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Current Hello everyone, I am back for some roleplaying! Been gone for while, and I do miss it.
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7 mos ago
Sometimes people just need to fuck off, don't you think?
7 mos ago
A change in environment is good.
7 mos ago
707 deserved his happiness I will not stand for this.
8 mos ago


Welcome to the blog part of my profile. I am glad that you've gotten enough interest in me to actually look at this part. There are a few things below about me, and also a shout out to someone special. Enjoy!

✨ Kpop & Anime is what I absolutely enjoy. -Below are a few of the groups/animes I like-

♥ XxLyraxX ♥

✨ I am a College Student.

✨ My only assurance is death as I have no dreams, hopes, or goals that I 100% must complete. I actually do, but I like saying that I don't to have an excuse for slacking off~

✨ I enjoy the moon, and the light it shines as well as the stars (Cliche, ik). TORNADOS, thunderstorms, a new shoe/leather smell, ice cream, and last but not least sleeping.

✨ The things I don't like are jump scares, any sort of physical touching without permission, personal space invasion, yelling, loud noises, and last but not least spicy after effects.

✨ My roleplaying career has been on and off, so it's hard to say how long I have been roleplaying without you thinking I'm an expert. I started roleplaying on Tumblr, yes, Tumblr. It was fun, so I decided to expand by joining some roleplaying sites. Eventually a friend recommended me to RPG, and I have been on and off roleplaying here. I don't consider myself nowhere near good in roleplaying, but I can say that my grammer, punctuation, and spelling have improved through roeplaying. Not only that, but I enjoy it so that's that.

Those are a few things about me, so what about you?


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In ... 3 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Lemongrass In the process of making the CS, so it'll be one soon!
@Poi Yes, I am. In the process of making a CS, an will have it posted soon.
In ... 3 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I AM INTERESTED! I have never been more interested in an rp before. You have done really good.

@XxLyraxX is also interested in this roleplay.
@Summer It looks amazing! Thank you very much.
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Text: "A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight."
Hello, I was wondering if you are still accepting people for this RP? I do see that you are 13 pages into the roleplay, so if you're not accepting anymore that's fine. @Jinxer @Solace
@Light Lord Yeah, sorry. It was a great RP I just got swamped with a few things. Thanks for making it, and hope your other rps go well!
@Light Lord Ta-dah, I posted.
Akihiko Daiki Takeshi

Japan Tokyo, 20th Ward
~ Del Real Cafe ~

@Light Lord@FallenTrinity

Akihiko narrowed his eyes as the guy muttered what he did. So, he's one as well. Something, just something was telling him that even though he said what he did it was still off. The whole demeanor of the guy was off, so he would make sure to keep up his guard. Even if he was a ghoul, the same as himself, there were some that were quite the violent kind. They were also the ones that not only gave ever ghoul a bad name, but also fueled the whole idea that all ghouls were simple murderers. Just the idea that this guy could be one of those set Akihiko off. Either way, he was going to keep his smiling face and friendly personality since he was given at least that.

Right after hearing what Kaito had said Akihiko choked on his coffee. He slammed the coffee on the table, and stood up to get a few napkins as he had also dropped some coffee on his sweater. Going up to the counter to ask for some cold water he walked back to the table in shock. "You're in college?!" He had thought Kaito was nothing more than a boy, and a boy who was skipping school at that...

Trying to compose himself, and clean up the mess that he made he then gave a slight bow to the bo- man that he had possibly offended. "I apologize for making a mess at your table, and for calling you a kid. You just don't seem to look much older than a middle school skippie..." Realizing he had once again possibly offended the guy he slightly bowed once again. "I apologize..."
@l0ck0n I'm fine with it. Hope school's going well for you.

Thank you! School is going great now that it's almost over 😁
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