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Current I never want to meet any of you subhumans irl lmao
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back to hell
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"I hope you all get cancer. Fuck yous all."
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This was kind of like that 4chan post where the dude accidentally mustard gasses himself and posts live updates instead of seeking medical attention.
7 days ago
Usually I don't let the supernatural machete wielding killer know when I'm about to skedaddle.


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@VitaVitaAR forget about it
Good answer. I've been playing fallout 4 and it annoys the hell out of me. Really took the "roleplaying" out of roleplaying game.

Hello and welcome to the Guild. Careful not to cut yourself on the edgy sidebar.
Hi. Welcome to the Guild. What's your favorite fallout game?
Heck gonna fuckin die isn't he
A prophecy? Hector hadn't heard it, but from the look of the mark on his hand he guessed he was part of it. And it looked like he would have to wait to get more information later at the big house. He was equal parts excited and worried as he sat down to eat his meal, uncertain of what might await him. He was soon joined at his table by another son of Tyche, his friend Milo.

"Heck, you're finally awake!" Milo teased as he sat shoulder to shoulder with Heck. "Did you see what happened?"

"No. Because someone didn't wake me today." Milo shoved him over a little in his seat in reply. "Did you happen to catch it?"

"Yeah, a prophecy. And I think they mentioned Luck, maybe they meant one of us."

Hector said nothing, and instead held his hand out to Milo to show off his mark.

"It's you!" Milo gasped, grabbing at Hector's wrist. "Can't believe it!" Suddenly, the excitement in his face faded into concern. "Hey, they said 'Luck shall suffer defeat' or something like that."

"Shut up, you're kidding." Hector spat, again shoving Milo.

"No, I'm serious. Luck shall suffer defeat as two sides of the same coin meet."

Hector went silent. The excitement of being part of a prophecy quickly vanished when he considered the fact that one of the lines might directly refer to his own demise. He put down his food and grabbed his necklace tight in his fist. Sensing a change in tone, Milo stood up from the table and put his hand on Hector's shoulder.

"Hey, prophecies are always vague and full of double meanings. We don't really know what it means." Milo said, reassuringly. Hector said nothing back to him, his gaze focused onto the table. "I'll make an offering to mom for you. You should do the same, huh? We're children of Tyche, things will turn out right for us in the end."

Hector thought on it for a while after Milo left. He was right, things would turn out okay for him. Right? He stood up from the table and took the rest of his meal to offer to Tyche. He bowed his head to show respect for the gods, and went on his way towards the big house where he would wait for Chiron and the rest of the chosen.
Decided to fit my lack of knowledge of the events prior it would make sense to make my character just as out of the loop lol
Ah, sorry. I thought I had explained that he had literally hit his head when he died. So he just doesn't recall. If it's a problem I can edit accordingly, or even just scrap the character entirely.
Hector (Heck) O'Brien

Hector woke up later than usual, having been up wandering the camp the night before. His half-siblings, the other children of Tyche, had already left the cabin without him. He sat up in his bunk and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes before getting up. It was already quite late in the day so he was surprised that no one had come for him yet. He thought that something exciting might have happened while he slept, as it would explain why he was forgotten about. He got himself dressed and rubbed his necklace. He thanked his mom in his thoughts for giving him the good fortune to sleep in.

It was already dinner, so he left the cabin to go grab a bite to eat. However as he approached the other campers he could tell something was wrong. Someone had collapsed and people had gathered around with shock visible in their expression. Hector picked up his pace to see what had happened but stopped in his tracks when he felt a painful burning sensation on his hand. He grasped the affected area and winced before lifting his hand to see that he had been marked with the shape of a fire.

It was clear now that whatever just happened was something more than just a camper feeling faint. He ran to the crowd, confused about what had just happened.

"Hey, what's going on?" He asked the others with urgency, grabbing at the necklace around his neck for comfort.
Hector (Heck) O’Brien

Age: 16

Godly parent: Tyche, goddess of luck
Power: Good luck

Weapon or gifts from godly parent: Necklace of Lady Luck, a silver chained pendant with Tyche’s likeness. While wearing it he is essentially invisible from Nemesis’ wrath.

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