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Current I think I broke my own interest check. Oh well...least I tried to make something interesting. Not my fault no one likes me. (It is actually)
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@Poi *Pretends to not notice being not noticed*
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I should probably stop PM people I don't know with "Hello". It probably makes me seem creepy. (I swear I'm not, I just need senpai to notice me!)
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My work needs to get it's head together. Changing a schedule 6 times in 2 weeks and notifying no one, and then getting mad, is not how the business world works. (Thank god for a business degree)
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Is harassing people on shamchat(dot)com as Santa a bad thing or a good thing?


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So Mutant-Human relations not as bad as Gifted depicts then. That is pretty much my baseline nowadays for Mutant-Human relations.

I'm thinking an Inhuman character. More interested in them than Mutants nowadays.

Not yet, the June/July incident hasn't happened yet, maybe it never will.
<Snipped quote by Inmento Riku>

Well when did Hydra take over? If they took over in the 40's that'd change Peter's backstory some. Heck, we could probably get away with a quite a few changes. Heck, we could probably get away with making Rocket Raccoon a Moongoose or something. Just tossing out random ideas. Heck, Quill could have been rescued from the Hydra lifestyle and is still struggling with some of that prejudice expected of people in that regime.

The Winter Soldier would probably be somebody else entirely, and Punisher could very well be even more brutal and bloodthirsty, or a nicer guy than before. If we're going alternate universe, we should free up our ideas a bit. Eheheheheh~

I like you. xD

But Hydra isn't /evil/ or at least they aren't Nazi rulers of the world evil. However they will kill those who don't share their ideals, so maybe Quill was on the run, got picked up by Missile the Mongoose and that's how the Guardians started? xD
Out of curiosity, where would aliens fit in? Like Guardians of the Galaxy? Or Thanatos? Since there are plenty of those.

Where they normally would, just tweaked a bit. Since Peter would've been off earth when Hydra took over, he wouldn't be under it's influence yet. Thanos would be just as weird and purple as he's always been.
@Reflection Awesome! This was just the basics I created when I was sleep deprived. I am wanting to kind of keep it as basic, allows for a lot of expansion and unique ideas through roleplaying. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.

@Burning Kitty Alright but unstable. Since this isn't Nazi regime Hydra, they aren't /as/ evil as their counterpart but they do not trust mutants that are not on their side. They've seen what powerful mutants, Magneto being one of them, can do when angered. So they play it cautiously. Humans are as divided as they were with LGBTQ rights, with a lot of them being supportive but also a lot of them being against them.

@Shellshock Sweet. I might make an actual post for it if it shows a bit more interest.
Hopeful bump
Big Brother. I prefer it to survivor.

You see, your highness. As much as I have ideas and have plots, I cannot say them, for doing so would break the fourth wall.

(Ignore him, he's insane)
I'd be interested
Earth-Hydra, another universe, but one far scarier than anyone could imagine. During WWII Hydra got a new plan. They killed Hitler, and all Nazi allies, which included their leader at the time, Red Skull. Thanks to this, and the death of Captain America and Bucky, Hydra was able to completely take over and become the one superpower ruling the world. Most of the heroes that exist on the earth called 616 had the same origins here, but they worked for Hydra. The villains also had the same origins as they did in 616, but most of them are resistance fighters, trying to bring down Hydra. Hydra wanted to bring proper justice to the world, and peace, convincing many to join them, and eliminating or attacking those who didn't believe in their ideal. The Captain is their second in command, a new supersoldier, one created to do Hydra's bidding.

Current Hydra Agents: The below hiders are just the basics for the Hydra agents currently developed for this world. If DC is something you want to throw into the mix, I can explain how Hydra took over that world as well, and how some of those heroes joined Hydra.

I do have one more, but he was created for the DC!Earth-Hydra crossover, so he won't be mentioned here unless the DC portion of the crossover is something we want.

Anyone is free to join in, as an Agent of Hydra, a resistance fighter, or maybe someone new.

I believe this world could become amazing, and just want to explore the possibilities.

I have used the 18+ tag because this roleplay is going to involve a lot of NPC death, violence, blood, gore, and foul language.
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