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Current May be gone for a bit because of Irma heading my way. Not the best time to be living in Florida, eh? :b
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Not much to tell really. I'm 18, going on 19 next month. I want to join the marines, but still have to graduate school, (Thank god this is my last year!) and I'm just sort of a geek.

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Hope this is good enough, I can get his brother up later.
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Cool, this sounds fun. I can have a CS sheet up in a bit, or later tonight.

Jason had already taken off his jacket, not noticing Brienna's red face as she asked him to help lace up her dress. He nodded before walking over to her and grabbing the laces. He then began to attempt to properly lace up her outfit, but he fumbled and cursed a few mistakes before he was able to finally finish it off. He sighed and inspected his hard work. "Even in the old days women wear complicated outfits," he chuckled before catching glimpse of a rather unpleasant sight on the right side of his chest. He frowned slightly as he glanced at a small scar and shook his head before looking back to Brienna. "So, can ya hook me up with that shirt now? Getting chilly in hear for some reason," he joked before giving a slight shutter.

Jason looked to his new pair of pants and back to Brienna with slightly warm cheeks before giving a sheepish smile. "Right," he said before unbuttoning his jeans and quickly slipped his new pants on. He cringed at the slightly uncomfortable feeling and sighed as he tried to get use to it. He looked down to his jacket and back to Brienna. "How about a new shirt? Don't ya think that would go with my disguise?" he asked as he readied himself to take of his shirt off, revealing his firm stomach. If he was to hide any evidence of his involvement with the future he wanted to make sure it was hidden well.

@Wick Awesome, also I'll have another post up later. Gotta handle a few things.
Jason was a bit taken back by here sudden worry for his well being, but he nodded and did as she instructed. He rolled up his pants and took off his shoes with haste. He looked himself up and down and sighed. He's gonna have to get use to the look. He looked back to Brienna and spoke. "What am I suppose to do now? I have no idea what in the hell I'm gonna even do in this time period," he said with worry filling his heart. "Ya gotta help me," he pleaded.

Jason just stared at Brienna to see if she was joking, but after a full minute of silence it was clear she wasn't. He shook his head and scoffed. "No way, no way is this actually happening," he muttered to himself. "You're just screwing with me right? We're in America and it's 2017, come on I'm seriously not in the mood for games darling," he chuckled, but stopped as the rest of his memories began to replay the entire incident in his head. His breathing became more heavy as he felt his already pounding head increase in pressure. This was actually happening. He looked to Brienna with a worried look before burying his head into his hands. "This is really happening," he mumbled with defeat.

Jason groaned and cracked his back as he began to follow the strange girl now named Brienna. He was nothing but confused by now, Brienna kept talking with a strange fashion and said something about a castle. He shook his head lightly and sighed as he followed her. He might as well go along with it for now until he can get some proper answers. As he reached her side he looked around their surroundings with a bit of confusion mixed with wonder. Everything seemed do different for some reason, even Brienna looked a tad strange with her appearance. She herself was beautiful, but her clothing screamed medieval. He cleared his throat and spoke. "Um, Brienna, mind telling me where we are? Actually while your at it what's the date?" he asked.

Jason groaned as the stranger let him down the ground and pushed himself up on shaking arms. He took a few seconds to compose himself and opened his eyes to see a young lady who seemed to be slightly worried. As he inspected her he had to admit she was a looker and he didn't mind the bit of leg she was showing. He shook his head from the gutters and cringed from the headache that was assaulting his brain. She had asked many questions as he worked to build his energy back up and cleared his throat one last time before speaking. "First, Emily is my sister. Second, my names Jason and I'm from Texas. And finally third if I knew how I freaking fell from the sky I would tell ya, but I'm as lost as you are honey," he mumbled with a bit of annoyance from his current situation. He sighed and placed his hand onto the side of his head, but froze as he felt a warm wet liquid. He took his hand away and frowned at the sight of blood. He then remembered his head hitting the boulder before coming here and groaned. "Why can't I get a break," he looked back to the girl and pushed himself to his feet, stumbling a bit, but he quickly managed to keep himself stable. "Anyway, sorry if I freaked ya out, I'm just having a real bad day."

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