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You better fucking get better you son of a bitch. <3
In One Easy Step 6 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
<Snipped quote by TP>

I don't trust wheels.

They always turn on you.

But they eventually always come back around.
I nominate @Spoopy Scary

The only advice I have for everyone on this thread. >:

Oh hai <3
Isn't that just Mayweather's style? Boring but technically skilled?
The Fonz would not approve of anything in OP.

None of the cool kids have sets anymore, god, TP.

Then why don't you have a set?
How long until it can be used in an actual spaceship? I was too lazy to read the entire thing.

It'll be another year or two of just making sure they actually did this right the first time.

Like that time when we thought we saw a neutrino going FTL, but it turned out the clock was wrong.
In So. 6 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
Wait didn't you have cancer? Like, I feel like I remember that and I was terrified when you disappeared.

Also <3
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