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Current just a couple more months of lockdown and everyone in chat is down and banging their head on walls
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Can someone help me find my productivity? Last saw it with my will to live.
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Oh no Netflix. . .
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Okay but when I was a kid everyone online was an adult, now that I've grown up everyone's a kid. What's up with that?
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kids be going "you're an adult get off my internet brrr" like we didn't use it before they did


Forget sleep, we missing those 9ams.


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@AndyC Will you be bringing back the best ship as well?

So does Moon Knight like... moon people to death?

Get out
Am interested in Cyborg. Lets get this lads!

Seventeen years... that was how long the old father Nicholas had been mourning. No story had come from his pain, there was no grand journey that pulled his torn heart along until it healed. A man who would not arrive to the gates of a new chapter of life, there was no change, no growth, no letting go. Just a poor man who could not move on- unable to make peace with the dead haunting his soul.
He thought he was smart, that he could outrun the pain, but it was too late when he realised it had never left his side and festered and boiled under the surface of his skin until it bled out and hardened into chains of his own making. Their cold embrace chilled his heart until those closest sheltered at their own hearths for warmth, the flames of his own soul were doused with alcohol, and his mind would be lost at the end of each bottle- until he began another in an ever-repeating cycle.

The memories of family and what was lost were thrown in a box and long forgotten, but even as the days turned into weeks and into years, the father Nicholas could not forget the face of his lost son. How proud he felt when the news broke about his enrolment, how frustrated he became when the family was forced out for a picnic and a long walk.. Recalling his voice though, was another story entirely.
Loud calling stirred Nicholas awake, slowly what was left of his thoughts reassembled in his mind from the jumbled mess that they were in, he shifted in bed to face further from the noise willing to ignore them for more sleep. The voices continued and were followed by harsh clangs and sharp ticks of pans moving and the oven being set. It was then that his mind finally began to make sense of the situation from what he could gather in his drunken slumber. A man's voice he did not recognise, inside his home.

He was out of the bed, out of the door, out into the hallway as fast as his half-woken legs would allow. His arm leaned against the wall, supporting his balance as he stood towards the unknown intruder, standing in his kitchen.
"Alright asshole." he bellowed, raising his voice over the man, "get the hell OUT. This is MY HOUSE. I'll beat-..." It was then his sleeping mind decided to turn its gears, and he recognised who stood in his kitchen..
His voice came out more as a whisper...

"oh.. oh my god..."


#3b6642 // SEAN MCGINLEY


Nicholas was an avid supporter of Andy's dreams, not just for his goal to reach college but teaching his son to stand and fight for what he wished for. Sure he may have prioritised his son's well being over that of his other kids once or twice, but it was the dream Andy had that inspired his father to help as much as he could- and while they weren't as close as they could have been, Nicholas still tried.. maybe a bit too much sometimes.

He didn't always understand his children, no that was more his wife's speciality. Rather than taking them to a movie or an arcade for fun, a day out would be a family trip to the local pub for a meal and conversation with strangers- a typical day could be taken over with a moment of impulse, and the kids would often be forced out of whatever they were doing to travel miles for a family walk, or to be taken to the park for a game of footie they were all too tired to enjoy. While he could be straining at times without really understanding there were other views than his own, Nicholas truly cared about each and every one of his children, and loved Andy all the same.


The town of Blanco would rather remember the tragedy of Andy, and what was lost over what remained in the wake. A family broken, their bonds strained and severed as they each continue aimlessly through life- dreams warped and struggles brought into their lives. The father, the new fool of town, the drinker, the mourner. Peace never came to the man past the vigil of his departed son, he now lives aimless and forgotten in the walls of his own home lost in memories of what used to be.

No longer did the man bother to charm and cheer as he used to, the glow of humility and life was extinguished.

Too close to retirement age to earn a decent living, Nicholas prefers the company of television and unemployment benefits to that of his family or old friends, the latter he now sees rarer than ever. The man has lost what little he had left, his hopes and dreams he placed on his son died along with him. While others picked themselves up and move along with their lives, Nicholas was left behind. The connection he had with his long time wife had shrivelled, and she left him to make her own mark on the world. The children who once adored him, only saw the empty husk of a broken man now- angry and bitter and all the raging emotions in-between.

Still living in the apartment he brought his kids up in, Nicholas may not know it but he waits for a change to save him.


Nicholas hasn't visited Andy's grave since the funeral.

@Inkarnate Been told you've been sent it but here.

@Mao Mao doing good mate just grabbing faceclaims for my dude then I'll be posting as soon as
@Inkarnate@alexfangtalon Virtually finished the dad, just want to flesh out the Characterisation a bit more so like Ink said we probably need to coordinate a bit more. What kind of living arrangements are you two thinking of? We all sharing the family apartment? Have either of you moved into your own place? Bunking with friends?

And how estranged do you both want to be? Are we still a close family?
@Kaggs@Inkarnate Since someone else is leaning towards the best friend character I think I'm going to go with that younger brother idea which means if y'all go with what you said you're going with we'd be familia. How much collaboration with character-building would y'all wanna do?

As we're both writing a self-destructive kind of black sheep I'd love to work out the dynamic of how the solemn attitude of the father contributed to the son and his rebellious nature.

I agree with Ink though, Andy was the first to make it- that doesnt mean none of us couldn't have since his departure, I'd be surprised if not one sibling had a stangle job or satisfying like or some sorts, but that might go to the Mom if nobody taker her/Mao is okay with her as an npc?

My idea for the father so far is someone out of work for the last few years, maybe half a decade at most. Too prideful to take a smaller job he spends his days waiting for the job agency to call, day drinking, day sleeping and burning through his savings. He'd be in his late 50s to 60s around this time, so there'd be pressure to retire officially, but he doesn't have the money, and again he's too prideful to rely on his children.
Well thats what I imagine he'll be doing before Andy returns.

We could make a group pm if we need to discuss easily without clogging the ooc.
@Inkarnate I was thinking of playing Andy's dad, who became a deadbeat, alcoholic in the wake. He'll be bitter over the success his ex-wife found after the death and he resents his inability to do anything more drink and shout now, after his son dies he becomes an embarrassment to the family and I want to write him like that, sad, loud, impulsive and arrogant.
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