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Interacting with @Ellion

Lyra watched as Emiliah grew with excitement and then fell back as she reached for something that wasn’t there.

She was tired. So tired. And in this instant, she fucking hated all the monsters and just wanted to lay down. But even if she did lay down and try to forget everything-- she would just lie in bed and worry. So, instead, she smiled back and nodded.

“Sounds good to me. And, I.. hm alright.” Her gaze couldn’t help but wander over Emiliah. She bit her lip and then lightly brushed past her newfound friend. There is no time for anything like that.

Together, they went out the door and into the night. It was colder than it had been only moments ago. And it wasn’t peaceful. She heard yells. And screams. Lyra pulled out one of her axes as her entire body perked, eyes searching for the source. Her knuckles grew light as she gripped the blade. Without looking back to Emiliah, she handed her the weapon. Drawing out her shield and second axe, she was ready and began walking, quick and strong.

It didn’t matter how she felt. It didn’t matter whatever was happening. There were loud voices-- scared voices. And one of them belonged to a little girl.

Let me know what you think babe @eclecticwitch
Interacting with @Ellion

Lyra turned quickly as Emiliah tugged at her arm. At first, she flinched but the fear that had kept her shaky subsided. Her muscles relaxed almost immediately. Though, it took her a moment to put a finger on who Emiliah was.

A familiar face. Thank the gods. A familiar face.

She was so relieved and glad to see someone she knew-- even if they really were just a stranger-- that she didn’t know what to say at first. The pair stepped away from Bobby and Lyra finally managed to find her words.

“The problem? Oh, yes. Auhm. There is this man, outside. He is being… incredibly strange. Just going on about all sorts of creepy things. Like people were watching us and whatnot. His hair was stained with blood. But I-”

She meant to continue but a thud interrupted her-- which was probably for the best. Lyra could go on and on at this point. She looked up just long enough to comprehend the situation with the injured man. A tiny smile slipped onto her lips as Emiliah cursed. Her gaze drifted back to her and their eyes met. Silver and gold.

“Friend of yours?”

Interacting with @Cryptek12 and @Aerandir

Lyra didn’t know what to say. The hairs on the nape of her neck stood straight up. She had no idea what he was talking about and she didn’t intend on staying and finding out. He was probably dangerous or at least someone she should get away from.

The empty streets around them had felt serene only moments ago, but now, they just echoed how alone she was. There was nobody out there. And if something happened, no one would see. Sheffield continued to madly babble as she looked back to the inn. It was safe there, with plenty of hunters. She would be okay.

“Uh.. Ahm.. Well. It seems there is nothing much out here. I was wrong. So I’m going to… pop back into the tavern.”

Lyra sheathed her axe but didn’t release the handle of it. Goosebumps dotted her dark skin. Pulling her cloak closer to her body, she hurried back inside. Once the door had closed behind her, the chatter and talk that echoed in the room made her feel better. She searched for Bobby. He would be keen to help-- most bartenders were.

Maybe I’m being stupid.

Her face felt like it was burning as she skirted around numerous other patrons, searching. She had to trust her instincts.

It was then that she saw Bobby. “Can you help me with something? There’s this… man and I’m… worried.” She tried to keep her voice down and ignored whoever he was talking to.
Interacting with @cryptek12

Lyra hurried after Sheffield as she hugged herself. It was good to get out of there and into the crisp air. Tugging at her braid with her hands and then throwing it over her shoulder, she watched him.

He’s skittish. Well, maybe I’m the skittish one. Both are.

Squinting her eyes, she looked around the area and saw nothing. The night was quiet and calm. She wished that she could fade into the darkness, if only for a moment, and be nothing. The only sounds were the clanking of Sheffield and the tavern behind her. A few lanterns lit the streets but for the most part, there was nothing. No threats. No monsters. No smouldering corpses.

Pulling out one of her axes, she searched for her reflection in it but the blade was far too dirty to have such a gleam.

His voice stirred her from her empty thoughts. "Has it been a bad night for you?"

She waited, swallowing hard before replying. “As much as I hate to admit it, yes. Sorry for dragging you out of here. There’s nothing. I just keep getting the feeling that something is waiting right around the corner.”

She eyed his bloody hair and rag.

“Looks like things haven’t been too great for you either.” She paused for a moment. “Sorry if I’m assuming too much. I’m Lyra, by the way. Tonight has just been, a bit much. So much death. I never… expected so much of it when I became a hunter. I don’t know what I expected. I’m sure you think I’m a fool.”

