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<Snipped quote by INSAYNITY>

I didnt edit it out like I did previously :D


Heheh! Awesome. ;)

Just about finished writing my character; but as it's nearly 3AM, I'm going to finish in the morning. Checked out the IC, and other characters. I think I've written someone that can fit in with everyone else.
A pale face appears in the doorway of the long, low building. Framed by a simple, weathered cloak of heavy wool, a hand clutching it just beneath a delicate chin, while two cornflower-blue eyes examine the curious figure within. "Might a weary stranger share your fire to escape the cold, friend?" says a soft voice.

Welcome to the site! :D

With a simple nod as a means of both acknowledgement, and approval. As Insaynity reaches his hands out to the flames as they lick up toward the sky, he rubs them as one would when they're trying to keep warm.

Thank you. It's a lovely place.

The wind hound, carried the word of a murderer. "HELLo. Good Buye"

Cocking an eyebrow out of curiosity,Insaynity looks to the murderer and nods as a matter of fact to him.

Good bye to you, too.

Will you go to him, and join him by his fire?

(Y) Yes

(X) No (B) I have to go

(A) Sarcasm

I have to go.

Grinning,Insaynity reaches for a nearby object that seems to have manifested itself from no where. The small green object with a glowing white orb in the middle of it is adorned with four colored gemstones of some kind.

(Y) Far well!
X Screw off! (B) Wait!
(A) What just happened?

What just happened?

Just twenty minutes until the deadline; sorry I'm new to these forums, and I've been working diligently to get this character done in time for this RP. I'm a giant fan of the ME series, and this seemed like an excellent place to get myself going RP wise. I hope you'll have me, and please excuse any poor grammar for the time being. I'm actively going through and adjusting that/making corrections as we speak.

Thank you. Though, I do have a minor concern; Detroit is in Michigan, but according to your intro post into the world, it seems like you have the city seeking aid from Illinois?
I'm interested. If you have room, I'll get started on a character immediately.
Welcome :)

The lone man tending the fire grins widely as you speak to him.

Thank you. It's good to make your acquaintance.
Are you still searching for additional RPers? I'm new to these forums, but by no means new to RPing, or even Nation RPing. If you're still accepting, I'd be very interested.

If it's too late, I understand, and would still be interested in coming on later if you have need of an addition later on.
A solemn fire pit cracks and splinters as it burns inside of an old long house; it's flickering flames the only source of light that barely seem to stretch out into the darkness. Kneeling beside that fire is a lone man, who stokes it with a charred stick. His face is aglow with the warm light as he looks to you, and grins in a very strange manner. He tilts his head awkwardly to the side as he beckons you to join him, and escape the bitter cold of the winter.


There is a strangeness to the tone of his voice that you cannot place, but it doesn't bespeak of ill intent, or mischief. He sets his fire poking stick down beside the stones that surround the small fire, and he clasps his hands gently.

I, am INSANYITY. This is my new home.

With that said he looks back into the flames, and as they reflect off of his eyes you can tell that these are the eyes of a man with many stories to tell. The eyes of a man who has seen much, who has done much, and who has yet more to do. But there is also a strange sense of comfort in him as well; as though he's been doing this for many, many years. Will you go to him, and join him by his fire?
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