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Whelp, here's where you learn a little bit about me whether you like it or not.

Hi! You can call me Effie or ineffable or basically whatever you'd like but welcome to my little corner of the guild! I've been here for about 3 years, starting on my adventure in roleplaying in a free roleplay and moving my way up towards more high casual roleplays, which is what I'm working on right now. You can find me a lot in Slice of Life roleplays and every so often in Fantasy or Sci-fi. As for a little bit about me: I love 80s era movies and music and play an inhumane amount of video games. I am also kind of low key addicted to Dungeons and Dragons and a total bookworm with a favoring towards contemporary fiction. Hit me up to talk about everything and anything!

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I like this! Hopefully a CS will appear soon?
I'm interested! And will be working on a CS ASAP!

Changed Miss Chamberlain's color because Georgie had the same text color

Georgie woke up tangled in her softly worn white comforter and stretched, her hair spilling slightly over the bed as she tossed back her head and got up. The day before had been pretty uneventful, the movie hangout at Bea's a nice ending to the day as she ate junk food and let the cool blue light wash over her features.

She took a quick shower and thundered down the stairs, settling down at the dining table to have a quick breakfast of Froot Loops before heading out again. The house was empty, her parents were probably at work but she texted them anyway...old habits die hard:

GEORGIA F: i'm heading to school rn...i'll see y'all when I'm home. love you <3

She tapped at the send button but frowned to herself as she did. She wasn't 10 anymore so really there was no reason to keep sending these messages, especially to her parents who she rarely thought could care about her teenaged self now, at the height of their careers. And god, why was she thinking about this again? How old was she? Maybe it was just because her head was empty. Georgie pushed her cereal bowl aside and stood up, taking a quick glance at her watch to check that she still had time to get some coffee before heading to the school wide assembly required for the students.

Georgie kicked off on her vespa, the light sun falling on her face as she sideeyed the sun and the light sky. She managed to pull up to the nearest Starbucks and quickly stopped the engine as she walked up to the counter. The Starbucks barista greeted her cheerfully and she quickly ordered "An espresso with two shots of hazelnut syrup please?" Her drink quickly arrived and she grabbed it before heading out to her vespa again, leaning against it as she finished off her drink and admired the calming silence in the parking lot, the sound of gravel moving as a few cars drove past and the chirps of birds every now and then. She just needed to enjoy this picturesque view in front of her for a little longer, just to get away from her problems and her empty house.

Georgie found a seat in the auditorium soon enough and listened on as Miss Chamberlain rambled about things, only being startled out of her trance as she heard: "I will have no other choice than to declare a cancellation of this year’s Prom Night."
Even though Georgie didn't want to feel any emotions about this particular announcement she still felt a bit disappointed that she wouldn't be able to attend prom, to dance with someone she liked or actually get a bit drunk on prom punch...maybe.
She listened to the announcement of prom king and queen with a small amount of joy when she heard who'd won. She liked Julie. Then she suffered through the rest of the lectures, barely avoiding falling asleep before the assembly ended and she was brought along with the stream of students out of the door. Georgie accepted the bag of lube and condoms, walking down the hall before she tossed it in the bin. Like she'd ever have someone to do it with. Georgie instantly headed towards the lunch room even though some of the teens had hung around to wait for their friends she was too hungry to wait and Chrysler (yes, that was in fact his name) wasn't at school today, supposedly nursing a cold so she was left to eat at a lunch table alone.

Pushing aside the limp fries on her plate she took a small bite of her burger and leaned back in her seat. It seemed her life was full of absences, of friends who actually was interested in her instead of her photography, of family...She only had Chrysler and even Chrysler wasn't here today. She gave a sour laugh.

Interacting with Beatrice Endive and Millie Jean Nicholson

Georgie smiled warmly at the other girl before she fished her phone out of her pocket and looked quickly at the time.
"Yeah, I'm going to Bea's party as well." Her hand lingered on the handlebar of the Vespa and she scooted a tiny bit closer to it, eager to get going. She usually would've offered Millie a ride but the other girl looked uncomfortable enough and she also had her cat so Georgie was pretty sure she wouldn't want to get on the scooter, especially with someone like Georgie who was pretty much the opposite of who Millie would've liked to hang out with. The girl seemed to like the quiet, which Georgie absolutely couldn't stand and while sweet she wasn't really social enough to hold a conversation that Georgie would deem entertaining to her.