I'll make sure to get a character up soon. Need some more time to brainstorm haha
Interacting with @cryptek12 and mentioning @ellion and @kitty

Lyra started to answer ‘no’ but she was quickly cut off by the curt slam of the door. In another life, she wouldn’t have jumped. But she did. And began to reflexively reach for her axe and bring her hands to her mouth. She relaxed once she saw there was no threat but stood abruptly when the man collapsed.

She made it a point to stay out of Rowyn’s way and offered little help. Instead, she let herself watch with a worried gaze. There was nothing she could do. There were so many things she could not do.

Her eyes trailed from the man to the wolf and she caught her breath.

What the fuck?

She had tried to stay calm with the tavern wolf but now there was two. Even for a hunter, it’s no bloody fun when a bunch of wolves come along and decide you are in their territory or a bloody snack. Lyra hated wolves and didn’t understand why people tried to domesticate them.

But she couldn’t let those thoughts distract her. The man had said there was a “slight problem”. Were his injuries the problem? Was something coming? Her mind was racing.

“Come with me. We need to secure the area and make sure whatever got him, isn’t still around.” Her voice was firm but not completely commanding. Lyra looked to Sheffield with her golden eyes, signalling that she was talking to him.

Even if there was nothing out there and they were safe. She needed the air.

Interacting with @Bright_ops and @Cryptek12 and briefly with @Aerandir

Lyra nodded at Bobby with appreciation as she took a sip from her drink. Though, she recoiled at its harshness and then nearly choked on it as she let out a faint laugh. Wiping at her eyes with the rag she was given, she let herself find joy in having such a problem.

My makeup is smudged. And I’m embarrassed by it. I haven’t been slaughtered like livestock and don’t have to worry about that happeneing. Well, maybe I do. But nothing like the people in Goldencrest. Nothing where--

She stopped herself and took a swig of the booze. Dabbing lavender on her wrists, she looked around and listened to the chatter in the inn. There was no point in worrying about herself or others. Lyra was doing as much as she could and even if she knew she was going to die tomorrow, she couldn’t think of anything she would do differently. Though, some conversation would be nice before her imaginary imminent death.

And so she quickly added to the nearest conversation, which just happened to be Draco’s and Sheffield’s.

“I don’t think chimeras have anything to do with the attack on Goldencrest. --If that’s what you are talking about.-- But, it was too... Intelligent. The attack. Everything burned and with the priest hung up like.. How.. he was. It seems whoever did this is more mocking than anything else. Demons, maybe. Like how --”

She blinked for a moment before gesturing to Bartolomeo. Lyra didn’t know anyone’s name here and they didn’t know hers either. It was a sad fact and one she has never been too comfortable with.

“-- he mentioned. Witches maybe? But, a part of me even thinks it might be people. Just regular ones with some kind of vengeance up their sleeves. Though that thought makes me sick to my stomach.”

While she babbled slightly, Lyra tried to keep her words concise. Most Hunter’s she had met were angry, hardened people. In fact, in the short time that she had spent hunting, she hadn’t met a single soul that she had genuinely grown fond of. Sometimes, she had worried that this was her own doing. That she wasn’t capable of such love. These thoughts had kept her busy, causing her to scurry around from place to place so she didn’t have to find out.

But she was lonely now. And if she died tomorrow, there would be nobody for her.
Lyra sat at The Witch’s Paradise bar. She leaned against the counter from her seat, with a hand propping up her chin. Her other hand held an opened vial of lavender which allowed the calming scent to waft into the air around her. Kohl that had once carefully lined her eyes was now smudged. When the party had ventured back to Seren Folly, she had walked by herself and wept. And although she had tried to wipe away the evidence, dark and stained circles remained under her eyes.

Her gaze panned over to Bartolomeo. She knew nothing about demons so instead, she offered him a weak smile. She gave the same to Kalisel.

“I hope you two are feeling alright. Especially after.. Auhm.. All of that.” Her voice was strong and held no quiver. But there was a certain softness in it.

She didn’t know what else to say. Lyra couldn’t even recognize herself-- not after seeing all of those desecrated bodies. Not after holding them and stepping on the ashes of their homes. She was not religious and couldn’t even try to comfort herself with visions of an afterlife. What kind of lives had those people lived? She couldn’t say.

In the stables, Lyra’s dog, Jude, laid among the hay and muck. Upon Draco entering the stable with his horse, Jude leapt up and yipped at them with excitement. The dog danced around, begging for pets.
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