelian heir. With most elements of the Free Brigades aboard the ships, the Crown Prince was spirited away. The Berelians, robbed of their opportunity to wipe away the stain of the Imperial House, went in pursuit with their Varkusian-supplied warships. Mikhael was crowned Emperor, and on his first battle since the days of the Revolution, he was victorious. Their small fleet was heavily damaged, but they evaded capture. The Emperor was welcomed with open arms by the citizenry, and the Free Brigades in his service came under the leadership of the famed insurgents, the First Legion. The Free Brigades and the First Legion were reorganised into the Legionary Army of Nova Medinia, an elite fighting force roughly 150,000 strong. However, among the citizen-loyalists of Jovian, they were known by a different name: the Final Legion.

It is the year 3421, three years after the great humiliation of the "Galactic Revolution." Their vengeance will be furious and just. The seeds of rebellion the foreigners have planted will be uprooted. There is a stalemate in Jovian, and neither side seems willing to break it for now. And so, the Berelians turn their gaze upon Nova Medinia. They are driven by the false belief that the Legions are nothing but ragtag rebels, and that the Nova Medinian populace are prepared to rise against the Legion. Already, their battered fleets sail to crush the Legion once and for all. The Final Legion, always prepared to fight, will stand its ground against the traitorous invaders. There will be only victory or death.

Hello everybody, and welcome to the Final Legion! A roleplay in the universe which I've built a long time ago was something I've been wanting to do, and with a lot of free time on my hands, I decided to do so now. This is my first RP in a long time, and my first time (also in a long time) to make one in this site, so I hope you bear with me!

The Final Legion takes place more than a millennium into the future, where Humanity has spread across the stars and established for itself a dominion that is scattered throughout the Orion Spur, with a few colonies in the Sagittarius and Perseus Arms of the Galaxy. Technologies that open up interdimensional highways have allowed for faster-than-light communication and travel. The Imperium Orionis, which conquered the galaxy after the Galactic Dark Ages, was divided into seven centuries ago. The former capital of the Imperium Orionis, Jovian, became the capital of the Jovian Empire, the centremost Archon Empire. Within its system is Nova Medinia. In the highly-terraformed Equator Area, it was habitable, and an important commerce centre for Jovian. Its northern and southern hemispheres, however, are extremely harsh and cold. It is the wastelands where the Legionnaires were once sculpted into highly intelligent and extremely lethal killing machines. With the death of the Empire, the Legions who remained decided to set their capital up in the wastelands after the Galactic Revolution, and it is here that the Nova Medinian State became home to the National Revolution.

The Final Legion is centred around the battles of the Iron Brigade officer corps, made up of veterans from the wartime Third Legion. Players will begin in a cohort of like-minded friends, once youthful and enthusiastic, now embittered by their defeat and driven by vengeance and honour. The adventures of the officer corps can go many ways, but we'll cross the bridge when we get there.

If you are interested, please, do reply!
I'm interested in this. Are you guys still accepting?
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