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Current Five days of awkward silence later, there's finally an ocean between us again.
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2 yrs ago
The sun is shining, the birds are singing, there's a few white fluffy clouds in the sky. I am closing the curtains and going back to bed.
2 yrs ago
"What kind of solicitor doesn't have sweets on their desk?!"
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2 yrs ago
"His multiphasic torpedo will penetrate your rift / and cause a quantum singularity in your transwarp conduit!"
2 yrs ago
"You make a pretty good sheep."


I live somewhere in the wilds of East London with a couple of friends, a pet rat and a collection of RPG books that is slowly consuming our house. I've suggested possibly getting rid of some of them, but it's pretty much got to the point where the books are the only thing keeping the building upright and if I move any of them the whole thing could come crashing down.

In terms of games - well, I'll consider anything, except that. As can probably be gathered from my posts, I find myself generally playing characters that let me bit a little bit light-hearted. I am reasonably certain that I can play serious characters, but I know that getting to post things which makes me chuckle as I write them keeps me far more engaged.

At the moment, I am currently running a game called Interplanetary Space Friends. It's a game about friends, in space, travelling between planets. It is not exactly a very serious game, and while I've scared off some of my players, I have a dedicated handful left who have stuck with the game. These folks are awesome, and if anyone says anything mean about them, I will defend their honour with a strongly worded message.

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Res has been busy, I see.

I like to imagine that there are a lot of guidelines rules, ranging from the very specific ("Kitchen Rule #409: The deep frier is not to be venerated or otherwise treated as an object worthy of devotion, even after being used to deep fry religious artefacts.") to the broad ("Kitchen Rule #6: No. Stop it.").
Perhaps Res could arm himself with portable micro-sized gas stoves that he can equip onto his legs? Cook 'em with your sizzling honor!

Kitchen Rule #521: No matter what the Cook says, do not help him strap culinary blowtorches to his limbs. He is not "The Exiled Son Of The Fire Lord" and does not need encouraging.
I knew I should've played a fireball throwing wizard. Now how am I going to go on a quest to restore my honour that turns into a journey of self discovery?!
We could start the RP without a First Mate and decide IC which should be the First Mate and if we want the First Mate to be the right hand man or the crew's elected representative.

I'm all for this, just because it'd be a nice sort of thing to get all the characters together. Not that there'd be any shortage of things to bring everyone on board together, naturally. I just have a sudden hankering for rousing political speeches.
The OP is one of our benign bots. Benign, but a bot nonetheless.

What a weird and wonderful world we live in where bots ask questions about the older version of the IKRPG!
@Hylozoist, the primary purpose was to see if this is yet another of the Dungeons and Dragons Topic Starter constructs or an actual posting member. Thus far, evidence suggests based on the pattern of questioning and lack of interaction, as well as the other topic created that this is indeed an imposter.

Eh, I'm not really in the habit of digging up people's posting history to check whether or not it's worth my time to reply to somebody - it could be somebody genuinely looking for an answer to a question that is (fairly) obscure, and I'm in a position to help, so I'll reply! Seeing your comment about Savage Species, and me assuming that the OP isn't particularly well-versed in the Iron Kingdoms d20 RPG, I thought it was worth clarifying that it's not a good idea to compare supplements from "outside" the IK RPG to it, because that way madness lies.

It just struck me as a little weird to come in to post the "default answer" to a fairly specific question as opposed to not posting at all.
All level adjustments should be compared to that.

It's worth recalling that the Iron Kingdoms d20 isn't really designed to go along with the other D&D 3rd edition stuff. Not to say you can't take stuff from it, but it's not necessarily helpful to compare it to stuff from Savage Species.

Any familiar with IK I would really appreciate the help.

Yay, an opportunity to dust off an old RPG book that's been sitting on my shelf for goodness knows how long. I've only been in a couple of campaigns of the old Iron Kingdoms RPG, and we used the Ogrun as presented in the book with relatively few problems.

Presumably it's been changed via errata, but in the copy of the book I've got here, Ogrun are a +1 Level Adjustment with a +2 natural AC bonus, a bonus hit dice at 1st level, and they're large. There's also the obligatory ability adjustments and some extra stuff.
@Heat - that took me by surprise. A really gentle one minute and forty second long intro, and then things start to kick in. I'm not a huge fan of the vocals, but that sort of "slower" metal instrumental that feels like waves crashing and breaking against your eardrums is great. It manages to be both atmospheric and musical, and I like that.

I'd give this a 7/10, but I know metal-heads with a penchant for that sort of singing would (rightly) rate it much higher, and I'd encourage them to give this a listen.

Made that Ratatouie I was talking about. Had to make some recipe substitutions, but it turned out alright. Needed more salt and peper, but for pepper seasoned baked veggies it was pretty good.

My experience with doing vegetables is that they nearly always need more salt than I think they do, the tricky blighters. How'd the aubergine eggplant go?
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