Georgie flipped up the helmet, fastening it securely under her chin before she straddled the seat and waved a hand.
"I'm so sorry, I would offer you a ride but..." She gestured towards the cat and flipped up the scooter's breaks. She did want to become friends with Millie but then there were other opportunities to do that, right?
The silence was starting to become unbearable so Georgie kickstarted the engine and pulled her hair out from the strap of the helmet.
"Well, I'd better get going? I'll see you there, yeah?" And with that Georgie took off, hoping that it did not seem so rude, turning back again to smile at Millie and to beg that she understood.

~ ~ ~

The wind blew by her hair as Georgie threaded through the crowd of cars, whose inhabitants took turns honking at each other and yelling out curse words into the hot, humid air. She loved LA. A grin threaded its way across her face as she slowed down to a stop at the light. Today had been a pretty good day overall, she thought to herself. A day filled with cute boys, the feeling of sunshine on her skin and ending with a nice day with Bea and all the others.

Georgie rolled up to the front of Bea's house and put down her foot on the ground, sliding out her phone from her pocket to text Bea:

GEORGIA F: Hey babe...I'm @ at your front door!

Interacting with Micky Woulfe (@alexfangtalon)

Gaia noticed some movement in the corner of her eye and looked quite apprehensively towards the direction of movement. The amethyst ring glittered on her finger and she fiddled with it before she caught a man's eye. She think he had introduced himself earlier as Micky (what a name!), a student with what seemed to be quite the passion for music. Personally, she thought he looked not at all like what she would've expected from a soulmate. He seemed excitable, young and active whereas maybe sometimes she would've preferred someone more mature, calm and refined. But who was she to choose, right? She was a handful enough and it was still a godsend that she'd gotten at least someone who would prove as a good friend at the very least.

She frowned, unsure of how to proceed before lifting herself off the chair and smoothing down her dress which had gotten a bit wrinkled. She walked back over to where Micky was seated and stood awkwardly beside his chair, heels sinking into the lush carpet before blinking and opening her mouth to speak, her glossed lips sticking together slightly before she pried them apart.

"Hi." Gaia almost pinched herself when the single syllable greeting flew out of her mouth. God, was that awkward and definitely not helping with the situation. She quickly tried to get over her mistake by sticking out her hand and hoping that he would take it. Even though she wasn't as impressed as she should've been with him (damn her close mindedness) she didn't want to seem rude or make him not like her. He seemed like a decent guy, but maybe not her guy? Gaia didn't know.

"It's nice to meet you. I'm Gaia if you didn't notice me earlier. Um...I really don't know how to hold a proper conversation so you'd have to excuse me on that, as well as any underlying tones of sarcasm. I don't deal well with all of this." She waved her hands around, making a vague gesture about the whole situation before she felt the heat rise in her cheeks. At this rate she was imagining Micky already starting to stand up, demanding that he'd be given a new soulmate. Of course no one would want to be paired with her, and all the mess/baggage she carried. Gaia tried to straighten up but grimaced as she tried to push the thoughts out of her mind.


Interacting with everyone at the table
The color change is temporary y'all

Gaia watched as everyone made their introductions and nodded as they spoke, some of the details becoming more blurry as she thought about how much this all was going to suck. She noticed Naoko had been seated at the same table as she was though, so she was happy...kind of. Her fingers tapped at the champagne glass in front of her, an impatient yet lazy and languid movement. As the CEO of TAP stepped up onto the stage she turned her head and watched as he spoke. The words coming out of his mouth sounded even crazier as he spoke them. their icecream? Now that was way too overdramatic. Gaia shook her head to herself but tried not to show too much of her disbelief. A tiny sliver of her still wanted to find her match and so if everyone saw her disregard for the whole program...well, that would not allow her to get what she secretly wanted. God, did she sound nuts. Gaia pushed back a lock of her glossy brown hair and clapped softly as Vance finished his speech.

The flutes full with bejewelling colors circulated around the room, a light pastel purple ice cream with white swirls being placed in front of Gaia. She twirled the small parchment label with the edges of her nails before she pulled off the string and dipped a spoon into the ice cream. She lifted the spoon into her mouth. Grape sorbet? Or something like it. She pushed her spoon back into the desert before she felt it hit something hard. Retracting back the utensil and furrowing her brows Gaia used the spoon to try and uncover what was inside. Once she had gotten it out, still fairly coated in icecream she realised that it looked a hell lot like a ring. Gaia grabbed a tissue and quickly cleaned off the object before holding it up to the light. It was a ring! And was that... she looked closer at the gem set into the ring and smiled. An amethyst. She'd always liked amethysts. Quietly she slipped the ring onto her finger and held it up to the light before she finished off the rest of the ice cream. She didn't want to be the first to call out finding her soulmate. This time, maybe, someone had to notice the girl in the back and find her.
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